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The Wrecking of Hesperus

By Deadweight

The Leelanau Peninsula, a scenic stretch of land that follows the coast of Lake Michigan. The town of Leland sits on the bank of the Leland River. The area is full of historic landmarks and kitschy tourist traps. On the mouth of the river sits Fishtown, a local attraction and quaint fish market. Weathered and historic fish shanties and smokehouses line the docks as tourists gather to explore and shop. Wallace Burke has fished the nearby waters for decades and runs one of the smokehouses. One morning he is getting his boat, The Gilded Lily ready to head out into the lake when a colleague calls out to him.

“Hey Walleye! Where ya headed today?”

Wallace chuckles at Lorne Packard.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?”

The two men share a laugh and Wallace heads out.


Wallace sets his nets off the coast of North Manitou Island and cracks a beer. The breeze is light and he enjoys the peace and quiet out here, just the gulls squawking. He sits and reads for the next twenty minutes before he hauls in the net. It is full of wriggling trout, bass and perch. He smiles as he brings it on board and releases the net of flopping fish on the deck.


“Huuhuu, nu wike scawy wide!”

Wallace pauses for a moment and digs through the fish to find a green and blue seafluff. An invasive species in the Great Lakes, seafluffs shred through vegetation and even smaller fish with voracious appetites. The DNR has declared them a harmful species and they are hunted without mercy.

“Great, another fucking seafluff. Did you eat my bait you little shit?”

The seafluff looks up at him with a pout and a sniffle.

“Sniff, fwuffeh was su hungwy, needed nummies fow tummy huwties!”

Wallace looks at the seafluff and notes it is rather scrawny, probably malnourished. He strokes his stubbled and pockmarked cheek and sighs.

“Well, I suppose I can take you in for awhile. The tourists might get a kick out of seeing a seafluff up close.”

The little seafluffs eyes sparkle hopefully as Wallace drags over a large bin and pours a bucket of water in before scooping him up.

“Hmm, I think I’ll call you, Hesperus.”

The seafluff goes wide eyed and gives a happy wiggle.

“Fank yu daddeh! Hespewus wuv nyu name!”

Wallace rolls his eyes and dumps him in the water before going about getting the fish haul stowed.


A couple hours later, Wallace returns to port and unloads his cargo. A few dredges and he has enough fish to keep him stocked for awhile. Wallace runs a smokehouse called Walleyes Fishin Hole, a staple of the area for a decade and shares his nickname. After all his fish are stowed in the back of the shop, he brings in Hesperus.

“Alright, here we are little guy, home sweet home.”

Hesperus peers out of the box at his surroundings as Wallace goes into the back and comes back hauling a large fishtank.

“Buddy of mine used to grow coral in this thing, oughta be big enough for you.”

Hesperus watches Wallace set the tank up on a large counter near the window and starts filling it with water and setting up a filter. He comes over and lifts Hesperus out, setting him in the tank.

“There we go, hows that?”

Hesperus does a couple laps in the long tank and smiles.

“Dis am good housie! Fank yu daddeh!”

Wallace smirks and goes to the back, he returns with a bucket and scoops some paste into the water.

“Here you go, this should fill your belly. Eat up now, need to look good for the tourists.”

Hesperus greedily gobbles up the fish mash and wags his tail. After making sure he is all set up, Wallace goes to the back and grabs his apron. He begins gutting fish while Hesperus watches through the open door.

“Am dose tummeh sketties?”

Wallace chuckles and dumps the guts in a bucket before moving onto the next fish.

“I guess you could call it that, but I don’t think you’d like em much.”

Despite this, Hesperus keeps watching with wide eyes and a string of drool. Wallace chuckles and walks over, dropping some guts into the tank. Hesperus gobbles it up and squeals.

“Dem good nummies tu!”

Wallace shakes his head and pets the chipper seafluff.

“You lil fuckers will eat just about anything eh?”

Hesperus smiles at him as he heads back to finish his work.


The next morning, Wallace opens for business and checks on his smokeroom. He feeds Hesperus some more paste and begins bagging up smoked fish of all kinds when the door chime rings.

“Hewwo fwiend! Am Hespewus! Whatchu doin?”

A man and his young son walk into the shop and the boy moves over to the tank.

“Hey look! A seafluffy! Hey there lil guy!”

Hesperus leans out of the tank and the boy gives him scratches behind the ears as he coos.

“Hello folks, how can I help you today?”

The man smiles and walks over.

“Hey there Walleye. Lookin for a couple pounds of trout and uh, couple pounds of the special.”

Wallace grins and goes to retrieve the order as the boy continues to play with Hesperus. He comes back to see the man looking at the seafluff questionably.

“Right, that’ll be $46.50, got you the fresh stuff.”

The man pays and grabs his son, thanking Wallace as Hesperus waves.

“Bai nice hoomins! Haf good bwight time!”

Wallace smiles and feeds him some more paste before going back to work on his stock.


Most of the day goes much the same, people come in and out all day. Many are fascinated by Hesperus and even pay to feed him. Wallace is busy packaging fish and sells nearly 30 pounds by closing. He sits and counts the till as Hesperus swims about lazily with a bloated and full belly.

“Good work today Hesperus. We sold a lot of fish thanks to your chipper attitude.”

Hesperus hangs off the side of the tank and gives a giggle.

“Teehee, fank yu daddeh, Hespewus had fun! Wuv meetin nice hoomins!”

