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Disintegral: I had a couple of hours to kill. It's more about the overall process than the specifics of how to draw all the details.

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Disintegral: @WetFluff: Because of what the fluffy's saying at the very end.

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sugarnacid: tl;dr drawing with attention to detail is hard.

yfw we would literally need dedicated patreon level artists for animation.

ps rip EgorAlexeev

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FluffiesAreFood: "'Ou wan num on fluffy?"

A perfectly well-adjusted food fluff!
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ShredTheRed: I like how you maintain a realistic body style for it but still grab the "I'm still fucking retarded" look. If that makes any sense. Love your stuff

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marasovec: Wow your art style is pretty complicated

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Disintegral: @ShredTheRed: Thanks. I think the retardation's mostly in the huge eye-to-head ratio, and the way that the muzzle simultaneously looks sort of like a really deformed human nose.

@WetFluff: I've just wanted to draw a fluffy that likes the idea of being eaten for a while. I considered giving him an erection to really drive it home, but nah.

@marasovec: A lot of it's actually just basic drawing and colouring. It's just the Photoshop fiddliness that can look daunting, and knowing where to place highlights and shadows (which even a lot of pro artists seem to struggle with at times).

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Great_White_Nope: I would generally stop at step 5, just so I could push more art out

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Micron: @Great_White_Nope: I stop at step 2.

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Disintegral: @Great_White_Nope: I find everything after shading is pretty fast anyway, so it hardly makes a difference.

@Micron: Even if I did skip the colouring, I'd probably still shade. Some styles can get away with no shading though, like yours.

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Yehdoo: Thank you for your tutorial. Now I can try to draw shitrats like pro.
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