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Unnatural Selection Ch4

Link to the art: https://imgur.com/a/XK6fP

Over the month more herds had disappeared only for the locals to find piles of bones and various organs left hidden around town. Entire sections of the town had lost their feral fluffy population. The southern and south western sections of Portland had been cleaned out. Two weeks later the west side had been “cleaned” not a single cry of “pwease gif nummies?” could be heard in these sections. At first people had cheered but things had taken a turn for the worse.

The fluffy exterminators in these areas had gone out of business leading to a huge spike in lost jobs. Hugboxers and people who had regarded fluffies as nothing more than “things” that had just existed soon began to worry. Their pets were in danger, once the fluffies had all died out would dogs and cats be targeted next? What of domestic fluffies, were they in danger too? The general population had been riled up and demanded something be done.

A series of rapid fire regulations had been set in place to quell the fears of the people. Every retailer, daycare, kennel or business that sold, housed, or cared for fluffy ponies had to have 24 hour security. This however was a mistake; it caused many businesses to raise the price of their services to compensate for this new regulation.

Next anyone who had bought fluffy ponies in bulk (more than 3) had to be investigated and a thorough background check had to be done. Their names had also been placed into a registry which was public causing these people to be harassed. Yet another error, this caused business that sold fluffy meat as disguised as “real food” to have their practices brought into the open, closing down many restaurants. No person wanted to be caught eating fluffies not after all the gore piles being left in the open, and worse what if they had been accused of being the person responsible for all this?

This regulation caused abusers to be investigated and held in police custody and questioned. Abusers had no way of acquiring ferals, they had disappeared and it forced them to buy fluffies from stores. Not only did abusers have to buy their toys, but they found that the price had gone up. To compensate for security, the price rose to extreme amounts. A shit brown foal had gone from the standard ten cents to five dollars. Sales of “buy two get one free” had become “buy two get 25% off the next.” These sales lead to people being investigated for buying so many fluffies.

Finally owners had to chip, spay or neuter, and register their pets and fluffies to ensure they could be tracked down. In the past this practice was optional, now it was mandatory. All of these practices had made pet ownership expensive. It had made the prices of good to decent colored fluffies reach near official Hasbio fluffy launch prices. Of course as the price went up for fluffy care, people found it wasn’t worth the hassle so they looked to abandon their pets.

The fluffy abandonment bins had been set up all over town. These classic bins had been used due to being available and ready to set up. They were bright pink bins with a small retrieval flap at the base and sprayed with fluffy scent to calm the fluffies inside. Each and every single bin across the south, south west, and west sides of town had been attacked. Blood, flesh, bones, and other various bits of fluffy poured out of the bins in a rancid slurry when the retrieval flap was opened. Soon even government workers had refused to open them or even attempt to collect abandoned fluffies.

The city had been too afraid to leave their pets alone, people had lost their jobs, and the police had been stretched much too thin to even be effective. There had been a murder at a local prison; a man by the name of Isaiah Schwartz had been arrested for holding dogs used in an underground dog fighting ring, had been found dead in his cell while waiting for his trial. People had reached a boiling point, people wanted answers for this major problems.


Just like the humans fluffies had their own problems, and they too wanted a solution to these “munstahs.” The remaining herds had joined together for safety, migrating from Fernhill park (a now converted fluffy park) heading east towards Red Sunset park. The herds that remained had been on the smaller side so they had joined together for safety. At first the smarties clashed with each other fighting for leadership; so they stayed independent of one another. The herd had become large, very large, and in time they became a mega herd. Usually this would cause alarm in people but at this point no one had cared.

The smarties of the mega herd had their own ideas to combat the monsters, some wanted to run and find a new home, another wanted to beg the humans for help, another wanted to continue hiding every day and use the big herd to protect himself. Days of fighting amongst themselves lead to a single smarty to suggest something dangerous. They should ask for the help from the big red munstah fluffies. Every fluffy in Portland knew of the red munstah fluffies, they were the strongest fluffies ever.

They lived in Blue Lake Regional Park for very many cold times, and any fluffy who entered their lands never came back. Once a smarty named Blueberry had traveled to the munstah fluffy park with his herd and challenged both munstahs. He had his fluff ripped, his mane torn, all of his legs broken and his eyes were taken. He was left in the middle of the path of a human vroom munstah and finally died. Both of the red munstahs had then told the smarties herd to never come back to their lands.

The smarties of the mega herd knew that if they went to the Red munstah fluffy lands they would all die, just like Blueberry or worse. They would need to try, if they could get the red munstahs to fight these new munstahs! It would be worth it to ask as long as they didn’t try to take over the red munstahs lands or try and fight them. They began their journey to the lands of the big red munstah fluffies, and get them to help!

The “red munstah fluffies” had been nothing more than very big feral fluffies. Who had taken over Blue Lake Regional Park in order to protect their sister Honey. They had been very protective of their sister, she was a very kind fluffy, and in truth they felt like they didn’t deserve a sister like her. Every human she came across loved her instantly; she would have been the perfect pet fluffy. She never begged or got in a humans way, she had been polite and respectful and if a human told her to go away she would apologize and walk away.

