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A Loving Mother, by Skoon and FierceDeityLynx

You are Plum. A fluffy Mare with brown fur and a dark mane.

You are part of a herd but your life hasn't been easy. You live in the "poopie palace"; a place where the other fluffies make poopies and peepees. You dislike it but you have gotten used to it by now. It never smelled pretty but your sense of smell has dulled over time. You can scarcely tell anymore.

You have lived in the "palace" since you first made talkies. You have never known anything else other than what you have seen from your odiferous perch. Hopeless longing for what the other fluffies have occupies your imagination most bright-times and dark-times.

One bright-time after many forevers the smarty (who never paid you any mind before) approached with particular intent, and a puffed expression.

"Special huggies"

You have no idea what a "special huggies" is.

Smarty is not happy about this. With a scary growl (for fluffies it is) he crawled over you and pinned you down beneath him. Not long after you feel something invade your special place. Smarty's no-no stick! You cried for him to stop but he did not cease. Your pleas are lost under a cacophony of "EENF EENF EENF! DUMMY POOPEH MAWE MAKE GOOD FEEWS!"

The situation worsens. Smarty's toughie friends all give you special huggies too. Special huggies are bad, you think.

When they finish, one of the toughies kicks you with his hind-hoofsy as he walks away. They leave you softly making huu-huu's and sad water. It's cold as you cry yourself to sleep.

Some bright-times later your milkie places are bigger. In fact, all of you is bigger. Soon it dawns on you; "Pwum am haf babbehs! Am soon-mummah!" All the sadness and owwies melt away as you coo happily to yourslf. A pretty mare comes to make poopies and you enthusiastically tell her, "Pwum am soon mummah!" She makes poopy on you and walks away with a "hmph!" You don't care, this is the happiest you have ever been!

Then Smarty came back.

You begin to tell him you are a soon-mummah but he hits you on the nose with his hoofsy. "Nu cawe! 'ou am dummy poopie mawe an' onwy good for poopies an' enfies!"

He is even rougher with you this time. When he is done, you can't feel your babbehs anymore. Soon, an urge for "biggest poopies" rushes over you. It hurts and you cry, but you hope this means your babbehs are okay. After a long struggle it is done and you turn around quickly as you can. Exhausted, scared, hoping for babbehs; your leggies won't stop shaking.

There they are before you. All dead. Not a peep.

The biggest saddies ever overcome you. You poke gently at the babbehs and beg them to sing for you. Sad water floods your see-places and you collapse, huuing loudly. Little did you know this would not be the last time you'd lose your babbehs.

Many forevers later, it happens again. You are a soon-mummah. You beg Smarty to let you keep these babbehs. He agrees, but warns that if you are a bad dummy poopie fluffy he will take them as enfie babbehs.

Smarty was nicer than usual. His special friend was about to have babbehs too. In fact, you could hear her having "biggest poopies" right now. Some excitement sparks inside you, but you know you can't join the other fluffies in welcoming the new babbehs, and you settle down in your "palace" as the herd rushes over to her. You softly sing to your soon-babbehs.

You can feel it, your babbehs are coming! You brace for the struggle, but it hurts even more this time. You cry, forced to go through this alone. After many owwies it is done. You gasp for breathies and listen... but there are no peeps.

Immediately in a panic you turn to face them. Five more dead foals! The saddies come back. This time you do not huu loudly, Smarty was angry last time. You cry as silently as you can while you scoop your dead babbehs into a hug. The huu's come out no matter how hard you try though. You hug them and beg them to sing.

... "peep"

A peep! Your ears perk and you clear the sad water from your see-places as quick as you can.

"peep" "peep peep!"

Two of the babbehs are alive! You hastily tend to licking them clean and cooing. You give out a happy-huu or two and you guide them to your milkie places. The chiwpeh babbehs suckle. Your heart hurties fade away and you sing to them.

"Mummah wuv babbehs. Babbehs wuv mummah..."

Dark time comes and you prepare your nest for sleepies. You coo at your babbehs and nuzzle them lovingly. Tiny peeps sound out as they fall to sleep. Before you can lay down next to them, you hear a rustling behind you. You turn to see the Smarty walking away and you hear a weak chirping in the grass. You hesitate and look at your babbehs. "Mummah be wite back, babbehs" you whisper.

After only a moment of investigating, you find a shivering chiwpeh babbeh. It is brown like you, and covered in poopies. It's crying and looks so cold and that gives you saddies. You carry it back to your nest, clean it, and give it some miwkies. You sing it to sleep. You now have three babbehs! They are the bestest babbehs ever. You have heart happies like never before. You drift to sleep, your foals huddled in your fluff.

Bright time comes. You feed your babbehs and watch over them as they nap. One of them sleeps upside down, "hehe siwwy babbeh".

Smarty nears you and you feel a sudden rush of fear. You cover your foals and beg, "Pweasie nu tak' babbehs, Smawty! Am gud babbehs! huu..." After a moment of disgust in you, Smarty replies, "Nu wan tak' dummeh poopie babbehs! Aww nu-pwetty wike dummy poopie mawe! Smawty jus wan wemind 'ou... If 'ou am bad fwuffy, Smawty enf nu-pwetty babbehs! 'Ou wemembew?"

You shake. "Pwum wemembew... Pwum be gud fwuffy, do wha Smawty say..."

"Gud!" Smarty says. "Now gif Smawty special huggies. Speshow fwend am sweepies." You waddle over to Smarty and he climbs over you. You still don't like special huggies but It doesn't hurt this time, you are surprised. Smarty finishes "GOOOOOOD FEEEEWS!" and kicks you in the face as a reminder as he leaves. You hold back the huu's and waddle to your babbehs.

They are all peeping in distress. You coo for them and calm them down, hugging them up into a tiny fluff pile. You sing to them and lay down for a nap. "Mummah neba wet smawty tak 'ou, babbehs. Pwum am gud fwuffy..."
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Anonymous1: K
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Vanguard: Oh hey, you did post it, sweet!

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Waaaghlord: Kind of saw that coming that the poopeh is rather trash for that bitch mare, i thought they throw it in the poopeh palace und not leave it away from the herd to die, pff, pathetic smarty doesn't have the guts to kill his trash offspring and leaves it out to die slowely.
As long as no intruders approach them or something else happens the story continues as plum is a rape-slave and her babbehs can live cause of that.
Would love to see and read more .... maybe....

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MostlyHereToLurk: Disappointed we didn't get to see the herd die horribly. Didn't get much of an ending either, unfortunately. Buuut at least you uploaded the story you had to work with for the comic.
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Anonymous2: Dissapointed that plum got to keep two of her own children.
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Anonymous3: I think a massacre is a fitting end for that herd
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oceanDiego: she is in fact a good fluffy

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keratin: Oh shiddd it's the spoiler for the manga, fuck I thought the name was just a coincidence
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Anonymous4: This is the first time I've ever felt empathy for a fluffy. I hope that herd is slaughtered.
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