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Do as told or forever sleepies

Part 2

They all look shocked at me and i can see they are still at the merge to panic.
I need to calm them down a bit.

"You all have big tummie owies?"
"Having biggest tummie owies eva." Answers the Mare while the foals mumble biggest tummie owies. "Nee Nummies mistah."
"Do you know what happens if you don't get nummies soon?"
The mare looks surprised and takes a moment before she answers while her foals just look confused.
"Nu know mistah, nee num to make miwkies fo babbehs." She says while desperatly looking at her brown foal.
Perfect timing i think, she was about to eat one of her faols but can't say it in front of her foals.
"But i know it, you would all get forever sleepies very soon from tummie owies."
The faoals are shocked again and the mare looks at me with tears in her eyes, she can impossibly say what she would
do to give the rest of her faols a few more days.

"But with my help at least one of you will survive and will have enough nummies forever, as long as you do what i say."
The mare bends down her head, she seems to accept the fate to come while the foals still seem to be very afraid but
calmed a bit down.
"Now everyone get in one line, sit next to each other!"
The mare walks closer to me and sits down in front of me and the faols follow her lead as she starts walking.

That is how i want it, obedient wild fluffys, and it really works most of the time when they are really hungry.
But i still need to reduce five to one, to get the most obedient one that has a chance to stay this way.

They all look at me now in a line, the mare sad and the foals whining a bit.
At first the mare and the white foal very close to her followed by the green one, then the blue and for last the brown.
The way they look at me it seems every singel fluffy thinks he could be the one to survive.
Soon i will prove the first ones wrong.

"Everyone lift your front legs up and stand on your backlegs!"
They do as told, though the faols need a moment to stand still.
Now i could clearly see the foals genders, the white and brown are mares and the blue and green are stallions.
"Everyone sit down again!"
No problems they do as told.

"Now mother i want you to pick up your bestes babbeh!"
The mare hesitates at first but then starts picking as she probably thinks this decision is safe for her and
her best baby.
She picks up the white foal right next to her und lifts it up to show me, the other foals look a bit worried.
They all think the best baby will probably survive and i think probably not.
"This is bestes babbeh."
The white foal seems cheered up and even waves and says: "Am bestes babbeh, give nummies an wuve."

"Ok, mother keep holding your best babbeh like this and white foal i want you to stay still!"
"You other faols turn on your backs now!"
The white stops moving but keeps smiling at me while her siblings struggle at first to get an their backs
but finally manage to mostly immobalize themselvs.

And now the first moment of truth.

"White foal remember to stay still and quiet no matter what happens und mother i want you to squeeze your white foal
with your front legs until it gets forever sleepies!"
The white foals smile is gone and changed to fear und the mare starts to put it down and say: "Bu-"
"KEEP THE FAOL UP!" I say load und the mare lifts it up again as the faol now starts to panic und cry.
The mare wants to say something again but i continue loud: "AND NOW SQUEEZE IT!"
The other foals just lay there on their back looking shocked at her mother and sister and the brown stars crying
and mumbling scawy.
The foal wiggels as hard as it could in her mothers grasp screaming "NU WAN FOWEVA SLEEPIESS" and "AM BESTES BABBEH"
The mare keeps the faol up and in her grasp but trys to convince me not to kill it while she's crying.
"Nu wan give bestes babbeh foweva sleepies, is bests babbeh, babbehs awe fo wuh an huggies an n-"

I managed to crush the mares head and the white faol with one hard stomp, not the first time i mangaed to do so.
They acted as expected and as many before them. It is very rare, that the mare actualley squeezes its best babbeh.
Now i already got rid of the mare und the probably spoiled brat. Down to three.

I look to the remaining foals, they made a bit scary poopies and started crying and mumbling "Nu wan foweva sleepies",
"Scawy", the question why i did this and the brown even mumbels "munstah".
As i knee down to the three foals they start to wiggel and the brown even starts to panic.

"Remember what i said, do what i say or you get forever sleepies."
I point at the corpses of their mother and sister.
"They didn't do what i said, your sister didn't hold still and your mother didn't squeeze, so they got forever
sleepies. And i said i can save only one."
The brown panics even more.
"And now everyone stop crying and hold still!"
The green is still sobbing but so far calm, the blue takes deep breath and looks at me but then turns
to his brown sister as she won't calm down.
As she starts to get up it seems he wants to say something to her or stop her but.

I slam the brown with my fist. Down to two.
Actually it is good that i had to smash one, this way the next steps gets less complicated and i can go on with the
final part.

The remaining two have their eyes closed and make no move unless some shaking and hope they are not the next.
"Ok you two i will help you to get up and then stand still for the next thing i will say!"
I lifted them up and place them in front of each other, at first they look at each other but then focus on me.