Her brothers on the other hand were the very definition of a terrible fluffy. They never called themselves smarties, but had been highly aggressive challenging anyone who crossed their path telling them to leave or they would give them “fowebah sweepies!” The oldest brother was a massive bright red unicorn with a slightly darker red mane by the name of Ruby. His brother was a slightly more red orange colored pegasus fluffy with a brown mane named Jasper.

They had come to “own” Blue Lake regional park early on in their lives. Their mother had been killed by the smarty who claimed the park as his own land. Their mother was beaten badly for eating some of the grass near the parking lot. This sight had been imprinted on the brothers and it had made them hate every other fluffy they came across. They wanted to hurt this smarty for what he did to their mother; they fought for what felt like days. The smarty had no herd so he had kept his land all to himself, which had been his downfall. They fought for a very long time. Finally by sundown they had won, they had killed the smarty but not without scars.

They had fought off so many fluffies to keep their land; they fought to protect their land and their sister. The new fluffies became well known throughout the park, they had kept it safe from large herds and the park rangers didn’t seem to mind too much, the owner of the golf course had barely bothered to scare them away since they had kept so many other fluffies away. Their most famous story had been the fight with Blueberry when they earned the name of “Munstah Fwuffies.”

Blueberry had been the worst kind of fluffy selfish, annoying, entitled, and above all else persistent. Every day he had invaded Blue Lake regional, he would be beaten and return the next day with a new batch of toughie friends. Finally the brothers had enough; they met Blueberry in the picnic area and fought. A human teenager had been sitting nearby watching the fluffies fight, Blueberry and a very dumb toughie against Ruby and Jasper. They fought for quite a long time and the teen had cheered the red fluffies on. The toughie friend had run away when he had been badly injured leaving Blueberry to fight alone, they had torn him apart however Blueberry managed to badly injure Jasper. Blueberry had torn Jaspers wings off, but Ruby had over in time to gouge Blueberries eye out. The brothers retaliated and soon Blueberry had badly hurt the brothers had then pushed him into the middle of the street and left there until he had been run over.

The teenager ran over and helped the brothers; he cleaned and dressed their wounds helping them as best he could. Jasper had lost his wings and he had asked the human to help him. The boy searched the park and found some scrap mostly empty soda cans; he took his knife and made some crude wings from them. He tied his belt to Jasper and affixed the scrap wings to the belt, using some wire, string, and sticks to keep the wings in place. Ruby had been given some scrap pieces as well mostly leg guards and some shiny ornaments for his mane.

From that day on the brothers had been feared and hated. They had human things on their bodies they had hurt and killed fluffies and they had been labeled as “selfish” for keeping an entire park all to themselves. Every fluffy stayed away and no feral had ever invaded or crossed those lands, or the “Munstah Fwuffies” would kill them.


The mega herd had traveled along the Columbia River keeping as far from the water as possible. Humans had not stopped them knowing how much danger they were in, for the first time humans had been worried about the shit factories, they had been treated slightly better. Abusers and people who had been neutral to fluffies had no love for them by any means, but they were left alone and had been treated with about as much indifference as a pigeon. It had been a two day journey for the mega herd, the day had been dark big black rainclouds blotted out the sun and it had been so dark.

It was not a good day for fluffies to be outside, the mega herd sat in the parking lot as it began to drizzle, they searched for cover from the sprinkling and waited for Garnett and Ruby to appear from the woods beyond.

It took no time at all for the massive fluffies to meet the heard in the parking lot, however seeing the mega herd had put them on edge. “Wuby say weave, NAO!” Ruby had shouted at the 10 smarties that stepped forward.

One of the smarties had stepped up and spoke to Ruby, “Smawty come wif hewd an othew smawties an othew hewds to ask big fwuffies fow hewp.”

Ruby was not happy the look on his face showed that to the smarty in front of him. Ruby had puffed out his cheeks and kicked up dirt with a hoof. “Gawnett an Wuby no wan hewp bad fwuffies. Hewds take wand, and SMAWTIES gif bad enfies to sistah Honey. We no hewp hewds nao GO!”

The smarties flinched and some even started to cry, but the smarty who stepped forward stood his ground. “No haf any safe pwace, too many munstahs in safe pwaces. Dey fin fwuffies an num dem, dey take mawes into dawk pwace an nevew see mawes gain! pwease hewp, pwease!” The smarty hung his head and tears fell to the ground.

”No, Wuby no cawe if aww munstahs make hewds into nummies, ou am bad fwuffies. Wuby an bwuddah know dat when dewe no munstahs dey take Wuby and Gawnetts wand. No hewp nao GO!”

The mega herd had listened in to their conversation and many came forward and yelled, but the only smarty to step forward to Ruby and Garnett told them to it was time to leave. They would receive no help from the biggest fluffies ever. With nowhere else to go they walked south along the Columbia river and back the way they came to find a new home.

