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By IGotIdeas

(Be Advised: This story is best read with a heavy Italian Accent)
(Addendum: There is no reason as to why this is, I just think Italian is funny)

Goddamn it.
Same Goddamn breakfast.
Same Goddamn lunch.
Same Goddamn dinner.
Same Goddamn late-night murder-raping.
But noone gave a Goddamn shit.
No Goddamn person acknowledges my murder-rapes.
Whats the Goddamn point in murder-raping if noone cares?
Hell not even a single Goddamn mention of my murder-rapes on any news station.
All They care about are those Goddamn


I Goddamn had it.
Those Goddamn things are stealing the spotlight.
But what Goddamn thing can I do?
Im but a simple Goddamn late-night murder-rapist
I can't come up with the insane fuckery the Goddamn kids are coming up with these days.
But that don't mean I can't do my part in getting rid of those Goddamn fluffies.
If I can't match those Goddamn demented fucks.
Goddamn I might as well help em out.
For the past couple of Goddamn weeks Ive been trapping fluffies wherever I found em.
It was way to Goddamn easy.
Hell it was two Goddamn days before I figured out you could simply draw a picture of spaghetti and lure them with that instead of baiting them with real spaghetti.
Goddamn was it fun watching mothers trample their own foals for a taste of drawn spaghetti.
Only to beg to be let out as I nailed shut their Goddamn crate.
Goddamn it was to funny.
Eventually I was able to build a Goddamn name for myself as a decent fluffy trapper.
"Bill the Goddamn Fluffy Trapper" they call me.
Probably cause I say Goddamn a lot.
Whatever I don't give Goddamn fucking shit.
Well eventually I had more Goddamn crates of fluffies than I knew what to do with.
Sure I could've just set the Goddamn fluffies on fire.
Or tossed them into the local Goddamn harbor.
Or hell, I could've just left those Goddamn things to rot inside their pinewood prisons.
But thats just to goddamn normal.
Fortunately I didn't need to worry about such things for to Goddamn long.
Cause just yesterday one of my Goddamn clients tipped me off about some guy that wanted large amounts of fluffies for his little internet show.
No Goddamn questions asked.
So I packed the Goddamn crates onto my pickup and drove off to where this guy apparently lives.
Fortunately I don't believe in Goddamn straps so one of the crates fell out while I was going 300mph on a bridge.
The Goddamn crate was annihilated, releasing any fluffy that wasn't already reduced to paste.
Though their Goddamn freedom was cut short as they were dashed apart by motorists who were driven into a suicidal frenzy at the mere sight of the fluffies.
Hell one man with his vacationing family drove off the bridge unto a Goddamn fuel truck in attempt to run over a single scared foal.
The resulting explosion was Goddamn glorious.
Even better was the fact that my Goddamn dick was throbbing throughout the whole shitshow.
I was jacking it as I neared closer to my Goddamn goal.
It was some Goddamn sketchy ass clinic with an even more sketchy alley.
I pulled my Goddamn pickup into the alley and knocked on the clinic door.
I nearly shat my Goddamn pants in silent rage as some nigger answered.
He wore a Goddamn top hat like he was hotshit.
Not to mention his faggy fucking Goddamn yellow contact lenses and his faggy fucking vampire teeth.
Still, business is business and I had several crates of Goddamn fluffies that I wanted to get rid of.
I told the Goddamn negro vamp who I am and what I was doing here and he simply giggled like a mad man before slamming the door in my face.
Now reasonably Goddamn angry I stammered over back to my truck only to find the tires slashed and the crates gone.
"What in the Goddamn fuckity fuck?!" I shouted.
I looked over my damaged truck and found a Goddamn note that read "WELCOME TO THE CARNIVAL, NOW GO AWAY" written in what I presume to be crayon.
What a Goddamn nigger.
Maybe I should come back later tonight Goddamn it.
Maybe I should to murder this Goddamn nigger faggot.
Maybe I should rape his Goddamn corpse when I'm done murdering him.
Yea that should show him what Goddamn happens when you mess with me.

"The dismembered body of of local fluffy trapper Bill the Goddamn Fluffy Trapper was found inside a distraught fluffy by fluffy exterminators today. The killer remains at large."

Hope y'all enjoyed my Ringmaster tribute!
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- Reply
IGotIdeas: I typed this up in hopes of breaking my little writers block.
- Reply
GewawtofWivia: If you need ideas lets communicate over pm or discord

- Reply
IGotIdeas: @GewawtofWivia: Its not that I dont have ideas, i got 7 more stories in pogress i just havent figured out how to get past the first couple sentences. Also what the fuck is discord?

- Reply
IGotIdeas: @GewawtofWivia: Also my username is IGotIdeas if I ran out of ideas I would honorbound to kill myself in the most nonsensical way economically possible.
- Reply
Anonymous1: >welcome
>go away
Make up your Goddamn mind Ringmaster
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Cortisone: @IGotIdeas: If you already know what the stories are going to be, just write the first few sentences later and jump right into it.
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Anonymous2: How the goddamn fuck do you fit a dismembered body into a single fluffy without it being dead?

- Reply
Derpbastian: @Anonymous: Very carefully. Ever heard of this vidya, Tetris?

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Cyphel: Goddamn.