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The Goddamn House Is On Fire
by Flufferk


The fluffies pounded on the door that blocked their way to freedom. The room became hotter and the air harder to breathe. Even the warbling of the Scream Munstah outside had dimmed.

Huddled together as far from the smokey air vent as they could, the seven little animals held each other and cried. They cried for their Little Mummah, they cried for their housie, and they cried for their lost sense of safety. One would periodically rear its little head back and renew screaming for help, but never for very long.

“Wha' was dat?”

Smiley opened his eyes. He'd been drifting off to sleep, smokies or not. Lime had said something.

“Huh?” he responded, voice dull.

“Wime... Wime heaw noisie... Fwom outside meanie doow!”

Snapping awake, the five adult fluffies redoubled their cries for help. They could hear the noises too! It sounded like the big, heavy not-hoofsies that Hoomins had! Even Muffin and Cupcake offered their delicate peeps and kitten-soft hooves to the effort.

It was working! The steps were getting closer!

“PWEEEEEEEEZE!” the fluffies cried. “HEWP!”

The door bashed open with shocking abruptness. Puff and Cosmo took the brunt of the impact while the others were merely scattered. The delicate ivory fluffy flew backwards and crashed into the wall, wasting no time before howling lustily about “wowstest owwies.” Cosmo found herself staring up at the smoky ceiling several feet from the doorway, stunned. When she tried to roll onto her belly and stand , she realized that one of her forelegs was hanging at an unnatural angle.

“W... weggie?” she asked tentatively. Weggie did not answer.

There was a huge Hoomin in the doorway. He was wearing some kind of covering over his face. Lemon and Lime, terrified beyond reason and babbling a confused stream of gratitudes, latched their huggies onto his not-hooves.

“I heard something from in here!” the man barked over his shoulder, bulky breathing apparatus muffling his voice. His numbered helmet swung as he scanned the darkened room.

“I heard it too, John,” his partner said, clomping up behind him. “Don't see nothin', though.”

The first man jumped slightly when he realized that something was climbing onto his heavy boots. His disgust flared when he noted that the unnaturally bright neon creatures were speckled with shit and smearing it on his footwear.

“Oh for fuck's sake,” he growled. “Don't worry about it, Singh! It was goddamn fluffy ponies again, not a kid.”

“... Oh.”

John turned to leave, shaking Lemon and Lime roughly from his boot. They landed ungracefully in a sobbing tangle, their foals peeping in terror and waddling frantically after them. The broad-shouldered man took two brisk steps back towards the hallway before his partner caught him tentatively by the arm of his thermal coat.

“We're just going to leave them here? This place is going up fast; they'll never get out in time.”

The big man looked at Singh coldly. “Don't start with that shit, kid. The foyer we came in had to be up to, what? Seventy, eighty degrees already? It'll be hotter now, and these fucking things nearly combust at room temperature as is.” His eyes narrowed. “Which means we carry the whole... what, seven fuckers inside our gear? So, not only do we stop and strip down in an active fire situation, but we insulate ourselves with a fuckin' Molotov menagerie that can shit its own weight inside seven grand worth of municipal property that we get to clean afterwards?” He frowned disapprovingly. “Is that what you're asking me?”

The younger man blinked. “I... The little girl outside was yelling about her 'babies,' though. I thought maybe she had some kittens or something.”

John shook his arm briskly, freeing it from Singh's hand. “We're out of time. We need to fuckin' fly or we'll join these things on the Great Cosmic Barbecue.”

The young man nodded. “Alright. Ten seconds for one last visual sweep in case there's something we missed.”

“I'll check the room across the hall and then we're fuckin' leaves on the fuckin' wind.”

As soon as his partner was out the door, Singh was down on one knee in front of the confused, bawling fluffies.

“Be quick and give me one of those foals before he gets back. I can at least get one out.”

Without hesitating, Smiley grabbed Muffin and pushed him towards the towering Hoomin. The chubby colt peeped in terror as the gargantuan creature lifted him away from his sister.

