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The Adventures of Geralt
Chapter 3
Monster Hunting Arc

After roughly two months of conditioning and surgeries to implement the Fluffgrades, Geralt had finally broken through the pitiful mold of his existence. He was finally smarter than your average fluffy-- capable of processing information and thinking at roughly three times the speed and with far more efficiency. Not only that, but the hormone-induced state of relative super strength he had attained as a result of being raised with specialized foods and nutrients meant he was more durable, and potentially lethal to nearly any fluffy who crossed his path.

He was finally ready to be showcased to several different tech firms as a pet project. This would have huge implications for Biohacking as a field and Thomas' bank account.

Except now something unexpected happened.

"Munstah fwuffies mus' die, Daddeh"

"What do you mean by that, Geralt? There are no monster fluffies in the house."

Thomas was hoping he wouldn't remember the specifics of his early foalhood trauma. He had never remembered or mentioned it before this moment, although it's plausible his recent intelligence upgrade may have unlocked some of those painful memories.

"Nu, nu in housie, Daddeh, buh owside is scawy fwuffies dat gif wowstest huwties tu gud babbehs an' bestest mummahs."

"Geralt... let's talk about it some more in your safe room."

This would be something he'd have to work through and iron out before anyone else could see his greatest work, Thomas thought to himself.

He unstrapped Geralt from the table, while the fluffy watched the straps loosen and fall aside observantly. There seemed to be new life behind his eyes. Something that wasn't there previously, almost as if he lay dormant all his life until this moment. Almost as if... he was truly processing information as opposed to passively viewing it.

Gently, Thomas carried Geralt into the safe room, placing him on his bed, and closing the door once they were both comfortable within the room. Lowering himself to sit cross-legged across from the grey fluffy, he rested his hand upon his chin and started.

"So Geralt, tell me about all that you know about these "Monster Fluffies"

"Daddeh... when Gewawt was jus' wittew babbeh..." Geralt continued as he began to sniffle, "was happeh wit' mummah and bwuddahs. Mummah was su pwetty, awways gif miwkies to gud babbehs, an nebah haf tummeh owwies. Nu bestes' babbehs, nu poopie babbehs, mummah wuv aww babbehs. Mummah was gud mummah. Gewawt' famiwy wive in bunny-munstah housie dat bunny munstahs nu wike nu mowe, in hoomin pwace cawwed..."

Geralt paused for a second to recall the name. Although Thomas had already guessed he lived in a park, he wanted Geralt to get used to processing information at his new speed. He was partially worried it may be possible for a fluffy to die of overthinking.

"Pawk! An' sometimes nice hoomins gif nummies; odda times nice hewd come tu pawk and hewp mummah and babbehs fin' nice nummies. Mos' times mummah jus' num gwassie nummies. Buh' one day scawy hewd move in tu pawk, and teww mummah to gif aww toughies and Smawty spechaw huggies ou babbehs get stompies. Buh' mummah nu scawed, mummah teww Smawty 'Gud mummah wiww gif smawty bestest good feews ebah! But come to bunny-housie in dawk time cuz dat am time when can gif ou bestes' enfies"

Thomas chuckled slightly at the prospect of a fluffy manipulating a Smarty by stroking it's ego. Firstly, that is possibly the smartest way of dealing with a smarty if you can't hope to hurt it in the open. Secondly, the irony of that very thing being that most fluffies can't even fathom such mental logistics.

"Su when dawk-time Sky Baww make wakies, Smawty came tu housie. Mummah was weady fo' enfie, but when Smawty awwmost put is' pee pee pwace in, mummah gif wowsest sowwy hoofsies tu Smawty's speshiaw wumps, tee hee hee." Geralt laughed as he recounted that memory, probably because he felt proud that his mummah actually was smarter than a Smarty.

