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Stories from the Life of a reasonable Hugboxer, or How I learned to stop worrying and hate bad Fluffies

Part 10

You enter your house, and you can already hear the distinct noise of fluffy crying. You‘ve barely entered the living room when you see two fluffies screaming at each other, blood and teeth on the ground.

„WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!“ you shout, Sunshine comes running at you.

„Huuuu huuuu, daddeh! Meanie fwuffy say Sunshine am dummeh an gib sowwy hoovies!“ Sunshine tells you between sobs.

You‘re shocked, Sweetie has never shown even a glimpse of aggression before.

„Sweetie, is that true? Did you call Sunshine a dummy and hit her?“

„Yesh, bu...“ she stops mid sentence and looks to Sunshine, then to you and then to the floor.

„Yes? You want to tell me something?“


You let out a deep sigh and pick her up.

„Sweetie, I‘m very, very disappointed in you. I don‘t want to, but I must punish you.“

She doesn‘t respond, but the tears run freely now. You take her to your garage, open a small but sturdy cardboard box, poke some airholes into it and address her again.

„Come now, tell me what happened there. You admitted that you hurt Sunshine, but you must have had a reason.“

She just looks at you without saying a word, thick tears staining her cheeks. You let out another sigh and put her into the box.

„I don‘t wanna do this, Sweetie, but you‘ve been a bad fluffy. Believe me, this hurts me more than you.“

You close the lids of the box, put some scrap metal on the top so she can‘t hop out, turn off the lights and leave the garage. The sound of her muffled crying breaks your heart, but you dread of thinking what‘d become of her when she thinks she can get away with hurting others.


You are Sweetie, and you have biggest heart hurties right now. Daddy brought a new fluffy home, and you were super happy when he said she‘s your new friend. But she doesn‘t want to be your friend, she‘s a big mean meanie! She said mean things about you and your daddy, so you gave her a sorry hoof to make her stop. You didn‘t mean to make her teefies fall out, it just happened!

Daddy was mad when he saw what you did. You know that giving sorry hoovies is bad, but she made you sooooooo mad! She deserved it! She should be the one in the sorry box right now! But daddeh thinks you‘re the bad fluffy because you can‘t tell him, and that gives him heart hurties. And that gives you even worse heart hurties!

You wish you could tell daddy that she is the bad fluffy, not you, but you don‘t want her to give you forever sleepies. How could you hug and play with your daddy when you sleep forever?


You are Dave, and you just had to punish your beloved pet fluffy for the first time ever. You couldn‘t bring yourself to spank her (aside from absolutely not wanting to, you don‘t even have a proper sorry stick, never had need for one), so you decided to give her a time out. You really don‘t kow what to make out of the situation. Sweetie has always been super gentle, never stomped her hooves or even puffed her cheeks. And she beamed when you told her you brought her a friend, why would she hurt her? This just doesn‘t add up.

You grab the fluffy teeth repair kit you bought for cases like this (they seem quite prone to getting their teeth knocked out, fortunately you can easily fix the damage with special medical glue when it‘s fresh enough) and mentally prepare for the scene she‘s going to make. You see her humming on the living room floor, looks like she got over the attack pretty quickly. You pick up her teeth and address her.

„Sunshine, come here.“

„Yesh daddeh?“

„Open your mouth, I‘ll try to put your teeth back in.“

„Nu wan.“

The fuck?

„You can‘t eat your kibble properly with missing teeth.“

„Den daddeh onwy gib sketties, nu need aww teefies fow numming sketties.“

Yeah, fat chance. You pin her down with your knee, force her mouth open with your left hand, dip the first knocked out tooth into the medical glue and carefully shove it back in its place. Sunshine clearly doesn‘t enjoy the procedure and squirms like crazy, flailing her weak little legs uselessly around. You‘ve gotten so used to Sweetie‘s weight and strength that Sunshine‘s feeble attempt to break free from your grip seems even more ridiculous. The first tooth is quickly back in its place, so is the second one. You release Sunshine and she jumps up immediately, puffing her cheeks at you.

