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The Four Fluffy Seasons

Summer, part 2

The days that followed Chester’s discovery of the magical portal to Skettiland were full of bliss. Chester had grown considerably in size due to his frequent trips to the skettiland portal. His foals were developing well, growing at a remarkable rate due to the rich “spaghetti-milk” diet provided by Flower’s teats and Chester’s raids. Compared to the other fluffy families, Chester’s foals were easily the healthiest, strongest, and therefore, “bestest” of the herd. Indeed, the herd itself seemed to be flourishing as dams gave birth and fluffies chased their partners through the grassy fields that surounded their nests and burrows. The disapearences of some of the unhealthy foals had startled the herd and every now and then you could hear the soft “huuu huuu” of a mare over the loss of her foal. However, common fluffy views on bestest-babies, dancie-babies, and poopie-babies often muted any over-arching concerns. The smarty himself viewed his herd to truly be one of the best since nearly every fluffy family at this point only had healthy foals.

Chester was in a pickle. There were very few nests left that had any handicapped foals in need of transport to the wonderful heaven of Skettiland. Either he would have to return to scrounging for regular scraps and slow down the intervals at which he visited the machine OR he would have to find a new way to get the sweet fluffy nectar. That said, some viable nests remained. As the sun had begun to set, Chester had settled upon visiting the nest of a ragged yellow mare who had unfortunately given birth to two undesirable foals who each lacked a hoof and often spat up milk.

“Dat poor wittwe mare hab tu sickie-babbehs, but chestaw kno what tu du. Sketties am bestest nummies evah, awow speshew-fwiend tu make bestest milkies. Su Skettiwand HAB to hewp babbehs get nu weggies” thought Chester happily.

Still, like every other time, he was reluctant to approach the mare in broad-daylight. If other fluffies were to discover the portal, they would take all the sketties away from Chester and Chester’s babies wouldn’t be the herds bestest babies anymore. He would have to visit in the night. As the sun set, he slunk away from his sleeping partner to the other mare’s nest. It was a crude, damp place, located in a bush close to a broken sprinkler head, littered with trash the mare had struggled to find after her mate had left her due to her “dummeh-babbehs.” She snored quietly with soft whines intermixed as the cold seeped into her fluff. She had manuevered her body into a ball with her two foals nestled deep into her belly-fluff.

Chester, well-adjusted to his night-time prowls, tip-toed expertly across the floor avoiding the small twigs and branches that would give himself away. With as much grace as a fluffy could manage, he leaned over the mare’s rear and carefuly grabbed one of the foals by its backfluff. The foal began to shiver and peep softly as a breeze caught it in his mouth.

“peep . . . *kaff* . . . peep . . .chirp . . .*kaff kaff* cold, mummah, cold”

Chester quickly turned is head and tucked the foal into his backfluff. The foal snuggled deeply against his fat-rolls in utter bliss. Meanwhile, the other foal had turned away from him. Eager to grab it, he leaned in heavily. Too heavily.

With a crash, he collapsed onto the mare and the foal who both woke up with a fright.

“NO HURT FWUFFY, TAKE BABBEH” screeched the mare as she looked up in terror at the gigantic blob of fluff that pooled over her.

“SHHHHHHH, stupid mawe, SHHHHHH” whispered Chester urgently. “Fwuffy am here to hewp yu! Hewp babbehs!”

The mare’s breaths began to slow as she recognized Chester.

“Why yu scawe fwuffy yu dummeh! It darkie-time nao!” whispered back the mare, annoyed at being awoken with a long-day ahead of collecting nummies.

Chester rolled off the mare, fluffy mind racing on what to do. What would happen if he told her about the special portal to Skettiland? She could tell everyone! But Chester was a good fluffy. He couldn’t lie outright, that’s what bad fluffies do!

Chester sighed, “Chestaw kno special pwace with awwww da nummies in da wowd. It wewe Chestaw get weawy weawy good nummies for speshew-fwiend and hewp dummeh fwuffies get to skettiwand . . .”

The mention of Skettiland perked the mare up immediately and she rose too quickly, dropping her remaining foal on the ground.

“Skettiwand!” she nearly screamed were it not for Chester looking at her intimidately.

“Chestaw hewp sabe babbehs!” replied Chester casually. “take dem to skettiwand an . . . an . . . skettiwand gib Chestaw sketties”

He hadn’t really pondered why skettiland would give him sketties. It certainly was convenient since it meant he didn’t have to go to skettiland and return back with them. But for Chester’s steadily increasing girth, any shortcut was happily accepted, no questions asked.

“CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP” cried the foal lying on the ground as it, blindly continued to search for its mother in the damp dirt.

Chester picked up the foal swiftly and deposited it on his back next to the other foal who quickly embraced it with a coo. He looked at the mare who was eyeing him curiously.

“mabe . . . mabe Chestaw can show yu skettiwand pwace. But yu nu can tew odda fwuffies!” stated Chester with another sigh.

The mare, having seen the care Chester had shown her foals, nodded her head enthusiastically and began to follow Chester as he trotted into the night, towards the machine. When they arrived, the moon was high in the sky and cast a soft glow on the brick wall and the metal box beside it. Chester approached the machine nonchalantly and deposited both foals next to the box, and turned to the mare.

“Dis am pwace wewe fwuffies can gu tu skettiwand and,” Chester paused to trot to the pavement near a metal panel embedded into the wall, “dis am pwace wew Chestaw gets sketties fow Chestaw’s babbehs.”

