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The Life and Times of Mallow
Part 4: A Feral’s life for me
By SnailKing

You happily stretch your legs out in every direction as you’re awoken by the warmth of the sun absorbing into your tummy-fluff. You purr softly as you keep your eyes closed, enjoying the moment before greeting your brother for the morning.

”Gu’ Mownin’ bwuddah!”

You chirp happily. But surprisingly enough, your brother, Graham, doesn't respond like usual. You were just greeted with silence.

”Gwaham? Whewe Bwuddah?”

You ask the silence as you stand up, opening your eyes finally. As you stood all the pain you had been sleeping through rushed your body and you fell down to your knees shaking. Your name is Mallow, you are a white unicorn fluffy with a toasty brown mane and you had a rough night last night. A single tear rolled down your face as you recalled your mommy abandoning you, being chased by monsters, and finally being chased off a cliff into the bush you now resided in. You whined as you stood up, the thought of those monsters entering your head. They weren’t still around were they? You paced around your surroundings looking for them. No monsters could be found, but the search for them gave you a good survey of your current situation. The bush you had landed in was a rather Thorny one, which would explain the many owies all over you, and the vines were wonderfully thick which would help protect you and your future baby's against the elements. Of course as a fluffy that sort of reasoning was too far advanced for you.

Your babies! How could you forget your tummy babies? They made your tummy rumble as loud as possible, letting you know how hungry and thirsty you were. You weren’t quite sure what to do about this exactly, as your mommy always filled your bowls with wawa and kibble in the morning when you were hungry. You knew your mommy wasn't around as well, and you didn't know what you could have done to make her leave you out here, but you were almost certain she wasn't coming out here with a bowl for breakfast. Thinking about her warm smile and how pretty her voice sounded as she sang you her pretty morning songs gave you heart hurties. You missed your family so much. Your grief was cut short by your babies and tummy rumbling for nummies. You shifted uneasily in your spot, unsure of what to do next. You sat there looking around your bush out through what little openings you could find in the vines all around you.

Outside you could see all sorts of pretty flowers blowing in the breeze, the green grass flowing under the tall trees, and even a lot of animals like squirrels and bunnies running around! It was so pretty you almost forgot how hungry and thirsty you were!



"Dewe wotsa aminals an’ pwants out dewe…” you said to yourself “Dey all big and stwong! Dewe must be a mummah bwingin’ nummies to dem…”
You pondered this for a moment. Surely there must be a mommy bringing all the food out for the animals right? How else would they have grown so big and strong? You don’t know too much about the outside, but you knew there were lots of animals! There must be some amazing outside mommy feeding every single animal, and that must be why you don’t have any food yet! Outside mommy just must not have gotten to you yet! You bet anytime soon outside-mommeh would find you and give you a big bowl of kibble and wawa!

”Don’ wowwy babbehs, nu outsi’ mummeh comin’ wit’ wawa and nice nummies!”You tell your stomach, your babies protest, making your tummy gurgle even louder than before, but you just drown them out by singing a mummeh-song for your babies

”Babbehs wuv mumma
Mummeh wuv babbehs~
Babbehs get miwkies~
Babbehs get miwkies!~”

You sing happily to your baby's as you take a seat, happily waiting patiently for your turn for outside-mummeh to bring you nummies and wawa.

Many forevers passed as you waited, the bright time glow-ball now directly over the bush you were taking residence in. Your voice was starting to hurt from all the singing you had been doing and it was getting really hot! Your mouth had almost completely dried up and it was super sticky and hard to keep open! You felt really dizzy as you stood up and tried to crawl out of your bush, the thorns on it poking and scraping you and giving you many little boo-boos. You made it out of your bush as you tried to stand, causing the world around you to spin. You made sicky wawa as you limped and staggered to the nearest flowers, which you viciously nummed right up. They helped a little bit. They helped your baby's feel a little bit better, and you could see straight again, but you couldn't stand without shaking. You sat down in the grassies and nummed them too. They helped your tummy feel all the way better. Your mouth was still dry, and you were panting and very thirsty though. You stood up hazily and just started walking, not sure where your hoofsies were taking you, but you knew you needed some wawa fast, so you just trusted them to take you to some. You wandered in the shade of the forest for a while, the coolness helping you feel better as you walked. Eventually you came across a great big wawa! You were so happy to see it you almost jumped into it, but didn't since you knew wawa was bad for fluffies. You walked up to the edge of the wawa and lapped it up like a crazy fluffy. It was a little dirty but it was the tastiest wawa you had ever had, you thought.