“Sabe babbeh PWEASE, nice mistew!” Smiley begged.

As the firefighter slipped off his glove and started to tuck the minuscule puff of green and yellow in, Lemon flashed forward.

“NU TAKE BABBEH!” she howled, chomping her blunt teeth onto Singh's hand.

Uninjured but surprised at the animal's ferocity, he dropped the tiny foal onto the lush green carpet. It bounced once, its plaintive peeping silenced as the air was knocked from its weak lungs. It lay gasping on its back, immaculate little hooves waving wildly at the ceiling.

“Babbeh nee' MUMMAH, not dummeh HOOMIN!” Lemon hissed, standing above the foal protectively and puffing her cheeks out. “Weave nao o' mummah gib yu... gib yu... FOWEBAH-SWEEPIES!” She punctuated her threat by rapidly stomping her fat little legs.

“Wemon! Nuuuu!” Smiley moaned, horrified.

Working his glove back onto his nipped hand, Singh stood up briskly.

“I'm sorry,” he said, looking at Smiley sympathetically. “I have to go.”

He stepped into the doorway. He contemplated closing the door and resigning the biotoys to their fate but decided against it. He slipped out wordlessly, reconnecting the seal on his breather.

“NU GU!” Smiley wailed, chasing after the nice hoomin. He froze in the hallway.

Everything was dark except for the steppy-stairs that lead down to the Living Room. Outlined in dim red, thick smoke roiled along the ceiling and clung damply to the corners. With the door to the safe room ajar, fresh smoke began to spill in more quickly.

“NUUUUU!” he bawled desperately, waddling several more steps after the young firefighter.

He quickly realized that he couldn't see either of the hoomins anymore.

“FWIENDS!” Smiley howled, turning back. “Fwiends, we need tu weave nao! Is nu safe hewe!”

A chorus of wet sobs echoed back from the saferoom.

“If we don' weave nao, we'ww aww gu fowebah-sweepies!”

“Nu!” Lemon cried, tears splashing from her rotund cheeks as she stamped her hooves again. “Safe woom is SAFE woom! Safe woom is nu FOWEBAH-SWEEPIES woom! Fwuffies SAFE in safe woom, Smiwey!”

“Nuuu....” Smiley groaned, horrified. “Wemon, nuuu! Somefing tewwibwe am going on, an' fwuffies nee' tu weave! Nee' weave nao!”

“NU!” Lemon roared. “Fwuffy mummah knus wha' bestest fo' babies! Nu teww wha' do!”

Cosmo's plaintive cry broke their conversation, and the two fluffies turned to look at her.

“Pwease don' fight, fwiends! Cosmo haf' wowstest weggie huwties! Nee' huggies, nu maddies!”

Trotting over to her, Smiley inspected the awkwardly held leg.

“Cosmo...” he began hesitantly, sniffing at the strange bend. “Smiwey dun' knu if huggies wiww fix.” He frowned in concentration, mind working furiously. “Nee' take fwuffy to vet, mebbe?”

Cosmo's sobs grew louder. “Dewe nu am vet in safe woom, Smiwey! Haf tu weave housie, an' Wittwe Mummah say tu NEVEW du dat wifout hew!”

All seven fluffies snapped their heads up when the squalling fire alarm clicked off. The silence was startling, broken only by a faint crackling from downstairs.

“Haf tu gu.” Smiley reiterated firmly, trying his hardest to sound brave.

As he trotted into the dark, murky hallway, he realized that only a handful of his herd had followed. Lemon, Lime, and their foals had stayed behind.

“We nu weave them, wight?” Cosmo asked tentatively, hobbling along with her broken leg held high and tight against an orange flank. Her snout quivered with trepidation.

Smiley didn't reply. He hadn't wanted to say anything to scare his friends, but he'd seen something bright and orange beneath the closet door. He hoped his friends and their perfect little babies would be okay, but he couldn't bring himself to believe that they would.