The mare was starstruck, her pupils dilated and her small heart began to beat hard. This machine could solve her nummie problems AND save her foals. Her stomache growled.

“Wets sab babbehs, wets sab babbehs!” cried the mare joyfolly as she began to prounce around.

“SHHHHHH! No wake up odda fwuffies!” whispered Chester, annoyed at the prancing mare. “Wawch fwuffy” he said as he gingerly lifted up one of the mewling foals and placed it on the platform.

tu cowd mummah, tu cowd!” peeped the foal as it rolled into a ball and began to suckle its hoofs.

“Dawe, dawe wittwe babbeh. Yu go tu bestest pwace evah! Skettiwand!” replied the mare, joyfully.

The machine began to buzz quietly as the red light scanned the foal.

A voice crackled out of a speaker in the wall, “Yu am such a smarty mummah!” it squealed in a robotic fluffy voice, ”Da babbeh gu to Skettiwand, gwow up big and stwong and yu get . . . SKETTIWAND Sketties”

The mare looked up with awe towards the sound of the voice in the heavens, not noticing the foal’s faint “peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep

She looked down and noticed the foal was gone and nearby, a small pile of sketties was forming on the ground. Chester looked on with a smug grin as the mare bounded over to the pile and shoved her snout into it, completely forgetting about her other foal that was tightly snuggling against Chester’s warm cankles. (side note, can fluffies even get cankles?!) She finished with a burp and returned to Chester, eyes glazed over in happiness.

Wewe mummah . . . huuu . .. need milkies . . . hungwy . . . huu. . . Need wub” squeeked the small foal as it reached out with its one fore-hoof towards its mother.

The mare looked down with a start and rolled onto her side. She carefuly placed the foal onto her swelling teat while keeping an experienced hoof at the foal’s back to help it stay attached to the nipple. She looked up at Chester.

“ . . . Yu am such a gud fwuffy Chestaw. But . . .” she looked down at her single foal nursing happily at her teats, “babbehs need mummahs . . . mummah’s babbeh am aw awown nao!”

Tears began to form in the mare’s eyes and she hugged the suckling foal. It chirped sharply at the tight grip but hugged back all the same.

She began to cry, “huuuu huuu huuuu.”

Chester huffed as a new idea formed in his head, “Siwwy mawe, Chestaw knu wat tu do! Yu GU wid odda wittwe babbeh an take cawe of both da babbehs in skettiwand! And yu get to num aw da sketties yu want!”

Yes Chester thought. This was the next best thing. He would not only send deformed foals to Skettiland. He would send other fluffies to take care of them as well!

The mare paused as her small fluffy mind began to process. It . . . It made perfect sense! New tears, tears of joy began to form around her eyes, further matting the fluff on her face. She rose and lunged towards Chester, embracing him and her foal in a enormous hug.

“Dank yu!!!! Dank yu!!!!” she wept as her foal chirped in discomfort.

She let go and placed the foal on her back fluff before racing to the top of the platform. Chester waddled to the rear of the platform, sniffling at the beauty of the solution and the thought of the sweet mare seeing her other foal again.

“May da schwartz be wid yu” Chestaw called out to the mare, for no reason in particular.

The machine buzzed and whirled as it scanned the the mare and the foal on top and squeaked out its praise once again. In a flash, both the mare and the foal were gone and moments later, an enormous pile of spagheti was piling up nearby. Chester ran to it, and began to guzzle it down, briefly forgetting his previous meal. Yet the size of this pile dwarfed previous ones and he was still able to gather plenty of spaghetti to bring back to Flower.

“Fwuffy weawy am such a smawty. Hewp odda babbehs . . . . AN . . . .bwing sketties fow babbehs wid . . . . NEW WAY . . . . tu get sketties . . . . by bwinging ODDA FWUFFIES TU! Maybe Chestaw am da weaw smawty fo da hewd,” pondered Chester thoughtfully.

As the moon began to set, he ran back to his nest as fast as his stubby, fat, fluffy legs could carry him to his nest. Flower, now used to her mate’s strange dissapearences in the night, rose easily and devoured the delicous food Chester had returned with. And Chester looked on with pride as his foals suckled and determination as the smarty-plan floated through his mind.

He was such a good fluffy.


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WheresMcgonagall: Continuation of the Fluffy Seasons story arch and the Summer Saga of Chester. In this episode Chester solves the finite deformed-foals-for-spaghetti issue with a newfound discovery that ALL fluffies have a right to sketti-heaven. Will other fluffies be as willing as this mare to go to Skettiland? Will Chester become the herd's new smarty? Just how dumb are these fluffies?!?!?! Tune in next time!
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Anonymous1: So, is all that cholesterol going to give him a heart attack?
And will all that pasta turn his foals into balls of fat?
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Toast: Chester is the best!

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FluffyPuncher: @Toast: yes indeed.
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ElCuCuyfeo: I saw what you did there! Love the Spaceballs reference. xD

still how much longer till this plan all comes crashing down?

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Deathcap: Aww, I was hoping the mare would tell the others and they'd all be stealing each other's babies.

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BloatedFoal: Here's hoping Chester gets a huge bodycount before he finds out he's an accidental serial killer.
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Anonymous2: @BloatedFoal: yessss
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Anonymous3: fucking epic
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