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´╗┐Larry the Fluffy exterminator. “Wan Die” Wednesdays.

A Teal van with yellow lettering reading “Fluffy Control” pulled up to a small alleyway. The brakes squealed lightly as the van came to a stop. The vehicle was switched off and two men hopped out of it.
The slightly muscular driver had a shiny bald head covered with a greyish hat displaying a yellow picture of a fluffy in a red crossed out circle. The skinny passenger wore his hat backwards and had a single tuft of long green hair that hung out the back and a single curl that stuck out the front.
Both men wore slick, tan, and baggy jumpsuits with utility belts, rubber boots and gloves, and grey protective vests with the words “Fluffy Control” emblazoned in faded gold on the front and back. Both men also wore name tags that read “Jared” for the driver and “Larry” for the passenger.
The driver wore on his belt a large keyring with a few company keys that went to the van, the cages in the back, the more sensitive equipment in locked containers, and several building doors. Larry wore a keychain to match but also wore a second keychain next to it bearing a few keys to things in his personal life, but also laden with multiple collectable keychains. The collectable keychains jingled and jangled with every step as Larry moved to the side of the van and slid the large door open.
Jared moved to the rear of the van and opened the double doors on the back.

Once equipped both men stepped back and closed the van but did not lock it. Both men now carried simple fluffy disposal and retrieval gear. The gear consisted of several tubes fashioned to the belt as well as long but thin Animal Control Poles. One of the first two tubes carried biohazard bags for disposing of the worthless fluffies and the other tube carried nets for catching the well colored fluffies. The final tube acted as a kibble dispenser for tricking fluffies into coming close enough for capture.

Larry stepped towards the alley. As he did so a random passerby high fived him. Such was a show of how respected a fluffy exterminator could be in a city overflowing with the shit-factories. Jared stepped up next to Larry and spit onto the sidewalk away from both men before speaking.

“Got any gum. I forgot to ask in the van”

“Sure man. Just don’t tell the rest of the guys during lunch” Larry reached under his vest and felt around in his shirt pocket. Larry pulled out some simple generic Double Bubble and handed one of the wrapped candies to Jared.

“Eugh. Double Bubble? I hate this shit”

“Then don’t fucking eat it. You know I only carry one type of gum”

“You’re right. Fuck you anyways Jingles. Now I’m actually pissed enough to stomp a foal”

Larry smiled at the use of his nickname. “Ight Crush you have fun” Larry returned the favor by using Jared’s nickname.

The two men placed their respective candies into their mouths before walking into the shadowed alley. It did not take long to find the fluffies they had received reports of. The toys were only babbling incoherently about the coldness of their “Boxie housie” and the lack of “Nummies”. Larry smiled knowing that the nearest restaurant was many blocks away and that these fluffies would be starving already. Larry had guessed that he would find a mother due to the slightly quieter yet higher pitched voices begging for food, he did not expect to find two mares with a combined litter of six foals.

Jared walked up to the small congregate of fluffies and looked down as several babies cried in fright and the mothers began to call out for help. Soon two stallions ran in and began to try and hurt Jared by ramming uselessly into his leg. The man turned to the pegasus and unicorn stallions and smiled.

“Calm down guys. I just want to give you a nice warm home”

The unicorn looked up at the man and frowned deeply while puffing out his cheeks.
“Gib Smawty sketti ow get wowstest huwties!”

Larry grinned maliciously. They had found a herd that seemed to have settled down to rest for a few days. Larry put a hand on Jared’s shoulder before stepping up next to him.

“The Smarty is mine. You round up some decent foals”

Jared nodded and turned away leaving Larry to his work.

“Me and my friend changed our minds. We’re not giving you sketti or a home. We’re giving you owwies”

The fluffy words made Larry want to vomit but right now he was to excited to care. Finally he could have fun with a smarty. Sometimes the long haul abuses frustrated Larry and this would be the perfect opportunity to release his anger. The little red unicorn seemed even more angered at this news and turned and sprayed Larry’s leg with shit. The smell never once seemed to affect Larry as he whistled in surprise.

“Good job shitrat. You got me up to my knee. My turn”

Larry swung the Animal Pole forward and caught the yellow pegasus around the neck before stepping over the still shitting unicorn and putting a foot on it. The exterminator then pulled on the section of pole that tightened the leash until it began to bite painfully into the pegasus’s neck. In moments the little abomination began to screech in pain, unable to speak due to the choking force of the thin wire around its neck.

