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Megaherd Management

The small convoy rolled up next to a derelict carpark, just one of the many abandoned buildings that now decorated the wasteland that used to be cleveland.
Ever since the megaherds took over, a lot of the exterminators just up and quit their jobs, they weren't being paid enough for this shit, no pun intended.
Some of them had even died from infections, considering how diseased the shitrats were at this point. Thats when they sent in us, several small teams of military personnel who had volunteered to use any means
available to stem the overpopulation of fluffies in the United States.

Me, Adam and Walker stepped out of the Jeep. I opened up the truck and brought out the map and several heavy bags. I gave out the bags to each of us as we began walking towards the car park. I thought to myself
how incredible it was, that we were now using such powerful weapons in an attempt to control such small vermin.
Adam had a determined look on his face. His fathers farm had been overrun by fluffies when the first megaherds swarmed in. He had once told me about the horror of hearing the sounds of fluffies giggling and playing outside the farmhouse while his father wept.
His father had killed himself not two weeks later. Adam knew we were going to make them suffer, and I knew he was going to enjoy it.

We entered the carpark and began ascending the steps to the roof.
I recalled the day I was personally affected by the megaherds. It was a bright, bright sunshiny day. I was building a playhouse for my daughters birthday.
at first I had tried to keep it a secret at first, but she saw me through the window and came to help me. She was so excited to bring her new dolls in and play.

Of course, the next day it was filled almost completely with shit, a few fluffies and a load of dead foals buried at the bottom.
We all seemed to have a reason to hate fluffies and actually volenteer to do such dirty work. never could figure out what Walker's reason for doing such dirty work, though.
We reached the roof after what seemed like an eternity, and set our bags down. "Those weren't getting any lighter!" muttered Adam. "Trust me, it'll be worth it" I replied.
We opened up the bags. There it was, two mortars (some assembly required) and about a half dozen white shells with shiny silver tips, all clearly marked "WHITE PHOSPHORUS"
"Alright, get to work. We only have a few minutes or so to do this."
They both nodded and began eagerly assembling the dark green metal tubes.

As opened the map and made sure we had the trajectory right, I noticed what a beautiful sunny day it was. There wasn't a cloud in the sky. However, when it was hot, fluffy shit would smell the worst. It was so sad we couldn't even enjoy summer anymore because of these shitrats.

I opened my backpack and found a drone and a laptop. I quickly got a video link and began to fly the drone over the target point to get a good view. It lifted into the air with a loud hum, reminding me that I was to fly it as high as I could as to not alert the fluffies.

Just as I was letting my mind wander, I heard the first happy fluffy voices.

"They're here, boss" said Walker as he ajusted the mortar. "Should we fire the Willy Pete now?"
"well why not?" Walker stammered, obviously eager to get to the killing. "We fire the bait first"
I reached into my bag and produced a large bright orange shell. I quickly popped it into Adam's mortar.
"Is the trajectory right?" I asked. "Should be." "alright, fire at will"
the low quality drone camera.
I watched as it sailed into the air and suddenly popped open, releasing a shower of, you guessed it,Bolognese. The essence of sketti.

I swear I have never seen so many fluffies haul ass at once. They seemed to rush out from all directions. From the gutters, from the alleyways and abandoned houses. Within about 30 seconds, the streets were filled with colour.
Even from here I could hear the screams of joy."Smawty gets fiwst lickies!" "sketti joose!" "Sky daddeh" and "Nummies fow babbehs!"
I hated how innocent they made themselves sound when In reality they were nothing more than a bunch of selfish abominations that ruined entire cities.
I gritted my teeth as my eyes wandered to the shells, lying on the ground. Waiting.

"Alright, we're ready. Adam, Walker,prepare to fire" "yes sir!" they both picked up one of the white shells each. with care, and slid them into the barrels. "Stand clear"

"FIRE!" *ka-thunkKa-thunk*! The mere force of the shells launching sent my ears ringing and kicked up dust. I quickly moved to my computer monitor. The fluffies were still eating, fighting, and of course, shitting. They had no idea the hell that was about come raining down from above.

When the two shells exploded about 30 yards away from each other, the street immediately vanished into white smoke. It was almost pretty, like some sort of strange
fireworks display. They burst with a brilliant flash of orange which was instantly engulfed in pure, cream colored smoke.

I was a little disappointed that I wouldn't be able to see what was happening to them from the monitor.
There was an eerie silence, no fluffy voices, no words from any of us. Slowly, the sweet music of fluffy suffering filled the air, as well as the acrid stench of phosphorus.
"Shit, I dont think that's all of them, should we fire again?" Asked Walker. I looked at the video feed and saw, out of the smoke, came dozens of fluffies, some missing legs, some completely lacking fur, hell, some of them were completely on fire.
"Yeah." I instructed them to fire each shell onto both ends of the street to block off the exit for the would-be escapees.
As they loaded the next two shells in, the smoke was already beginning to clear. Where the crowd of fluffies were was a small crater, a few feet wide, with fluffy giblets splattered around in a flower pattern. There were piles of twitching, blackened fluffies not far from
the crater too. It looked like they had all tried to hide under each other. I wanted to bring the drone down to get a closer look, but if the next two shells destroyed it, I would be in deep shit.