After a few minutes you had your fill of the wawa, the coolness running through your body cooling off your babies and your tummy. You sighed happily and just looked into the wawa and-

oh god

You were a fright to look at! Your reflection really exemplified how terrible this whole ordeal was turning out to be. Your clean, pure white fluff was now vaugley tannish, with spots of red and black everywhere,stick, leaves, and thorns poking out of everywhere on you. You hadn’t noticed it before but there was CLEARLY a thorny branch stuck in the long fluff of a tail you had. Oh god your beautiful tail and mane, instead of a lovely toasty brown they were now deep deep brown, almost like poopies! You started to tear up just looking at how ugly this misadventure had made you. You eyes were so misty you almost missed your horn! Or at least, your lack of a horn. Your horn was completely broken off! All that was left was a jaggedy, ugly broken stump with dried caked on boo-boo juice on the end! You bawled so loudly you scared off every animal that happened to be nearby. What was a unicorn without her horn? It was what made you so pretty! Heck, it was made you a unicorn for pete’s sake! You ran back to your bush, crying so loudly the entire way there, tears streaming down your face-fluff creating streaks of clean as they fell. You curled up into a ball and hugged your tail close to you. You were a monster fluffy now. So ugly and gross to look at, and there was no one around to tell you otherwise so you knew it had to be true. No Mommy, no Daddy, Not even your brother Graham! You thought he had become a monster after giving you the bad-enfies but considering you were clearly a monster fluffy now maybe having a monster brother around to cuddle and console you wasn't so bad. You didn't even have your best stuffy friend Bwoo-Owl around! God he always was the best hugger you knew. You had lost him the night before in the scuffle with those monsters and now you were all alone. You missed his soft skin, his shiny button eyes, and his stuffing that looked suspiciously like the white fluffy stuff that was in a small pile in front of you…

Wait what?

You weren’t mistaken. Right in front of your snout was a very small pile of your stuffy friend’s stuffing! You jumped to your feet, wiping the tears from your face as you looked all around your bush for him. Was he hiding from you? Why would your best friend hide from you? You searched all around the small clear area in your bush with no luck. You sat there pondering where your best friend could possibly be when more of the aforementioned fluff fell from above you! Your head snapped up above you to see your beloved Bwoo-owl hanging from a branch! You had never been more excited to see your stuffy friend than you were in that very moment. You jumped up onto your back legs and attempted to reach up to your friend, but he was just out of your reach.

”Pwease bwoo-owl! Come tu Mawwow! Nee’ huggies and wuv!” you cried out to him

It was no use, however, as Bwoo-owl didn't even seem to make any sort of attempt to come down to your expecting hoovsies for your hugs. It hurt your feelings a bit, but you could tell your friend was clearly stuck against his will, so it’s not like he could help it. You sat for a moment just looking up at Bwoo-Owl hanging above you. You sighed and then left your bush for more grassie nummies outside. You hadn’t gotten a terribly good look at your new neighborhood considering you had been dying of dehydration, but now that you could actually focus you realized it was actually quite pretty. There was a lot of grassy nummies and flowers all around for you to feed your babies, and the trees above you’s leaves made very pretty noises when the wind blew, and they gave you lots of shade to sit in and enjoy if you got too hot again! Behind you bush was the cliff you had fallen off the night before, and thinking about that fall made your heart feel not-pretty. You still missed you house and family back home though, and you knew you had to get back to them. You had to apologize for whatever you had done to mommy! You knew apologizing had worked in the past when you and Graham had gotten in fights or accidentally broken something or any other ways you had gotten into trouble, so you knew if you apologized and showed mommy and daddy you were really sorry, they’d let you come back home for sure! You decided your plan of action and was just about to set off for home when it occured to you that you couldn’t just leave Bwoo-Owl all alone outside with the monsters! You went back to your bush and crawled through to where your temporary home was. You reared back on your hind legs again reaching up for your stuff friend, but just like before he was just out of reach. You feel onto your back as your big, inflated with soon-babbehs tummy threw off your balance. You laid there on your back sniffing up and Bwoo-Owl, wishing you could save him if only you were just a little bit taller. You laid there thinking about it when it occurred to you:
Your babies!