“Wet's gu,” he said sadly, venturing further out from his little bright sanctuary.

Once, many forevers ago, Little Mummah had forgotten to close the safe room door all the way, and Smiley had gone exploring the Hallway. He'd made it all the way to the rim of the Great Steep Steppies and pushed his little muzzle over the edge before Little Mummah had come sprinting towards him.

“SMILEY!” she'd shrieked. “STOP! You'll fall!” She'd caught him just as he'd begun to teeter over the brink. He'd been given the terrible Sorry Stick for the first and only time in his whole life.

Little Mummah was gone now, though, and he needed to get his friends down those Great Steep Steppies.

The first one wasn't so bad. They were covered with carpet just like his safe room, and even if it wasn't quite as soft and was a different colour, it still felt nice against his sensitive hooves. The second wasn't that bad either; he was concentrating so much on it that he wasn't even tempted to look down. The third, though... The third was awful. He saw the yawning void that awaited the slightest misstep. Ungraceful at the best of times, the little black fluffy realized with horror that he was only one stumble away from forever sleepies.

Smiley was halfway down when he realized that Cosmo was still at the top of the stairs, crying lustily.

“Fwuffy nu can do it!” she howled, soft little body quaking with sobs. “Nu wif weggie owwies!”

“Cosmo haf tu twy!” he called up to her, watching with mounting anxiety as Puffy delicately hopped down another step. They were taking far too long.

That she managed to conquer her fears notwithstanding, the orange and purple fluffy didn't even make it down the first step. One flabby little foreleg was nowhere near strong enough to support her entire weight. It buckled as she lowered herself carefully onto the first riser and sent her tumbling inevitably into oblivion. Screaming, she launched a single magnificent blat of flatulence before beginning her crashing roll.

“Smiiiiiiiiiiiiweey!” she shrieked as she bounced, thumped, and crunched her way down the stairs.

Smiley wasn't sure who screamed louder; Cosmo as she passed him and crashed to the living room floor with a sickening crunch, or himself, who couldn't believe the horror he was seeing. Her owwies were so bad that she sprayed red wawa across the wooden landing in a sudden glut when she hit the bottom. She didn't move.

Scrambling down the last few stairs himself, he was reaching for his friend when something hit him from behind and he sprawled onto the sticky floor. Legs starfished, for a terrifying moment he couldn't breathe. Dazed, he realized that Puffy must've crashed into him.

“Owwwwieeeee!” she squealed, sitting on her rump and pressing her hooves against her eyes. She seemed unhurt, but Smiley couldn't tell through her wild howls.

She pulled herself unsteadily upright and squared off against the bottom of the stairs.

“Meanie, poopie staiws!” she squeaked, caught somewhere between a yell and a sob. She stomped her hoof, snorted angrily, and stalked away towards the living room. “Bad staiws!”

“Cawefuw, Puffy!” Smiley called out as he trotted after her. “Stay wif hewd, nu is safe!”

“Is pewfectwy safe!” she replied haughtily. “Fwuffy am weaving dis meanie housie! An' nevew coming back!”

She approached a towering door much like the one at the entrance of the safe room, and Smiley dimly remembered it opening onto another set of stairs that led even further downwards. He'd only been there once with Little Mummah and hadn't been much more than a talky baby at the time, but he thought that it led to where the Humans washed their not-fluff.

He didn't remember the door being ringed with an orange halo, though, and he certainly didn't remember the black smoke boiling out from the top of the frame.

“Puffy... Nu open doow, pwease?”

The chubby ivory fluffy pressed her front hooves against it.

“Meanie doow! Open fow fwuffy!”

The door remained silent.

She hammered her hooves against the laminated wood.


In fury, she extended herself upright as far as her wobbly hind legs could manage and snagged the metal doorknob with her ivory hooves. She had noticed that the door seemed very warm when she bashed her little hoofsies against it, but the knob was hot. Really, really hot. In fact, the knob was...