The unicorn began to beat on Larry’s shit stained left leg. A combination of thick slick fabric and the weakness of fluffies kept Larry from feeling more than a tickle as he continued to tighten the restraint.

Jared had already netted the small group of foals and was stomping on one of the mares. The combined struggle affected none of the pedestrians as they simply ignored the distressed bio toys. Finally with the sickening sound of popping and tearing flesh the yellow pegasus’s head slid to the ground, his body falling back onto its rump before falling to the side. The Smarty gave no heed to this development as it switched targets to Jared who lifted several of the foals into a sack he had retrieved from the van.

Larry spun his pole around and quickly maneuvered it under the distracted Smarty before swiftly flipping it onto its back. The red unicorn flailed wildly in a failed attempt to right itself before Larry placed a large boot between its lower legs.


“I told you I would give you owwies you little rat. So say bye to your no-no’s”

“Dummeh humin nu huwt no-no’s. Nee fow make spechuw huggieEEEEEEE”

Larry began to apply pressure with his foot. The resulting cracks of bones and crushing of the fluffies lower body satisfied Larry like nothing else could. It was not like the pleasure one gets from sex, but rather like finally giving in to an addictive pressure. The manic grin on Larry’s face showed his satisfaction at the sight of the Smarty screaming, his eyes wide and protruding as he stared down at the boot slowly crushing his lower body. The sight of the fluffy feebly trying to push Larry’s boot off only made it better as the bottom of the shoe finally met the ground. Larry giggled before removing his boot from the fluffy and standing back as it flailed its front legs wildly.

“Oops. Clumsy me. I hit more than your No-no’s didn’t I? Oh well, I guess I’ll finish…” Larry’s smile widened further as he growled the last word “Early…”

With that Larry jumped into the air. The Smarty tried one last feeble attempt at saving its life by holding its hooves in front of its face. But nothing could stop the full weight of the tall man as he landed on the Smarty. The blood splattered everywhere as if Larry had jumped into a puddle of it. The remaining mare and foals cried in sheer terror as the blood stained Larry breathed a sigh of relief.

Jared patted him on the shoulder. “You ight Jingles?”

“Yeah *Huff* yeah I’m fine now *huff*”

“Alright. But try not to get so crazy in public. Save that shit for your streams”

Larry smiled back before turning to the remaining fluffies. Jared had stopped retrieving the foals to watch Larry so that left the mare and two of her babies. One of the two foals was orange, the other purple like its mother.

“Hey man we should meet our quota after lunch. Do you mind if I take the remaining?”

“Why? It’s the middle of the week. Don’t you stream on Fridays?”

“I’m bringing back Wan’ Die Wednesday”

Jared waved Larry off and shook his head in acceptance. “All I needed to hear dude”

Larry chuckled and reached for the mare who could only cuddle her remaining foals.


Larry stepped into his basement. His Smarty was watching FluffTV on the repaired Television set and would not be distracted thanks to a protective box around the DVR and the now hidden wires. Larry had several hours to do what he wanted, but he only needed half an hour.

Larry tossed the fluffy carrier onto his desk. He was pleased to hear revitalized whimpering as the fluffies inside were jolted. Larry disappeared into the darkest corner of the room, his excellent memory helping him to traverse the rather tidy basement. It did not take long for Larry to find the carrier he had been looking for and he brought it over to the desk and sat in near the corner. Larry opened the first carrier and dumped the mother and her two foals onto the desk before walking off to a closet in the dark.

It was a simple and quick routine now for Larry to get dressed as usual and soon enough he returned to his desk. After setting down his tools Larry moved to his computer and began typing. He left the fluffies on the table to wonder where he was as most of his clothing was black and he had not put on his apron yet.


You’ve been through a lot, but you can not imagine what your foals must be thinking right now. Your special friend and your normal friends had all been killed violently. It seemed like a forever ago since it happened because you have been sitting in a scary dark place since then. But all that barely matters now as you have been dropped onto a cold flat surface with your babies. It is still dark and your babies cry into your fluff as you look around, but the human you swore you saw walking away is simply gone.

