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Princess - Part 2

By cuis

-So, you want the thing or not?- Princess could hear him talking, but she thought he was alone.
-Bullshit, these things are not covered by animal rights, any damage is just "accidental" property damage.
She was curled into a ball on the corner of her crate. Several scraps of food and piles of feces were about the litter clay that was her floor.
-Well then, cunt, I hope you choke on it.
"Daddy" approached Princess.
-Guess what shitrat, I just talked to your mommy, she doesn't want you back.
-Nuuu, mummah wubs pwincess, pwincess wubs mummah.
-Nah, she thinks the car is more valuable that you. Come to think about it these shitrats don't cost much, she is more pragmatic than I thought she would be.
The fluffy couldn't understand what he was talking about, other than mommy not loving her, but that couldn't be true, could it?
-So now I'm stuck with you, worthless shitrat.- She was cowering in her corner. -You know why your "mommy" bought you?
-Mummah wubs Pwin--No, turdball, she doesn't. I used to think she wanted you as a proxy child because she couldn't conceive, but then I discovered that was a lie.
Princess was struggling to understand the conversation.
-She told me she couldn't get pregnant, but I've seen her medical records- He had hired a hacker to dig on her -she never had such illness, she was actually taking contraceptives all along.
-Cowntwa...? contwaceb...?
-So she never wanted children, never wanted a proxy child either. You were nothing but a toy for her, a toy she could easily detach from.
Princess couldn't understand most of the conversation, but it still hurt her, because she did understand it meant her mommy didn't love her.
-She valued her independence above all else, even used me to acquire assets, goddamn harpy.
It was still hard for Princess to accept such horrible, painful truth. No, it couldn't be, mommy did love her, she had to.
-M-mummah wubs Pwincess, Pwincess wubs mummah.
-You sure have shit for brains.


Another day passed without anything but scraps to eat, and the smell of shit. George had ignored her the whole time, her box was covered by a lid leaving the fluffy into the dark. She was now chewing the meat leftovers from the bones. Her tummy was hurting really bad.
-Wowstest tummeh owwies.
-Nummies nuh taste pwetty.
-Dawk scawy.
-Too many poopies.
She kept complaining, despite not being heard.
Until she was heard.
-Huu huu, wan go back. Wan mummah.- The lid was removed flooding the box with bright light.
-Huu, see pwace owwies!- She was forcefully pulled up, still dazzled.
And she felt it, the worst pain yet -SCREEEEEE!!!- a sharp spike of pain on her broken leg. She was dropped to the floor.
While left breathless by the impact with the floor she felt a much greater blow on her side and then she was spinning. She couldn't see anything and was still dizzy, but still scrambled her legs trying to move, in any direction. To no avail. She felt a heavy pressure in her back that didn't let her breath, breathing had become painful anyway. The pressure over her shifted, then she was hit with another spike of pain, this time on her right rear leg.
-You're not going anywhere, shitrat. No more walking for you.
Two legs down, two more to go. The front legs would be harder to hit, since they are somewhat smaller, also closer to vital organs. Not damaging those much, yet. He grabbed her up by her front right hoof and hit the leg with the nail side of his stick, exposing the now broken bone. She was bleeding, at this rate she wouldn't last much more.
He dropped her in the floor again. What to do? On one hand he didn't want to keep a shitty pet, on the other hand it was good for stress relief. He would have to think of a way of hurting without harming. For now he doused her wounds with alcohol -SCREEEEE!!! Wowstest buwnies!!!- and left her on her box.
She could barely wadddle around. George took a look around the box. It was pretty much a dumpster by now, perfect, but the fluffy would die without water.


