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Brown Syndrome

Part 2

By LimitBreak1989

Hello everyone, sorry for the delay but I have been trying to polish both fluffspeak and more
importantly fluffthink. I am sure this is still the wrong way to do it, but other
stories from other authors do not come natural to me, at any rate I hope you like my own
style of writing both fluffspeak and fluffthink.

Upon reading the first story it gave me a headache reading it, I hope you guys enjoy the
new format


I decided to name the mare Coal, a sick joke of the fate I just saved her from, and sure
enough the desk woman charged me $20 for the carrier but told me that other stuff I should
get it from a more dedicated store. “Okay fluffy your new name will be Coal”
The mare was jumping happily.

“Coaw wub new name! thank yu daddeh!"

I had to admit, she acted exactly like Leo… if Leo could speak like a retard that is,
then again I remembered that that was precisely the reason why I bought her, so I did
not had to worry about guessing what she wanted.

“Okay Coal get in here so we can get going” Coal looked at the carrier and got scared.

“Coaw nu wan sowwy box.”

I had no idea of what she meant by that but I have no patience for this kind of thing,
I shoved her in there and she started to bitch about the scary sorry box.
Whatever, in my experience pets get used to new environments by forcing them into
them, you can’t give in into their demands. Besides I assured her that she was not
being punished.

As soon as she saw the car she got even more nervous

“NUUUuuuuuh!!! metaw munstah!”

“Metal monster? Oh, no Coal that’s my car, don’t worry it won’t hurt you” Coal
tried to relax but as soon as the engine started she shat inside her carrier, I am
really starting to regret this. Good thing that it was only her carrier.

“Nuh smeww pwetty” “Well then, I told you that the car wouldn’t hurt you, now I will need
to take you home, give you a bath and then come and get your stuff.” At this Coal started
hu-huing. Whatever, she needed to start to get used to the car, there was no way in hell that
she would be in the house all the time.

Once on the house I took her out of her carrier gagging at the smell, I quickly sprayed the
carrier with water, and to my surprise, the shit came off easy, it seemed because it was
nothing but diarrhea shit. I took Coal to the bathtub, she gave me a hard time giving her
a bath saying stupid shit like “wawas bad fo soon mummah!” Annoyed I sprayed her face
with water warning her to drown her if she continued with the tantrum.

When the bath was done I drained all the water making her think that the bath was over, as
she was looking around I screamed off the top of my lungs to scare her, since apparently
she was afraid of sudden noises and sure enough she STILL shat some more.

“Jesus Christ Coal, are you made out of shit?”

“Pwease daddeh, Coaw pwomise no do bad poppies no mowe.”

“I’ll hold on to that, okay now that all that is settled lets go get your stuff”.

The Fluff-mart resembled a small house, upon entering I was overwhelmed at the amount of
stuff they had in there. I entered the store carrying Coal in my arms, she wasn’t particularly heavy.

“Hello sir how may I help you and your cute little friend”

Said a pretty blonde girl. “Yeah, this is my first fluffy and I have no supplies at home,
what do you recommend?”

“Oh right this way” She said turning around leading me to a room that had the walls depicting
happy fluffies playing with various toys.

“Well, here you have basic toys, fluffies love to stack blocks and play with balls, and if this
is your only fluffy I would recommend only 3 blocks and a ball. Come this way, this is a
sample safe room, you can leave your fluffy here while I show you around”

I looked at Coal and sure enough she was babbling like a moron about ‘blockies’ and
‘pwety wed baww’. I certainly could afford more than 3 of those so called blocks, they were $3 a pop

“only 3?”

The sales girl told me in a loud enough voice that I was sure Coal was able to hear
“These things are pretty stupid; they can barely count past 2, so 3 items for them seem
is more than enough”

I looked at Coal thinking that she might have gotten offended at being called stupid but she was
equally indifferent, either she was too naïve to know the girl was making fun of her, or indeed
too stupid to know any different.

“Here is the litter box, it is imperative that you train your fluffy to use it, unless you like
to clean fluffy feces all over the safe room. Next you will need a simple wall to make sure
that your fluffy does not wander beyond the designated safe room, fluffies are very fragile and
can easily break their legs if they jump and land awkwardly from a distance no taller than a sofa”

That remark made me chuckle, were these things really that fragile?