"Mummah gif Smawty wowstest huwties tu speshiaw wumps, stompies and stompies and stompies and STOMPIES!" With the last word, Geralt stomped in excitement. "Su she take famiwy and wun 'way fwum pawk pwace. An' we wiv in boxie-housie in... hmmm... "awwey-way?" Gewawt tink is cawwed. Dewe was nu tuuu mush nummies, buh- babbehs coul' nummies wike big fwuffies den, so it was otay."

Then the waterworks started. Slowly, the tears rolled down his cheeks, soaking his cheek fluff, as he spoke.

"Den, wastest bwight time in awwey-way... Gewawt make wakies tu see smawty and two bigges' tuffies gif huwties to mummah. Dey gif stompies tu weggies, nummies to mummahs see-pwaces... tuffies gif bad enfies to mummah..." Geralt started to sob upon recounting that specific memory. "An' den, when Mummah was wyin' on da fwoow, wif boo-boo juice... suuuu mush boo-boo juice... de smawty and tuffies enf bwuddas huuhuuhuuuuu... Dey make da wowstest sounds... Wowstest noisies, owwies... suu many owwies... Gewawt nu can... du nuffin... nu can hewp huuuhuuuu... Gewawt bad fwuffy."

The last statements he made were followed by him collapsing into the fetal position, with his tail tucked between his legs. As he laid there, sucking on his hoof and sobbing, Thomas thought, despite his best efforts, his greatest creation was still just a pathetic creature. Still horribly damaged, psychologically and emotionally, despite being in excellent physical shape. The scars that existed only in the mental realm were not something that could be mended with surgery.

Thomas thought silently for a second, only absorbing the information. To say he hasn't at least bonded a little bit with Geralt would be a flat-out lie. He genuinely did like the little bastard; he wasn't particularly needy or demanding, and never bratty. However, now he could understand exactly why he wasn't any of those horrible things that fluffies usually are.

"Geralt..." Thomas softly spoke, "Daddy has an idea; what if I take you outside to look for the Monster Fluffies. Would you want to do that? Would that make you feel better?"

"Nu, Daddeh. Gewawt wiww nu feew bettaw tu fin' mustahs..."

Geralt trailed off, only to respond again with a renewed vigor.

"Gewawt feew bettah tu gif fowebah sweepies tu munstahs. Make munstahs haf huwties, an' dummeh nu-wisten-weggies, an' make munstah fwuffies wan' die. Gewawt wan' munstah boo-boo juice!"

And so with that, Thomas received a fairly pleasing answer.


For a while, he had considered testing the physical abilities of Geralt to fight and kill fluffies in a controlled setting. This would be even better, however, as ultimately Geralt would'nt be fighting for any old flimsy reason. This was very personal to him, and being that he was already excellently equipped for violence, all Thomas had to do was exploit anything that could be used to drive him to murder. Still, on a different note, it felt good to help him avenge his family.

Geralt leading the way on the end of a leash, Thomas walked around the neighborhood close to the FluffMart he initially bought Geralt from. He seemed to be tracking by scent, as if he still remembered the smell of the herd. Finally, he and Thomas came upon an alley whose opposing end faced a park, separated by a two-lane side street. Geralt turned to Thomas, and sighed with a great "Huuu..." before speaking.

"Daddeh, dat am... pawkie pwace. Dat am owd housie." Geralt carried a slightly worried look on his face, remembering his childhood trauma with full force.

"Okay, well let's get over there and we'll find the 'munstahs'"

Hearing the reciprocated Fluffspeak brought a small reassurance to Geralt, and he smiled slightly at this patronizing encouragement. With that, he whipped his head back to face the park, and with a tail held high, trotted down the alley. After checking both ways before crossing, the grey fluffy tread across the asphalt with owner in tow. It was as they walked past the hedges that acted as fencing to the park, that Thomas caught a glimpse of the herd that awaited them.

There were a great many fluffies for a park of this size, which was no bigger that a square 80 feet wide and deep. A quick estimation brought Thomas a population count around 50, while in truth the herd was closer to just over 65 not counting currently pregnant dams. All colours were similar among the foals; almost all carried a maroon coat with an aqua mane. This was the case for many adults as well, including the larger ten stallions that would doubtlessly be the herd's "toughie" friends.