Once your baby's come out of your tummy, they’ll certainly be able to grab Bwoo-Owl if you hold them up! Now you were even more excited to have your babies! They would give you lots of love and hugs, AND they can help you get your stuffy friend back! You are such a smart fluffy! So that was the plan then, you decided. You’ll have your babies, save Bwoo-Owl from the bush, and then somehow find your way back home to apologize to your mommy for being bad. It was a good plan, you thought. Although the having the baby's part would definitely prove to be time consuming, but considering how nice the area around your bush was, and how plentiful nummies were all around and the thorns protecting you from monsters, it wasn’t so bad! You happily sang to yourself the rest of the bright time as you collected leaves and grass and flowers to spruce up your temporary nestie. It was so pretty and honestly a lot comfier now! You were so happy that you were doing such a good job preparing for your baby's, and preparing to get Bwo-Owl down! You told him all about your plan to save him and get home, but as usual he didn't respond. You didn’t care though, you knew he was happy for you and for your soon babies!

Many bright times had passed since you made your new nestie all pretty and ready for your babies. Those bright times were filled with you trying to play with the woodland animals and most of them running away from you, unfortunately, or even worse, a certain meanie one gave you super smelly sorry-stinkie-wawa right in your face! You learned not to bother animals that looked like that from then on. Your tummy was getting bigger and bigger with each passing day, making it harder and harder to run and play in the sun, or even leave your bush! You were eventually stuck in your bush you were so fat with soon-babies,much to your chagrin. It was fine though, since you knew getting that fat meant you were gonna have them any day now! You spent your days singing happy mummeh-songs and numming on what little bits of your nestie you could reach with an outstretched neck until it was just dirt again. You were just sitting there as happy as a clam, singing to your baby's when suddenly, a horrible feeling swept over you! It was a burning, stretching hurtiest hurtie you had ever had! And it was all coming from your backside! You could feel your special-place hurting and stretching out! You cried and wailed out into the sky


You could feel slime and not-peepee and all sorts of other juices and grossness slipping and oozing out of you, and suddenly a big BIG poopie! It stretched you so hard you thought you were gonna burst! It finally squeezed all the way out of you as you cried and balled and huu-huu’d and other such fluffy-based adjectives describing crying as it plopped out behind you

”peep! Peep peep! Peep! Peep peep!
Babies! Your babies were finally coming out of your tummy! You were so excited to hear their tiny little peeps and you tried to turn around to hug it and let the first baby know you loved it and it was going to be okay when the pain started again. It washed over your tiny feeble fluffy body as your tummy gurgled and hurgled and let out a little bit of sicky wawa into your mouth which just fell out as you screamed in pain as the next baby came, joining it’s sibling behind you in a scared little peeping mess. This happened a few more times, your over inflated tummy decreasing in size with each new baby until it was completely back to an average size for a mare. You panted in place, tears and snot and sicky-wawa streaming down your face as you turned to see your new offspring. You brought them in closely, the feel of your fluff finally calming them down as you gave them licky-cleanies to get the goo that came out of you off of them. You finally got a chance to look at your babies, there were so many! First one you cleaned off was an off-white unicorn filly with a dark chocolatey brown mane, my goodness she looked just like you! You were so happy you gave birth to such a pretty baby.

”Dis am bestest babbeh, how pwetty babbeh is!” You said to the baby, you peeped and cooed as you placed her on your milky-place. Next up was an Orange earthie colt foal! He had very pretty fur, and he reminded you of those ice cream treats that Mommy and Daddy used to eat when it got really hot

”Mommeh wuv babbeh! Wook su pwetty!” you told him as you placed him on your other milkie place. Next up was a blue pegasus with a black mane who...oh...oh GOD no! You gave birth to monster baby! This baby was so ugly! It was missing it’s back leggies! You didn't want a broken baby like him! How could he run and play and do all other things fluffies love to do without his back leggies? You didn’t even finish cleaning him before you shoved him away from you. You didn't want such an ugly monster near your good babies. You picked up your next baby, who was uncharacteristically calm for a peepy-baby, you thought. They were a red filly unicorn with a green mane. You cooed and sang a song to all your babies as you finished on this one. You thought maybe she was just sleeping so you decided to wake her up, besides, she needed to know who her mommy was right?

