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The Third Circle
By Favelour

[CRASH] A smashed beer bottle in the distance wakes you up. And you were having the most wonderful dream. You can't remember it all, but you do remember that your old mummah and your old mummah's daddy were both playing and laughing with you. You weren't in your old safe room, you were in a safe room bigger and prettier than you ever thought possible, with so many wonderful toys you had never seen before. There were other fluffies there too, all laughing and playing as well. So many new friends! Then suddenly you looked around and there was food, lots and lots of food, more than you had ever seen in fact. Strange that you hadn't noticed it at first, but now that you did you suddenly found yourself wanting to eat it all.

You ate and ate until you were no longer rail thin, but back to your old self again. But that wasn't enough, you wanted to make sure you were never hungry ever again so you kept eating, growing bigger and bigger the more you ate. You started to become a bit concerned that you'd become too fat to move, but your a quick flutter of your wings confirmed you could just fly instead. Just as you were starting to fill out the entire room with your girth, and finally beginning to feel that you were almost big enough you woke up. It had all seemed so real. The noise of the shattering glass startles you to your feet on reflex, and for a brief instant you're confused by your surroundings. You get the sudden urge to call out for your mummah to find you, but before you can finish the first word reality comes back to you. Its been so long since you've had anything to eat that you can barely even feel the pain of hunger anymore, that passes after the first couple of days, a fact you know well. But a burning desire to eat and eat lingers in your mind from the dream. It felt like you were hungry enough to eat all the food in the world, how wonderful would that be. But a groan from your stomach and a pang of pain snaps you out of the fantasy and reminds you of just how dire your situation really is.

Lying back down on your side you look at your dingy matted green fluff, that had once been so pretty. How unhealthily thin your body looks. It fills you with a sense of dread, you know that death is almost certainly near. Trying to put that thought out of your head you think about how perfect that dream had been. Trying to put thoughts of food out of your mind as well (which is hard, since its just about all you CAN think about these days) you focus on the first part where you were playing with your mummah. You miss your mummah and your mummah's daddy so much. Thinking back on your old life though, it was never really like in that dream. No matter how much love you gave to your mummah's daddy he never gave you any love back, he never played with you, never even hugged you. You always had a suspicion that deep down he really hated you, even though he never said so. That made you sad, but it was ok as long as you had your mummah to play with. She loved you a lot and always played your favorite games. Sometimes she would even give you peanut M&M's as a treat if you'd been a good fluffy, ah food...

But then over time she got very sick. She stayed in bed most days and could barely play with you at all. When she was really sick you just sat by her on the bed and hugged her, hoping that it would make the sick go away, but it never did. One day she was sicker than normal, and some big men came and took her away on a weird bed with wheels. You wanted to come along and stay with her but they wouldn't let you. You couldn't know it at the time but that would be the last time you ever saw her. You waited and waited but she didn't come back, not even after more bright times than you could count.

You asked your mummah's daddy every day when she was coming home and all he would say was that he didn't know. You had really bad heart hurties, and you could see that he did too. You tried giving him hugs but he always told you to leave him alone. One day when you asked when mummah was coming home he said she was never coming back because she had died, you felt yourself crushed by despair. You missed her so much, and now there was no one to spend time with you. You wondered if your mummah's daddy wanted to die, whenever you saw him he certainly looked like it.

You tried to fill your days mainly just by watching flufftv, or looking out the window, but there was rarely much going on. On flufftv you learned about feral fluffies, friends helping eachother survive, mummahs with their own fluffy babies. You could see that it was a hard and scary life where many died, including poor little babies, but you were consumed with a desire to join them, to be free from this hell. Sure, here you were well fed with food, but you were starved of attention and affection. You had to ask your mummah's daddy to let you be free, it was the only way. You figured he would say no and you might have to run away when his back was turned, but surprisingly he agreed right away that it was probably for the best.

