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Toms Experiments

The Second generation

Chapter 3

Tom laughed loudly and cruelly at the immobile smarty. The wooden frame it was attached to wiggled only slightly as he struggled, his eyes wide with fear as he felt touches and grazes on his ass from his new friends. The rats were starting to get extremely stressed. The glass prison that housed them was beginning to heat up quickly from the flame beneath it. Their movements became erratic and quick as touching the floor became unbearable. After a matter of only 30 seconds one had started scratching at the brick one one side. The other however....

"Nuu!! NUUUU STAY 'WAY MUNSTAH!! YOU NO... you nooo.." The purple unicorn trailed off as the rat tested the integrity of the flesh wall impeding its exit. Tom rose from his chair and rested his head on his hands on the counter top, grinning from ear to ear making direct eye contact with the bio-toy who's eyes were now filled with tears and were wide as plates. "Well well well" said Tom cheerfully "It looks like YOU'RE for dinner my pet"

"WET FWUFFY GO HOOMIN!! BE GUD FWUFFY! WIW... NUU NU NU NU...SCREEEE NUUU!!!" It yelled out as the front paws of the rodent got to work on his skin. "OWIEESSS!!!! POOPIE PWACE HUWT!! PWEASE NICE MONSTAH PWEASE I GEIFS HUGGIES AND SCCREEEEE!!!! SCREEEEEE!!!!!!!!!" The rat had began gnawing and pulling at the ring of muscle in front of it, little streams of blood now coating the glass floor with red blood.

The unicorn was wailing in earnest, little tatters of skin were coming away from his anus and tears poured like a river from its eyes. The rats friend had joined him and they both began stripping away flesh in the sheer blind panic to escape. "Hmmm...." Tom thought aloud so as to be audible over the ponies screams. "It looks like these monster don't like eating poopy places that much, they're just really hungry......hmmm....... I might be able to get them to stop if we give them something else..."

"PWEASE HEWP SCREEE!! NICE HOOMAN HEWP FUFFY STUP MUNSTAAAAAHSSSSSSCREEEEE!!" The wooden frame was rocking as the fluffy thrashed and struggled with all its might to get free. The rats had managed to get half an inch inside, their pointed brown heads red, their fur matted and covered with fecal matter and congealing fluffy blood. "Well lets see.... what DO monsters like to eat" Tom smirked as he scratched his chin and looked at the ceiling. "What to doooo what to doooooo"


"Well alright then seeing as you asked so nicely" Tom replied sweetly, and ducked out of view behind the doomed purple creature. "Oh monsters? I can give you something else to eat if you like?.....What's that? Well I'll ask but I can't promise anything" he said trying not to laugh. He moved back in front of the unicorn and said "Well they said that poopie place tastes yucky, but they really do like earsies"


"Nonono I'm afraid that won't do at all, they're very hungry for earsies and that's the only thing they want instead of poopie places"

"HAFFF HAFFF PWEASEEEEE!!! NNUNUNUNU SCREEEEE!!!! STAHP BIGGEST OWIES MUNSTAH!!!" The rats had peeled back a very large portion of what looked like his colon. "I'm sorry but that's what they said, don't you want them to stop eating poopie place?". Tom cocked his head and looked with a confused expression at his prisoner. More wails, more tears, more screams....and then..."Huuuhuuuhhuuuuu!!! OTAY!!OTAY!!TAKE EARSIES!! STOP WOWSTEST HUWTIES PWEASSSEEEE!!"

"Are you sure? you don't sound like you mean it..."


".......Say, Please nice mister, please take stupid moron smarties ears"


"Say it" Tom demanded with a voice like steel.

The unicorns eyes were rolling, the rats had half their bodies into their victim, biological waste streaming out behind them completely submerging their tails. The blood and bile was bubbling at the bottom of the glass container over the heat of the flame.


"Whatever you say lambchop" Tom grinned viciously and with a pair of garden secteurs he slipped a pony ear between its jaws. Slowly and deliberately he began piling on the pressure twisting slightly, the blunt,rusted instrument mangling the cartilidge.


With a firm tug the now seperated appendage flopped uselessly in the air. "There we go, I think that ought to do" Said Tom and dropped it behind the pony whilst moving behind him. "How about you have this nice ear instead monter?" Tom asked the empty bell jar.

Tom then spoke in as high pitched, nasally, and as rat like a voice as he could produce. "Grrr!! that ams yucky heawy pwace!! no wants!!! wants see pwaces instead!! soft and wound and nummy!"

"Are you sure? This is a nice ear! I know that it came from a useless pile of scum and shit but it's still an ear"


Tom moved back to the front, just about to laughingly inform the fluffy of what it already heard but there was no need. "SMAWTY GIVES EAWSY!! NO CAN HAZ SEE PWACE!! NU FAIWWW!!! huuuuhuuuhuuu!!! no can hahahAAASSSSSSSSS REEEEE!!!!" The rats had delved further inside him, only their tails now visible from the gaping maw of the fluffies shredded rectum. They had only left an angry mangled hole in their wake. The skin under his rump was distended and bulging in places, it heaved up and and down with the movements of its new guests.