"Ready to fire" "alright, go ahead." *ka-thinkka-thunk!* *BOOMBOOM*
Two more fluffy white clouds erupted from either side of the street. The waddling fluffies began running in circles screaming in confusion as the smoke rolled towards them, spraying liquid shit in donut patterns. One soon mummah covered here eyes with her hooves, thinking it would make her safe.
I found myself smirking as she was engulfed in the firey fog.

I landed the drone back on the roof and was pleased to see it was unharmed. "Alright, put your respirators on, we're gonna check for survivors."
"You mean functionals?"
I remembered that we were advised to not speak about fluffies like they were alive. If fluffies were ever legally living creatures, not only would we be charged for animal abuse, but terrorism too.

When we arrived at ground zero, there was still a dirty cream coloured mist hanging in the air. I had never seen so many dead fluffies. I could still hear a faint hiss, like cooking bacon. The ground was still blistering hot, and the dead or dying fluffies were frying like eggs.
They actually seemed to smell better dead than alive. "Holy shit" mumbled Adam, as he took some time to marvel one of the piles of fluffies fused together in some kind of fleshy mountain. It was too bad I couldn't see them crawling over each other,condemning their friends to death in their desperate to escape the hell raining down on them, the selfish pricks.
I spotted what I figured to be one of the Smarties, being much fatter than the rest of the herd. His mouth was open and seemed to be frozen in a permanent scream, the fat still dripping of his little snout like candle wax off a candelabra.
I nudged the little fucker with my foot and found he was stuck to the ground like a badly baked cake sticks to a pan.
While Adam and Walker crushed whatever fluffy that was still twitching, I continued down the charred road.

"That's over a hundred confirmed kills all together!" Walker grinned, scribbling something in his notebook. "You know, those shells were antiques from the second world war." I said, I had always had a weird fetish for
world war two memorabilia.
"They were put to good use!" Walker and Adam laughed. "Hey, do you see that?"
I turned around. At the end of the street was the soon mummah I had seen from the drone. She was missing most of her fur and didnt seem phased by the massive burns that covered her body.
As we approached her, I could hear her quiety babbling. Her eyes were dazed and unfocused in a thousand yard stare as she sat in the middle of the street.
"b-babbehs nu move, nu wan smokey munstah to gif wowsest owwies.. p-pwease..babbehs..."

Walker walked up to the fluffy and smirked. "You know why I hate fluffies?" I was a little taken aback by the question, I had never thought to ask him.
I shook my head. "Why?" asked Adam. "Because they are disgusting little brats. Because their very existence is an insult
to the planet. Because they represent evil, and probably commit the seven deadly sins on a daily basis. They destroy crops and neighborhoods and gardens
by eating, shitting and giggling. But above all else, BECAUSE FUCK THEM, THAT'S WHY!" He stomped his boot down on the soon mummah. I flinched as her spine snapped, her newborn foals shooting out of her cunt like some kind of demented fucking foal cannon.
Walker simply grinned as he walked over to the sobbing Mummah-no-more. "Because fuck you, that's why."
With that, he crushed its head with his boot.
When we got back to our post, I had to admit that despite my hatred for fluffies, I was a little shaken by how brutal we were in roasting the little shits alive. Still, I had mostly forgotten about it later. The Megaherd Management project slowly ground forward, over a billion burned fluffy corpses,
as it should.



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Masterofsketti: So I didn't proofread this really, Just wanted to write another story for the booru. I hope you like it, Fluffybooru.

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Masterofsketti: Do I feel like a hero yet? Yes, Yes I do.
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Anonymous1: There should be a game, where whoever can make a soon-mummah shoot her brood the farthest out of her snatch wins.
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BuzzsawMD: awesome
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Anonymous2: What do they win?
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Anonymous3(1): @Anonymous2: cheese made out of “stolen“ milkies while the foals starved to death in front of mummah.
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ElCuCuyfeo: Just once I would like to see a story where a tactical nuke is used against a Megaherd.

fuck it all, Nuke the site from orbit.

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Masterofsketti: @BuzzsawMD: thanks :D

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Demonbane: That was a nice read lmao
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Anonymous4: I liked it
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Anonymous5: good writing
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Anonymous6: @Masterofsketti: spec ops the line is a fucking brutal game glad you translated it into much more lighthearted fluffy abuse

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Masterofsketti: @Anonymous: You cant feel bad about harming fluffies :P