„Meanie daddeh gib Sunshine owwies!“

„“I‘ve given you your teeth back, you should thank me. Besides, it wouldn‘t have hurt nearly as much if you hadn‘t struggled like crazy.“

„Sunshine fowgib meanie daddeh when gif sketties wight nao.“

Emotional blackmail, great, real keeper this one…

„You won‘t eat anything for the rest of the day, or else your teeth will fall back out.“

She doesn‘t reply, but puffs her cheeks even more and stomps with her forehooves. You don‘t say anything either, but give her a VERY disapproving look. She seems to get the message, her cheeks deflate after a couple of seconds. Seemingly accepting her defeat, she waddles off and curls up in Sweetie‘s bed.

„Sunshine, what happened between you and Sweetie when I was away?“

„Nu wan tawk tu meanie daddeh wight nao.“ she says in a clearly pissed tone.

You briefly consider giving her an ass whooping for her lack of respect, but decide against it. Instead you grab some old wireless webcams from one of the many moving boxes you didn‘t bother to unpack since you moved here and place them so that you can watch the fluffies without you noticing. If they don‘t wanna tell you what happened, maybe you can figure out by peeping on them.

A couple of hours pass. You‘ve set up a ghetto grade surveilance system, now you can see and hear what happens in every relevant room in the house.

It‘s time to release Sweetie from her prison. You remove the scrap metal and open the box. Sweetie flinches from the sudden brightness, you‘re positively surprised that she didn‘t soil the box. You pick her up.

„Feel like telling me what happened now?“


„Are you sorry for hurting Sunshine?“

„NU!“ she shouts angrily.

Well, that‘s new. So far Sweetie‘s emotional spectrum was limited to happy, sad and happy beyond believe. You don‘t say anything to her, just give her a look of disappointment. She starts crying again.

„Daddeh...pwease gib huggies...“

„No, you‘ve been a bad fluffy and you aren‘t even sorry about it.“


You carry her back to the living room, she‘s desperately trying to hug your shins from the moment you put her down. You have to fight the urge to hug her back, but you first need to learn what happened between the two.

You tell Sweetie to stay in the living room, together with Sunshine, and retreat to your bedchambers. Your laptop shows a splitscreen with various videofeeds, and your desktop is running too in case nothing happens. Looks like you don‘t get to mindlessly browse the web right now, though.

Sweetie approaches Sunshine, she‘s clearly not amused.

„Dis am Sweetie beddie!“ she shouts, still sniffling.

„Dis am Sunshine beddie nao. An Sunshine housie. An Sunshine daddeh. Ebryting am Sunshine‘s nao.“

„Dat nu am twue!“

„It am twue. Sunshine get wat Sunshine wan. Poopie fwuffy huwt Sunshine gain an dummeh daddeh gib poopie fwuffy foweba sweepies.“ Sunshine says with a malicious smile.

„Nuuuu...daddeh wub Sweetie!“

„Dummeh poopie fwuffy! Sunshine make dummeh daddeh hatechu an gib ou foweva sweepies! Sunshine did befowe cuz am smawtest fwuffy!“

Sweetie doesn‘t seem to reply, you can only hear pained sobbing.

„Dummeh daddeh awweady hatechu fow givin‘ sowwy hoovies tu Sunshine.“

„Nu! Daddeh wub Sweetie!“

„Den wai nu gib huggies?“

Sweeties expression goes blank for a moment, and she breaks down crying like never before. Sunshine‘s smile grows even wider and she takes a massive shit right behind her. Then she proceeds to rip some fluff off her forelegs and her left side.

„DAAAAAAAADEEEEEEEEH!“ Sunshine screams.

You feel the urge to stomp in there and rip that little cunts legs out, but you surpress it. No, she won‘t get away this easily. You walk into the living room, trying to hide the burning rage inside you.

„What‘s the noise about?“


„Oh no, Sweetie, how could you.“ you say in a less than convincing tone, but Sunshine seems to buy it. You can see her smile under the fake crying.

You pick the sobbing Sweetie up and take her to your bedroom.

„Sweetie?“ you address her.

No answer, just sobbing.

„Hey, Sweetie!“



„Sweetie am weady fow foweva sweepies nao...“

Jesus motherfucking Christ, you didn‘t expect things to go this bad this quickly.

„Oh Sweetie...“ you say, giving her a big hug.

„Your daddy loves you, and will always love you. I know that Sunshine is a bad fluffy and a liar.“

The sobbing stops abruptly, and Sweetie looks at you with a shocked expression, mouth agape.

