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Hang Ten

By Deadweight

The island of Oahu is a jewel in the pacific chain of Hawaiian islands, its shores are a source of legendary surf spots. The North Shore is home to the Sunset Beach, a mecca for skilled surfers that know how to read these wildly varying, powerful waves. Ken Hamada and his family moved to the island from Japan when he was just an infant, he has grown up on these waters and knows no other way of life. He sits on the sand waxing his board as the salt spray fills his lungs and cools his skin, today he hopes to catch a few tasty waves and enjoy himself.

“Hey Ken, howzit?”

Ken turns to look at his friend Makoa as he walks down the beach with his board under his arm, the two of them grew up together surfing the waves of Oahu and have worked long and hard to hone their skills.

“Amped, ready to ride brah!”

Makoa throws him a shaka and heads for the water.

“Come find me after, ohana. We can smoke some pakalolo and hit up Zippy’s!”

Ken follows shortly after and paddles out, he sits on his board and feels the water with his fingers and smells the air with his eyes closed. He feels the pull and begins paddling for shore as the swell rises behind him, he begins to stand as the wave crests and feels the wind in his face as he rides it in. It’s a good eight foot wave as he steadies himself and finds his sweet spot. Suddenly, Ken catches sight of something orange in the water just before his board is bumped hard and he hears a scream before toppling over the crest into the face of the wave. The current pushes him to the bottom where he flails as coral and lava rock slices up his back, the water is full of murky blood as he loses his barings and begins to panic. Just as he is about to run out of air, he feels a sharp tug on his hair and follows the pull upwards until he breaches the surface with a gasp. He treads water and grabs onto his board, sputtering water and catching his breath when a voice calls out to him.

“Mistuh am otay? Haf owies?”

Ken blinks his eyes open to see a sky blue and turquoise seafluff staring at him with concerned green eyes. He winces as the sea surf splashes his wounded back and puts it all together.

“Did you pull me up to the surface? What are you doing out here alone?”

Before the seafluff can answer, Makoa comes paddling up.

“Ken! You ok brah? That was a gnarly big shark! Dat mano knocked you good!”

Ken looks back to see the dorsal of a large bull shark as it thrashes in the water, in its jaws is an orange seafluff being shook like a ragdoll. Blood arches and sprays from the lifeless thing before the shark goes under.


“Speshuw fwiend nuuuuu!”

The blue mare begins to swim out after the shark and Ken lunges for her, Makoa swims over to catch him as he winces from his lacerated back.

“We gotta get to shore! You’re done for the day, brah, straight up cactus juiced!”

Makoa helps Ken paddle to shore as he holds onto the flailing seafluff mare as she sobs, her heart broken for her lost mate. They make it to land and lay panting in the sand, Ken hissing before he sits up to check on the seafluff.

“Huuhuu, haf wowstest saddies!”

Ken strokes her back and gets a good look at her, seafluffs aren’t a common sight in these turbulent waters. She seems healthy apart from a clipped left ear, the wound is fresh and still oozing a little blood even though she doesn’t seem to notice.

“I’m sorry little wahine, are you ok? What happened out there?”

She looks up at Ken with sad eyes and sniffles, Makoa comes running back from the car with a first aid kit and tends to his friends wounds.

“Sniff, was in da wawa gwassies haffin nummies an swimmy bitey munstah gif chasies! Twy num fwuffeh an den speshuw fwiend gif bitey munstah nosie boops and den make munstah chase! Fwuffeh see hoomin faww in wawa an get huwties, so puww and bwing up tu toppa wawa! Huuhuu, speshuw fwiend am foweva sweepies!”

Ken feels his heart sink and he hears Makoa hiding a sniffle, he scoops the sobbing seafluff up and gives her a big hug.

“I’m so sorry you lost your mate, but you saved me! You are a brave little wahine and I owe you the same.”

She sniffles and looks up at Ken with a glimmer of hope in her green eyes.

“Sniff, weawwy?”

Ken smiles and nods and ruffles her mane.

“Sure did! You my lucky charm! I think I’m gonna name you, Nalani.”

Her eyes go wide and sparkle as her programming kicks in.

“Fank yu, daddeh. Nawani wuv nyu name!”

The two boys have a laugh and Makoa tends to her ear, looks like the bull shark took a nip before her mate lured him away. The two of them empty the cooler and fill it with seawater, gently setting her in and securing her in the car.

“Hang on, Nalani, we going for some food!”

She peers over the edge of the cooler as Makoa drives out of the lot.



Before long they arrive at Zippy’s, a staple of Hawaiian comfort food all across the islands. They walk in with Ken carrying the cooler under his arm and find their favorite booth, they get some strange looks from the other patrons before the waitress steps up.

“Hey! There's my favorite surf rats! Whatchu got there?”

Ken looks up at Kalea with a smile, the three of them went to highschool together and have been friends ever since. Makoa interrupts before he can answer.

“This is Nalani, she saved Ken when he took a bad spill!”

Makoa pats Ken’s back making him wince and give a half smile, Nalani peers over the cooler at Kalea and smiles at her.

“Hewwo, pwetty wady! Am fwiend of daddeh?”