Wallace gives a smile and locks up for the day.

“Well you better get some rest buddy, more of the same tomorrow.”

He closes the blinds and gives him a pet as he yawns.

“Nigh nigh, daddeh.”


A week goes by much the same, Hesperus is content in his tank and well fed. He fattens up pretty well and Wallace leaves the TV on for him when he goes fishing. They sell lots and lots of smoked fish that week, turning quite a profit. Hesperus is quite the popular attraction in the shop and is included in many tourists selfies. Wallace’s stock is running low by friday and his pockets are full, a regular comes in near closing and greets him.

“Hey Walleye, looks like business is good. People seem to like your little attraction.”

Hesperus smiles as the man pets him.

“Yeah, he has been good for business that's for sure.”

Hesperus coos at the scratches while the man turns to Wallace.

“Speaking of business, can I get a couple pounds of the special?”

Wallace frowns and shakes his head.

“Sorry, fresh out. I got a half batch smokin, gonna finish it up tonight. Should be ready by monday if you come back.”

The man sighs in disappointment and pulls out his wallet.

“Alright, just a couple pounds of perch then.”

Wallace bags up the order and the men shake hands.

“I’ll be back monday, see ya then Walleye.”

Wallace nods as Hesperus waves his flipper.

“Bai mistuh! Fanks fow comin!”

Wallace locks up and dons his apron as Hesperus hums and swims happily. Wallace comes back out and grabs him out of the tank.

“Whewe we goin daddeh? Got suwpwise fow Hespewus?”

Wallace sets Hesperus in a smaller tank and then grabs a white bin from under the table.

“It’s time to make some more of the special, Hesperus. People really seem to like it.”

Hesperus watches fascinated and then his eyes go wide in horror as Wallace pulls a few gutted seafluffs from the bin of brine.


“Scawy! Whu happen tu fwuffies?!”

Wallace dons his apron and sharpens his knives as Hesperus sobs.

“That’s the special, smoked seafluff. It really seems to lend well to the smoking process and people say it’s mighty tender. Course, ya gotta skin em and cold smoke em for a couple days.”

Hesperus whimpers as Wallace takes the brined seafluffs over and hangs them from hooks alongside several others before pulling a panicking Hesperus from the tank.

“NUUU! Nu huwt Hespewus! Wuv daddeh!”

Wallace pins him down and tsks.

“You really think I give a shit about you? I was just fattening you up so I could get more meat off you ya scrawny shit! Though I do have to thank you, Keeping one of you out front sure seems to draw in the tourists.”

Hesperus wails in agony as Wallace puts the razor sharp knife to his scalp and begins peeling the top layer of skin back. Blood trickles into his fluff as Wallace cuts chunks of fluff off bit by bit.


“Biggest huwties! Pwease, nu mowe huwties daddeh!”

Wallace chuckles and continues cutting fluff off him. Flipping him on his back and cleaving more off his belly.

“Oh you haven’t even begun to feel real pain yet.”

Hesperus soon lays in a pool of blood and tears as Wallace dumps the fluff into a bucket and grabs up another one.

“By the way, most of that paste I fed you was made from seafluff too. Just the guts of course, not gonna waste any good cuts on you.”

Wallace reaches into the bucket and grabs out a handful of coarse salt, packing it into the skinned fluffies back.


Hesperus flails in agony as the salt in his wounds burns like fire. Before he can even utter another plea for mercy, Wallace flips him on his back and pushes a sharp knife into his soft flesh just beneath the ribs.


Wallace hums as he runs the knife down and quickly cuts off his genitals, joining the fluff in the bucket. He watches in wide eyed horror as Wallace begins pulling out organs and snipping them off, all Hesperus can do is shake in silent agony as he is gutted one organ at a time. Wallace quickly salts the cavity and dumps him in the brine. The last thing Hesperus sees is the salty brine filling his eyes, stinging fiercely before he mercifully fades away.


A couple days in the cold smoker over Alder wood has his specialty meat cooked to perfection. The man comes back for his order and notes the absence of Hesperus. Wallace just chuckles and tells the man to enjoy.

Tuesday finds Wallace back out on The Gilded Lily trawling for more fish. He brings in his hull and drops it on the deck.


“Nu wike scawy wide!”

Wallace pushes the fish aside to find a brown and pink seafluff mare sniffling at him. He grins and scoops her out.

“Boy oh boy are you lucky I found you. You look so hungry lil girl, let’s get you something to eat. How about we call you, Scylla.”

Wallace grins and gives a chuckle as the mare replies.

“Fank yu daddeh, Scywwa wuv nyu name!”



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deadweight: Another tale comes to an end, I hope you all enjoy! Stay tuned for the next story!
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gtv4me: That was a surprise twist. Awesome as usual!

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guodzilla: Being from Illinois originally, I always like hearing a yarn from the Great Lakes once in a while.
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HuuHuu: Nicely done, dont get many seafluff stories.
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Anonymous1: @HuuHuu wonder why that is

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Rick_N_Fluffy: I'm hungry for smoked fish now

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FluffyPuncher: Very enjoyable story.
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Anonymous2: ohhhh yes nothing like a good fluffy betrayal, fluffies are so trusting that their reaction when they find out their beloved daddeh is a munstal is pure gold
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deadweight: Thanks everyone, glad to see you all enjoyed.
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Anonymous3: What a twist. I really enjoyed that story.
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Anonymous4: Nice.
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: yep, you sir/madam are correct