“Fluffies get bored while you are away working so I would suggest you set your TV in their safe
room and leave fluff-tv on; just make sure to set up filters… is your fluffy a mare?”

I looked at Coal “Yes why?”

“There is a show called ‘Babbehs!’ which is of course targeted to foals, but when some mares
see the show well… let’s say that they might want some of their own. This is the reason why
owners get surprised when their well behaved mare suddenly starts to ask for offspring.
Owners now have to deal with an annoyance rather than a pet. I’ll give you a full pamphlet
regarding the content of the channel”

I took the pamphlet gratefully “Oh that’s great thank you!”

She then led me an area containing various food items. “Here are the food for fluffies, word
of caution, while we do sell various types of spaghetti”

At the mention of spaghetti Coal screamed ‘SKETTIES?!' despite the fact we were in another room.

“Excuse me, you said spaghetti?”

“Yes, Hasbio hardwired fluffies to love spaghetti above all else… don’t know why, probably an
inside joke. That being said I encourage giving it to her only as a treat… or not at all, otherwise
she might start to demand it with every meal.” The sales girl then pointed me to some food
dispenser items “I recommend this water dispenser unit, it’s not too unsurprising to find a drowned
fluffy on their water platter, this will prevent accidents”

I started to laugh thinking that she was joking… she was not.

“Here is a simple bowl to hold their food, it is correctly measured for a meal, just serve in this
mark and your Fluffy will have a correct portion of food, don’t give in to their demands for more,
trust me they can produce lots of waste” You tell me, for a moment there I thought that this thing had
no internal organs and contained nothing but shit.

“Next we have some beds; they range from simple pillows to elaborate beds…
(she said in a low voice) between you and me the store makes me say this to encourage sales
but a simple blanket on the floor does the trick, have you seen where these things sleep on alleyways?”

“Lastly but no least” She said with a sinister smile leading me to another section of the store.
“Disciplinary items, all fluffies misbehave eventually, and while you can use any item at home,
say a belt, they are hardwired by Hasbio to fear the Sorry Stick. Fluffies also hate darkness,
so one of the more effective disciplinary items is the Sorry Box, and while any box will do I
personally love this one, it's barely big enough to for her to fit in and thus creates
claustrophobia, plus it has black sound cancelling padding, further increasing their sense of

Somehow I get the feeling that this girl is an abuser, she did seem to enjoy talking about
this topic. Oh well, not of my business. “This is one of my favorites, the Fluffy Whip” The
girl grabbed the thing and gave it a slow spin, making a whooshing sound. “it is a more elaborate
version of the Sorry Stick. Unlike the Sorry Stick which its purpose is to promote good behavior the
Sorry Whip focuses in causing crippling amounts of pain, so a quick 3 whacks ought to put them in
their place” If I had any doubts about this girl being an abuser I now have a near 90% certainty
that she is indeed an abuser… and I could not give 3 flying fucks about it.

“These shears removes their fluff. Fluffies LOVE their fluff, they get very cold if they don’t
have it, but the real objective is to cause shame, once you remove her fluff take her to a place where
she will come to interact with other Fluffies, they will mock her relentlessly. Whatever she did
wrong he shame she feels will go a long way to start the correctional process.”

The girl told me all that with an overly happy tone, I wouldn’t be surprised if she owned a couple
of fluffies and liked to ‘correct’ them on a regular basis.

”Okay here you go, your total is $600”

Jesus Christ… but at least this would be the set up, no more extra expenses from here on out.

“Sir if you don’t mind me asking, where you did get your Fluffy?”

“Oh from a local shelter, why?”

She looked at me a bit concerned “Her colors… it is kind of you that you took
her in… just don’t be surprised if other fluffies reject or mock her”

I looked at Coal thinking. “Well, she will at least have her foals to give her company if
that happens.”

“Oh she’s expecting? Be really careful with her foals, I recommend you visit breeder
websites on the many bad behavior Fluffy foals might develop.”

“Oh thank you very much, you have been very helpful.”