Kalea smiles at her and pats her head as she coos and then shoots a wink at Ken who smiles bashfully.

“Yes I am a friend of your, Daddy. You are such a pretty thing, Nalani! Let me get you boys the usual.”

She walks off with Ken’s face beet red and Makoa poking fun at him. Ken can see Nalani fussing with her clipped ear and grabs a flower from the planter on the wall, arranging it behind her ear and wove into her fluff. He grabs the napkin holder so she can see her reflection.

“Oooh! Nawani am su pwetty! Fank yu daddeh!”

Before long, Kalea returns with two Lau Lau plates, some adobo pork fried rice and a platter of sushi. The boys begin pigging out and groaning at the flavorful meal, Nalani watches them with drool in the corner of her mouth. Ken smiles and feeds her a piece of tamago sushi, the sweet egg topping and sticky rice has her squealing with delight. After stuffing their faces, The boys pay and pile back in the car to head to Ken’s place. Ken rents a humble little bungalow in Waialua, a crash pad for many of his surfer friends. They walk in with Nalani and set her on the table before they crack a couple beers.

“Here we are, Nalani. Home sweet home. Can you be outta the water for awhile?”

She looks around at the humble little home and then nods at him, they gather a towel on the couch and gently lift her out onto it. She looks around at all the surf posters, pictures of pristine beaches and open ocean.

“Suuu pwetty! Nawani wuv da big wawa!”

The three of them sit and talk and Nalani tells them the story of how her and her mate lived near Kaena Point. One day, some drunken tourists on a boat picked them up and tooled up and down the coast before some chop knocked them overboard. After that, the currents carried them until they wound up in the rolling waters of Sunset Beach. She gets teary eyed and both of the boys stroke her back until she calms down.

“Those stupid haole, Don’t worry Nalani, we are your ohana now!”

They laugh, watch tv and take pictures with Nalani and post them to Facetagram until after dark when the two boys part ways and Ken crashes on the couch with Nalani in a fresh cooler of water. She yawns and reaches out to hug him before she settles in herself.

“Nigh nigh, daddeh. Nawani wuv yu.”


A few weeks pass and Nalani becomes inseparable from Ken, she goes to the beach every day with him. She swims with him happily and stays nearby, staying in the shallows and watching him surf. Eventually she works up the courage to ride the board with him and when they catch their first wave, she squeals in delight. Her presence on the beach becomes a regularity and others begin to take notice of her, some call her a lucky charm since Ken never falls off his board when she is on it. When on the beach, surfers come and offer her leis, puka shell necklaces and other trinkets in an attempt to win her favor. Ken gets her a nice fish tank for the house as well, an upgrade from her cramped cooler. Tourists and locals alike all scramble constantly to take pictures with her and she and Ken quickly become local celebrities. One day, Ken is out on the water waiting and feeling the current with Nalani on the end of the board.

“Daddeh, big wawa am comin!”

Her instinct for reading waves is quite astounding and Ken turns and begins paddling for shore as the water rises, the wave begins to form and Ken stands and begins to carve his way along the base.


Nalani expresses her joy as the wave begins to crest and Ken shoots the curl, she looks on in awe as the green water hangs over head while they ride it out and emerge from the other end before heading ashore. A crowd gathers around as he carries his board with Nalani propped on his shoulders.

“Hey Ken, nice one out there brah!”

Ken makes it over to Makoa and they sit on the towel with Nalani nibbling some mango, many come and bring her more little trinkets and pet her before venturing into the waves. Nalani takes it all in stride, giggling, cooing and thanking them for their offerings. Half an hour later Kalea shows up with cold drinks and joins them, Nalani coos and curls up on her lap as she pets her.

“Nice work out there today, Ken. You gonna try out for Mr. Pipeline next week?”

Ken scoffs at this before swigging his drink.

“Yeah right, like I’m good enough for that!”

Nalani looks up at the two of them confused.

“Who am Mistuh Pipewine?”

Kalea giggles and pets her before explaining.

“It’s what they call anyone who can ride da Banzai Pipeline, thatsa biiiig wave down the coast!”

Nalani blinks and looks at the water and back at Ken with a big smile.

“Dat easy! Daddeh am bestest suwfew! Kno daddeh can do it!”

Kalea laughs and pokes at Ken who blushes with an unsure chuckle.

“See there you go, Ken! The lady of the waves has spoken, you can’t lose with her!”

Ken is unsure, but Nalani looks at him like he is the greatest person in the world and their track record is impressive.

“Ya sure, hell with it. You and me, Nalani, we gonna surf the big wave!”

She squeals in delight and giggles as he pets her, Ken spends the rest of the day in deep thought about this.


The next day, Ken finds himself south of Sunset Beach, The Banzai Pipeline. Considered one of if not the most challenging surf spots on the planet, the waves here break left and can surge to monstrous size. The beach is crowded with tourists and surfers alike , Nalani perches on Ken’s shoulders and looks out at the roiling sea.

“Dems biggest waves! Buh Nawani kno daddeh can do dis!”

Ken isn’t so sure he shares her confidence, but before he can reply some locals approach him.