Once the mega herd had finally left their lands they turned back and walked into the woods, and back to their den to play with their sister in peace. Once they arrived they found that Honey was gone that large herd must have stolen her they thought so they ran in the same direction the herd walked in. The scent of their sister was not strong in this area but eventually they caught her scent coming from back where they came. They followed and nearly killed themselves trying to find their sister until they heard something… foal chirping?


The weather had been perfect for the mutants; the clouds had darkened the skies to the point where no sunlight could be seen. Today had been the perfect day for hunting, but the mutants had a mission. They needed to find a new shelter; the underground would not be safe any longer. Following group B’s plans to reproduce they needed a new home.

Over the previous weeks while hunting the came across many fluffies, they began taking females away but found that no matter how hard they tried these females would not produce the same scent as the pregnant fluffies. After their first failure they had discovered something, the females produced a different fainter smell. It had been something they had liked and it excited them, it reminded them of the first fluffy female they had killed in the park so long ago.

They soon only hunted for females with this smell, it had been difficult as so many females didn’t make this smell. After a week of searching they had come across two more females and had taken them away. Each of these females had been mated and soon they had the same scent as a pregnant female. They had succeeded and soon their efforts would be rewarded with more members.

Group D had been unable to secure a female of their own, these females had been few and far between. Each night on their usual hunts they had failed to find another female with that scent. In their rage they had wiped out an entire section of their hunting grounds no prey could be found in those lands. They had chosen new lands and soon they had harvested every single fluffy there leaving the lands barren. The bones and blood and inedible bits of the fluffies they had eaten scared every fluffy away from those parts of the city, but the scent of another special mare still existed and it smelled young.

So they traveled as far as they could until the pipes became steep. Group D had lead the way through more old broken and rusted pipes onto the surface and down another tunnel. This new den had been discovered a few nights ago and it had seemed perfect for their needs. The building was a two story warehouse style building that had been abandoned and fenced off. The owner of the nearby golf course had been fighting a legal battle with the owner of the warehouse for ownership of the land.

As the herd stepped above ground group D took charge and surveyed the area making sure the coast was clear. The land was quiet the only sound that could be heard was the rumbling of the clouds and the wind around them. In a single file line the herd and the kidnapped mares walked inside, it was very dark and dusty. It had a weird smell but nothing as bad as the sewers, “No wike dis, wan go back to hewd, huu huu!” Each of the mares had been afraid the mutant herd had no sympathy for them. These mares served one purpose to bolster the herd’s numbers.


As they settled in a strong scent of prey hit them, it didn’t smell like one, but many. They found a way to leave their new den it was a crack in the wall big enough to let them pass. They followed the smell as far as they could only to be stopped by a very high fence. This was barely an obstacle to them. They had dug under it and explored the land beyond the fence. Group B broke off to gathered food for the brood mares, while the others set a trap to lead prey to them.

Once their trap had been set and the food was in place they began the search for food. They didn’t have to search for long as they had easily found a fluffy, a soft gold colored mare with a very muted orange colored mane. Group D had been waiting for this moment, and they instantly got to work.

”Chirp….Chirp…chuur… Cheep! Peep!”

”Babbeh? Whewe am babbeh? Honey wuv babbehs! Come to Honey babbeh, wan gif huggies and wuv!” It was successful they had their prey and now it was time to lure it away. Honey had followed the sound until the trail of food grabbed her attention “Bwuddahs wuv bewwy nummies, Honey bwing bewwies and babbeh back to nice home and den haf so many happies!” She had followed the trail of food and the soft peeping of the baby deep into the park. She had barely noticed how far she had gone or how dirty she had gotten while crawling under the fence. By the time she reached the clearing she noticed the chirping had stopped and was replaced by the voice of her brothers Ruby and Garnett.


”Honey! Come to bwuddah Wuby pwease!” Ruby ran towards the sound of the peeping foal, he ran and ran as Garnett followed behind him. The drizzle had started to become tiny rain drops and the rumbling of the sky grew louder as the storm drew closer. Finally they had seen their sister crawling under the fence to the place their land ended. “NO HONEY WAIT! COME TO BWUDDAHS!” it was too late honey had crawled under the fence and was more interested in the chirping. Eventually Honey stopped a few feet beyond the fence and turned around she wagged her tail and looked back at her brothers. “Honey foun babbeh, no haf scawdies bwuddahs Honey get babbeh den we can haf huggies wif babbeh!” Honey had the biggest smile on her face, but soon a look of confusion is on her face, “Whewe babbeh go?”

Behind her B-01 walks out from behind a pile of rubble, then group A makes itself know, group C walks into sight from the opposite side of the rubble group A is behind. They begin to walk towards Honey, “N-n-new fwiens? Wan p-p-pway?”

Group D leaps off the pile of rubble onto Honey’s back They hiss and bite her the others press the advantage and attack her. Ruby stares in stunned silence as Garnett runs at the fence and tackles it, the fence easily pushes the large winged fluffy back. Ruby growls deeply and runs at the fence screaming in rage at the fluffies eating his sister. They fight, push and bash at the fence that keeps them away from their sister, but no matter how hard they try its all for naught. Honey has died and her blood stains the faces of the “munstahs.”

