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Brown Syndrome part 3 Final

By LimitBreak

The manager of the fluff-mart told Emily, “Emily, Clean up the pen of the foals, we are about to close,
don’t worry I’ll have Henry to take them into the milkbags.”

Emily did not hate fluffies, she just enjoyed causing pain. She had a gig going the weekends working
as a dominatrix, it helped with the bills, plus it gave her a few kicks. Torturing and killing
fluffies gave her ideas for her job as a dominatrix. She liked to test the limit of pain in fluffies
so that she didn’t accidentally kill her actual human customers.

The moron who came the other day asking for help with his turd of a fluffy will provide some entertainment.

As if she called for him, he was approaching her with the fluffy in question.

“Hi there, here’s Coal”

“Hewwo nice wady, Coaw get sketties nao?”

“Of course sweetly! I’ll take you to my house so I can give you sketties!”

“YAAAaaaaYy, dumm—Daddeh nevah give Coaw sketties…”

Emily noticed some irritation on the side of the owner, Coal realized just in time that she was
about to call her owner ‘dummeh’ the worst insult these vermin could come up with to humans.

“Today is Wednesday, just come to the store Friday night and she will be ready, where are your foals?”

The customer told her that he would be right back with them; he told her that Coal could not stand
the sight of the foals. The fool, she would have just smacked the bitch into unconsciousness.

“Please be quick about it sir, we are about to close.” And like that he took off. Not 10 minutes
later he was back, his foals chirping, obviously hungry and scared. Emily waved the owner good bye
and headed back inside the store

“Hey Henry, can you do me a solid and leave these 2 with the milkbags as well?” Henry looked at the foals

“Where did you get these, we don’t sell turds”

“They are from a friend of mine, it's a long story don’t worry about it”

“Okay, but if Daniel finds out I’ll have nothing to do in the matter, this is all on you.”

“Thank you and don’t worry, it will be just for a little while.”

“EMILY!” Said Daniel “Why is this shitrat here?” Pointing at Coal

“That’s a friend’s fluffy, don’t worry she will not be here in the store”

“I hope to God that you are not ‘training’ it, if I get complaints anymore about dead
fluffies you are out!”

Emily looked at the manager with a smile that could barely hide the evil within.

“I am not, I am just going to hold on to it while he goes to a business trip, I won’t
bring it to the store I promise.”

And like that Emily took Coal into her house… and then to her basement, where it was dark
and filled with the constant hu-huing of multiple other fluffies. Coal started to get
nervous, Emily carelessly put Coal in a small cage and went back upstairs.

“Huu hu huuu, Coaw am scawed, nu wike dawky pwace Huu hu Huu” Said Coal, remembering the
shelter… and then the incinerator.

Another vomit yellow fluffy with a single frontal leg missing whispered to Coal.

“Poopie Fwuffy nu make noisies! Meanie Emiwy cut fwuffy weggies an gif tu
doggie-munstah if Fwuffies make noisies!”

Once upstairs Emily changed into some old clothes… clothes stained with fluffy blood.

“Hey Boxer! Mommy is home!” Emily did not expect her Rottweiler to come to her immediately
as he was tied down, but at the sound of her voice he started to jump up and down happily.
Emily went to the refrigerator and grabbed a chunk of bloody fluffy meat.

“Here boy!” Emily threw the chunk of meat in the air letting boxer catch it. The dog catched it
and gave it a quick chew before swallowing it. When feeding Boxer, Emily was always sure to
give him at least one chunk of fresh fluffy meat, she wanted Boxer to maintain the taste for
fluffy meat. Plus she loved to spoil him; unlike ungrateful shitrats, dogs give back the
love given to them tenfold.

After a quick walk in the yard making sure that Boxer took a dump and piss, Emily took the
dog into the basement. Emily had to brace herself as Boxer was almost dragging her into the
basement, she only weighted 100 pounds/45.36 kilograms, she could barely handle him.

Emily tied down Boxer with a chain that was particularly loud when he moved around in
the basement; this terrified the fluffies as they could hear Boxer moving all over the place.

“Okay Coal, so surprise surprise, there are not sketties here, just lots of hurties!”
Said Emily, some of the fluffies pissed themselves a little; others farted in terror
as Emily never fed fluffies in her basement any food… their days were numbered anyways.

Emily wasted no time in coal, she put Coal’s little cage just outside Boxer’s range, the
dog knew better than to attack it anyways, he just growled at Coal. Meanwhile Emily
started to prepare various items…

At 6:50 Emily started to set up a stream, and sure enough, right as the clock turned
to 7 PM the stream flooded with 500+ viewers.

“Hey there everyone, Boxer say hi!” And like that Boxer gave a single loud bark
“Quick announcement, I know we had another fluffy scheduled for today but I just got a limited
amount of time with this one”

Emily then grabbed Coal and took a seat right in front of the camera and let
Coal rest in her lap.

“This shitrat is a house shitrat, as you might expect she is a bit spoiled and not
used to pain” Emily looked at Coal, eyes squinting and giving her a sneer of disgust,
as if she was indeed holding a pile of shit.“Now let's see if you really don’t love your
‘poopie babbehs’… you stupid cunt...”

(Writer’s notes, I never gave Coal’s owner a name, and the story that followed him was
in first person so just bear with me, the story will now shift to his point of view now)

On Friday I got the call from Emily, “Hi Emily, Coal is ready? You only had to remove
her back legs? She is now receiving her foals? I don’t know how you did it but thank you!”

Emily pressed the hang up icon on her phone. “Trust me; you don’t want to know how I did it…”

I went to pick up Coal and her litter and sure enough she seemed happy to be with Ember
and Tinder. I was happy to see that she only had to lose her back legs. That meant
that she could drag herself to the litter box and what not.