Soon enough you see more movement but it is too dark to make out what is moving. Then it hits you, a smell and the sound of sobs. The smell seems to be another mare but it is very faint and coming from the carrier near the corner of the flat surface. You go to investigate, your curiosity and hopes to not be alone in the dark overpower reason as you approach the cage door to the carrier.

“Hewwo. Is dew fwuffy hewe? Wai cwy?”

You are immediately horrified to see the bandaged form of a fluffy appear on the other end of the cage. This fluffy has no fluff or skin. It also seems to be wearing a strange bag half full of poopies connected to a hole in the side of its rump. Could the bag be connected to why it seems to have no legs? No way those are connected. It has two holes in the bandages for its eyes and around the holes you see strange bits of veiny stuff where her skin or fluff should be. The monster looks at you with a twitch in her eyes and you fall back in terror.

Then a small green light comes on and a shadow moves, revealing to you a square light with strange images on it. Then a brighter light pops on over you and blinds you and your foals. As the blur of the light fades from your eyes you come face to face with a very large monster with black flat eyes and a long mouth. It has green spikes on its head as it looks at you curiously for a moment before slamming down a large box next to you.


Larry leans back from the horrified fluffy and smiles under his mask as she grabs her foals and whimpers with them. Larry then turns to his camera and waves before speaking.

“Welcome my loyal viewers. I’ve been bored and needed ideas for tiding you over between normal streams. So I have decided to bring back Wan Die Wednesdays!”

Larry throws his arms out in emphasis of the importance of the decision as the chat on the livestream floods with approval of the news. Larry brings his arms back to his sides and points at the camera before continuing.

“To those new viewers of mine I’ll explain”

Larry patted the carrier holding the skinned mare he had jokingly named Skinless.

“Once upon a time when I first started streaming I wanted to get good at what I do. so I decided to practice hard with a weekly segment called ‘Wan Die Wednesday’. Every Wednesday I’d grab a fluffy or two and try to make them enter the wan die loop as fast as possible. Then I’d challenge myself to break them out of the loop and repeat the cycle as many times as possible within twenty minutes. Well to make this stream longer I’ll devote the last ten minutes to viewer choice”

A few new viewers in the chat seemed happy to hear the explanation as Larry watched.

“If we’re all ready I’ll get started”

Larry turned to the whimpering mare and her foals before reaching over to his toolbox. Rather than reaching in and simply grabbing a tool Larry turned the toolbox over and spilled everything out. The resulting clanging caused the babies to begin peeping in fear as their mother “Huuued”. Larry pet the sobbing mare slowly until she was comfortable enough to look up at him.

“Pwease nuu huwt wittle babbehs ow mumma…”

Larry grinned maliciously under his mask. “Sure thing. I just wanted to be your new daddy so I saved you from those mean monsters that killed your family”

The mare seemed scared at the mere mention of Larry and Jared but also ecstatic that she would have a new home.

“Weawwy!? Nyu daddeh!?”


“Gib nummies fow babbehs an mummah?”

“Sure thing just let me ask you something first”

“Wat daddeh wan kno? Teww nyu daddeh anyfing fow nummies”

“Which of these is your favorite babbeh?”

“Mummah teww fwuffy to not pick favowites. New mummah be gud mummah and wub evewy babbeh”

Larry sighed. The behavior of good fluffies seemed to be getting around in some small parts of his city. However Larry refused to allow this to slow him down for long.

“Oh I’m sure you're the best mummah ever”

The mare smiled and blushed at the compliment.

“But if you absolutely had to choose a babbeh to feed if you could only give nummies to one. Which babbeh would you choose?”

The mare thought for a moment before the bandaged fluffy in the carrier spoke up and whispered to her.

“Nuu… Nu teww maskie munstah… He onwy want make owwies to dem”

The mare puffed her cheeks out “Shuddup stoopie munstah. Nyu daddeh nu am munstah. He gib nummies”

Larry chuckled silently. “Yeah shut up Skinless or you’ll get the sorry stick”

Skinless vanished into the back of her carrier with a “Skinwess sowwy daddeh” and sobbed knowing that the sorry stick only hurt more and more since Larry took her pelt. The mare looked down at her foals and thought for a moment before holding up the tiny purple unicorn that matched her coat.

“Dis am bestest babbeh daddeh”

Larry carefully took the now happy foal and held it to face level. It was a colt like the other foal but that information was barely relevant. Larry set it on the desk a good distance from its mother and turned to the ground next to his desk.

