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The Cowardly Cannibal:

It was a standard day for the herd, romping and playing about in the fields as they always did when the big sky ball rose up above the clouds. Fluffies of every description would graze and have special huggies in the lush green grassies for the rest of the day. The herd was surprisingly well organized and loving, likely a social adaptation to keep themselves alive for longer than herds ruled by a foolish and bratty smarty. In spite of the high death toll, life was a barrel of monkeys for the multicolored hamster horses (not that they'd no what a monkey is, mind you.)

"Mummah? MUMMAH?! WHEWE MUMMAH?! BABBEH NEE' MUMMAH, HUU-HUUUUU!" wailed a small brown colt in particular, covering his eyes in his hooves as tears rolled down his cheeks. His fear was soon replaced with elation as a tongue gently licked his face, his mother's loving smile greeting him.

"Hewe ah am babbeh, nu' be scawed!~ Mummah wub yu!~" she chirped, gently taking the little infant in her teeth and placing him gingerly on her back fluff with his siblings. Singing a little inane tune she trotted off deeper into the field. She knew of a bush that had plenty of tasty little balls to eat, and it wasn't far from where the herd had bedded down recently. In her singing she didn't even hear the grass rustle behind her, something darting after her at a fast clip to keep up.

"Onwy da bessstessst an' sweeeetes' miwkies fo' da baaaaahbeeeehhs!~" she 'angelically' sang to her offspring, who continued nuzzling and gently playing around with their kin, their mother devouring a few delicious wildberries. But before she could make her way back, a blur of brown and grey rammed into her side, sending her sprawling with a wail and sending her infants flying.

"Huu-huu-huuu! Mumma huwtie! *gasp!* BABBEHS! WH-WHEWE MUMMAH'S BABBEHS?!" she sobbed, scrambling about madly as she huddled her offspring close to herself, counting them over to be certain they were all there. The whimpering, shivering balls of fluff managed to avoid serious injury by landing on the soft grass littering the ground, their own fluff providing *just* enough cushion to get a few sprains, bruises and cuts than a broken bone.

"Honey, Wheatgwass, Miwnt, Bubba-Gum-WHERE'S COCO?!"

"Eeeee! Mummah! HEWWWP!" Coco's voice faintly rang, his mother turning her head to see a scruffy fluffy pony holding Coco in his jaws; Wild, whorled looking eyes stared into hers as sharp, crooked teeth cradled Coco's tender, slobber soaked body. His physique was more scrawny for a fluffy pony with faintly more developed wings. The lean, desperate and crazed look about him was a dead-giveaway to a Cannibal Fluffy Pony-and he had her baby in his jaws.


Cujo's mind was frozen in fear; he wasn't able to find the nummeh babbeh before his mother found him! Already her siren like wails would be a beacon to him, and he worried he wouldn't be able to get away with his prize in time! Not even thinking clearly enough to remember to bite down and break his sobbing prey's neck, Cujo dashed into the tall grassies as fast as his legs could carry him.

He could hear the mother's desperate pleas as she tottled after him, her legs not used to striding like his were. Even then, she was worried of tossing her babbehs off if she went into a full on sprint, losing them in the field as she tried to track Cujo down. Delight sprung in his chest as he began to retrace his path, a slight smile on his face as he picked up speed. He was going to do it! He was going to finally taste wild fluffy flesh after so lo-


Oh no.

"Poopies poopies poopies POOPIES POOPIES!" the cannibal hissed, picking up the pace as he heard the Unicorn chase after him.

Cujo's heart sank as the thundering hoof-steps of the Smartie, an unusually burly red Unicorn with a golden mane, chased after him. In spite of the pegasus' greater agility and his ability to persever in spit of the stench of feces in his nose from the infant post-haste shitting himself, he felt warmth spread along his hocks turn into a searing pain as he dropped the baby and let loose an ear-piercing scream of pain.

Whipping his head behind him, he was horrified to find his backside had been lit on fire by the unicorn smartie's sparks, and the flame was starting to spread further up his back. The poor cannibal ran back and forth in terror, igniting the dry grass and forcing the herd to retreat to their burrows held within the woods as Cujo's screams continued to ring out in the field and follow them down into their warrens.


"Hewe yu go, Mumma Bean. Dis yor babbeh Coco, safe n' sownd..." Smarty Sun-Burst gently tells the sobbing mother, who graciously took her crying infant and soothed it with gentle babbling and some milk. Sun-Burst, meanwhile, stretched his aching muscles and winced with a mild yelp as he felt something pop. He had never run that fast to outpace a dangerous daddeh, let alone save an infant from the hunger of a sneaky monster fluffy. Either that, or he was just getting older.

A streak of silver in his mane fell over his eyes, prompting him to blow it back onto his head. Probably the latter then.

"Daddeh, did da munstah fwuffy huwt 'oo?" squeaked a small voice to Sun-Burst's left, prompting the fluffy pony to turn his head in surprise before offering a gentle smile and rubbing his son's head with his hoof.

"Nu son, daddeh jus' pull sometin, he otay~" he reassured his child, nudging him along back to the Smarty bedchamber; He could go for a nap right about now...

*A few hours later*

The dry, grassy field had been burned to the ground, sad and pained whimpers and yelps emanating from the center of the soot covered waste-land. A half burned, smoking sack of shi-I mean, fluffy pony, continued to drag his roasted ass across the only remaining wet patch in the entire field.

By the time poor Cujo had found water to put out the fire on his fluff, he had already set the entire grass-land ablaze, forcing the poor bastard to huddle in the puddle that soon became a latrine as the fire surrounded him. Still, he was alive-not by much, but still-and in time his fluff would grow back and his strength would return.

But next time, maybe he'd settle for a dead fluffy than a fresh one...


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Boogeyman123: Finally got my ass back in the game after a hiatus lasting for, I'unno anymore. Anyways, enjoy this shit, or don't.
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Anonymous1: Bullshit
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TheFoalFryer: In my head canon, a cannibal fluffy is a little more built than the average fluffy give their all protein diet. This would mean they'd be able to overpower and easily outrun a regular fluffy.

But that's just my head canon, it doesn't affect anything and I'm fine with that.

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drawfag11: the cannibal fucked up big time, but everyone else should have burned or suffocated in their shallow burrows. Smarties shouldn't get away with destroying things to rescue shit without value.
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Boogeyman123: @drawfag11: Yeah, I did sort of over-look that. I chalked it up to Fluffy memory span being shit and my brain being exhausted from fighting off a cold. I'll try and make the stories more realistic now that I'm back in the game.
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Anonymous2: shit story

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FluffiesAreFood: > cannibalism

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Anonymous3: i didin't like this outcome. Probaly an amateur hunter, for not even killing his prey before running away. Hope he can regain his strenght and courage and try once agaim to eat a tender and tasty foal's flesh
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: Fluffies are not the best of hunters under any circumstances, their battle cry of "wun away, wun away" is as indicative of their real "menace" as it is totally in-terrifying to their enemies
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