After paying Emily, she called out to Coal.

“Remember what I said about lying fluffies!”

“… Yus nice wady Emewy… Coaw wemembew…”

I looked at Coal; she was trembling and had a blank stare… I honestly could not
care any less; I just needed her to feed Ember and Tinder. Speaking of whom they
looked nice and healthy looks like they did not go hungry.

A few weeks passed and my fluffies were all happy, well except for Coal.
Sometimes I would find her crying, but as soon as she saw me she would stop and tried her
best to not look scared. Tinder had grown larger than his sister Ember, but he treated her
nice and was careful when playing with her, somehow he was aware of his own strength.

One day when I returned home I went to the safe room, I always played with my fluffies
before playing video games or doing some other unproductive shit. This time however I found Coal
in the so called ‘wan die’ loop. Tinder was sleeping even though he knew that I would
come at this hour to play with all of them. Ember was hiding behind the bed. I tried to
talk some sense into Coal but the only thing she would say was indeed ‘wan die.’ Looks like
the wan die loop finally kicked in, I was ready for it, and Coal was becoming
lethargic as of late. I wanted to stir Tinder from his sleep but the cute bastard
was sleeping soundly, I left him be.

“Ember Sweetie why are you hiding?” I said grabbing her gently.

“Bwudda gif bad special huggies tu mummah, huu hu huu”

I did not understand what Ember was saying but I took her with me while I did some research.

Well fuck me, he actually did it. Tinder raped Coal.

“Ember sweetie, did Tinder hurt you?”

“Bwudda nu huwt Embew. Embew am saddies, mummah wan die huu hu huu”

Well, Tinder did reach that age, but if he raped Coal there was a good chance
Ember was next. I considered talking to Emily again; after all she handled Coal so nice.

“Don’t worry Ember, Tinder won’t hurt you, daddy knows what to do. It was 6:30, well past
the fluff-mart’s hours, but I did have Emily’s cell phone number, I decided to send
her a text. I did not want to bother her with call. Almost immediately I got a call from her.

“Hey what’s up!

She seemed happy, I explained what happened and she took a few seconds to think.

“Once on the wan die loop there’s no turning back, as for Tinder you have 2 options,
either we train him, or you simply give it up for adoption. I would suggest the later,
a female fluffy is never truly safe from a stallion and stallions can enter the ‘wan die’
loop if they don’t have their ‘special lumps.’

I chuckled a little even with my limited knowledge of fluffpeak, I understood
that she meant testicles.

Emily continued:

I know of a hugboxer, she feeds them and finds them proper homes, I suggest you do that
you never know if you will be giving Tinder to an abuser. As for Coal... look it might
seem cruel but you can give her to us, we can always use milkbags to feed orphan foals.”

I asked Emily “Are you sure that Ember will be fine on her own?”

“Oh yes she will, like I said when you first visited the store, set up filters on
fluff-tv and she will never bother you for offpring. If she ever wants company just be
sure that the companion is another brown mare. If the new mare has good colors she
will mock Tinder to no end.”

“Thank you so much, I’d hate to say goodbye to Tinder, but if you really think that
that is the only way I understand.” I said that wanting to sound worried, but in reality
I wanted to get rid of him, I simply wouldn’t trust him around Ember… that and that will
mean that there’s one less mouth to feed.

“When can I leave them?”

“Come by tomorrow, try to give extra attention to Ember in the following day, you can
even treat her to a ration of spaghetti, she will forget that her brother
and mother even existed.”

Emily pressed the hang up icon on her phone… a brown fluffy who raped his own mother.
Not too uncommon but still, this had potential…

The End…

For Coal anyways.

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- Reply
LimitBreak1989: So it ends my first Story, Let me know what you guys think about Emily and Boxer, as that feedback will hugely impact my next story.
- Reply
Anonymous1: Please have more of Coal - having her be repeatedly abused by the son she rejected would be grand.
- Reply
RiccardoDaFuq: Please good sir. I require moar.
- Reply
Anonymous2: Great
- Reply
Anonymous3: What others said. I'm hoping for a sequel. (Coal losing her last legs, etc.)
- Reply
LimitBreak1989: To anyone still asking, Coal is done, she's in the wan die loop, there's just nothing more that you can do to her.

Like I said, i am looking for input on Emily and Boxer.
- Reply
Anonymous4: Write more about Emily, she seems like the crazy hot chick who has an awesome story to be told here on the booru.
- Reply
Anonymous5: But what did Emily do to Coal? In detail, with all the accompanying screaming and "no moah hewties" I'd especially like to know why she was afraid of her human and became suicidal.

Oh, and can't fluffies be reset if they enter the wannadie loop
- Reply
Anonymous6: Yeah I agree, what did Emily do to Coal? You're not gonna write a chapter about how she broke her?
- Reply
RiccardoDaFuq: @LimitBreak1989: Not necessarily. You can stick a tube down her throat and feed her that way. You can truly take abuse to a whole new level with a wan die fluff. Also , as anon 1 said, what did Emily do to her. Be extra explicit please, pretty please. Please?

- Reply
HellaJingles: "Texts Emily"
"Emily presses hangup option on her phone"
- Reply
Anonymous7(3): @LimitBreak1989: You can always prolong her suffering.
- Reply
Anonymous8: @Anonymous: As i am writing a new story involving Emily and her dog Boxer, the first chapter will involve Coal's torture, but that story will not just focus on Coal, just a heads up.
- Reply
Anonymous9: Good shit my dude
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