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Not_An_Artist: Somewhat dramatic style change from page 1, still trying to figure out how I want this thing to look, but at least this one is in color. As always, my pencil drawings look like MS Paint
The brand is supposed to be an "S" for "Sketti" nut it is also implied by me to have been made from a super man belt buckle.

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marasovec: Those black dots around are just a glitch or you made them?
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Anonymous1: This is a pencil drawing that I took a picture of and then put through Photoshop. So those dots are spots I missed
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Anonymous2: Username checks out.
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Anonymous3: it's not an S, on my world it means hope
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Anonymous4: ^I "hope" this little shitrat gets eaten alive
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gtv4me: ummm.... how was the brand heated?

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Deathcap: @Anonymous: You know, I kinda like it. It gives a sort of "splatter" effect.
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Not_An_Artist: @gtv4me through the magic of missing panels.

@Deathcap glad my incompetence does something for you
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