“Wai put babbeh so faw way daddeh?”

Larry returned with a Belt Sander and flicked a switch on the handle. The hand-held machine whirred to life with a whine and the belt began to spin rapidly. Larry brought the machine down on the terrified foal eliciting a scream of pain that turned to a gurgle as he ground it to nothing. Blood sprayed everywhere with tiny drops of shit and other bodily fluids as Larry moved the sander back and forth on the bloody splotch.



“But ‘ou say mummah am too...”

Larry flicked off the sander and turned to the mare before slapping her. The impact was righteous and left a bloody hand print but to Larry’s dismay knocked none of her teeth out. Larry stood tall over the whimpering mare before pulling her second foal out from behind her.

“Nuu huwt wastest babbeh pwease!”

“Why would I hurt your last foal? I love the color orange. Even if it is on an abomination like a fluffy”

Larry held the foal up and watched it shit and piss in his gloved hand. Larry turned away from the mother and held the foal up to his face. With a whisper Larry spoke to the orange colt, his mic close enough to pick up the conversation.

“Hey little guy. I’m sorry you lost your brother but your mother made me do it”

“Nuu pwease munstah. Nu huwt wittle babbeh”

“I never wanted to hurt anybody but your mother made me. She chose your brother over you. She wanted you to die because she doesn’t love you”

“Nuu wie to babbeh”

“I’m not lying. She never loved you. You heard her say your brother was her favorite babbeh. What else could that mean?”

The foal sat up on Larry’s palm and stared down for a moment lost in thought.

“Mummah nu wub babbeh anymowe?”

“I’m sorry little guy. But your mother never truly loved you. She was willing to feed your brother before you. She chose your brother over you. But don't worry. I’ll never leave you alone little guy. Daddy loves you so much that I’ll even give you a name”

“New namesie!?”

“Yes little guy”

Larry rubbed the bottom of his filter like he was thinking hard. The foal was a colt so a male name could work. But fluffies could always be named after items matching their color. This foal had an orange coat and an orange-red mane. The name slid from the back of Larry’s memory and danced in his mind until he decided it was perfect.

“How about Chester?” The Cheeto reference would go unknown to the fluffy and some of his audience, but that did not matter.

“Babbeh am Chestew? Wub nyu namesie!”

“Now that I’ve named you and you know how much I love you, let’s tell your mother that you won’t be bullied anymore”

The foal seemed unsure.

“Oh come on. She doesn’t love you. Why love her back? You don’t need a mother with me around. I’ll be your daddy AND your mother”

The foal puffed out his cheeks and stood on all fours. “Awight daddeh! Wets Chestew teww mummeh wat Chewstew fink!”

Larry chuckled loudly as he turned around, however he kept Chester behind his back as he approached the mare. “I’m sorry but your ‘wittle babbeh’ ran away”

“Wha! Wai weave!?”

“He doesn’t love you because you chose your purple baby over him”

The mare looked down and seemed ready to cry. “Nuu mowe babbehs”

“No. this is what happens when you chose a favorite. You did this. You killed your baby and drove the other away. You are the WORST mother I have EVER SEEN!”

“Nu spechiaw fwend. Nu hewd. Nu babbehs. Nu am mummah. Am wowstest dummeh fwuffy ebah”

Larry smiled as it began to happen.

“Wan die… Wan die wan die...”

Larry sprung into action. He turned around and appeared to be looking around before exclaiming in surprise and returning to the mare.

“I found your foal!”

The mare snapped out of the cycle and looked up in surprise as Larry slowly lowered the orange colt into her sight. “Pwease gib!”

Larry lowered the colt into the mare’s open arms and smiled as she tried to hug it. The colt however pushed her off and struggled to get free. “Wet Chestew gu nao!”

The mare dropped her foal in surprise leaving it to get up and stare at her with its cheeks puffed out. The mare spoke first “Babbeh am hab namesie? Am Chestew? Namesie babbeh come hewe tu mummah”

“Nu. ‘Ou am wowstest mummeh ebah. Chestew nu wan’ huggies fwom ou!”

The mother leaned back and grimaced in horror at the words coming from her foal.

“Bu...bu mummah wub ou namesie babbeh”

“Nu! Mummah nu wub babbeh! Mummah wub bwuddah mowe than Chestew!”