And with that I took Coal back from the sample safe room, bitching about wanting to stay

“Daddeh, Coaw wuv safe pwace! Nu wan gu huu huu huu”

“Don’t worry silly, were are going home and will make a better one than that!”

“Weawwy daddeh? Daddeh am bestest daddeh evah!”

I wanted to imagine holding Leo after taking him home from a similar situation,
I am sure he would be babbling like a moron too.

I bought Coal a more expensive bed being considerate of her foals to come, and while I
did not buy spaghetti, I did buy spaghetti flavored kibble, again thinking of her
foals, and since she highly recommended it I did take both, the Sorry stick and the
Sorry Box. The whip and shears would be overkill I thought.

The setup of her ‘safe room’ was simple and quick. I really didn’t mind to put the TV
on the safe room, I don’t even know why I bothered to buy one, I watch all my
entertainment on my phone and computer anyways.

I placed Coal on the floor. “Ok Coal, this whole room is yours, there’s only one rule”
I approached and I nearly pressed my face on hers for extra emphasis
“Do. Not. SHIT, on the floor.” I pointed at the Litter box “You will do your business
there, and you will teach your foals to do the same. Am I being clear?”

“Yus daddeh, Coaw teach babbehs use wittew box” and Just like that she headed to her
bed and, getting comfortable, started humming happily.

A few days passed without any major events, I really enjoyed Coal’s company but she
kept on getting bigger and I could not play with her as much as I wanted. She got me
worried for a while there, she had bloated so much that her legs could no longer touch
the floor, I feared a huge litter. Looks like I’ll have to wait for her foals to be
born, hopefully the little guys will be cute and more fun to play with. Leo was a
Cocker Spaniel with a pleasant golden fur, which made Coal something of a nice reminder,
since she was roughly the same size. I did not get the chance to meet Leo as a puppy
since like Coal; I saved him from a shelter.

One Friday night when while I browsing the internet I heard a scream from the safe room


I chuckled a little “Sweetie, I better see that big turd of yours on litter box”

I heard Coal scream again “Daddeh pwease hewp!”

I braced myself for the smell of shit, but as I entered into her safe room, I found
her in her bed trying to push away two things that resembled turds, upon closer
inspection however, those two little turds happened to be foals. I looked at them;
it seemed she was yet to clean them from the amniotic fluids… of which there
was a lot of, that seemed to explain the bloating. I did not paid attention to it
initially, since I was happy with my two new pets. These two little fellows did not
seem all that special, they were the ‘earthy’ variant it appeared, much like their
mother, at least that’s what I read online. I totally suck at coming up with
names, but I’ve read advice from websites that fluffy names should contain at least
one R and or L, since is more fun when the little shitrats can’teven pronounce
their own names correctly.

Speaking of shitrats I now know why people call them that, the foals started to
make chirping noises, much like actual rats. I pointed at the a filly “how about
we name this one Ember”, and then I pointed at the colt, “and Tinder” Coal did not
seem at all happy with her foals, “babbehs am poopie babbehs, Coaw nu wan dummeh
poopie babbehs!”

I was taken aback; she did not want her foals because they were shit colored?
The sheer hypocrisy she was displaying was ironically funny. The poor little bastards
and now apparently orphans tried to attach to her teats, but she would push them away.
At this point I did not know what to do, the little guys will die in a matter
of hours if she did not feed them. I had never gave Coal spaghetti and I was not about
to start, I nonetheless tried to trick the heartless cunt.

“Coal, I will give you spaghetti if you feed them”

“Coaw nu cawe! Coaw nu wan dummeh poopie babbehs!”

Frustrated I got up and went to search the Sorry Stick, so far Coal had been a really
good fluffy, and while I did not enjoy violence, even Leo got a few good whacks
when he would destroy something like a shoe. I found the Sorry Stick and I headed back
to the safe room. If I wasn’t pissed before I was now furious, Coal had taken the
foals to the litter box and right as I entered the room, she then proceeded to turn
around and sprayed the foals with shit.


Coal turned around and saw me holding the Sorry Stick, she SHAT ON THE FLOOR, in fear.
Oh that was it! I pressed her firm on the ground and proceeded to whack her ass bare.

