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List of "Bad Ideas" for new fluffies

by kmouse009

I can't make a story so wrote a list instead of obvious and "new stuffs" I need to get off my head so read if you wnat to. Thanks with putting up with my nonsense.

G 0 fluffies

- Made from many animal DNA and the first being born from a special incubator pods.

- The first fluffies ever made by Hasbio, they are very fragile and required a padded saferoom.

- The intended design and appearance did not go quite well, so these are the results.

- Very expensive for something harmless to children and very stupid but thats what Hasbio want.

- Designed to be indoor pets and programmed to rely help on humans.

- They don't like water from the start but they will get used to it in the future and would always love to be clean.

- The accidents and mess they would do are small and managable.

- Both genders are sold infertile.

- A majority of them got out of the facility during the "raid" with the other fluffies and died shortly.

- They don't exist anymore since they were to expensive and meant for rich people.

- They are currently kept under Hasbio for further research along with the data and equipment used to create them.

- Hasbio won't create them anymore excluding a presentation on how they were made to the public.

G 1 fluffies "Shitrats"

- They are the result of the "fertile fluffies" and others that got out and mix breeding in the wild.

- A little more resilient because of he harsh environment but still easy to break. They don't need padded rooms.

- They form herds and dig burrows to survive.

- They can't live more than a couple of month or less due to their stupidity.

- Less expensive than the "things they would need" due to the population boom they're doing.

- The tainted "programming" made them think they are entitled when they see a human or get an owner.

- Very fertile due to the mixed relationships of prototypes and "baby factories" in the wild.

- When mature enough, mares think babies will make everything better and stallions have a constant or always need to hump things.

- Some dams will be agressive towards their owner even if the owner approves a litter and help the dam with its needs.

- Male or female all of them will become a smarty out of petty reasons, stubbornness or getting spoiled.

- Despite being manmade they are still edible if prepared right.

- Due to the overpopulation, some people found ways to make them useful instead of killing them on the streets and it became a competition among companies since then.

- Many companies will buy any captured herd to prevent many people from releasing them and making a mess or any kind of damages.

- They are only protected as "property" if someone took them in from the petshops, shelters or streets.

G 2 fluffies "Wild pigs"

- They went further into the wild changing them even more just to adapt. They're much more faster and smarter.

- A head bigger than a thoughie and a little more or just as hard as a rat, all of them have the same size of sixteen inches high.

- They rely mostly on high numbers to overwhelm or discourage animals or predators.

- The burrows they dig are much more larger, this can also be dangerous to bigger animals or vehicles.

- Thier programming are replaced with animal like instincts, they can't be raised as a pet.

- Wild pigs are popular on the abusers community for being more durable, being raised in fluffy mill they have no idea how to survie outdoors.

- They can live more than two years and the oldest fluffies also acts like an advisor to the herd.

- Females have four sets of mammary glands and a normal number of litter all of the foals are given equal portion of milk.

- They don't pick favourites since it lead to petty (for a fluffy anyway) infighting among other foals and parents joining in the chaos.

- Brown and green colored fluffies are kept healthy for scouting and foraging while an alicorn is a future leader or extra voice.

- They have less amount of fece compared to the first fluffies since the food they eat goes to their body for energy instead.

- Runts and milkbandits are the only fluffies they would kill, the latter for being selfish and mostly useless among the herd.

- Sometimes milkbandits will become the herds enfie baby and poop eater after harming any foals over milk. They can be raised as a pet if a hunter is lucky to get one alive.

- Aside from thoughies they also have "workers" who grow grass and berries.

- When introduced to G1 fluffies, they turn into a fluffy with the worst smarty syndrome. This did less favor to them but more to humans.

- The only litter a G1 and G2 will make are only stillborn and runts despite both being fluffies.

- A number of them are kept on a controlled enviroment for research, if the gathered information is enough the fluffies are killed and replaced with new ones since they seem to change by little.

- They are the reason why "fluffy law" does not exist anymore right after they devestated a farm and killed the farmhands trying to protect the crops. This is where the mutual grudge between human and fluffys started.

- Law has it that in small numbers they should be killed immediately if there is a herd authorities must be called to capture them.

- Some volunteers are also sent to help out the military on trying to cull their population. Non-military and volunteers are tasked to guard the edge of towns and farms while militants go deep into the woods.

- Human casualties can't be avoided when fighting herds of wild pigs. The humiliation of getting killed by one only adds more hate on both parties.

G 3 fluffies "Hybrid Clone"

- Originated as a single birth from a G2 male and a G1 female on a research facility owned by Hasbio being the biggest runt ever born. The defect being a filly lacking mammary glands and infertile.

- The original is just as big and durable as a G2 but more smarter and can be raised as a pet, while the improved ones are a little bit more.

- The clones are born from captured feral mares that will be inseminated. Once the foals are born the mares are heavily damaged from gestation, they will only be kept to feed the foals until they wean and are discarded for processing.

- During the foals growth, their mothers verbal assault make them hate fluffies and will do whatever the "loving" humans would say.

- Healthy feral mares and their fillies are perfect candidates for insemination while home or factory raised fluffies gives the clone some problems and setbacks.

- Once the fillies are fully grown they will be inseminated three days after maturing. Replacement is always required.

- Despite the original having a boring color (brown coat, white mane and tail) the clones vary from colors and race due to the different flufies they caught and use.

- The only available gender is female with the appearance similar to a "filly" from the show.

- Cost price are also similar to good colored fluffies from thirty to fifty dollars despite the rare coloration and combination.

