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Man of the House (A Marauders Tale)

By Deadweight

It’s a sunny tuesday in Flint Michigan, three bombastic alicorns dash about the yard and giggle as they drag two pillowfluffs in little sleds. Algernon has been a happy and content little stallion since Sarge reset his memory, all those missions of slaughter against ferals and the anguish of seeing Gossamer kill their foal before he took her life in revenge has been purged. Now he and his boys Magnus and Charlemagne live peacefully in the house with Zea, Sarge and the two pillowfluffs, Rosa and Ellen.


“Wosa am goin su fast! Feew wike fwyin!”

Magnus pulls the orange and blue pegasus behind him as she flaps her little wings gleefully. Zea watches from the window with a somber smile, it has been difficult keeping this little family secret from the other Marauders but she has done well giving them a well adjusted and innocent life. Today though she must take Larry and Lilith in for a checkup and she is letting the five fluffies play out in the yard before she has to lock them up in the house for the afternoon.

Just beyond in the tall grass, several sets of eyes watch jealously. Tummies growl as a red and orange unicorn watches with a glare.

“Speshuw fwiend am suwe haftu do dis? Nu wan be meanie tu udda fwuffies.”

The unicorn glances at the trepidatious pink and blue pegasus mare and then to the others of his herd, they have traveled for days on little sustenance and it has brought them to this moment of desperation.

“Nu udda way, hewd need nummies naow. Dem munstah fwuffies haf nice housie an hoomins, dey got wotsa nummies an gotta take em. “

The others look on nervously at the alicorns bounding happily together, never before would they have dreamt of such an act of aggression. But they are beyond desperate and the gnawing ache in their stomachs has their leader's words making more sense. They all slink back into the tall grass as Zea walks into the yard.

“Time to come in and get lunch! Come on boys!”

Algernon looks up at her with a smile and a wag of his tail as Magnus and Charlemagne drag Rosa and Ellen behind them. They all enter the back door and gather round to share kibble, Zea smiles and grabs her coat.

“I have to go run some errands for a bit, you all behave while I’m gone.”

She leans down and pets Algernon as he coos.

“You’re the man of the house while I’m gone Al, be a good boy!”

He nods and smiles at her.

“Yus mummah, Algernon be gud!”

She smiles and scratches behind his ears, she is so proud of his pronunciation. She grabs her coat and heads to the out building to retrieve Larry and Lilith.


The five fluffies play in the house for a while, stacking blocks while the pillowfluffs use crayons or watching Fluff TV. After a bit, Magnus yells out to the others.

“Wook! Mummah weft fwuffeh doow open! Wet’s gu pway outside!”

Algernon is hesitant, but his boys are headstrong and the two mares are excited to get some fresh air. He chews his lip nervously and sighs in resignation.

“Otay, buh nu go tu faw, need tu be cawefuw!”

They all cheer and the two alicorns grab up the strings and drag the two pillowflufs sleds out into the yard. The sun is warm as they dash about, Algernon smiles and laughs while keeping his one good eye alert and sharp. The unicorn watches them from the grass and narrows his eyes before addressing his small herd.

“Dis am it, gu get dem fwuffies an make em gif nummies!”

Charlemagne runs through the lawn, giggling and dragging Ellen behind him when he bumps into a blue and brown earthy.

“Oof! Hewwo, am Chawwemagne, wan be nyu fwiend?”

The earthy looks at him sternly and sighs when the rest of his herd emerges into the yard. Magnus and Algernon turn to see a unicorn approaching with puffed cheeks.

“Munstahs need wisten! Wan nummies an yuu gun gif tu hewd!”

Algernon blinks and looks at his boys and the pillowfluffs, they all look nervously at this new herd and to him for leadership.

“Nyu fwiends nee nummies? Algernon wiww bwing nummies!”

The herd seems satisfied by this, their stomachs growl and they are happy at the prospect of food at last. But the unicorn is not, the wild has been harsh on them and the hunger gnawing at his gut has his patience at an end.

“NU! Yuu take hewd tu nummies an take as much as wan! Nu poopeh munstah gun teww wut do!”

Rosa and Ellen cower at his demanding tone and Magnus and Charlemagne are unsure what to do. Algernon is conflicted, his new lease on life has taken the fire out of him but he is still a smart and loyal fluffy. Zea put him charge of the house and he doesn’t want to let her down, he reckons if he just gets them food they will move on and that will be that.