They look back at the two big red fluffies and they stare each other down, rain starts to fall and soon the mutants walk back towards their den. C-03 grabs Honey’s leg and drags the corpse with him, as if adding insult to injury. Once the herd has gone Ruby and Garnett break down and cry SCREE-ing and sobbing loudly as the remains of their sister are washed away.


That night, Ruby and Garnett leave their land and look for the mega herd, finding them in a park some miles away sleeping under a covered eating area. “Ou am meanie fwuffies, why wan hewp hewd nao? Ou say go, we go now ou teww smawties ou wan hewp? Ou munsta fwuffies am stoopie.” The brave smarty snaps at the red brothers, each of the smarties grin in turn knowing they’ve beaten the red fluffies.

”Wuby an Gawnettie see munstahs num sistah… WUBY GIF BIGGES FOWEBAH SWEEPIES TO AWW MUNSTAHS!” The park around them echoes with Rubys exclamation, causing the herd to wake up and take notice. “Hewd haf many scawdies of munstahs, many see pwaces, big teefies, pointy hewtie wingies, and two howns dese am wostes munstahs. Hewd haf many scawdies of munstahs, many see pwaces, big teefies, pointy hewtie wingies, and two howns dese am wostes munstahs ebah.” The brave smarty shivers as a harsh wind blows.

”Dey wike wostes meanie hoomins who gif hewties, and wostes owies, and gif fowebah sweepies to fwuffies, dey am wos dan bad hoomins.” The ferals around them growl and mumble in approval, but Ruby and Garnett stay silent scanning the herd.

”Munstahs take speciaw fwien!, wan speciaw fwien back!” A single unicorn stallion walks forward, and stands face to chest with Ruby. “Dey come in dawk time when haf sweepies an num babbehs, an dey take speciaw fwien!” Two more fluffies come forward but these had been horribly scarred, one of them had a wing missing and bits of his face torn off, he had been shuddering badly. The other stallion had dragged himself with his remaining leg, his wounds even worse than the others, aside from missing legs an eye was missing, his mane was hanging off his skull, and his left cheek was torn off revealing his teeth. “Dey take… -kaff kaff –hack- kaff- sp-sp-speciaw fwien… pwease hewp fwuffy… -kaff-“

That night in the pouring rain the mega herd had resolved to stop the monsters and take their lands back. They would use fluffy monsters to fight these new monsters.


The mutant herd had left their newfound home to search for the last mare they needed and to feed, the sky water masked their smell and the darkness had been so absolute that nothing would see them. The sewers had been trouble the sky water made things difficult but the raised path ways helped them through the tunnels. They emerged near a bank in northern Portland, and there they began their hunt. It had been a test of their abilities as almost all prey was so well hidden that even their scents had disappeared.

They couldn’t hide well enough; the stench of their waste had drawn the mutants to their prey. They had learned so much about their prey from the mares they stole. They found a family hiding under a dumpster group D had grabbed the male and dragged him out, group B spit stomach acid in his face, group C held the stallion in place and group A bashed the stallion into the wall breaking most of the fluffies bones. The fluffy was left a broken crying mess as the mare was dragged out; group B sniffed and smelled her all over as the mare screamed in terror, the other groups looked to group B with hope in their eyes. B-01 tore her leg off and the rest had killed her, the young fluffies were brought out next smelled then they too were killed.

They continued their search finding lone fluffies, small families, and even searched the abandoned fluffy bins and nothing. The food was plentiful but all of the females they found had not been right, they needed to find the final mare for group D. they left through one of the storm drains along the street heading south into the heart of the city. The storm drains here had been easy to crawl out of and required no effort, except for group C who had been too big but with much pushing they made it above ground.

Again nothing, they searched every alley way and proceeded slowly. Many of the city ferals had left this part of town or had been placed in the fluffy boxes. It had become a routine at this point, kill the male sniff the mare, kill the male sniff the mare. This had gone on for quite a while until they gave up for the night and entered the sewers once again. Back at their den they found the mares curled up in the corner sleeping. Group C and D slept near the mares and group B sat side by side in the corner alone as they had done for many days now. Group A had broken off to explore their new den, it was very large, bigger than they had needed but group B had been adamant in needing so much space. The scaled some metal steps to a catwalk above their sleeping brothers and the brood mothers, and followed the path. Much of this place smelled like the tall ones, but it was safe enough.

Many strange things had been set in the very back of the den, sharp things, pointed things, and very tall blocks with sticks sticking out of them that smelled horrible. They walked down some steps to a different kind of path, it had felt weird to their hooves, and smelled much like the sewer and it lead to a giant block with thin sharp things hanging from it. They left the strange path and explored some more of this new place, old bones littered parts of the floor and other tall one things left strewn about. The roof above them rattled and creaked causing some alarm but soon it stopped and they returned to their exploration.