“SCREEEEeeeeee, why daddeh huwt gud fluffy?!”

I was too angry to respond. While Coal was recoiling in pain spewing moronic shit like
‘munstah daddeh! Coaw hate chu!” I went to my closet and searched for a couple of
ties, I then grabbed a black sports shirt and headed back to the safe room, long
strides and hands shaking in anger. Coal had recovered enough to walk and tried to
run, well, more like waddle, a couple of hours ago I would have found that funny but
now it only fueled my anger. I grabbed the Sorry Stick and whacked her hard a couple more
times, causing her to recoil in pain on the ground. That made it easier to tie her back
legs together with a single tie, then the front ones with another tie. I covered her
head with the shirt.

Coal was still throwing a tantrum, but she could not move. I went to the litter box and,
gagging, rescued the poor bastards who were peeping in fear. I carefully bathed them and
put them on Coal’s teats while I was holding her down, as she was still moving despite my
best efforts to keep her down. When I noticed that the foals were full I took them to
the bed… except the thing was ruined, there was just so much amniotic fluids that I
searched for a towel and lay them there. I did not know what to with Coal… Nor the foals
for that matter, I could not be there all the time to feed them, for that night however
they were safe and fed.

I went to sleep that night troubled for the foals, right now I did not care for Coal
anymore, but I needed her to feed the foals until they were mature enough to feed
themselves. In the morning I fed the foals again before heading to the fluff-mart,
remembering the girl that sold me all the shit Coal needed, perhaps she could give me
more hands on advice as that night I learned that the only time a mare would reject
her offspring was when said offspring turned out to be ‘Alicorns’. Said fluffies had
both, wings and horns. Both Ember and Tinder were regular earthy fluffies, I simply
did not understand Coal’s rationale

“Oh welcome to fluff-mart sir, how may I help you?”

I told her about what happened the night before and she did not appeared all that

"Mares have the disgusting habit of picking favorites among their litter, they call
them ‘bestest babbehs’. So called bestest babbehs usually have the colors of either
the father of herself. These foals receive extra attention and more food than the
rest of the litter. The bestest babbehs grow bigger than the rest of the litter as
the result of the extra food, and the extra attention tends to incite the equally
disgusting smarty syndrome.

More often than not, brown foals are immediately labeled ‘poopie babbeh’. Those foals
are treated horribly by both the mother and their fellow brothers and sisters.
You said that you picked her from a shelter right? It is quite possible that the father
had decent colors.”

I took a few seconds to think, even if I went to inquire about coal’s partner, the poor
bastard must have been roasted by now.

“So what can I do? I’d hate to see those foals die.”

“You can pillow the mare and break her teeth to make sure she does not hurt the foals.”

Break her teeth? “First off what is pillowing and breaking her teeth seems a bit extreme.”

“Trust me sir, mares are 95% likely to hurt 'poopie babbehs’, and it seems that she will.
Pillowing involves amputating her legs, fluffies resemble pillows without their legs
hence the term pillowing, and breaking her teeth will ensure she does not bite them, pretty
self explanatory. You said that you tied her down, pillowing will be the same without the
hassle of tiying her down every time you want to feed the foals. After all she has proven
herself to be a bad mother. On the other hand you run the risk breaking the mare into
the ‘Wan die’ loop.

All this fluffy terminology was driving me nuts “Sorry to keep on bothering you, but
what is the ‘wan die’ loop?”

The girl seemed indifferent at the possible means needed to save my two new pets

“Once on the ‘Wan die’ loop, said fluffy will keep on repeating that phrase, and,
if given the means, the fluffy will kill itself without a second thought. they die
soon anyways as they often refuse to eat… though you can just shove a feeding tube
down their throats.”

I get the feeling that this girl does all that on a regular basis, she just talks
about the topic with the confidence that can only be obtained after much experience.

“Okay, I’ll pillow her, though I don’t want to break her teeth, she needs to eat
food, hopefully the wan die loop will not kick in, and if it does I hope it happens
soon after the foals are able to eat solid food”

I once again saw that sinister smile from the girl, kinda hot, but a bit disturbing
at the same time, I’d hate to be the boyfriend who dumps her.