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” Puff shrieked, voice cracking in agony. “BUUUUUWNY HUWTIES!”

The soft leather of her hooves welded to the blistering steel of the doorknob with a sizzling hiss. Pulsing, blazing, inconceivable agony roared up her fat legs and set every nerve ending alight with staggering pain.

“NUUUU!” she squealed, reflexively pulling backwards and finding herself firmly stuck. “WET FWUFFY GUUUUU!”

“PUFFY!” Smiley howled, horrified.

Screams risen above the audible, the albino fluffy wrenched herself backwards wildly. She remained sealed to the door despite her efforts and realized with horror that smoke was rising up from where her little hoofsies were stuck to the meanie door. The smoke smelled... Oh nu, it smelled delicious.


Pulling herself backwards even harder, she heard twin snaps as the roasted bones in her legs broke. Eyes bugging out and tongue lolling, she registered shards of white emerging in clusters from her alabaster fluff as the world greyed around her. The fur above her hooves smouldered and caught fire, blackening the pale skin beneath in a flash.

Crazed with agony, Puff's wild thrashings finally managed to unlatch the flimsy basement door. She took a deep breath to scream her fresh agony to the world but was silenced by what she saw.

Smiley watched in frozen horror as his friend was immolated by a giant wall of boiling orange and red monsters. Sickened, he realized that since the door had somehow grabbed hold of Puffy, she wouldn't even be able to get out of the way. It was so hot and so bright that Smiley had to shield his eyes with blistering hooves, and the heat was so intense that he found himself unable to breathe.

The backdraft only lasted a moment but felt like an eternity. As his flash blindness faded, Smiley found himself scrambling away from Cosmo and towards the door that still held his friend. At least, he thought it was Puff that was stuck there; it didn't much look like her, but when could another fluffy have snuck in and taken her place?

“Puffy!” he cried, tripping over himself. “Puffy, awe yu otay?”

There was no response from... whatever it was stuck to the door.

“Puff... Puffy?” As he reached... it, he found himself approaching tentatively. “Yu... Yu otay?”

The... thing was breathing, he realized. Roughly, and with great effort, but it was breathing. Something that had the basic outline of a head turned towards him.

“Th... Thmiwey?” it croaked, black and lipless.

The thing that might have been Puffy had no eyes. Gaping sockets stared mournfully at him. Even her eyelids were gone. In shock, Smiley realized that the slime on its cheeks were its melted see-places. Her flawless ivory fluff was gone (fluff that Little Mummah had said was “just like a puffy cotton ball!” and the name had stuck), and in its place was blackened grit. It flaked off her in sandy drifts.

“Oh Puffy...” he said, fresh tears spilling down his cheeks. “Smiwey su sowwy.”

The thing's roasted mouth opened and closed, slowly managing to form the the faintest whisper . Fighting his revulsion, Smiley leaned in towards the scorched creature.

“Iiii...” the thing began. “Iiit ootay......”

“Puffy?” Smiley sobbed.

“Aaaaam...” Its throat clicked up and down as it fought to create words. “Aaam jus'... baaaad... dweamie...”

Wrenching sobs shook Smiley as he put his forelegs around his roasted friend.

“Haf tu gu, Puffy,” he sniveled. “Huuu hu hu! Nu safe hewe fo' fwuffies!”

When she didn't move, Smiley gave a gentle tug. “Puff... Puffy?”

With only the slightest resistance, the little black stallion found himself falling backwards with his friend in his arms. Why, she'd hardly been stuck at all!

“Siwwy Puffy!” he said, startled. “Why fwuffy nu....”

He looked down but couldn't believe what he saw. It simply wasn't... It made no sense!

In his chubby little forelegs he held... most of his friend. Her skin had sloughed off like a glove. He dropped the warm, blackened moulting, realizing that it included four little perfectly hollow weggies and most of what had been her face. The rest of Puffy remained welded to the doorknob, arteries visibly pulsing along her back, delicate musculature and tendons laid bare.