A-01 looked to his brothers “Not safe…” had been his only shared thought to his siblings. They felt the same way this place was not safe for them, the tall ones would be back soon they could feel it. The smells of the humans things were fresh not old and rotted like the bones. They would need to let the others know, they turned around and walked back towards their herd.


The mutant herd began the search the next night hoping to find any mare that had the right smell, but tonight they ran into trouble, there had been many tall ones out bringing lights with them looking and searching for something… were the tall ones looking for them? They had to be careful even in the sky water their prey made noise and things would become very difficult for them if they were captured. No matter where they went tall ones had been there looking searching and waiting. They had retreated to the sewers to find an area with less tall ones around, time was short as soon it would be the bright time when all the tall ones would be outside. They had gone east running through the tunnels as fast as they could, group C had been furious as they wouldn’t be eating tonight. They finally managed to find an exit and crawled through the storm drain.

They had surfaced some yards away from a park heavy with the scent of prey, they had followed the scent and hit the mother lode. They found the mega herd sleeping below a covered area, sleeping, and vulnerable. They couldn’t attack them there are far too many, the moment they take one the others would be alerted, but a few strange smells had been present. Group B urged them forward but group A had been firm on their decision but group B had other ideas. They walked slowly towards the mega herd, they disobeyed group A for the first time, group B was focused on the mission and they could smell a worthy mare for group D.

There were eight lunch benches, 4 in each row, and fluffies had been everywhere in a gigantic fluffpile. The smell was coming from one corner the furthest away from where the mutant herd surfaced. Using group D’s knowledge of sneaking the mimicked their actions and quickly crossed the grass to where the mare had been sleeping. It had taken some time but they had reached her, but retrieving the mare would be a problem. The smell came from the middle of the pile and they would not be able to retrieve her easily. A flash of anger filled group B’s thoughts, stunning them momentarily, group A had exerted their will over group B.

”No…not safe!”

”Need mare, NEED MARE! All must breed!”

”Stop, not safe.” “No not safe.”

”We will TAKE mare and breed, we MUST be strong.”

“No strength in death, we wait, we take mare, we live, and be safe.”

A faint groan and shuffling had put a swift end to their fighting, a male had stood up and left the pile walking away from the herd and not noticing the mutants. B-01 took this moment to walk into the pile and found the mare. Group A was seething with anger at this, B-01 had learned that luck was a cruel mistress as he reached into the pile and grabbed the small filly by the scruff of her neck.

”BAD UPSIES!” screamed the filly, loudly enough to wake those around her. They looked up to see B-01 holding the filly and scrambled to get away. The commotion reached the smarties and soon every fluffy was awake and ready to fight. B-01 stepped over fluffies and ran off towards his own herd. B-02 spit stomach acid at many of the fluffies who were struggling to give chase.

With filly in mouth they ran as fast as they could, and easily escaped the slower fluffie and made it back underground. Their prey would not chase them into the darkness, but the fluffies did scream and threaten the mutants. “Gon git’chu munstahs!, gif you fowebah sweepies! hate’chu!” The threats fell on deaf ears, the mutants had not been paying attention, focusing only on escaping.

“Huu huu, no wan be munstah nummies! WAAAAAAAAH huu huu –sniffle- huu huu-“ cried the filly.

Exhausted from their escape they had finally made it back to their den. They exited the pipe, crawled up some boxes, passed the filly from member to member, and finally setting her with the other brood mares. They had collapsed on the concrete floor and slept for some hours as the filly cried begging to be let go.


”No wan be munstah nummies pwease hewp am onwy wittow fwuffy no know what do wong!” Screamed the newly kidnapped filly, she held on to the mare nearest to her and cried into her fluff. “It am ok wittow fiwwy, Gum hewp ou, no wet munstahs num ou.”

”Why munstahs take fiwwy? Why am hewe? Wan go home to mummah an big big hewd…”

”No know why munstahs bwing fiwwy buh dey no num Gum, ow Bewwy, ow Jam, munstahs bwing hewe and gif nummies… an gif speciaw huggies fow make babbehs…” The mare said in a depressed monotone voice. Each of the mares looked as if the joy had been sucked out of them. They had been deeply depressed after their mating the joy mares usually have when finding out they would be mothers had not been present here. Instead fear and anxiety ruled their lives in between meals and giving each other hugs.

Gum coo’d and sang a mummah song to the young filly as the “munstahs” slept. They had looked very tired and none of them moved like they had when they usually sleep. The ones she mated with the ones with the “three see places” had usually slept away from everyone, but now they had all been close together. Some times when the other “munstahs” slept both of the three see places munstahs came over to gum and hugged her, and sometimes they even cried. She knew they were sad, she hated them but she had also felt bad for them.


The groups had woken up when they heard the -boom- of thunder above them. They shook their heads and stretched, group B had stood up and began to retreat back to their usual corner when the other groups blocked their path.


”Almost become prey!”

”We say, no, we say wait!”