“Nuu mean tuu…”

“Shuttup munstah mummeh! Chestew nu wub mummah nu mowe! Chestew hab daddeh nao so owd munstah mummeh can go foweba sweepies!”

The mother flinched and fell backwards onto her rump, and then onto her side. “Nuu… Wan die!”

Larry smiled as he reached the second cycle. Larry reached down to the ground where he found the flat and crumpled piece of the purple foal. He hid the body in his hands.

“Hey there. What if I told you that your other baby was alive and well!”

The mother sat slowly back up and looked at Larry.

“Nuu wie! Nu-Mow-Mummah see puwpew babbeh die. Wan die too!”

“Aww nah your purple baby is just fine. In fact I’ve brought Sketti for you to enjoy with both of your babbehs”

This got her attention. “Weawwy?”

“Yes. I’m sure your orange foal will come to love you again if you give it more love than before”

The mare seemed revitalized as Larry lifted his cupped hands over her. She lifted out her legs to receive her second foal but instead had a flat bloody pelt dropped onto her face. The mare screamed in emotional agony and disgust, but Larry moved in before she could get the bloody remains off her face and muzzle. With his pinkie finger Larry poked the remains down her throat and forced them into her stomach. For a moment the horrified mare screamed and hacked into the piece of corpse before Larry finished forcing it into her stomach and removed his finger.

Chester seemed to be in fear and disgust as Larry wiped his hands on his apron. Moving in close to Chester, Larry pointed at the mare and whispered to him.

“Look at that monster. She just ate your brother. Go do something”

Chester screamed in anger and as he charged his hacking mother.

“Mummah nu just munstah! Am eviw wowstest munstah mummeh fow eat bwuddah!”

“Nuu mummah nu mean to eat babbeh! Pwease undewstand Chestew!”

“Nu! Chestew nebah wub mummah again” The foal beat on the mare until Larry lifted him off her.

No physical damage had been done but where emotional damage could be done it had been dealt. Larry returned to the mare after setting Chester in a small cardboard box near the desk.

“Look at you yeh disgusting piece of shit! You ate your own foal! After making your other foal not love you! I bet you wanted your herd to die!”

“Nu! Wub hewd! Wub babbehs!”

“Then they never loved you!”

“Pwease! Just wet Nu-mowe-mummah die! Wan die wan die!”

Larry smiled. That was three. Could he go for a fourth? Turning to the computer Larry noted his countdown clock read five minutes remaining.

“Oh don’t worry. They’re all in Sketti Land at least”

The mare seemed to not care but rather continued to insist upon being given death. Larry pushed the Sketti button further.

“Sketti land? The place where fluffies can dance on meatballs and eat sketti for all of the forevers”

This got the mares attention.

“Babbehs an hewd am in Sketti Wand?”

“Oh yes. Well not your babbehs”


“Well babbehs don’t go to Sketti Land. They go to Owwies land”

“Owwies Wand!?”

“Oh yes. It’s a very bad place for foals that had bad mothers. They don’t get sketti. They never even get nummies. They only get the worstest possible hurties you can ever imagine”

The mare had never looked so crestfallen. “Dat nu faiw”

“You’ll go there too little mummah”

“Wat! Nu want owwies wand!”

“Too bad. Bad mumma's always go to owwies land. Don’t think you’ll see your babies there either. You never see any other fluffies because it’s always dark”

“Nuu wan dawkies owwies wand!”

“Too bad! It’s darker there than anything you’ve ever seen. Full of fluffy eating monsters too”


“But if you die you’ll go to owwies land”

“NU FAIW! JUST WAN… Wan… wan…”

Larry smiled. Nearly two in one quick conversation.

“I think I broke her” Larry cackled as the mentally broken mare simply vomited.

The mare fell face first into her vomit and thus onto the soaked remains of her dead foal. Larry chuckled seeing her actually lift the disgusting remains to hug them.

“Pwease. Nu cawe anymowe. Jus wan die. Wan die, wan die, wan die wan die wan die”

Larry shrugged before looking back at his timer. As he watched the timer the last few seconds on it ticked down.

“You’re in luck. It’s time for my viewers to decide what happens to you. They might just oblige”

Larry turned to the camera and addressed his viewers with a happy note audible in his deepened voice.

