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Micron: How did it get there? I'm willing to take suggestions.
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Nocturn: Tried to give sorry poopies to a gorilla
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Anonymous1: The fluffy (who is male) wanted to find out how it felt to get "speciaw huggies" in his rear, but there were no other males around, so he had a female fluffy hold a banana upright while he jumped from atop a table and got it embedded right in his ass.
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Anonymous2: he was born with it
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Anonymous3: that last frame's poster is right, that's not good, it's excellent.
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Anonymous4: Somebody figured they could grow a banana tree that way?

Fluffy turns into garden fluff. Wowstest poopie pwace huwties.

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ShyGuy: The creepy thing is that doctor Ivan didn't move, but the wall behind him did... The background from panel 1 to panel 5 is completely different! Did Vodka created a hole through time and space?

Fluffy get the banana after a 'banana for scale' photo on 9gag
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Anonymous5: @Micron:
^ Fluffy see Ivan.
^ Ivan has "nana" nummies.
^ Fluffy ask Ivan for "nana" nummies.
^ Ivan is drunk. (Of course)
^ Ivan says "Да".
^ Ivan pick up fluffy.
^ Ivan still drunk.
^ Ivan no know which end is eating end.
^ Ivan say "Достаточно хорошо".
^ Fluffy say "Skreeeeeeeee!"
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Anonymous6(5): @ShyGuy: ShyIvan is of being the wrong. Cracks in wall same. TV is same, but screen change. Table is same. Chair is same. Doctor Ivan is same. Tools are same.
Poster is same too. Unless you are Capitalist pig spy!
Only different is camera angle. Camera angle change so things look moved, yes?

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Disintegral: @ShyGuy: Only the surgical diagram is completely different, although some of the other stuff's had things done to it. Same stuff, though.

For example, the box thing (window? TV?) looks to have had a poster covering the break in the glass, and a jellenheimer's pushed the poster down from the other side. The bottle of vodka is missing from the tool rack, but it looks like Doctor Ivan's just grabbed it, and all the stuff to the right of the bottle on the rack is just out-of-frame. And I think the hanging foal/micro might've got itself tangled up and choked itself to death by accident?

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xXJSIPE13Xx: am i the only one who loves the fluffy hanging out in his beard?
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