”Hewwo babbeh! Am Mummeh! How aw yu babbeh?” You asked her. But she didn’t respond. She didn’t peep, she didn’t wriggle around, she didn't do...anything. You could feel your poor little fluffy heart shatter into more pieces than you could ever hope to count. The world fell out from underneath you as the sorrow of losing a baby before even having it fell over you. Your tears came back, but no noises this time, no hu-huing, you bawling, nothing came out of your mouth. You just sat there cradling the poor lifeless corpse of your baby. You stroked it’s cold little cheeks as a tear fell onto it’s face soaking it’s fur. You gently placed her off to the side, unsure of what to do with a dead baby. You gently covered her with a leaf nearby and turned back to your remaining baby, stoic.

You licked the baby clean all over, this one was super wriggly and peeping a lot in your grasp, trying desperately to cling to your fluff, but you couldn’t let it. Just staring at it gave you a heavy feeling in your tummy and heart, causing your breathing to pick up very very fast and your eyes to lose focus. This baby was an earthie fluffy with tan fluffy and a brown mane.

He looked just like your brother, Graham.

He looked like the scariest of scariest monsters you could think of. Just looking at this poopy baby brought back every memory of the horrible things your brother did to you at once, the feeling of his special stick sliding in and out of you, the noises he made as he mounted you whenever Mommy or Daddy left you two alone. The screams of pleasure of “GUD FEEWS” as he shot off inside of you. How unsafe you felt around your dear sweet brother anytime he snuggled up to you after that. You could feel more and more tears streaming down your face as you stared at the peeping little baby in your grasp.Your breathing picked up speed as your eyes lost focus, everything spinning while you sat there staring at the little Graham you were holding in your hoofsies. You screamed out.

”SCREEEE MAWWOW NU WANT GWAHAM BAD-ENFIES!!” you cried out to the night as you tossed your baby half-hazardly over near the monster baby from earlier. Who quickly crawled over to it's brother, both of them latching onto the other in fear.

”Dose am the poopiest of poopie babbehs! Babbehs nu wuv and pway wit dose ugwy stoopie poopie babbehs!” You told the two latched onto your milkie places. The Monster and poopy babies clinging to one another for warmth on the other side of your nest. You gave birth to so many babies but only two were good babies! Not the best ratio of good babies to bad babies but you were taking what you could get after what you had been through. You could feel your heart getting heavy thinking about the baby who took forever sleepies before even being born, but you decided to focus on your two good babies as much as possible. Part one of your plan was complete! You had your babies. You planned on raising them to be big and strong, and when they were big enough to be talkie-babies they would help you get Bwoo-Owl out of the bush and then on your way home you all would be! You couldn’t wait. Just the thought of being home again was enough to cheer you up. You giggled and sang Mummeh songs to your good babies into the night happily, just happy that you finally had someone to cuddle and feel warm against finally.
Maybe things were starting to look up for you.


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Anonymous1: Can we hear about what happened to Graham?
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Anonymous2: Why didn't they atomized when they fall off the cliff?
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Anonymous3: this is the part where the "Good babbeh's" die,
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Anonymous4: Love me some fluffy incest impregnation.

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SnailKing: @Anonymous: Don't worry my dear sweet anon. Anyone and everyone who wants Graham getting his come uppance will get what they want. I promise you guys.

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SnailKing: @Anonymous: I couldn't find a good way to describe it in story since it's from a Fluffy's point of view, but the "cliff" is really only supposed to be like, 5-10 feet tall

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Deathcap: "Maybe things were starting to look up for you."

Oh shit, she dead.
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Anonymous5: Bawled as in wept loudly, not balled as in did some thugged out gangsta shit. Otherwise great story!
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