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To heww ow high wawa part 1
by sugarnacid

In an alley at high noon the day after an all night blizzard, you, a brown unicorn colt emerges from the now melting ice crust around the box that served as your shelter and your family's tomb. Consumed by a new wind of strength after drinking lastest miwkies, you declare to the world your resolution to carry on.


"Why not both?jpg", says a genericly spooky human.

With a simultaneous squelch and crack, you are punted into a stream of meltwater from which you drown in femtoseconds. Your last thought of skettiwand. Then you're back.

"To heww ow high wawa!"

"Yeah, I heard you the first time."

"Nu huwt babbeh!"

"Relax, first time?"

"Nu wan bad speshiaw huggies mista!"


"Babbeh am foweba sweepies?"

"Well, you didn't seem to sleep forever if you're here now?"

"Babbeh woke fwum foweba sweepies?"

"Actually twice. Once, you died in that box last night. Then just now. Listen, have you seen Groundhog Day?"

"Am jus widdwe babbeh!"

"GOOD! This should be even more confusing for you then! Btw, I'm naming you 'Highwater', own it bitch."

"O-otay, wub nyu name…nyu daddeh?"

"Oh ho ho! No. Just here to tell you how it works."

"Fwuffy nu unnastan. Fwuffy go sweepies buh wakies befo' it happen?"

"Its called 'checkpointing', and you will 'wakies' when you last yelled 'To hell or high water' but here's a little secret, you can't die the same way twice."

"Nu can kiww like befo'?"

"Yeah…sure. You know I think you'll get it pretty fast. Bye!" he says before he disappears into a burst of blue light.

A babbeh pointy with nowhere to go and another cold night ahead, and no prospects for adoption being colored shit, you venture into the next alley for nummies and new friends. You come across a terrible scene. A stallion is about to give bad special huggies to a little filly, no older than you. You first feel fear and even make scaredy peepees, but then you hide out of view. Your little heart is breaking for the poor filly, but you also don't want to be next. Something in you snaps and you feel compelled to bravery. But what can you do?
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