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FruitTrifle: damn thats some cool shit
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SeasonsInTheAbyss: INB4 I introduce fluffies into my AD&D campaign. Oh, and I have the Book of Erotic Fantasies to boot.

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TitanFluff: Well now
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ChojinPatriarch: Better hope she's a Charisma-based Sorcerer rather than an Intellegence-based Wizard. Fluffies would have the world's cruelest handicap in that case...

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Soulvei: Pinky, I've always thought that your fluffies looked weird but holy *shit* you can draw hot babes! 10/10 would enf

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FuzzyTheRed: Holy shit.. We need a damn tutorial from you.

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guodzilla: @Pinkyfluffy: OMFGIH...She's gone commando!!!!
Holy Jeez, that just upped the "BOYOYOYOYOYOIIINNGG" factor by ten!!

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Disintegral: @FuzzyTheRed: I'd just settle for knowing how he does that rough paintbrush-like highlighting effect. Not sure if it's a custom brush, or just a lot of little strokes.

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VenomFluff: Has tits but a stallion face. Magical Trap Fluffy?
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Skoon: God damn. I'd fuck the shit out of that.

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SamFluff: HOLY HOT HELL!!! I love it.

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Simpfan: I hate anthros, but she'd kick ass on a Harley.
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SeasonsInTheAbyss: Alright, here's some fluff text (HA I JUST REALIZED THAT) about my AD&D fluffies!

Horse-kin, a.k.a. Equestrians, a.k.a. Quines, Greater Quines (arcane classification), a.k.a. "Fluffies", "Shitweasels" (derogatory)

+4 to AGL and CHR
-4 to INT
-2 to STR, WIS, CON
Languages: Common/Fluffycommon, local Centaur/Fey dialects

Originally native to the temperate continent of Greyhawk, the Horse-kin are magical creatures birthed from their Lesser cousins, used as livestock, and as pets by the moneyed or dedicated. Lesser and juvenile Quine are distinctive by a marked lisp, which persists into adulthood 10% of the time. It is unknown how they came to be, though powerful, if foolish wizards are suspected in their creation, as Lesser Quines are magical creations, and are often upgraded into Greater Quines to serve as slaves, even by other Quines.

Quines are a rather simple, feeble, naive people, living in mud and wood huts and mostly surviving on foraging and agriculture. They are vegetarian, though can partake in other non-meat foods. They are mostly peasants, though they are noted for having magical properties.

In particular, many Quines have become great sorcerers and necromancers. To the disgust of many foreigners, Quine feces have potent magical properties when properly processed (and if you can handle the smell). Enterprising Quine sorcerers have found many uses for their and Lesser Quine poop, including as soap, fuel, shampoo, alchemy reagents, and as holy incense, particularly towards gods of decay, waste, and the undead.

Quine society never gets more complicated than small hamlets, with many Quines living in tribes, many of whom do not have access to metal weapons. They are seen with pity by elves, and are often under their protection, and some are even sought in matters of death. Centaurs are known to kidnap female Quines as brides or as surrogate mothers, with both genders being the targets of satyrs, due to their resemblance. Many humans, having dealt with Lesser Quines, have prejudicial attitudes towards Greater Quines, though this has not stopped many Quines from being successful entertainers, both public and private, due to their sweet personalities, love of singing, and desire to please others. Quine milk is also a popular drink in areas close to their homes in Greyhawk, though most foreigners steer clear of it.

Sadly, due to their docile and kindly nature, many Quines in foreign civilization end up as servants or slaves, either by trickery, prejudice, or raids on their homelands. Fighting is not in their nature, though if pushed enough, a Quine will push back, and will rub poop in your wounds to boot.
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