Even though face were long gone, he could tell that she was trying to look towards him.

“Smmmrrrrrrrrrl..” the thing that had been Puffy gurgled. It was trying to say his name.

“Puffy.” he said, shocked at how calm he sounded. He shouldn't be this calm: his friend had the worstest hurties ever . “Puffy. Smiwey wuvs yu.”

Ebony sockets regarded him indifferently. “Rrrrg...” the thing that had been Puffy whispered. “Dewe... am nuffing... rrrrl... nuffing... nuffing wong wif fwuffy...”

Tears dripping onto the blackened floor beneath him, the little stallion tried to smile. “Oh Puffy... Smiwey wuvs yu su much.”

There was a hiccup. His friend's ravaged lungs tried and failed to inflate, their delicate tissues scorched beyond repair. A quick runnel of tears appeared in the corner of one cauterized eye socket. With a gentle sigh, Puffy became mercifully silent.

“P... Puffy?” Smiley asked. There was no response.

Why wouldn't she answer him? How bad could her owwies actually be, and what should he do to make them better?

“Huggies make evewyfing bettew.” he said firmly, remembering. Fighting his revulsion again, he forced himself to hug his scorched, blistered friend, but had to let her go after only a moment; she was horribly, horribly hot. That she smelled simply delightful was even more confusing.


The blackened, skinless fluffy remained silent, burnt forelegs stretched out and melted to the doorknob, body slack and motionless.

“Smiwey nu can stay hewe, Puffy,” he said, fresh tears puddling beneath him. “Smiwey... Smiwey wiww come back fow yu... Aftew west of hewd am outsidies.”

His only answer was a tendril of thin gray smoke that slithered up from her silent form.


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IGotIdeas: OH SHIT feral fluffy herd inbound!
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CreativeUserName: rest of herd makes it outside, isn't it just him tho

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Basswhooper: Damn, man.
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Anonymous1: @Basswhooper: That's exactly the reaction I was looking for.

The rest of the story is going to take a while. I write a lot slower without cigarettes.
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Arazur: Shit dude, the next three are going to be brutal
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Anonymous2: Damn son. This is great
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Flufferk: @Anonymous: Thanks!

@Arazur: I'll be real honest, it's hard to beat accidentally hugging the molting of your best friend, but I plan to fuckin' try.

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IGotIdeas: Wait. How big are these fluffies if the one was able to reach a doorknob by standing?
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Flufferk: @IGotIdeas: Small dogs can paw at doorknobs if they stretch themselves to full length. That's the size I've always considered fluffies to be; two feet long and a foot high, give or take.
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Anonymous3: They didn't have a fire blanked?

@Flufferk: That wouldn't be a small dog if they can reach a door nob, at most they might by jumping, but a fluffy can jump the same way a hedgehog can jump.
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Fluffus: Great writing, great scenario. New addition to my fave writers on the booru.
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Anonymous4: This story took a full fucking 180.. I love it
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Anonymous5: YESSSSSS

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Anonymous6: I like how those idiot fluffies screwed up the last chance they had of being rescued. The only human who had any sympathy for them was turned away by that dummeh mare's misplaced maternal instincts.
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Anonymous7: "The smoke smelled... Oh nu, it smelled delicious."

"she was horribly, horribly hot. That she smelled simply delightful was even more confusing."

Top KEK!!!
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johnnysins: ha

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nails_gif_owwies: Not only is this well written and riveting, it's a good counter to all the sugary hugboxing going on lately. No mindless abuse, just nature's brutality.
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Flufferk: I really appreciate the feedback. To be honest, this story's been giving me headaches for three months. Awful to write. I thought I'd just edit and release what I had and be done with it.

I didn't think it would go over this well. I'll see if I can't get back into it again.
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Ajumma: @IGotIdeas:
I don't think they can reach too.