"Geralt, do you see any 'munstahs'?"

"Gewawt nu see, but smeww munstah. Dis am... Gewawt tinks... wingy munstah."

Geralt's head slowly swiveled from one side to the next, scanning the landscape until it fixed itself in one spot. Geralt's eyes had seen the Pegasus who had brutally raped one of his brothers, and helped in the murder of his mother. Slowly, but steadily, inside him grew a rage; an all-consuming desire to kill. He started walking towards the Pegasus, even as the odd fluffy from the herd congregated in the center of the park approached him.

"Nyu fwend?" one young stallion called to him as he came in close proximity to Geralt.

"Nu, gu way"

"Buh, wai su meanie? Come pway, ugweh fwend!" was the stallion's ill-prepared response.

Immediately, Geralt swiveled around and bit down on the muzzle of the maroon coloured stallion. With a sickening crunch and a muffled shriek of pain, the feral attempted his futile escape. However, inferior wild genes were no match of the home-bred, unnaturally augmented fluffy. In almost the same instant, Geralt pulled way while holding his grip, causing the feral's snout to snap and crackle before ultimately tearing away. Torrents of blood rushed over both their mouths, with the newly deformed fluffy collapsing the a blood-curdling shriek. At this moment, Geralt raised a hoof, and with as menacing a yell as he could muster, landed a hoof directly into the eye of his enemies' presumed offspring. The resultant explosion of brain matter, fluff, bone and blood completely soaked Geralt in gore, matting his fluff. He had gone from being completely gray to being almost entirely red.

The entire herd had been watching the ordeal, and the toughie friends who formerly were all to eager to come to the defense of their supposed kinsman, were now letting loose all hell from their bowels as they hid in fear.

"Suu scawies!"

"Huu huuuuuu"


With no particular attachment to his kill, or the loved ones of his murdered enemy, Geralt simply turned back and sped towards his task. Thomas couldn't believe it; this was already going exceedingly well.

As they both reached the unusually large maroon Pegasus, Geralt began to pull forward hard enough that he slightly dragged Thomas along. Finally, they had reached him; the Pegasus laid there, fat, yet clearly large-framed, at the front of a rabbit's den. His fluff was beginning to gray just under his chin, and one of his wings was missing the tip. His eyes were closed when they arrived, but their presence seemed to have alarmed him, since almost immediately he opened one eye, expelled a slight amount of foul shit, and closed it once more.

"Wha' wan', dummehs? Chewwy nu haf time fow tawkies, jus' sweepies." The pegasus proclaimed, finishing with a great yawn.

"'Ou 'membah da famiwy dat wiv hewe fiwst? Befow ou come to pawk?" Geralt asked in a hostile tone.

"Su? Dummeh mawe an' enfie babbehs. Nu cawe. Owd hewd weave, Chewwy stawt nyu hewd wit' wots of spechiaw fwens. Aww babbehs wook wike Chewwy, but nu am Smawty wike Chewwy."

"Whewe owd hewd gu?"

"Sketti-Wand" Cherry replied as a back-handed "fuck you"

Thomas caught this immediately, as Spaghetti Land advertisements hadn't run in 8 years since the fall of Cleveland.

"Geralt, Spaghetti Land isn't real."

At first the gray stallion looked puzzled, but then angry.

"Ou teww me whewe" He asked once more, his patience clearly waning.

"Nu. Weave. Nee' sweepies"

With that dismissal, Cherry let out a loud expulsion of shit that covered an area twice his size. The brown matter left his rear and accidentally took down a brown foal that had wandered over, away from it's mother. The foal struggled slightly after being absolutely covered, but ultimately drowned in the steaming hot excrement. The mother, frantically searching, wandered in frantic search to the roadside, where she was met with the wide-set tire of a Pick-Up Truck. Instantly, she was flattened down the mid-section and backside, with her intestines exploding through her sides. The shrieking rang through the air and to the Smarty's ears.