“Okay, just bring her to us, we offer the service cheaper than vets, those hugboxers
bother with silly stuff to keep the fluffies happy through the procedure… or outright
refuse to do it unless there’s a medical need for it.

“Oh thank you! You have been really helpful, ok how long will the process take?
I need to feed the foals after all.”

“The process takes two days. We need to properly stitch the wounds and monitor
the wound to make sure the wound does not fester.”

I got a bit worried, two whole days? Ember and Tinder needed to be fed.
“What can I do with my foals in the mean time?”

“You can leave them to us in the mean time, we also sell foals and as you
might expect we have a couple of milkbags”

I did not know what she meant by that, it just sounded horrible to imagine.

Reluctantly I thought long and hard about what I was about to do to poor Coal…
but I no longer felt sorry for her. She did brought all this on herself, I adopted
her with the prospect of having foals, and there’s no way I’ll lose those foals.
“Okay, I’ll go and bring you Coal and her foals.”

“We will be waiting for you…” She said with that smile again.

When I returned home Coal was quietly hu-huing, her foals stirring in Hunger,
I grabbed them and attached them to her teats and started to suck on greedily.

“Dummeh poopie babbehs gu way, Coaw nu wan dummeh poopie babbehs!” I took off
the black shirt and she squinted at the sudden bright light

“Dummeh munstah daddeh, get Coaw go nao!”

“Okay Coal I will let you go, we’ll go out and leave the poopie babbehs here,
we will go and get some spaghetti,I am sorry to have treated you so bad lately.

“Weawwy? Daddeh giv Coaw sketies? Daddeh am bestest daddeh evah!”

Could she really be this gullible? And what’s with the sudden 180 regarding
her opinion of me? Oh well at least she won’t struggle on the way to the

“Ok Coal, go and make good poopies, and remember my car won’t hurt you”

“Yus daddeh, metaw munstah nu scawe Coaw!” And with that I took the foals
away from her sight, telling her that I was going to throw them into a
‘burning place’ and untied her, and sure enough she went and took a shit
on the litter box…

In reality the fluff-mart did not offer the pillowing service. Emily
hoped that every once in a while a gullible owner would come to her for help,
which happened more often than not… Emily felt like an 8 year old on
Christmas eve, the moron who did not had a single clue about fluffies would
not notice the things she will get away with his disgusting turd of a fluffy.
What’s more he seemed not to care if the mare entered the ‘wan die’ loop, oh
she will have fun alright.


- Reply
LimitBreak1989: What will be Coal's fate? I am thinking on going full on Ramsay Snow on her ass, you guys tell me if that is too predictable/boring. Some suggestions will be great
- Reply
Anonymous1: Hate to say it, I liked the start, but this suddenly escalated too far and too rapidly into asshole fluffy territory to be enjoyable. A fluffy who was good, but then becomes a mother who rejects all her fluffies even though they're basically the same color as her? A mother who doesn't even care that she'd be rewarded with sketti for caring for her fluffies? A fluffy that immediately goes from 0 to HATECHU at the first sorry sticking? I know this is just your first effort but this diverged too far from convention.

Also a dude who buys a pet without having any idea about how to take care of it or what to expect from its behavior, lol that part's a little too realistic.

I know this is just a first effort, but please, if you want to make a story about a pet becoming bad try to pace it a little more instead of one second having it be good and the next the worst fluffy in history.
- Reply
Anonymous2(1): and I accidentally repeated myself, fuck me
- Reply
Anonymous3: >Somehow I get the feeling that this girl is an abuser
Ay gurl, lemme git yo digits.

>Some suggestions will be great
Long, drawn-out psychological torture and physical agony. Would be just super if the foals got to team rape their pillowed mother when they become horny colts.
- Reply
LimitBreak1989: @Anonymous: I have no idea as to how make a fluffy become bratty. I mean, Coal had for the most part, given all she wanted, and I know for a fact that mares do reject brown foals on the spot. Why would Coal react any different?