”We did what must be done” B-01 was in no mood, B-02 bared his teeth at his herd members. C-03 had enough he stepped forward and spread his wings challenging group B. “You weak! Bring danger!” B-01 bared his teeth and answered the challenge.

B-01 snapped at C-03, but A-01 pushed in between them, A-01 headbutt B-01 knocking him down, B-02 backed up. “Bring danger again, you be prey.” With that the other groups walked away.

Being the leader of their group D-02 had been giving the right to mate first, but his mate was so small, and she cried so much. Gum had tried to stop them, telling group D she was too little to have “special huggies.” Apparently D-02 felt the same, he was confused, he saw the others do it without issue, but this was different. The female they had were mature, he could smell this one was ready to be bread but, something felt wrong.

Eventually it was done, and the filly was a “soon mummah” but it took a while for it to take. her body refused the first round, and it took 3 attempts to get her body to take and become fertilized. D-02 felt shame but this had needed to be done. Once everyone had settled down the herd left their den through the same crack in the wall they used to escape on the first day here. They gathered grass and leaves and a few flowers from a bush nearby and made group B carry it back inside. That night they left once again to hunt and had kept a close watch on group B who had remained silent all night.


”Munstahs take babbeh! WAAAAAAAAAA HUU-HUU WHYYYY!?” Screams the bright purple mare, her special friend hugging her tightly, and trying his best to comfort her. The smarties felt that this was enough, they didn’t want to lose any more friends and they needed to act soon, before more fluffies were taken. The monsters were too fast to be caught, and had been too quiet to be heard until they took the filly. Once the rain had stopped the herd would attack and kill the monsters.

Ruby and Garnett had returned home, and watched the monsters gather food and take it inside, they never left through the fence. Both brothers knew the only way to get inside would be to dig under the fence. That was where the big herd would come in, every fluffy would dig until they got under the fence and then they would find a way inside and kill the monsters.


The storm had raged for a week, the mega herd had woken up to a mild drizzle and some sunshine. It was now time to make their move, together they ate and began to travel. Together the mega herd moved towards Blue Lake Regional Park, the streets had filled with the multi-colored fluffies waddling towards the park determined to fight. The sight of so many fluffies marching through the streets was a sight to see. They had walked for what they saw as “many forevers” until they reached their target. The fenced off abandoned building was dead ahead, and they raised their voices in anger. “GIF MUNSTAHS FOWEBAH SWEEPIES!”



The herd rushed the fence and began digging, well viciously pawing at the ground moving small clumps of the wet dirt. Quickly they ran out of steam, and dug in shifts as many sat by and watched. Their incompetence and rage would not be quelled. They continued to dig in shifts and protest the act of digging because it was too hard and made them dirty. On the opposite end of the spectrum Ruby and Garnett dug until the pads of their feet ached and their bones felt like breaking. Soon they had made enough room to crawl under the fence. One by one the males crawled under and collapsed from exhaustion, But Ruby and Garnett carried on searching for a way to enter the building ahead.

For the past few hours the mutants had been watching the ferals dig and scream. The only action they took had been to cover the hole in the wall with any objects they could find, making a somewhat decent barrier. Boxes, packaging material, and poop had held the barrier in place. It wouldn’t hold if every feral pushed at it, but it would buy them time to escape. That would be a major problem though, the mares would not fit through the pipes they were far too big. Group B had been worried at this point they wanted the others to help defend the mares for the sake of their plan. The others valued their lives more than group B’s plan. If they defended the mares they would die in a matter of moments. Group B only cared about their plans, they needed revenge they’re very beings craved it.

Just then they heard a thump at the barrier and it had shifted in place, everyone inside the warehouse turned their attention to the barrier. More banging and the boxes shifted once again, group B ran to protect the mares as the others looked towards group A for guidance. Panic shot through each of them their leaders had no idea what to do and group B wanted things done their way and cared nothing for the others.

A-01 and C-03 looked towards the brothers of group B, neither group would budge in their decision. A-01 shook his head and made his way to the steps with C-03 in tow. Groups A, C, and D would hide far away from the mares and let group B get killed and once they had been ended they would escape.

Group B sat with the mares and made sure to keep an eye on the exit to the sewers, the thought of escape grew more and more tempting as the moments passed. The mares cried begging for their herds to save them. The barrier had given out and group B watched in horror as the fluffies spilled into the room. Group B got up as the fluffies ran towards them and they ran as fast as they could and leapt into the sewer exit escaping the multi-colored rainbow of anger.

Their time was cut short for the others as the barricade finally gave out, the mutants gathered together and climbed the steps up to the cat walk. The two big red fluffies had burst through followed by many many other normal sized fluffies. The mares had been found and hugged, and rolled outside away from the darkness; the only sounds coming from them were their cries of relief. The 9 had stood alone against a hoard they needed to hide, so they scaled the steps as fast as they could, determined to survive and make it back to the underground once again. Ruby and Garnett had spotted them running up the steps they ran as fast as they could to catch their sister’s murderers.