- They can be raised similar to a cat and the mess they make is less than one. They are not afraid of water and would love to be clean.

- Hasbio earned the support from the government because of them reducing feral population and minimizing the ferals to a tolerable number. In truth, they just wanted to catch them first before the exterminators and make little money due to the clones positive feedbacks.

- When their time is up in the petshop or shelter, instead of getting euthanize the government will take them as "government property". They will be trained how to survive outdoors and fight against G2s with volunteering humans (soldiers,abusers,exterminators), in groups or alone to reduce human casualties.

G 4 fluffies "Plushy ponies"

- Improved and modified from the G3 having the design and body structure of a "mare" from the show. Just like G3 clones, infertile females are the only available gender.

- Disturbingly dubbed "art in real life" by the MLP fans and artist due to how they draw them and other explicit fanart found i.e no "crotchboobs"

- "New born" foals are as big as guineapigs, when fully grown they reach up to twenty eight inch of hight. They are as durable as a dog their size but still can not win from one or any.

- Once the inseminated mare exclaims birth, the "foal" is actually stuck inside so the employees have to manualy tear them in half to..........haha just kidding, they are actually born from modified "incubator pods" especially for them similar from the first fluffies but bigger.

- Employees incharge of taking care of the foals are tasked to stay quiet around the plushys. They have to learn words and sentences to speak making them human like than programmed.

- Plushy ponies speak like fluffies when they are foals after weaning they can talk like a seven year old child when fully mature they will add quips and remarks like your typical teenager.

- Plushy ponies enjoy being clean and wouldn't mind being bathed unlike fluffies who are afraid of the water.

- During foalhood, taking care of them are like well behaved fluffies. After weaning they would like to learn more than just play. Fully grown, they can manage themselves, this made them quite boring or perfect companions.

- They prefer exercising and reading over playing when they are fully grown. They also like to wrestle with other plushy ponys or dogs.

- Despite the foreign language learned they can still understand what previous fluffies say due to plushys still being one.

- All plushys are given a reasonable cost prize even if they have rare coloration, color combination and such are sold seventyfive to a hundred dollars instead. Being cheaper compared to a designer fluffy and well behaved, Hassbio actualy made money from the high demand and cheaper sale compared to fluffy mills.

- Dull and natural coloration are just as popular as the rainbow variety.

- Unlike fluffies that have an addiction to spagheti, they prefer cooked fluffies and politely ask to have one next time if declined instead of throwing a tantrum.

- They are not popular to the hugbox community and call them monsters due to the new programming and diet Hasbio put into them.

- Some of the crazier hugboxers look at them the way abusers do. Bronies look at them in more fucked up and questonable ways. Dog lovers are also less thrilled on how easy they are to train.

- Some police can't help but break in the homes of crazy hugboxers torturing them as a form of payback from the past using an excuse of "we thought it was a child screaming, we're just making sure it wasn't".

- A few animals and most people tolerate them far more better than fluffies. Since they are humanoid in contrast to fluffies they avoid abuse less or no one wants a police barging in.

- Hasbio used a new persons DNA for their behaviors and mindset. They are patient, curious, smart and obedient to humans in general and hate fluffies in kind.

- During an experiment of spoiling the pony, they thank the person and try to repay them or politely decline the offer. They would also "hunt" a fluffy and offer it to the owner as a "thank you" or "cook this for me".

- Instead of running from the owner they will accept punishment.

- They brought back the Brony's much to other communities chagrin especially hugboxers.

- Law protected them as "pets" and government property.

- After the success of the plushy ponies rumor has it that Hasbio planned to create more predatory version of the ponies like bat ponies, sphinx, hippogriffs and manticores.

- Just like the G3s they are sent straight to start training against G2s.


So yeah the G2, G3 and G4 are my ideas for new fluffies (and companies I did not mention). The G3s were supposed to be ordinary brown fluffies trained by someone to protect the internanional farm he owns and runs against ferals breaking in. The G2s were supposed to be just as big as G4s but that idea got discarded. If anyone is interested in my concepts above its free to use anyway.
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kmouse009: I just need to get that off my head and I'm done :D. I still don't care what people think kmouse do wha want.

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MostlyHereToLurk: A headcanon in which fluffies are actually tangible threats to humans? Now I've seen everything.

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Lemurboy072: I do like the idea of a story revolving around these types or possibly more from a mix of breeding and science. I mean, possibly creating a hybrid involving cannibal fluffies could probably lead to some pretty good hunter fluffies made to hunt down certain small animals or other weaker fluffies
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Anonymous1: @MostlyHereToLurk: To be fair, actual wild pigs can be a threat, and are rather hard to put down due to their thick skull.
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Anonymous2: Can I get a G4? They sound cool. Also, Can I PLEASE get a Griffin? Oh god please.

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kmouse009: @Lemurboy072: ever heard of "story of the blanks" ? I plan on G2s meet with death after a failed attempt on farm invading

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kmouse009: @Anonymous: everybody wants an equestrian as a pet baronies do and holy shit puffy griffins doesn't seem to make an appearance for some reason so I'm with you there

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kmouse009: I meant bronies
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Anonymous3(1): @kmouse009: I get the feeling that a brony wouldn't really like one unless they acted like the one, I mean, what a person really like is their personality of the character, not their looks, if that was really the case, then skinning them and turning them into a plushy would work.

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VenomFluff: Would like to see a story where the G3-4s hunt down some herds of regular shitrats
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