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?Saving Private Scraps: Chapter II

Be Private Scraps, who just experienced the first day of 'winter' (thought you didn't know it yet)

When you first awoke, the world was a blanket of white that surrounded the bunker in a pristine alabaster of diamonds from the sky. Your brain could barely comprehend the sheer beauty that had unfolded before you, and it showed in the way your eyes grew as big as saucers and twinkled like the shimmering flakes.

Your wonderment, of course, was replaced with reproach and caution when you stepped outside of your bunker through the pet door to touch it; It was cold beyond recognition, and it was wetness that clung to your fluff and soaked you to the bone. Must be some kind of post-apocalyptic water, you guessed. Might be best not to go near it.

Captain Daddy, on the other hand, disagreed. At least where you were concerned.This time you were allowed to bring with you a heavier winter scarf, goggles to shield your eyes from the reflected sun's glare, and some hot water so you don't freeze as quickly before you are booted out to the great wide world.

Emphasis on boot; Apparently your superior officer thought you were showing a tad too much reluctance and opted to punt you out the door.

Eventually managing to wriggle out of the foot-deep crater you made, you shivered and shook like a jerky wind-up toy as you got your footing. You take a step...and fall face-first into another crater nary half a foot away from the first one.

This new terrain will take some practice getting used too.
Be 7/11 Employee, flipping through your phone boredly on the slow winter day until you hear the doors slide open with a *DING!*, the howling winds outside whistling through the opening before being cut off as audible tooth chattering is heard. You look down to find a white-washed, drenched fluffy pony looking on the brink of hypothermia.

Jesus, he was a weird little annoyance and all but even you feel kinda bad for the fucker.

"Hey, little dude...y'allright? How come your being sent on your dumb 'reconaissance' mission when it's like a foot of snow outside and cold as balls? Come to think of it, how the fuck did you walk your way through that?" you ask him.

"J-j-ju-ju-just....g-g-gi-gib s-s-sup-pp-ppwies p-pa-pah-we-e-e-ase..." he rasps, shakily holding out the bills as he struggles to stand.

Sighing in annoyance, you get up off your ass and go to make some hot-cocoa; While you can't stand his dumb 'Apocalypse Now' mumbo-jumbo bullshit he spews or the fact that he draws the attention of all sorts of 'undesirables' as the boss puts it (ranging from lunatic, murder boner Delinquents to people who abuse the little bastards in a much more...Squicky way) you don't think the little ball of fluff deserves to freeze to death because his douchebag owner is to lazy to move beyond his fucking hallway.

That, and a dead fluffy pony in the middle of the store would raise a few too many questions and prompt a lengthy cleanup.

Setting the mug of chocolate powder and milk in front of it, ensuring it's not so hot it'll kill him or scald his insides, you gesture to drink it. "It's just Hot Chocolate, bro. Drink some before you go and dry off by that vent over there. I'll ring up your supplies, alright?"

He seems confused, and a little suspicious even as he tenderly tastes it. His faces scrunches up in confusion and wonder at the taste, but also to see if you spiked the drink with poison or something. You can't say you blame him for not being TOO trusting, you've never given a shit about him before. And people who do notice him generally don't bring good-will.

Still, he thanks you and pushes the Hot-Cocoa over to the vent before he begins to lap it up like a dog, his fur slowly fuzzing up as it dries off and warms up.

Meanwhile, you ring up the supplies, giving him his change and even packing it a bit for him (with a surprise inside for him). He freaks out at first that you're manhandlig him, but calms his fluffy nips down when you tell him you're just helping him out.

"W-Weww, Scwaps shuld git goin'...don' wan' keep Captain Daddeh waitin'...h-heh...anyways, t-tank oo again, Mistah Merchant."

"Call me Dave, please." you retort.

"Otay, tank oo Dave..." he finishes, before going back out the door and braving the cold and elements, leaving you alone with your thoughts once more. You briefly become aware that your asshole co-worker had watched you do this, prompting you to flip him off as he goes about restocking the shelves, laughing like a goon.


You returned to the bunker to find Captain Daddy very unhappy. He wants to punish you but he says he'll think of a punishment for being tardy with the supplies AFTER he eats. You hand him the food he calls a 'Breakfast Burrito' and some weird smelling beverage in a red metal casing. As he eats you slump over to your bed, finding something in the plastic bag that you don't remember buying.

It's a tiny packet filled with powder, on the front is a picture of the brown liquid the mer-you mean, Dave, gave you during your lengthy break.

You should probably inform Captain Daddeh of his generosity...

"*BRAAAAP*! Don't think you're *munch!* off the hook, by the way!" he calls out to you as he continues eating one room over...neglecting to give you daily provisions again and forcing you to eat one of the last few pellets of kibble you had rationed in your pack.

Stashing it away beneath your bed, you decide this can be ONE thing you could refrain from telling him...
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Anonymous1: I feel kind of bad.
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Anonymous2: ration kibble.... to think fluffys are dumb and to see this

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TheBurningUnit: @Anonymous: Fluffies are like small children, they are just ignorant or stupid depending how good you train it.
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