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Room for Improvements

Test Subjects: Fluffies and Herd(s)
Scientist on Project: Richard “Rickie” Burns
Activity Log

1: Finding Fluffies
Status: Continuing

Notes: This should be relatively easy if I do not kill them in the process. I will be collecting them from different environments such as rural areas and urban settings.

2: Understanding Anatomy
Status: Active

Notes: This will be very straight forward mostly, you cut the creature open. With a band saw, scalpels, bone saws, and etc. But, before we get to the more visceral parts I need to conduct a series of tests to see how it survives physically such as elements, hazards, and other climates.

2.5: Understanding Psychology
Status: Pending

3: Training Fluffies
Status: Pending Activated

3.5: Augmentation
Status: Pending

4: Study on Pregnant Fluffy
Status: Pending

5: Creating Subspecies
Status: Pending

6: Improving Fluffies
Status: Pending

#Incident 2050
Upon request from the scientific community I will be testing VX neurotoxin.

I will be administering to a family of one mare and one stallion and three foals. We will be operating in a six foot area. I’ll be pumping in a small dose of the nerve agent through fans to compensate for the small size of the fluffy.


Rick: Hey, there! Here’s your new pen.
Female Fluffy: Tank you, Mistah, I’ weally nice.
Rick: You have food and water over there and you’re all set.
Male Female: Why is da pen so smaww? It has gwass (glass) ova it.
Rick: Well, I’m glad you asked. This way I can see to keep your family safe from harm.
Male Female: Oh, you awe weawwy nice, Mistah.
Audio Cuts.
Gas is pumped in. 0:01

0:06 Nothing yet. All is normal.

0:10 Male Fluffy says he feels weird. I ask him to tell me about it. Says his nose is runny and he his “tummie” hurts. I give him some sugar pills to calm him down. Says thanks and goes to be with his family.

0:15 Family comes to me experiencing runny noses and shortness of breath. I look at their eyes and they all have small pupils. (Did not get a good look at the babies...) I give sugar pills as a response

0:16 One baby is dead, the male fluffy is delirious as well as the mother.

0:18 Male fluffy is smashing his head against the glass wanting out. Mother just killed one of the babies holding it too tight trying to give it hugs. Thankfully most of the glass is reinforced bulletproof glass. Once this is over it will be take and cleaned or destroyed to avoid further contamination.

Male Fluffy: FWUFFIE WAN OUT! MUNSTAHS EVEWYWHEWE! *hitting glass*
Rick: Can you tell me what you are experiencing?!
Rick: Can you describe... Fuck it. There’s no use talking to them if they have gone crazy. I’ll monitor them from here.
Audio Cuts.

0:20 The third baby is dead. The mother is making gurgling sounds and convulsing. The father is laying down with blood coming from his head. Note: Feces is everywhere.

Test Ended.
Twenty-five minutes have gone by, all of them have asphyxiated on the gas. I will be calling in a crew to deal with the bodies and wash the pen for now. We will not be taking samples from these as they are very deadly to the touch do to exposure from the VX vapors.

1 Stallion Earth
3 Babies Earth
1 Mare Earth

Incident #2060

We will be analyzing the DNA from some of the Fluffies collected to figure out what DNA are used to create Fluffies.

DNA found from animals include:

7 Breeds of Cat, 5 Breeds of Dog, Human DNA, Gerbil, Hamster, Rabbit, Rat, Guinea Pig, Beaver, Several Species of Fish, Horse, Several Species of Birds, Red Panda, Panda, Hyrax, Manatee, Pig, Opossum, Buffalo, Several Breeds of Cow, Narwhal, Chameleon, Monkey, Ape, Plant Genes, Electric Eel and Donkey.

After analyzing some of the DNA, it seems to be frayed and splintered just like most “incompleted projects.” This DNA seem to have been spliced together.

What is kind of remarkable about this is that some traits from some of the animals are not as visible in the Fluffy. They seem to be left aside for other possible creations which seem to have manifested itself with selective breeding.

This is a lot of data to compile, think I’m going to look at this later.

-2 Fluffy Bodies
-4 Legs
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ElCuCuyfeo: Finally!! VX Nerve gas! Thank you! =D
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Anonymous1: The Fluffies seem to have all the survival instincts of red pandas
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Anonymous2: Your DNA proportions make NO sense. They're fluffy PONIES after all, Dog and Cats are VERY aggressive animals in the wild, any animal having a large proportion of them would be very far from being either mild or cowardly
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Anonymous3(2): First time I ever saw a fluffy family gassed. Good Murderboner work

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TheBurningUnit: @Anonymous: I never said anything proportions, I only listed what DNA was that was found.

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TheBurningUnit: @ElCuCuyfeo: I would like to say I used the real version of the nerve gas not the movie version.
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