Tom moved back behind him and switched once more to his "Munstah" voice.
"Grrrr!!! dummie poopeh fluff!! nu geifs see places!!.........wot ams dis?" Tom pinched the fluffies ball sack with his finger nails mimicking a tentative bite. "Soft and wownd wike see pwaces....dey wook nummy!". The fluffy gasped in utter terror and screamed so loud and shrill that Toms hearing dulled momentarily, it was completely petrified.


"No wants see pwaces noaow!!! dese ams wook the bestest evah wumpies!" With that Tom placed the cold unfeeling metal of his gardening tool around the unicorns testicles.


Tom had begun squeezing as hard as he could on the ponies scrotum, the blade was still too dull however for a clean cut, and the gap between the blades was large enough that most of the crushed tissue was squeezed inbetween them rather than separated cleanly. So Tom did what he did best and improvised, he twisted the seceteurs in a 360 degree angle and pulled with all his might. The skin stretched marvelously, scarlet blood covering the blade and little chunks of flesh came free dropping to the ground. The pain was so great that the purple toy could no longer make a sound. Its eyes bloodshot and glazed screamed more than the little idiot ever could however. It was glorious.

"Oh no!!!! they took your special lumps!!!!!!" Tom cried out acting horrified. "Quick!! What else do you want monsters!?! there's no need to eat any more!!"

The pony had regained his powers of speech after overcoming the initial shock, and his tormented anguish turned back into rage. "REEEEEE!!!AMS WOWSTEST HOWWIBWE HOOMIN MUNSTAH HUUUUUUUUUUU!!!! YOU AMS DO DIS TO SMAWTY!!!!!! WANTS YOU FOWEVEA SWEEPIES!!! YOU AMS POOPIEST MISTUH EVAHREEEEEE REEEEEEEEE!!!!

Tom went quiet, he left his implement out of sight and moved back in front of the fluffy. He whispered in its remaining ear
"What did you say to me? That's a very bad fluffy you know....trying to hurt my feelings when I'm trying to help you..... That's earned you the sorry stick I'm afraid..." The foul little creature had the gall to spit blood at Toms cheek. He had clenched his jaws so hard at times the gums had started to bleed. Tom knew he wouldn't have much longer anyway the rodents were out of sight completely, so he silently turned around to get his sorry stick. His 10 inch long, masonry sorry stick attached to a cordless drill.

"This is a special sorry stick" Tom said grinning like a complete maniac at his prisoner. This stops you from hurting peoples feelings. "Nu! nunununununununu!!!!! Ams sowwy!!!!! AMS BE GUD FWUFFYYY!!! PWEASEE!!HEWWPPPPPPPPP!!!" It was no longer addressing Tom but the air around him, like he expeced his toughies to burst through the door and whisk him away. Hilarious. Tom grabbed a wooden block and propped it underneath the ponies chin, placing a hand over the top his mouth with his fingers apart to make room and to stop its mouth from opening. "After this" Tom said "We'll see if you insult me again"


Tom drilled straight down the roof of its nose, blood spurted out is nostrils and out of its lips, the flesh and fur was sticking to the drill bits grooves and being pulled around in circles at 300000 RPM. he felt a little give and heard a "SCLORTCH" sound as it successfully made its way down into the mouths cavity and then another pull as it ate into it's tongue, then into its lower jaw and finally into the wood below.


Tom detached the drill from the bit and stepped back to admire his work. The attachment had fully impaled the Unicorns mouth and been secured to the wood below. His mouth was forever sealed shut, a round peg of steel protuding from the top of its ugly muzzle. He was growing weak now. He had lost a lot of blood, the rats were nearing the centre of its belly. The heart would soon give out.

With one last look directly into its eye Tom said "Oh looks like you weren't enough for the monsters.....they're so hungry.....looks like they'll just have to go and find some soon mummahs around They'll do nicely...fat and slow with lovely soft babies inside them"

The fluffies eyes still wide in panic looked upon Tom one last time, as he walked out of the shed and closed the door behind him. Leaving the bio-toy to be finished off.

"Shit.....I've only got an hour before the shop closes.... why did I promise Blueberry some marshmallows?" He thought to himself as he strolled to the car.

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Anonymous1: The end was legendary. Forcing the smarty to imagine rats crawling into his mares couches and nibling at the foals inside. Yesss, I can see how the smarty just realised/felt the position he is in, ahh it‘s so invigorating, pure ecstasy having the lesser realise what comes for them.
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Anonymous2: His story is far from over :) Tom doesn’t let death have any say in the matter. Smarty fluff will still prove useful
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Anonymous3: Now THIS is some top tier abuse.
But will the booru praise this? Noooo, they will flock around the hugboxing faggot tale with his ultra faggot mc and lazy writing.
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Justaguy: Haha, I’m happy if just one person likes my stories . And I don’t do hugbox whatsoever. Toms purpose is always to outdo any work he’s done before.
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Anonymous4: @Justaguy: I thought you died! thank the abuser gods that you came back, i thought i might not see Tom again!
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Justaguy: Got myself all st up again ready for regular uploads. The fun is beginning all over again
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CockSmasher: You write good abuse. Keep it up.
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Anonymous5: Love it! Keep up the good work!
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Anonymous6: I just read all of your chapters, damn this shit is good. Please more
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Sorrowkandy: left to his fuckin doom
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