"Ok, for you both i want you to give your brother forever sleepies!"
They look shoocked and then at each other and hesitate to do something.
Then the green turns to me and says: "Nu wan giv bwudah foweva sleepies, bwudah wubs bwudah and bwudah w-"
The blue rams the green interrupting his speech and getting him back on his back and again.
Now the green starts to panic and screams: "NU BWUDAH, NU WAN FOWEVA SLEEPIES", while the blue starts to attack him
and say with tears in his eye: "Sowwwy bwudah, nee do wha mistah says, nu wan foweva sleepies.".

I watch them for a moment as the blue actually trys to kill his brother while saying sorry and the green trying to
defend himself on the back and begging his brother for mercy, knowing that they would probably not be able to kill
each other cause they are too young and weak.
These foals are probably the youngest i ever made this challenge.
But as the blue one closes his eyes and even turns his head away to stomp his brother on his stomach repatedly,
what seems to do nearly no damage, i am using this chance to quickly cover the greens mouth with my thumb and then
secretly squeezing his head to the ground until it..

Down to one, the challenge is over.

The blue immideatly stops as he hears the sound, with his frontlegs still on his brother, and i quickly remove my hand.
At first he does nothing but then slowy facing his brother again and opening his eyes.
His eyes gets wide open as he realises his brother is dead and he struggels to fight back the tears.
He really must think he did it and remembers that i said to stop crying.

"You did good fluffy, you did everything i say."
"Fwuffy nuw nu get forever sleepies?"
"Yes, you won't get forever sleepies at least for now and as you always do what i say!"
"Fwuffy wiww do ewything mistah say."
"Good, then we can go home now and i will give you some nummies."
"NUMMIES!" The foal seemed to have forgotten the food for some time as it was more afraid of his own life.
"Yes, but before-" I grab a wet tissue, i always carrie around for just in case.
"I want to hold still while i clean you a bit."
"Otay mistah."
I clean the foal as it deosn't fight back and even seems to cheer up in my hands.

I get back up with the foal in my hands and put it in my front pocket.
I diceded to not let this foal walk behind me as usual in this situation cause it is tou young and woudn't be able to
walk this distance.

As i stand the fluffy looks with a sad face the the remainings of his family and as i turn he looks back to my face.
"Wub you mistah fo nu having me foweva sweepies and giving nummies an homsie."
I'm quite surprised as he's the first faol to say this after this situation.
I smile and say: "I love you too little fluffy unless you always remember the rule-"
"Do ewythin mistah says ow foweva sleepies." The fluffy says with a smile before could repeat it myself.
"Correct, you are a good fluffy."
I start walking back home.
"And don't make bad poopies while i carry you home and when we are home i will give you a name."
"Yeay, fwuffy wub to have namsie."

As i walk home and remember all the foals, im comming to the conclusion that this fluffy is the best so far.
And i already start to like this little guy.

Maybe this one will finally survive more then a month.
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guodzilla: The word is "foal," not "faol."

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Waaaghlord: I just couldn't wait to write down the rest for this part and post it. ^^
There is a high chance that i delete my first two posts here and then post them anew corrected and together as chapter 1.
The little guys story probably wont end here but i need to wait for my creativity to fill up again as i have just some rough ideas now.
Especially i need to think of a good name that would be perfect for a fluffy that does everything you say him and maybe at a situation needs to command other fluffys.
At the moment im thinking of a military degree thing like colonel and maybe there are fluffys named private or hippie.
Maybe my writing and the mistakes will become better with practice. ^^"""

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Waaaghlord: Maybe i also change the titel when i post it anew.
I know there is a lot to improve.
I wrote this so far as i had much time to waste at work but the next works will become done a bit mor professonel.
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LORD: YES! the blood god is pleased

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Hugboxing_Faggot: I hope this foal will be ordered to commit atrocities like raping babbehs to death, stomping soon-mummah tummies, ripping dicks off, break legs and degrade both domestic and feral fluffies to litter pals. I can see the dude having an entire basement full of fluffies of various builds, sizes, ages and both sexes for the sole purpose of getting tortured by the foals he "rescued". After getting a healthy diet of red meat, steroids and viagra first, of course. All until the foals mind breaks or the tortured fluffies strike back.


I doubt Khorne would cherish the death of vermin.
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TheFoalFryer: Thought he'd force one to eat the other.

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HellaJingles: Good story.
It captured everything I'd expect from a story of its nature. However, it lacked in the spelling/grammar department.

Your spelling will get better as your stories do but I heavily recommend that you focus more on it. Read over your story once or twice to make sure that at least the spelling is good.

Otherwise, this was a very good story.

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HellaJingles: Regardless I will be tuning in next time.
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Anonymous1: @Waaaghlord: you german? you keep writing und instead of and