“I had fun. I hope my loyal audience did too. I reached a tally of five but I got lost and forgot to see when the first cycle started so I’ll leave that information in the full video after I upload it. I’m rusty at Wan Die Wednesdays so forgive me for not reaching my normal record of ten, despite the low number I think I’ll keep Chester for a later stream. However like promised now is request time. Give me anything, first come first serve. If the first to come kills her then don’t get salty”

Just as Larry guessed the first money submission would result in death.
*Fuckingcorpsestolife* “Lemme see some of that belt action again”

Larry smiled at the donation, his audience growing visibly upset but respectful (As respectful as a torture stream can be) at the donation. Larry shrugged and lifted the belt sander.

“You’re in luck. You finally get to die. Goodbye shitrat”

The mare reached her arms up to the belt sander as if to hug it. Larry flicked the switch and brought it down with a crunch. The night had been fun.


Larry left his basement clean of blood and shit. He always wore the same clothes in the basement and if he had learned anything in highschool it was how to wear shorts under his pants. So now the man walked around in gym shorts and a sleeveless shirt. In Larry’s right hand he held Chester who coed lightly while hugging his thumb. Somehow the foal found a way to ignore what he had done and love him with all his heart. If Larry was not dead inside from his failure of a life he might have found the sight adorable.

Larry found his way into the kitchen and made a bowl of spaghetti plenty large enough for a grown fluffy and a foal, but he doubted his smarty would allow Chester much if any. Larry carried the now drooling Chester and the bowl of spaghetti into the saferoom where he found his smarty enfing a small enfie toy while watching a pretty mare dance on the television.

“Hello my little smarty. I brought you a friend and some sketti”

The smarty ignored Larry as he set down the bowl of Spaghetti and the foal who happily began to chow down on the meal. Larry left the room and made for his shower to prepare for bed.


Chester chewed happily at his food while trying to ignore the sounds of the smarty enfing his toy. Soon however the pipes rustled as the shower was turned on and the smarty stopped enfing. Soon enough he was upon Chester.

The smarty had only allowed Chester just enough spaghetti to survive before knocking him down and pinning him with a single hoof. Now the glutton chowed down on the spaghetti like it would run away if he did not hork it down fast enough.

“Hey! Wet Chestew eat dah sketti! Nee nummies tu!”

The smarty ignored the squirming foal under his hoof until he was done licking the bowl clean. Once done the larger fluffy turned to the foal and spoke.

“Dummeh stoopie babbeh nu am eat smarty’s sketti. Get wowstest owwies”

The foal began to squirm wildly in fear. “Nuu huwt babbeh! Nu huwt Chestew meanie smawty!”

“Hehe. Enfie toy nu help gib smawty gud fewws. Su git gud fewws from tight enfie babbeh”

“Nuu! Nuu am enfie babbeh!”

It was too late as the smarty pushed the foal onto his hooves and mounted him. The foal squirmed and wiggled its front legs wildly as the smarty pushed his tiny erect penis against his anus.

“Enfie babbeh was stawwion. One push make dat not twue no mowe. But nu am mawe. So just wowthwess enfie toy”

Chester began to cry heavily. “Pwease. Am beggin ou to not huwt Chestew. Daddeh hewp meEEEEEEE!”

The smarty thrusted hard into the foal, tearing its anus as the too large penis forced its way into the hole. The Smarty thrusted as hard as he could for a long time leaving the foal to scream loudly during the whole experience.

Finally the Smarty finished with a “GUD FEWWS!!” and pumped load after load of warm sperm into the foals anus. The Smarty pulled out and left the foal shaking on the ground next to the bowl. The Smarty watched the foal curl into itself and sobbing deeply while begging for its daddy to come and “Make deh owwies gu way”

“Wet Smarty make sometin pewfectwy cwear. Nebba teww daddeh ow deh owwies wiww be even wowsew. Maybe eben foweba sweepies”

Chester simply nodded in defeat.

Larry fell asleep that night knowing that his Smarty had done something to Chester, but not caring enough to find out exactly what that was until the next day.
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HellaJingles: It continues.
A new fluffy is introduced and the life of an old one is touched upon. Why is Skinless forced to watch? Why keep Chester? What is Larry planning?
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HellaJingles: @Anonymous: Thanks man. More chapters coming.
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