At the top of the steps Group D jumped down onto Ruby and bit at his neck trying to kill or at worst injure him, Garnett pulled them off and fought back. D-01 went for Rubys eyes leaping on his back after being pulled off by Garnett. Ruby threw D-01 off but D-03 took his place, Garnett was busy with D-02 it had been too fast to catch and had the speed advantage but it was an uphill battle. Garnett charged at D-02 how deftly moved out of the way, tripping Garnett and watched him fall down the stairs.

They all had focused on Ruby, D-02 ran up the steps and bit at his tree trunk of a rear left leg. D-01 bit the giants underbelly and tried to inflict any kind of damage but was knocked away and fell down the steps. D-03 threw himself at Ruby and managed to tear some of the flesh off Rubys right front leg. At the bottom of the steps Garnett’s scrap wings had broken and hung sideways off his body giving D-01 something to grab on to. As D-01 bit down hard on the wing joints Garnett screamed in pain and thrashed about. D-01 held on for dear life as the winged fluffy tried to throw him off. Finally an error had been made, D-01 lost his footing allowing Garnett to grab a loose leg and pull his attacker off throwing him to the ground.

Hooves rained down onto D-01’s head and body breaking ribs and his jaw, the blows hadn’t stopped until D-01’s head was turned into a fine jelly. Satisfied Garnett ran up the steps to help his brother who had been struggling. Garnett reached out and snapped down on D-03’s right flank, he flicked his head and sent D-03 flying off the stairs. D-03 sailed through the air, he landed head first onto a step, tumbled and kept falling until he hit the floor below as a broken mess. Their connection was broken and with that D-02 let go on Rubys leg and slid down the steps, he lay there on the floor unable to move or act, the fluffies below walked over and began stomping on him and killing him without remorse.

Both red brothers continued up the steps until they reached the top. Nothing moved, everything was quiet, on a whim Ruby looked down and saw something move and ran across the catwalk and down the opposite pair of stairs leading down. Crates had been everywhere Ruby and wing searched they couldn’t smell anything except for the stench of old fish, very old fish. As Ruby turned to look behind another set of crates he caught a wing tip to the eye, C-02 plunged his wing strait into the unicorns eye, A-02 leapt down from a box and ripped and tore fluff and flesh off Rubys back, making him scream in pain and cry for his brother, but Garnett had his own trouble. C-01 and A-03 coordinated their own attack C-01 had jammed his wing spears into Garnetts chest and held him in place while A-03 slashed at his underbelly with his horns.

At this point the fluffies took this as their cue to run very fast and get away, they didn’t want to get eaten after all, and they had no love for the giant read fluffies, once things died down they would return and steal their lands. Each of the mares had been returned to their herds, who had split off in different directions.

Ruby had been hurt very badly, he struggled to stay on his feet as both A-02 and C-02 continued to bite and cut him. As C-02 tried to press his advantage Ruby grabbed C-02’s wing spear in his mouth and bit down and used his left leg to keep the monster down eventually he pulled it out of its socket and C-02 screamed in agony, taking this moment A-02 ran horns first into the read fluffies ribcage breaking a rib in the process. Enraged and hurt Ruby reached over grabbing the monster and swinging him forward, it slid a few inches away and stopped.

Ruby ran and leapt on the monster breaking its legs and smashing its head in. C-02 got back on his feet and charged at the giant one wing guarding his face and jammed it into the fluffies left shoulder. Ruby howled and fell down breaking C-02’s wing in the process. They struggled to get up, Ruby was the first to stand on his feet, the monster was in great pain its mouth was flapping open as if it had been screaming, its eyes were wide as the fluffy stood over him and crushed his head.

Garnett had his own problems; he was losing blood quickly as his stomach was cut into. He wouldn’t be able to move as quickly as he needed, Ruby tackled A-03 to the ground and bit the scarce fuzz on his chest and pulled tearing the skin. C-01 was in shock he could feel the bond between A-03 and himself weakening he leapt on the unicorn and did all he could to make him stop attacking his herd member. Garnett pulled the monster off his brother and began stomping him repeatedly. Both of the monsters had been killed and the brothers sat and licked their wounds, but a sound caught their attention.


They looked up and saw two more monsters, standing on the box above them.

A-01 and C-03 looked down, their entire herd had been killed they had become prey, an insult that would never wash away. They were the only two of their kind left, they each blamed group B for their weakness and now they had to avenge their herd and carry on to kill all “fwuffies” beginning with these two. Slowly they stepped down off the boxes they knew the mistakes their siblings and her members made. Ruby got to his feet, “Kiww ou! Ou num Honey, Wuby KIWW OU!” A-01 narrowed his eyes and bared his teeth.

