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Princess - Part 1

By cuis

Princess was a pink earthy mare with a white mane, living in her comfortable safe room, eating grade-A kibble and having spaghetti twice a week. All the commodities a middle-upper class couple without children could give their beloved pet.
Mary was her mommy, a kind woman, who cared for Princess as the daugther she never could have. Princess certainly loved playing with Mary.
-Pwincess wubs mummah, mummah wubs Pwincess.- She playifully sang, running around Mary who was dancing.
Mary stopped to read something on her phone, she had a frown on her face, but quickly cleared it -Want to have spaghetti, Princess?
-Yas mummah, bestes sketties fo bestest fwuffy!
Mary left her a bowl of spaghetti on her safe room.
-Mommy needs to go now, eat and be a good fluffy Princess.
-Yas mummah, Pwincess wubs mummah.
Mary grabbed one of Princess front hooves and fist bumped it -Girl power!


Princess was playing with her ball, when George, her "daddy", walked in, rather angry.
-That fuckig bitch! And that kike judge! We need a real Shoah.
He was agitated, Princess couldn't tell why. George and Mary had been arguing lately, she didn't know why, when it happened she went to watch Fluff TV and tried to ingore the yelling.
Geroge was looking into drawers, searching for something, throwing stuff to the floor, without any care for order.
-Where the fuck is it? That cunt probably hid it, she knew I would try to take it.
He sat on the couch, muttering curses in frustration. Then he looked at Princess, who was again watching TV, trying to ignore him. He drew a smile on his face.
-Mommy loves you very much, Princess, you know that?
-Yas daddeh, mummah gibs Pwincess sketties an toysies an huggies- she replied looking away from the TV, and quickly back at it, trying to avoid conversation.
-And tell me, does your daddy love you too?
-Uhh, yas daddeh, daddeh wubs Pwincess, an Pwincess wubs daddeh.
-Are you sure?- widening his smile.
She looked confused, not knowing what to reply. For the most part he had ignored her, playing occasionally.
-Well, you're right, I "love" you so much, I'm taking you with me.


He dropped Princess into a wooden crate, no furnishings, no decorations. Just a dirty wooden box, with nails proturding.
-Home sweet home, bitch.
-Pwincess nuh wike sowwy bawx. Pwincess am good fwuffy.
-Sorry box? No this is your new permanent home.
-New housie ugwy, Pwincess wan go back.
-Maybe if your mommy stop being a cunt, maybe. For now let's have some fun.- He held a broom stick, with a nail proturding at the end.
Princess had never been sorry sticked before, still the sight of the implement made her release her bowels.
-Looks like you are being a bad fluffy, Princess.
-Pwincess sowwy, nee wittah bawx fo good poopies.
-Oh, thats right.- He dropped the contents of a 10 Kg bag of litter clay, right over her. -I wouldn't like you to stink the whole place up, being it so small.
-Oww, why daddeh gib owwies?
-You call that "owwies"? I'm going to teach you the meaning of pain.- He raised the stick.
He grabbed Princess by the mane with his left hand and held her against the rim of the box. Then he landed a hit on her rear, with the side of the stick that didn't have the nail. It was the first time she was ever hit. A kind of pain she never knew existed rushed through her body, a burning sensation scorching her rear.
-SCREEEEE!!!- this had been her loudest screm yet -pwease daddeh, nuh sowwy stick, am gud fwuffy.
-You gonna cry so much just from that?- He landed another hit, and another and another. He wasn't even hitting her really hard, no broken bones. As a matter of fact he wanted to use a softer stick, but he didn't have many options. This was actually a stick he foound lying around, with the nail already attached, the head it was meant to secure missing.
-SCREEEEEEEE!! SCREEEEEEEEE!! Nu mowe dadeeh, pwease.
-Ok, then please say something to mommy for me.
-Yas daddeh.- He held his phone next to her head.
-Say, "Mommy, please let daddy have the car".
-Uhhh, mummah, pwease let daddeh hab da caw, SCREEEEEE!!!!- He hit her again.
-Say, "you took the house, it is fair".
-Huu huu, yuu took da housie, id is faiw, SCREEEEEEE!!- He took the phone to his face, dropping Princess back into the crate.
-You heard her, you precious Princess says you should let me keep the car, it is fair, isn't it? And you should hurry, you know I'm not so good at taking care of fluffies, that was your thing.
Princess laid on the litter clay, her rear still burning. She looked around, nothing but the dry stones and the dirty wood. No way out with her useless legs.


It was night time, Princess had been lamenting herself on her box most of the day.
-Mummah, pwase take Pwincess back home.- With tearful eyes.
By this time she was getting hungry.
-Daddeh, pwaese gib Pwincess nummies. Hab tummy huwties. Kibbew is fine.- But noone would listen, George had left shortly after the beating.
When he did arrive he still wouldn't pay any attention to her, he would sit on his computer, not much more to do in his apartment. Princess kept begging for food and attention, to no avail. He had beaten her, but she still wanted him to care for her. Without her "mommy" she had nothing else.
A couple hours passed.
-Very well, you can have this.- He said as he dropped the contents of a plate over Princess. Mostly chiken bones with some scraps of meat.
She gave it a few sniffs -Nuh smeww pwetty.
-Then don't eat it, bitch, you could lose some weight.
Princess then tried something she saw a fluffy do at the park once.
-Dummeh munstah daddeh, gib bestest nummies nao!
George was dumbfounded, Princess never spoke like that, or at least he never heard such things. He didn't know much about fluffies, he didn't care. Then he remembered that sticks used to punish them are called "sorry sticks"
-You are going to say you're sorry for that.- Holding the broom stick.
-Uww, sowwy daddeh, Pwincess nu say bad wowdies again.- But a single sorry wasn't going to be enough.
He grabbed her in the air, and hit her hard on her lower side.
-SCREEEEEEE!!!!- The force from the hit swinging her to the side.
-Tell me how sorry you are.
-Pwincess am vewy sowwy!! Nuh mowe sowwy stick pwease! SCREEEEE!!!
-I'm not convinced.
-SCREEEEEEEE!!!! Pwincess am vewy vewy sowwy!! Pwincess nu say wowstest wowdies again! SCREEEEEEE!!!- He was hitting her harder than before. A broken leg wouldn't matter much anyway.
-SCREEEEEEE!!! Pwincess am vewy sowwy!!! Bestest daddeh am good daddeh!! Pwincess num bestest nummies daddeh gibs!!
He dropped her back into the box.
-Get eating then.
She tried moving towards the food, however her left rear leg wouldn't move.
-Why weggie nuh wawk? Owwies.
-Good night Princess.
She limped towards the food and tried nibbling it. But it was too unsavory for her to eat. Yet.
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