After a short and frightening trip in a metal monster your Mummah's Daddy let you down on the side of a street corner you didn't recognize. He handed you a bag with some bread in it, wished you good luck, and told you to try to make it last. You did, but that was over a month ago, and now the bread was long gone. Being used to eating from a bowl your whole life you soon realized that finding food was next to impossible. You observed humans throwing out trash into large containers, and you could smell food inside them (even though it smelled pretty terrible) but they were always either too high up to get to, too big to flip over, or the tops were somehow stuck and no matter what you did you couldn't open them. Maybe if there had been other fluffies around who had more experience on their own they could have shown you how to get food, but after days and days of searching you hadn't found a single other fluffy.

Without any other choice you took to begging other humans for food. Nearly all of them simply ignored you, and one of them had even given you a swift kick to the ribs, but a few nice humans had given you some scraps. That and the occasional bit of food you'd found lying on the ground or rare patch of green growing between the sidewalk was all that had allowed you to survive this long. You had no idea how to hunt or really take care of yourself.

The last solid food you'd eaten was six days ago, and now you barely even had the strength to stand up again, you were tired all the time. All you could really think about was food, fantasies of becoming so fat you could never possibly be hungry again filled most of your dreams. You reached a hoof over to your midsection and felt just how thin your body was now, it was terrifying. Equally upsetting was that your once glorious green coat and mane had become filthy and disgusting, you were an ugly fluffy now. As you'd grown dirtier and dirtier you'd noticed that the humans had become less inclined to help you. Yes the humans that you once looked up to and adored seemed to not care at all for you now. All the times you'd been begging at houses or restaurants in recent memory you were quickly shooed away.

You knew that if you didn't eat something soon you'd starve to death, a part of you welcomed it. It was certainly starting to seem like the only way your story could end. But you wondered what would happen to you during forever sleepies. Would you dream forever? That would be nice if it was a good dream like the one you just had, but sometimes you had scary dreams. What if you were in one of those forever? Sometimes you didn't even dream at all, what if you went forever sleepies and there was just nothing forever? That was rather frightening, and put any thoughts of just lying down and waiting for death out of your head. You reluctantly got to your feet, much slower than you did when you first woke up.

Setting out to try to find even the slightest crumb to sate the burning lust for food in your belly you started to feel a few drops of water on your head. This is bad. You look around for where you can find some cover until it ends and spot the covered porch of a modest house. Since you're already here you decide to bang a hoof at the door in the hopes that maybe you could get a hand out, even though you know it will almost certainly end in disappointment. But no one answers the door. You lie down on your protruding hip bones and watch the flash of lightning in the distance as the rain comes down around you. You drift off to sleep.

You're awoken what seems like a moment later by the sound of a car coming into the driveway. It's no longer raining. Your first impulse is to flee, but your body is so weak that it simply refuses to do what you ask. “Pwease weggies, pwease wingies” you whisper to yourself, almost like a prayer. But to no avail, as all that happens is that you start to become dizzy from the effort and have to stop.

You see a man walk out of the car carrying several large bags. You don't want to say anything, suddenly terrified by your helpless position. Humans almost always got mad when they saw you at their home. If they shooed you away or threw something at you then you always understood and ran away, but now you're too weak to run, too weak to even stand. What's going to happen to you if he wants you to leave but you can't? He could just stomp you to death if he wanted.

As he walks up to the porch you can hear your heart pounding loudly inside your head, something tells you this is going to be the end. But then the axe never falls. Quite the opposite in fact.

“Hey there little fluffy, what are you doing there? Are you lost?” the man said sweetly. You notice how odd he looks, not like Mummah's Daddy at all. He has white not fluff on his head, and barely any of it at all, his face is all scrunchy and has lots of different colored spots.

“Aw poor thing, you look like you're starving.”