Also the human did not honestly know what to expect from his fluffy, this was certainly not it.
- Reply
LimitBreak1989: @Anonymous: I had the physical agony thing planed out, but I can't think of a way to fuck with coal in a psychological way. I won't give in to the details of the physical abuse, but if you like that sort of thing I really hope I don't disappoint!
- Reply
Anonymous4(3): @LimitBreak1989: Have Emily impregnate her with fluffy semen from a brown stallion to try to force her to have more brown foals. Or, since fluffy genetics are so fucked up, have a human trick her by replacing her foals as they're birthed with brown foals. I think it would fuck her up psychologically to have litter after litter of brown foals, and force her to feed them.
- Reply
Anonymous5(1): @LimitBreak1989: Choosing favorites yes, but rejecting all of her babies on the spot because of color? No, that's too much of an asshole move right away. Coal is obsessed with being a mother, so why would it instantly want to reject all of its offspring? And worse, why would it so adamantly disobey its owner? If you wanted to go this route you should have made her a smarty I think, since she acted like it in all but name.

The rejecting worst babies should be just a feral thing I think. Something they do as a survival mechanism when they know they can't take care of them all. So of course, its the worst baby that gets the axe first. It just feels out of place for a loved and well cared for domestic one.

But as I said before, the real problem here is the pacing. You wrote the story, so you obviously knew where it was going ahead of time.
As a reader I found the random switch in coal from good fluffy to abuse magnet was unsatisfyingly abrupt.

I think you should have built up to her rejecting her foals and rejecting her owner instead of her being a good fluffy who suddenly flips a switch. Have warning signs of behavior issues like being demanding, talking back to the owner, maybe he walks her in the park and finds another brown colored fluffy for her to play with but she doesn't want to play with it even though her colors are no better than its. All this worries the owner but he doesn't really know what to do about it and wonders if his dog would have been this much of a dick if it could talk too. Eventually maybe even have her start to call herself smartest soon mummah, but have the owner too inexperienced to pick up on that red flag. So when she finally does shit out her foals and hates them its not so out of left field.

Just some thoughts for next time anyway.
- Reply
LimitBreak1989: @Anonymous: Thanks for the feedback, it's too late for this story, but my original plan was to make Coal suffer anyways, I never identified myself as a hugboxer and writing the initial part of this story was boring, our protagonist simply does not have the heart to mutilate Coal, punish yes, use the sorry stick yes, but not mutilate her.

Emily will be our tormentor here.
- Reply
Anonymous6(3): @LimitBreak1989: Hot. Make her have big jugs but a slim waist.
- Reply
LimitBreak1989: @Anonymous: When I introduced Emily I said "pretty blond girl" emphasis on pretty, so if you want to picture Emily, just think of a skinny attractive blond girl you know. That's Emily.
- Reply
Anonymous7: @Anonymous: I think the point is that fluffies are simply a bad idea. I guess this story goes into the grey territory of (not?) neutrality, this poor fucker bought into a world of weirdness, shit and blood out of a rebound for his dead dog without knowing what he was getting himself into. He thought cats were assholes for not giving a fuck about people. No lords, no masters and all that shit. Fluffies only care about what they want, that's what sells hasbio toys and hasbio spaghetti and if you think they're being assholes hasbio also sells sorry sticks and boxes, they were made to be a long con. This fluffy in particular wants pretty babies even though it'd probably hate itself if it saw it's face on a mirror, and by all the spaghetti on spaghettiland it will have it, even if it costs more than it can ever give. It's to be expected that his guy will have what's coming to him for being so naive.

As for pacing, yeah, maybe a little more buildup to the current situation would have been ideal because, as it stands, the story gives the impression that this fluffy might have had any good qualities at all. As far as we know this is just another random street garbage shitrat that will do anything to have things go it's way, or it might be the direct descendant of fluffy jesus. We don't know (And maybe we don't even care, this fucker costed 10 cents).

But honestly I'd rather have this than another story that keeps dragging on and on with updates coming in every two weeks, then two months, then who the fuck knows how often. I don't know, just my two cents.
- Reply
Gardel: @LimitBreak1989: what I don't get is why see was so bloated if there was only 2 foals
- Reply
Anonymous8: As Gardel said, just 2 foals, could make the owner surprised after researching in the internet about fluffies birthing and the shit, also you can have some guilty flash backs of the owner unintentionally spoiling the shitrat, is his first he will make some mistakes. Also you already have a psychological abuse with the shears. Call her the worst mummah or use some fluffies records telling her been a bad fluffy, the social aspect of the shitrats is not much used.
- Reply
LimitBreak1989: @Gardel: I find imagining pregnant fluffies that are so bloated that that can't move, I just think that that is hilarious.

