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Part 1

Billy was a shy boy, he didn’t have many friends and was too scared to make any.
He was really interested in fluffies, and wanted one really badly. Whenever he asked his parents for one, they told him no. He was sad, but determined to eventually get a fluffy of his own.


It was a Friday morning at Billy’s elementary school. School was boring for him and he often slept through most of the lessons. The only redeeming aspect of school was recess, which was his favorite part of the day. He looked up at the clock and let out a small sigh and went back to resting his head on his desk.

About a half hour later, the bell finally rung. Billy quickly emerged from his tired state and got into line. The teacher briefly examined her students before shutting off the lights and leading them outside for recess.

Billy ran over to the tire swing and swung by himself. None of the other kids liked the swing as much as he did, leaving him alone. He spun around quickly on the tire laughing to himself. He twisted and spun too hard knocking himself off. His head hit the metal pole holding up the tire, causing him to go unconscious.

The teacher looked at her watch and yelled for everyone to get back inside. All the kids (except billy) lined up. The teacher did a quick glance and lead them back to class.

Fifteen minutes had passed since the other kids left. Billy woke up from his fall and looked around. “Hello? Is anyone here?” He asked, still dizzy. He got onto his knees and took a few deep breaths. He was soaked in dirt and sweat. He laid back down and covered his face with his arm. Suddenly he heard faint noises coming from the other side of the playground.

Billy got up completely and brushed the dirt off his clothes. He quietly approached the source of the noise. He peered under the equipment at the ground underneath. Under the shade, there was a bunch of different colored fluff balls. He squinted and looked more closely. These weren’t fluff balls, they were fluffies! They must’ve been micro fluffies, because they were so small. He had read about them online. Billy walked around the equipment and kneeled down to see them better.

“Munstah!” “Scawy!” “Wun away fwom meanie hoomin!” The fluffies all ran for the fence. The micro fluffies went right through the holes in the chain link fence, and retreated into the woods.

Billy didn’t know why they were so scared, weren’t fluffies supposed to like humans? He got sad realizing he blew his chance to own a fluffy, even if it wasn’t full size. “Nu weave soon mummah!” Billy looked up and wiped away his tears. “Hello?” He said. “Hewp fwuffy!” The voice squeaked again. The boy got up and quickly looked all over.

Billy looked again under the equipment and finally found the source. Resting in the cool dusty dirt was a light blue Pegasus mare, abandoned by her herd. Billy carefully scooped the poor little creature in his hands. “Munstah! EEEK! Nu hewt fwuffy!” She squirmed around in his hands desperately trying to get away.

Billy gripped her a little firmer but was still gentle, he turned her over and examined her more. She was bloated, and couldn’t move by herself. “Are you pregnent?” He asked calmly. “Y-yus, nu huwt tummeh babbehs!” She flapped her useless wings in distress while the young boy held her.

“Do you want to live with me?” He asked. Her face lit up at his offer. “Weawwy?” She replied. The boy simply nodded and loosened his grip allowing the fluffy to hug his finger. Billy was extremely excited, he set her down and told her to wait. Then he ran to his backpack and brought it over. he picked her up and gently placed her in his metal lunch box. “Please do not make any poop in here, okay?” “Otay nyu daddeh!” He closed the lid on the box and put it in his backpack.

Billy decided to go home early so he hopped the fence and walked back to his house.

“This is gonna be great!”

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McDonalds_Official: A short story, but if you guys like it, I’ll make a part 2

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Deathcap: Love me some micro.
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Anonymous1: Gonna get spanked by dad.
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Anonymous2: OshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOshitOSHIIIIIIIIT We gonna have them multiplying like tribbles
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Anonymous3: >hopped the fence
delicate fluffies inside a metal box
being ratled around like pinballs as some idiot kid thrashes his backpack around
>kid opens it dead fetus and mangled bloody fluffy
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Vanguard: @Anonymous: Mulched fluffy in a lunchbox was my first thought as well.
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Arazur: I am liking the idea so far, not many innocent non edgelord children characters on booru
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: Hey, that a good idea, microfluffies in a pinball machine!
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Nocturn: Thats a family that better buy a meowie munstuh or two to control population thats about to overrun them
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UACMarine: On the plus side any incest between the microfluffs will FUBAR them up before an infestation could occur
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