“Pwease nice mistah...so hungwies...pwease need nummies...no can move” was all you were able to get out, and rather weakly at that. You could tell from the tone and body language of this human that he was friendly to you. What a stroke of good luck. He walked inside his house and you could smell a tantalizing aroma emanating from within. You knew instantly, it was FOOD. Your sudden burst of optimism exploded as he came back outside and dropped something near your face, you could tell it was edible and suddenly found the strength to reach down and savagely gobble it up. You gulp it down in a single bite, unable to savor the taste at all, but you could tell from the aftertaste that it had been meat, probably a bit of hotdog.

He seemed a bit taken aback by how rapidly you ate the food and handed you another bit of sausage which you ate just as rapidly. Then another and another.

“Well come on in then, I've got more inside”. Surprisingly you find yourself able to rise to your feet and walk, the weakness that had paralyzed your body seemed greatly relieved now that you've got some food in your belly. He shuts the door behind you and you're quite happy for it, you've had enough of the cruel outside world. The nice mister feeds you an entire package of hotdogs which you greedily hork down as soon as they're set in front of you. Then he made two strip steaks, one for himself and one for you.

“Damn thing must have been completely starved” he muttered to himself. You feel something you haven't felt in a long time, maybe ever, you feel sated. For now, that is. The thought of the unending hunger comes flooding back into your mind, you have to make sure that never happens to you again, you've GOT to bulk up. So you force yourself to finish all the food he sets in front of you. Maybe if you eat enough you'll never have to experience that hunger again, maybe you can make your dream a reality. You're in such a complete state of bliss at this fortunate turn of events that you don't even care when he puts you in a bathtub and has to roughly clean all the dirt and grime out of your fluff. Once he does, your beautiful green coat is shining again, hardly worse for wear at all. You have to say something to make sure he will take you in, but what? You have nothing to give him in return for such kindness, other than a hug that is. Which you offer gladly.

“My you're such a pretty girl, who would ever throw you away?”

“Pwease nicest mistah, Emwawd no wan be hungwy no mowe. Jus wan nummies an wuv, pwease be nyu daddy? Emwawd pwomise to be the bestest fwuffy evew” You can't think of anything else to promise so you just hug his leg tightly.

“Well I don't think I could just throw you back out on the street, and they do say caring for a pet helps slow the dementia...alright you can stay”

“Yay! Tank yu nyu daddy, Emwawd wuv you, dis bestest day eva!” You jump up and down a bit before feeling a bit of churn in your stomach so you stop and just settle for fluttering your wings excitedly.

“Hah, alright, settle down there. So you're Emerald huh? Guess that makes sense. I think I'll give you a new name though, how about Aveline, that's my grand daughter's name.”

A new name? Well you were starting a new life with a new daddy, so you suppose there's nothing wrong with having a new name. “Tank you daddy, Aveween wuv nyu name. Aveween wuv daddy.” He kneels down and gives you a big hug. You are at peace.

“Good then, now let's get you some food. I bet you're absolutely starving.”
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favelour: Did you know that its common for people who nearly starve to death to retain lifelong trauma from those experiences? There were many Holocaust survivors who refused to ever leave their home unless they were carrying some food on them, the memory of starvation was so powerful. I personally knew a man who went hungry during the great depression and was still scarred by it over 60 years later.

So what happens when a fluffy traumatized by nearly starving to death on the streets gets adopted by a nice old man with memory problems due to dementia? Well you'll actually have to wait until the next part to find out, sorry.

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gr1m_1: @favelour:
youre last sentence there made my nunu twitch
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HuuHuu: Nice setup, eager to see where you go with it.
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Anonymous1: This is great!
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Gardel: @favelour: starvation is an awful way to die
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TheMoose: is good

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Manchurro: @favelour: my mom grew up in imppovrished mexico, even now she still hordes dry beans and rice, for fear of running out.
She'd evrn used to feed us large portions of food as kids
This hit close to home

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Manchurro: Also a really sweet story
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Anonymous2: I like this story, it's got some serious potential!
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