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Waaaghlord: Unfortunately the mare could really get used to it ... maybe the snake later thinks the foals are little bugs. ^^

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Hugboxing_Faggot: This COULD have worked with a stallion, or at least a non-pregnant mare. But you bet your ass the tank will be crawling with inbred micros in a month.

Oh well, there's still time to make sequels where the babies either get eaten by the snek or start a genetically inferior colony. Personally, I'd prefer the latter.
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Anonymous1: Ha ha, didn't see that one coming: D
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Anonymous2: The foals either will be eaten or the snake will need to be put in a new terrarium to prevent it getting sick from all the excrements.
And then when the old terrarium is cleansed, will be when the genocidal fun begins.

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FluffiesAreFood: That snake is disappointing.

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FluffyPuncher: @FluffiesAreFood: That snake is full.
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Anonymous3: @FluffyPuncher: That would be the only reason it would not eat the fluffy.
Oh well, more chances later.
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