As for the only two foal thing, like the main character I suck at coming up with names. I also wanted to keep with the theme of fire for names, plus having only two foals helps me a great deal when the time comes to involve them as characters.
- Reply
LimitBreak1989: @Gardel: Please forgive the poor grammar in that response, writing and editing shit on this phone is hard for me.
- Reply
Nuuu: Thanks for the story. I'm always up for alicorn abuse, so if you ever feel like writing about that, I'd be glad.

- Reply
Mumsie: This is, in part, why I fucking hate hellgremlins. It doesn't make sense why a mother would purposefully abandon her foals just because they are a "poopie" color. It's really just shitty behavior to justify abuse. Also this story has a bad habit of going 0-100. The mother herself was a poopie baby and she pulls the same shit? I know people like to think fluffies are completely retarded, but I really do think they are smarter than people give them credit for. They have the ability to learn, otherwise why would you bother disciplining them? It's all up to the writer I guess, still.
- Reply
Anonymous9: Nice work.
- Reply
Anonymous10: I don't find the fluffy's behavior as inconsistent as the owners. He gets this pet to sub for his beloved dog and then decides to turn her into a milkbag at the first sign that she's a bad mummah?
Also I've never heard of a mummah rejecting the whole litter but then I never heard of them all being poopie babbehs nor just two. Finally, fluffies just don't argue that much over the babbehs, though they are known to keep the poopies and then kill them later, having "forgot" they said they wouldn't
- Reply
Anonymous11(10): Good story overall though. Emily as his introduction to the world of abuse is a neat device.
- Reply
Anonymous12: Can't wait for the next part man. Keep it up !
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LimitBreak1989: UPDATE 10/10/2017

You will have to wait a day or two for part 3 as I have not even started to write it. Partly in due because I had originally planned to divide this chapter 2 into 2 parts. first being the shopping of stuff for Coal's safe room and the birth of her foals. Part 3 would have been what happened afterwards, but after I read what I intended part two for proofreading I realized that it was boring, so I combined the stuff I already had for part 3 into this current part 2.

I am afraid that part 3 will be much shorter than parts 1 and 2 since I just want to move to another story that popped in my head while brainstorming for part 3. That being said it will be somewhat related to this current story, not by much is just that I hate coming up with new characters, I have a hard time coming up with names.

Just hang in there, I want to thank everyone for the criticism. I still think that brown foals should be rejected on the spot in favor of colorful variants. In my non official canon, Hasbio hardwired mothers into rejecting brown foals so they will always produce attractive and hence profitable merchandise. After all, we all agree that current fluffies were not ready for commercial use, this issue was in the works when PETA struck. The fact that some brown fluffies reach adulthood is only because hugboxers feel the need to care for them, after all they think fluffies are animals, but they are not, and will never be, they are disposable toys, nothing else.

That being said I do agree that Coal’s behavior changed too quickly, I’ll look out for that in the future.
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Anonymous13: Would have been better dealing with a fluffy struggling to explain to it's new master that she wasn't a dog.

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Guzziman: Emily is kind of a bitch calling that guy a moron. I mean he was doing her a solid letting her abuse coal.
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LimitBreak1989: @Guzziman: That is kinda the point, she IS a bitch. I don't want to make her a villain, just an unlikable character, like Cercie from GoT.

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Guzziman: @LimitBreak1989: Well this is a comments section so forgive me for pointing put the obvious.
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Anonymous14: Just put Coal in a room made of mirrors, or a room with better coloured fluffies.
She should be changing her tone rather quickly.
If that doesn't work, take away her name, so she is just "fluffy" again, that DO value their name quite a bit.
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Anonymous15: Use a milking machine instead. This is apparently very traumatizing for fluffy mares; having their milk stolen by a sucky munstah.
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