„Look here.“ you tell her, pointing at your laptop. „With this I can see what happens in the living room even when I‘m not there“. She stares at the screen in awe, seeing Sunshine in her bed and hearing her sing an off-key song about what a smart fluffy she is.

„Daddeh...daddeh nu hate Sweetie?“

The snuggling intensifies.

„Of course not, you‘re my good little fluffy, and I‘m sorry I‘ve put you into the sorry box.“

Her sobbing turns into loud crying, and she presses her head into your chest. You say nothing and just keep hugging her for several minutes.

Once she calmed down a little, you ask her what really happened and she tells you the entire story, including the part how she‘d give her forever sleepies if she told you. You feel like a fucking idiot right now.

„Sweetie, Sunshine is a bad fluffy and won‘t stay here.“

You can see a wave of relief wash over her face.

„But we need to punish her for being such a bad fluffy first, and you‘re going to help me.“

Sweetie seems puzzled for a moment, but her face lightens up quickly. You place a quick one-hour express order for the things you‘ll need and take Sweetie out to the garden, right next to the tilted living room window.


You are Sunshine, and you‘re the smartest fluffy that ever was. Your old mummah brought you to the dummy shelter because dummy not-daddeh said she‘s too old to live alone. He‘s such a dummy, old mummah wasn‘t alone, she had you! Anyway, not-daddeh and old mummah told you to be a good fluffy so you find a new mummah or daddeh. They‘re so stupid, you‘re not a „good“ fluffy, you‘re the best fluffy ever! The old human in the shelter was a dummy too, really expected you to sleep in a not-sorry box and eat kibble like dummy fluffies. No way, you‘re the best fluffy and only deserve the best! Old mummah always gave you the best toys and sketties whenever you wanted them, though you had to share with your dummy brother. Until you had a great idea, that was. You pretended to cry and told your mummah that your dummy brother tried to give you bad special huggies. She started to cry too, and told you that you‘re a good fluffy and don‘t have to be afraid anymore. Not-daddeh gave your brother forever sleepies, and you‘ve got all the toys and sketties for yourself ever since. You‘re such a smart fluffy.

You were too tired to tell the dummy lady in the shelter that you don‘t want the icky kibble and only eat sketties, you‘ve planned to do that next bright time. But before you got the chance, some dummy said he‘s going to be your new daddeh and brought you to his housie. It‘s better than the shelter, but not nearly as nice as your old mummah‘s housie. And he not only got a poopie fluffy, he even wants you to be friends with her! How stupid can a human be? Maybe you could tolerate her when she gives you licky cleanies and nums your poopies, but friends? Never! You‘ll have to make her go away, just like your dummy brother.

*I‘ll skip the next part since you already know what happend in between*

You quietly sing your smarty song when you hear noises from outside.

„Sweetie, you hurt Sunshine again, you made bad poopies and now you lie to me?!“

„Nu daddeh, Sweetie am gud fwuffy! Sunshine am meanie wiar!“

„I‘ve seen what you did to Sunshine, you‘re a bad fluffy! The worst fluffy!“

„Nuuuuhuhuhu, daddeh! Pwease no huwt Sweetie!“

„No, you‘ve been a very bad fluffy, and bad fluffies get forever sleepies!“


Hah, you did it again! This dummy gave the poopie fluffy forever sleepies, now you have the housie, the toysies and all the sketties for yourself! You‘re such a smart fluffy!


Sweetie turned out to be a surprisingly good actor, at least by fluffy standards, though the pained screeching came from your phone. You both have to repress your giggling, don‘t wanna spoil things now. You bring Sweetie to the safe room inside the pen.

„You did great, Sweetie!“

„Sweetie am actow!“

„Yes, you are! And we two will give Sunshine the scare of her life!“


Sweetie will spend the next few days in the pen, and she seems to be okay with that. You‘ve made sure the safe room is extra comfortable, lots of pillows and blankets. You‘re glad you‘ve made the shack as big as you did, plenty of room for you to play and snuggle with her.

Ugh, time to play nice with Sunshine…

„Sunshine, my poor little fluffy! Did she hurt you badly?“

Sunshine‘s smug smile turns into a frown immediately and she pretends to sob.

„Huuuu, daddeh! Meanie fwuffy gib wowstes huwties!“

She shows you the bald spots on her legs and her side, she made sure to nut draw blood when she ripped her own fluff out.