“Hey, brah! Whutchu doin here? Never seen you here, where you went grad?”

A standard question when meeting new people on the island, they inquire as to his high school.

“Waialua High, brah.”

The man smiles and shakes his hand, glancing up at Nalani.

“Nice! You tryna be Mr. Pipeline? Who dis wahine?”

He reaches up and pets Nalani, she coos and her many necklaces clink and clatter as she giggles.

“Ya, gonna ride out there with her. This is Nalani, lady of Sunset Beach and my lucky charm.”

The man smiles and gives a playful bow to Nalani, she reaches out and pats his head with her flipper and a giggle before he shakes Ken’s hand.

“Good luck out there, brah. Dem waters no joke!”

Ken nods respectfully and finds a spot to wax his board and watch the others surf, he watches many ride the smaller waves and a few try to big one. Many wipeouts happen that day and a few gnarly injuries, he tries to swallow his doubt and focus on Nalani who is already becoming an attraction to many of the beach goers. Some have heard the rumors of the lucky seafluff of Sunset Beach and pay their respects in hopes of gaining favor with the waves, he can feel hope filling his heart and finally comes to retrieve her.

“Come on, Nalani. Let’s go catch some waves!”

She waves goodbye to all the beachgoers as Ken drops into the water and paddles out with her swimming around him, when they get out far enough she jumps on the board. Ken decides to play it safe on some of the smaller waves first until he can get a better read on the flow, he has a few close calls but manages to carve some decent waves as Nalani cheers him on.

“Daddeh am bestest Mistuh Pipewine!”

Ken smiles and sits on his board petting her as he looks out at the water.

“Not yet, Nalani. Gotta try da big one now.”

He swallows and watches the monster wave that gives this spot its namesake roll into shore with a thunderous sound, the man from earlier paddles up beside him.

“Hey not bad out there, brah! You really gonna try the big one? You must be lolo brah!”

He smiles as the man paddles off, but part of him agrees. As he looks out at the water, he feels a warmth on his belly and looks down to see Nalani nuzzling and hugging him.

“Daddeh nu be scawedy! Nawani wuv daddeh an daddeh am da bestest!”

Ken feels his heart melt and strokes her mane, taking a deep breath he dips his fingers in the water and smiles.

“Let’s do this, Nalani!”

She nods and takes her place at the end of the board with a smile as Ken paddles with the flow of the surging water, he steels his resolve and stands as the wave curls, roars and churns. The crest hangs high over his head and the current is strong, he carves the face of the wave with Nalani squealing in joyous delight at the seaspray hitting her face. All is going well and they almost make it out when the crest falls behind them and changes the flow of water, Ken feels the current pulling him sideways and it all goes slow motion as they flip upside down. He flails and watches a terrified Nalani fall into the churning water and get swept under before he too is engulfed. Ken is tossed around in the violent current like a washing machine, he musters his strength to fight it and swim before he scrapes the bottom. Once in control, his mind focuses on one thing, Nalani. He blinks through the bubbly seawater and spots her floating and drifting motionless upside down, eyes closed and necklaces waving in the current. Ken swims for her as fast as he can, scoops her up and heads for the surface. He breaches with a gasp and swims for his board, setting Nalani on before climbing on himself.

“Nalani! Breathe!”

Ken frantically pushes at her abdomen in a panic, he never dreamed he would care so much for a seafluffy and yet he is terrified of losing her now.




Ken snatches her up and hugs her tight when she coughs up water and speaks.

“Nalani! You’re alright! I was so worried!”

She coos and nuzzles against him, a tear escaping both their eyes before Ken sighs and steadies his breath.

“I told you I owed you the same, wahine. Let’s go home.”

After making it to shore, Ken collapses with a tight hold on Nalani. Dozens run over to help and get him to his feet, the man from earlier gives him a hand walking to a bench as more tend to Nalani.

“Yo that was sick, brah! You definitely lolo, but you good in my book!”

Ken nods and catches his breath before they set Nalani on a towel next to him, he smiles and pets her softly.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get it next time.”


A month passed since that day, Ken may not have made it all the way but the locals honor him as Mr. Pipeline anyways. Ken is hesitant to return to Banzai right away and is content to ride Sunset Beach, but he plans to return to the monster soon. The local legend of the surfer and his seafluff partner grows and Nalani is doted on wherever they go. Ken gets a better paying job and even starts giving lessons to a small group of surfers, affording him the luxury of getting Nalani a much nicer aquarium. She becomes sort of a mascot at Zippy’s whenever they eat their and Ken starts dating Kalea further solidifying Ken’s belief that Nalani is his lucky charm. After a long shift, Ken returns home to find Nalani happily swimming in her tank and munching some aquatic plants he procured for her. Cartoons play on the tv and she watches them with a giggle before she spots Ken.

“Daddeh! Nawani su happeh yu home! Wuv daddeh!”

Ken smiles and puts out his hand and she gives him five with her flipper before he ruffles her mane.

“Hello, Nalani! I missed you too! Ready to hit the waves?”

Nalani smiles and nods with a wag of her tail.

“Suwfs up, Daddeh!”



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deadweight: Another new story for you all, hope you enjoy. More to come!

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