It was at this precise moment, Geralt had reared up a couple paces. The smarty predictably opened his eyes to look at the foreign stimulus. Geralt immediately charged forth and with deadshot accuracy lodged his horn directly through Cherry's left eye.


Geralt was now pushing the horn deeper and harder into the socket.




He raised an already bloodied, muscular hoof to lower it hard and fast on Cherry's right leg. The snap was sickening, and visually signalled by the leg breaking off into a direction it shouldnt be able to move in.



The offer was far too tantalizing for Cherry to pass on.


Geralt twisted his head in an act to sadistic cruelty before removing his horn. He pulled whatever remained of Cherry's out along with it.

"Ou wemembah dummeh mawe? Enfie babbehs? Dat am mummah. Dat am Fwuffy's mummah."

With a renewed look of horror painfully engraved on his face, Cherry could only manage weak apologizes and pleas for help.

Geralt stood for a moment, deciding what to do, before Thomas piped up.

"Finish him, boy."

The muscular, blood-drenched fluffy knew how he would end this miserable broken thing in front of him. He raised a hoof, stomping on Cherry's muzzle several times, breaking teeth clean out with every stomp. When almost all the teeth had either been pulverized out or fallen out due to the swelling, he climbed over his victim. Slowly, he lowered his rump, front hooves resting on Cherry's torso, and inserted himself into the fallen smarty's mouth. He began to hump slowly, steadily, forcing it through; eventually these turned into more frequent humps accentuated with the typical "enf". Eventualy the "enf"-ing became more frequent as the action sped up, while he furiously violated the broken, mutilated mouth of his mother's murderer. The only thing he could think about is how much better he felt in all this.

Cherry was having a hard time breathing, as Geralt's member was driving directly down his trachea. Eventually it came to a stop as Geralt screamed "GUUUUD FEEEEWWWWWSS". At his peak, he slammed both hooves directly down onto Cherry's ribs, breaking them on contact. A huff, a puff, and he climbed off his fallen foe. Cherry had died, drowning on the semen of the fluffy whose mother and brothers he raped.

"Daddeh, we gu tu Waww-Mawwt?"

"Uhhhh... yyyyeeesssss sure we can..."

Clearly, Thomas was not expecting any of that.


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GewawtofWivia: If you made it reading this far, thank you! If you're just reading this, feel free to leave a compliment or criticism.

Enjoyed spending the extra time to flesh things out properly, and feels great to finally get done with the exposition.

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IGotIdeas: god damnit i need type some shit up!

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guodzilla: @GewawtofWivia: I think I like Geralt. >;-)
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Anonymous1: Well shit...
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Inky_little_fluff: Geralt gonna kick some ass?
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Anonymous2: @Inky_little_fluff: most likely, but as you know, all fluffy ponies must suffer horribly and die. Geralt is no exception to this rule (un)fortunately.

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Veej: Classic vengeance story, and nice use of fluffy gore.

Of course, all that WalMart talk reminded me of this: :b

Geralt is set to become a real Clint Eastwood of the fluffy world. Wonder if he'll get confident enough to turn on his human creators...
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Anonymous3: Great story, really good Fluffspeak IMO (but I'm no expert) lots of graphic suffering, very good
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GewawtofWivia: @Veej: @Anonymous: its going to get a lot worse for everyone involved here fellas. Theres a reason i had two chapters of exposition. The fun is just starting!
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Anonymous4: I love it. Was expecting something hugboxy or a standard retarded fluffy called geralt, not a genuine augmented fluffy in search for vengeance
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GewawtofWivia: @Anonymous: thanks anon! Expect the next part in the series tomorrow around 6pm EST
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Anonymous5: What the fuck....
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Sorrowkandy: Loved that the the little shit rat died chocking on semen lol what a way to go, I deffs feel like the world is better off having this story in it