Garnett would have joined in the anger but his stomach had hurt badly, every time he took a breath, he felt like his tummy would fall out of him. Garnetts stomach was torn to ribbons it was a miracle that he was still alive, but he needed to fight. C-03 spread his wings and slashed at the pegasus’ face and hissed once again. The pegasus snapped a few times at the monster but his vision was going blurry. Sensing weakness C-03 stabbed the larger fluffy driving his wing right into the fluffies cheek. Garnett retaliated by head butting the monster but ended up hitting its cracked horn and injuring himself. C-03 bit the red fluffies leg and pulled making him fall to the floor. Garnett bucked at the monster with a rear leg trying to keep the monster away but he was fighting a losing battle. C-03 stabbed his mark with both of his wings once more once in the neck, and once in the chest. Garnett had died, his body had finally given out.

Ruby had held his own against A-01 he dodged the monsters attacks and did his best to ignore his wounds. The monster was rested and had all of its eyes, but Ruby had been able to hold his own. A-01 tried to ram into Rubys chest but missed his mark as Ruby rose up and out of the way. Ruby dodged and moved trying to find some sort of opening to attack but he was running out of stamina, C-03 had changed the situation he worked in tandem with A-01. C-03 would try and slash at the giant fluffy with his wings Ruby reared up on to his hind legs and A-01 tackled his legs.

Ruby fell ass over tea kettle onto his back he got up and tried to hobble away. A-01 and C-03 stalked after him, they had their prey it was close to death they could smell it in the air. Ruby walked up the stairs he came from, even he knew he would be dead soon but he had to get revenge. C-03 was more eager to follow the big red fluffy as A-01 lazily scaled the steps watching and waiting to take revenge he wanted to sink his teeth into him.

Ruby reached the top of the steps, a beaten bloody mess, C-03 had been right behind him desperate to kill. C-03’s eyes went wide when he realized what was about to happen. A-01 saw it all in slow motion, time had stopped and it was the end.

Ruby had gotten to the edge of the top step and reared up onto his hind legs and fell. C-03 was right below him, the red bloody ball landed chest first onto C-03 and they both toppled over onto the steps and rolled, several snaps and pops were highly audible. A-01 felt every broken bone, as C-03 fell and every moment was a living agony. C-03’s neck had snapped , his ribs were broken, both of his rear legs had been smashed, and finally the massive weight of the fluffy on him had made it difficult to breathe. Blood filled C-03’s lungs and it was impossible to stay alive.

A-01’s mind raced how could they be so stupid, how could they have let this happen, why didn’t they just kill the fluffy when they had the chance? The room was growing darker by the moment, they had lost everything, and as his mind was going dark one final thought had crossed his mind.

He would never see the bright lights in the sky again.


Exhausted, afraid and filled with shame group B crawled through the sewers. Their plans had been ruined they lost their herd and with them their only chance at revenge. They returned to their usual hiding place when they lived in the underground and sat in front of the corpse of B-03 that had been fished out of the sewers below. There they sat brimming with anger; everything had been stolen from them, but not their children. They knew the smell of the mares they mated with and they would find them and they would get their revenge.


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The_Enygma: sorry for taking so long to post this, it took as long time to edit and change things and fix some parts that just didnt flow properly.

This is the end for now and i hope you all enjoyed it. if you have any questions about this series please feel free to ask and ill get to them as best i can. please make sure to check out King_C's work as well as the work of all the various artists who contributed.

thank you all so much. Cheers.

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TheBurningUnit: This is a nice ending. I even felt sorry for some of the fullfies in the mix. This was an awesome read and I even look forward to a possible continuation of this story. I would even add to my universe if that is ok?@The_Enygma: You did amazing job.

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The_Enygma: @TheBurningUnit: thank you, as far as using the same universe, its perfectly fine as long as it doesnt branch off King_C and my story directly.

if you wanted to base it in another town feel free. feel free to PM me for details. Other than that anyone can use my universes as far as i care.

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TheBurningUnit: @The_Enygma: I wouldn't so much as branch off but more like catalogue the creatures. If you have read my "stories" you'll see that I take a more scientific approach to my story telling. I wouldn't capture and bring those characters to my world, what I would be doing is taking samples and DNA from the bodies.
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Anonymous1: thes humans need to get involved, mabe some people tracking the mutants

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The_Enygma: we were a little too concerned about using humans, we didnt want to involve them too much in the story itself and as much as i would have liked to throw more instances of people hunting the mutants down it just didnt feel right to me.

i agree that the story itself does suffer due to not having human involvement but this was a conflict caused by humans that affected fluffies in a very horrible way.

if the mutants were never created then fluffies wouldnt have been hunted to almost extinction (in this one area), if the members of peta didnt "liberate" the mutants and let the police take them as evidence then they would never have gotten free.

ill talk to King about more human involvement in the follow up once i finish up my last of fluffs series which im working on currently.

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TheBurningUnit: @The_Enygma: I can understand, humans can really change the outcome of the story if they got involved. I believe as long as a human is not killed. Remember fluffies are on the bottom of the to-do list, though they have some power when they are left unchecked (overpopulation).

Human involvement in the next series of stories involving these creatures would be a lot more attention to the monsters than the fluffies because they are new. Now that some have been killed will these "experiments" made public or kept secret? It really depends on what you do. You can PM the details.
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