“Otay, Algernon take tu nummies, fwuffies take an den gu way.”

The unicorn smiles in satisfaction and nods to the herd as Al leads him to the doggy door. They soon are filing into the house, the herd of ferals look around in awe at the houses opulence.

“Dis am nice housie, munstahs must haf wotsa nummies.”

The four others are extremely nervous, but Algernon tries to keep them calm as he leads the unicorn to the kibble under the counter.

“Dewe am nummies, naow take it an go.”

A collective growling emanates from the herds stomachs as they eye the large bag of kibble. The unicorn calls two large earthies to drag the food outside, they pull it through the kitchen and manage to get it out the doggie door as the unicorn looks around and Algernon scowls at him.

“Got whutchu wan, naow go!”

Ellen is starting to whimper as the unicorn looks around the house and motions for the rest of his herd to lead them all back outside. In the yard they tear open the food and feast with a moan as Algernon soothes Ellen. They watch the herd of ferals devour the bag in quick fashion, stuffing their faces until they are licking the bag clean.

“Dese was gud nummies! Speshuw fwiend am su smawt!”

The pegasus hugs the unicorn and coos as his herd cheers on, his ego begins to inflate a bit and his confidence soars. But the unicorn knows this is a temporary fix, their bellies are full now but in a day or two they will be starving again. He looks to the one eyed alicorn glaring at him and then to the house, an idea forming in his head as he wanders over to him.

“Munstah fwuffeh do gud bwingin nummies, buh nu nuff!”

The unicorn stamps his hoof and Ellen peeps in fear as Algernon grows angry.

“Whutchu wan?! Gave nummies an dats whutchu wanted! Nu got mowe!”

The unicorn puffs his cheeks and stamps his hoof again.

“Dat nu twue! Wive in nice housie, haf gud mummah! Hoomin wiww bwing mowe nummies an den yuu gif nummies tu hewd! Gun come back again an again an dummeh munstah gun keep giffin nummies!”

The herd looks up at their leader and begin to rabble, they are emboldened by him and begin to surround Algernon and the others.

“NU! Algernon nu gun do! Fwuffies betta weave naow!”

The unicorn scowls and pushes him down and huffs in his face.

“Dummeh munstah nu teww smawty wut do! Hewd nee nummies an yuu gun gif as mush as wan! Ow, ow gif huwties!”

Magnus trembles at that word and tucks his tail as the herd closes in, two of the earthies push down Magnus and Charlemagne and laugh at them as Algernon begins to seethe.

“Yuu gun wisten tu smawty naow! Gun show yuu wut happen if nu do wut say!”

He walks over and boops Charlemagne hard on the nose as the earthies chuckle, two of them begin to nose around Rosa and Ellen who cower and cry.

“Pwetty nu weggie mawes smeww su gud, been wong time since haf speshuw huggies.”

They begin to wiggle and pant in panic as the two large earthies hover over them, nuzzling at them.

“NUUU! Nu wan bad huggies pwease! Huuhuu, Ewwen am su scawed!”

Algernon is pinned under a large red and green earthie watching this all unfold as two more pin down Magnus and Charlemagne, batting at the back of their heads. Smarty is barking at all of them demanding compliance to his orders as one of the earthies lowers himself against Rosa’s rump.


Algernon screws his eyes closed in rage when something snaps, Zea’s words echo in his head.

“You’re the man of the house.”

Then dreamlike memories of Sarge.

“Love you little man, you’re a good boy.”

He trembles as a warmth washes over him and his good eye snaps open with a cold glare, he turns his head and viciously bites into the earthies leg taking a little chunk out of him.


The others all turn in surprise as Algernon pops to his feet and rushes the earthy on top of Rosa, slashing his neck with his sturdy horn.


All of that forgotten killer instinct comes rushing back to him, his body remains strong as the days of his hunts and his rage bubbles over as he pushes the bleeding fluffy off Rosa and they all watch gouts of blood spray from his neck.

“Munstah gif fwiend biggest huwties! Get dat munstah!”

The herd rushes him, leaving the pillowfluffs and Algernon's boys unguarded. They look on amazed as their father jukes and moves, smacking the earthies with hard hoof blows and headbutts. He rushes another and hits it in the ribs with a loud crack, sending it toppling and crying. He moves over it and reers up to bring his hoofs down hard on its neck til it breaks. The remaining two push him away and then loom over him before Magnus and Charlemagne rush in and push them to the ground, batting wildly with hoofs. Algernon turns his angry gaze upon the unicorn whose nerve is failing him as he trembles, backs away and pisses down his legs.

