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To Heww ow High Wawa part 2 Chivalry
by sugarnacid

"To heww ow high wawa!" frustration giving way to resolve. You charge/waddle the stallion horn first and that which is broken by all, the grown fluffy's shin cracks. This would be a miraculous victory if not for the fact you are pinned under him and now have his full focus.

"Dummeh poopie babbeh! You huwt smawty! Gon squish you! Reeeee!!!"

In this moment, the filly realizes its opportunity and guns it for crack in the fence. So good, right? You saved her, but now what? What about you? A hoof comes down and you're back.

You are back about to charge the smarty when you pause and reel not realizing you have respawned, still new to the concept. This time you don't interfere out of fear and what you see only makes you regret your cowardice. The smarty rapes the filly until she is nothing more than a jizz bloated bag of entrails.

"Gud feews..."

Feeling rage at the smarty, you charge just as haphazardly as last try. This time, he is less distracted though and catches you with a stomp. Half expecting to respawn, you don't realize that something is not quite right. There's still a heavy hoof on you, but nothing breaks. You are suffocating, yet you're still fully awake.

"Wha dummeh poopie nu gu squish?!"

'Squish' that happened before. Your little panicked brain remembers what little it could from the spooky mista and makes the connection. You can't die the same way more than once!

"Ah haw! Nu can squish Highwawa!"

Again and again the smarty tries to crush the brown foal to no avail.

"Wha am du nao?! Teeheeheehee!"

"Hmm, smawty gif enfies!"

"Wha- NUU!"

The smarty anally rapes you violently till your insides are mush and semen. You respawn again, ready to charge but catching yourself. You must've died some point after passing out. Well, this time will be different! He can't give you bad enfies! You charge with renewed vigor!

"Bad smawty! Nu gif fiwwy bad speshiaw huggies! Try fwuffy!" you say fully expecting to be now rape-proof.

"Otay, dummeh. Wike boy fwuffies poopie pwaces mo."

The smarty lines up his dick with your ass. Thinking a magic force field would protect you, you present your virgin butthole almost like a dare. Well, lets say things don't go to plan. You get anally raped, for hours, learning its not that things in general won't reoccure, its that it will only kill you once. That doesn't mean your now immortal rectum can't be hurt or stretched. It does translate to being an endless sextoy.

"Poopie babbeh am stiww awive? Hehe smawty am hungies, num babbeh."

"Nu! Nu num babbe-eeeeeeeee!"

You are eaten for the first time ever and you can't drown anymore so you are alive for a day or so until stomach acid reaches the brain. And your back, just about to charge. This time, you don't hesitate, the filly doesn't enter your mind even. You feel nothing but adrenaline, and the urge to draw smarty blood.


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PencilWingie: Really liking the curse-like aspects! Those didn't occur to me with part 1. Thumbs up for the next part!
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NottooFluf: Good, good.
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oceanDiego: He must kill the smarty from the inside like a xenomorph
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Dingus_Kadongus: Please make more!!
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