„Aww, you poor little thing. Don‘t worry, she‘ll never hurt you again!“

„Daddeh gib meanie fwuffy foweva sweepies?“

„Yes, I did.“

„Gib wots of huwties befowe?“

„Yeah, hurties… Lots and lots of hurties...“

Her fake sobbing stops immediately and grows a big smile.

„Daddeh, gib sketties nao pwease.“

Wow, what a little psychopath. Her little intrigue just led to the death of an innocent fluffy and all she thinks about is her own needs. And even though you told her she can‘t eat anything for the rest of the day because of her teeth, she wants sketties. Or maybe she really thinks you‘ll feed her nothing else when the teeth fall out again.

Oh well, let‘s give her what she asks for. Afer you cleaned her shit away, that is.

You go to the kitchen and nuke a can of spaghettis in the microwave. And for the celebration of the day, you add some capers.

„Here you go, Sunshine!“

She sniffs the sketties, takes a mouthful, chews slowly, swallows and looks at you with a displeased expression.

„Dese nu am bestest sketties.“

You really want to kick her right now…

„What do you mean?“

„Owd mummah makes bestest sketties fow bestest Sunshine, but dese nu am bestest sketties!“

„Oh, I‘m so sorry, Sunshine! Those are the only sketties I have right now, could you please eat them for daddy?“

She rolls her eyes and digs into the spaghettis. Spoiled little cunt.

The delivery guy shows up not much later and hands you a big parcel. Time to put things in motion. You open it and begin to place various wireless surveilance cams and speakers in your house and a wireless projector in the living room. Sunshine doesn‘t pay you much attention, she seems more occupied with her food.

You‘re about to finish the setup when you hear a delicious fluffy scream.


You go check on her, and lo and behold, the tomato sauce got a bit redder and you can see a single tooth peeking out.

„Oh Sunshine, are you alright?“

„Meanie sketties gib owwies!“

„Aww, you poor thing! Don‘t worry, I won‘t let these mean sketties hurt you anymore!“

You take the bowl away and fish the bloody tooth out. Nothing wrong with a little trophy.

You sit down with Sunshine and watch a movie with her to „cheer her up“. You make sure she relieved herself before and start the movie. A cheap little flick about an innocent man that got executed as result of an intrigue and haunts those who spun it. The effects are pretty bad, but seem to do the trick. Sunshine is shaking in your lap and barely dares to watch, you constantly have to tell her to look at the screen. The end of the movie draws near, and the final scene shows a guy in a pretty bad ghost costume confronting the one responsible for his death, getting closer and closer to the screen. The scene ends with a scream and a super close-up.

That was too much for Sunshine, she screams like a banshee, pissed and shat what little she had inside on your pants and sobs for real now. Luckily you expected that and stationed cleaning supplies next to your comfy chair. The poor carpet has suffered enough for one day.

You‘re about to leave to clean yourself and change clothes, but Sunshine is still terrified.


„Don‘t worry Sunshine, that monster only comes for bad humans and fluffies that lie to hurt others. But you‘re a good fluffie that‘d never tell a lie, right?“

„Y-yesh, Sunshine am gud fwuffy...“

„See, nothing to be afraid of.“

You turn FluffTV on for her, leave the room, toss your soiled clothes into the laundry, take a shower, put on something that doesn‘t reek of fluffy excrements and go into the fluffy shed. Sweetie is already waiting for you.

„Alright Sweetie, remember what you have to say?

„Yesh daddeh!“

You open up the laptop, and Sunshine is in plain view. Looks like she calmed down during an episode of „Babies!“. You can hear saying stuff like „wub pwetty babbehs!“.

You pull out your phone and launch the smart home app. First, you turn the TV off.

„Wah? Where bebbehs gu?“

Then, you kill the light.

„Eeeeeh! Nu wike dawkies!“

And now it‘s time for the new star to shine. You activate the wireless speakers and push the speaker button of the stuio mic you got for this very purpose. Sweetie begins to whisper.


Sunshine screams and shits herself in terror, and you release the speaker button just in time to keep her from hearing the two of you giggling like imbeciles. Oh, this is going to be fun...
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sadbag: I'm not sure if you're aware of this, but you often use the word "believe" in place of "belief" and "relieve" in place of "relief." Not trying to be a dick btw.
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