“Algernon teww yuu tu weave, shouwda wisten! Naow yuu made Algernon mad an YUU gun get wowstest huwties!”

The smarty backs away as Algernon grows closer with fire in his eye.

“N-nu! Stay way munstah! Jus wanned nummies!”

Algernon has no more patience and bats the fluffy hard in the face, blood pooling from his snout as he crumples to the ground.

“An algernon gave nummies, buh dat not nuff fow bad fwuffeh! Algernon nu am munstah, yuu am! Gif huwties to fwiends an famiwy wike buwwy! Neva gun do dat again!”


Algernon begins to stomp, bite and stab at smarty with his horn as he flails and screams in pain. Algernon doesn’t stop either, he keeps going with ferocious anger until the unicorn is bloodied, battered and still with the life gone from his eyes. Magnus and Charlemagne let the other two fluffies up and they limp off into the tall grass with trails of shit behind them. Algernon turns to see the pink and blue pegasus mare watching stunned and walks over to her with a stern gaze.

“Gu, weave hewe naow an nu come back. Nu wanned do dis buh smawty weave nu udda way. Dun eva come back, WEAVE!”


The pegasus turns and flees into the tall grass sobbing her eyes out, Algernon turns and goes to Rosa who still sobs and gently strokes her back.

“It am otay, Wosa. Bad meanie fwuffies nu huwt naow, am safies.”

She sobs with snot dripping down her snout and he leans in to give her a big hug, Magnus and Charlemagne run over and hug him tight too as Ellen cheers for him.

“Awgewnon am su bwave! Wuv Awgewnon!”

He smiles and coos into the group hug as his eye loses that hard edge and the killer instinct recedes again into the dark of his subconscious as if nothing happened. They all separate and he looks around a bit confused at the broken fluffies before spotting a large brown earthy staring at him mouth agape.

“Hewwo, am nyu fwiend?”

Athos had heard the commotion from inside the Marauders HQ while watching 3 stooges and now stands stunned to see Algernon in the yard standing over several broken ferals. He rushes over and hugs him tight and squeezes back his tears of joy. Algernon is confused but giggles and returns the hug.

“Teehee, wuv nyu fwiend tu!”

Athos sits back confused as Algernon smiles at him with a wagging tail, the others looking at him similarly.

“B-big bwudda nu memba? Am Athos!”

Al cocks his head and blinks before smiling.

“Hewwo Athos, am Algernon! Dis am Magnus an Chawwemagne, dat Wosa an Ewwen!”

Somehow Al has no memory of him, it confuses and saddens Athos. But they all seem so happy and that's good enough for him. He smiles and looks at the mess in the yard.

“Fwuffies betta gu back in housie, Athos wiww cwean dis up.”

He lunges in for another tight hug and sighs int Al’s shoulder.

“Wuv yuu, bwudda.”

Al shares a quizzical look at the strange brown fluffy before Athos turns and starts dragging the broken ferals into the tall grass.

“Who am dat, daddeh?”

Al turns to Magnus and then shakes his head.

“Dunno, buh feew wike kno dat fwuffeh. Wet’s gu back in housie befowe mummah Zea come back!”

They all turn to go back in the doggie door, Magnus and Charlemagne dragging Rosa and Ellen behind them. Al stops and gives a long look at Athos as he drags the bodies into the woods, they share a look and a somber smile before Al goes inside.



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deadweight: Algernon shows he still has some fight left in him when it comes to defending his family. Hope you all enjoy, stay tuned for my next story
- Reply
Anonymous1: I'm liking Algeron, though something tells me he's going to live up to his name.
- Reply
deadweight: @Anonymous: he already has to some extent. his memory was reset in a previous story

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MrBoo: @deadweight: Thanks deadweight. Great story. I appreciate the time you take in creating your world. I wish that more writers new to the booru would read your stuff and learn.
- Reply
deadweight: @MrBoo: thanks man
- Reply
Anonymous2: good story, well written.

What box would this be?
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deadweight: @Anonymous: perhaps a blend of hugbox and sadbox

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kmouse009: has anyone tried burying broken glass around the fence as a yard defense (I got ideas but cant write shit) to teach ferals a lesson