Princess had been lamenting herself on her dark shitbox, wounds still burning.
-Mummah, pwease, wan go back home.
-Tummeh owwies.
-Nee wawa.
She could hear Geroge return. She colsed her eyes to not be burned by light again.
-Here shitrat, you can drink from this.- He placed a pet bowl on the box and filled it with a bottle of his own urine. -You're not dying yet.
-Huu huu, thanks fo wawa daddeh.- She crawled towards the bowl. -Nu smeww pwetty.
-Pfff, like I care. Anyway, I have something else prepared for you.
Indeed, he had been thinking of how to torture a fluffy without killing it, then he remembered that most modern torturers use electric shocks. He browsed fluffy abuser sites (he didn't know such freaks existed) and found schematics for a DIY cattle prod. Simply a stick with two parallel nails at the tip, connected to mains power through a current limiting resistor. It should hurt like a fucker, but not kill, unless you overdo it and cause cardiac arrest.
After Princess had taken some sips of pee, while complaining of course, he began the shocking punishment.
-SCREEEEEEE!!!!- Her body convulsed from the shock, her legs would have shaken more, were they not broken. She felt burning, but on her whole body. Her tiny brain unable to process so much painful overstimulation. It felt like she was flying though a realm made entirely out of thorns. Thorns that would pierce her inside out.
George was somewhat satisfied at the result. It did certainly look like Princess was in a hell of pain, and she would live to have more tomorrow. But it wasn't as satisfying as beating her. He read that some abusers would pick up a new fluffy evey few days to slowly beat it to death, or put them through elaborated Saw-tier death mazes. He just couldn't be arsed. He didn't want to have another fluffy after this one dies.
He kept shocking her for about half an hour, her scream becoming incoherent, her breath very heavy and forced. He stopped before the thing's heart failed.
He had still not decided what to do with Princess.


The routine of electro-shocks would continue for days. After coming back from work, George would spend half an hour torturing his ex's fluffy. However he was feeling like this was a petty, empty revenge.
He kept her pee bowl full, so she woudn't die of thirst, but didn't give her much on the way of food. She had cleaned the bones given to her, and often found herself chewing hard bone. She had lost weight, which made it a bit easier for her to crawl with her only good leg.
-Daddeh, pwease gib nummies.- She begged.
-Daddeh, Pwincess hab wowstest tummeh owwies.- She complained.
He wouldn't listen, not with his headphones on. He just dumped whatever food leftovers he had after eating, if any. There wouldn't be leftovers if he ate a burger for example.
One day he just shat inside the box. He did it only once and regretted it. It smelled like the Ganges. Princess got covered in shit. He wasn't going to touch her again.
Without any more food to eat, she resorted to eating her own poo.
-Nuu wike poopie nummies.- This was what George was expecting. He had read that fluffies would eat their own feces if hungry enough. But he also knew that the thing wouldn't last much on a diet of shit. He had still not decided what to do with it. It was useless for blackmailing Mary, she had already bought another fluffy. He was keeping it only for a dumb, petty revenge. That didn't even feel fulfilling. But he also didn't have any hobbies other than shitty online games. He used to spend a lot of time tuning up his car, but that was gone. So he was going to keep abusing the little shit until it died, trying diferent methods of torture. For now he would keep it half starved, feeding it only the most disgusting stuff he could.
More days passed with nothing but poopies to eat and peepee to drink. More days suffering the torment of the thunder stick. But Princess still kept thinking of her mommy. She would come to save her. She would fix her leggies, feed her spaghetti and hug her, making everything okay.
-How wong tiww mummah?
-Huh? you shitrat still think she is coming back?
-Mummah wubs Pwincess, mummah take Pwincess back to pwetty housie.
-Guess I cannot expect any intelligent thought from a creature that eats it's own shit.
-Mummah wubs Pwincess...
-Whatever, guess what you're eating tonight.
-Uhhh, s-sketties?- She tried.
-Mmmh, I could get you some "sketties".
-Yas, yas, daddeh gib Pwincess bestes sketties, pwease, pweace.
Later that night he came back, and opened the lid of the box.
-Daddeh, pwease gib sketties.
-Here are your sketties, hahaha.- He placed a bowl full of freshly prepared Italian spaghetti inside the box.
-Thank daddeh, daddeh am bestes daddeh. Pwincess wubs daddeh.- She crawled towards the bowl. The smell of the spaghetti overflowing her with joy. Her mouth was drooling in anticipation.
Just a few more centimeters and she would enjoy the best spaghetties of her life.
-Wut? Nuh can num skettis.- *Thud* *thud* She hadn't noticed the bowl was covered with an acrylic lid, with holes for the smell to come out.
-Bon apetit.- George closed the lid and went to play his crappy MMO.

P.S. I tried to register as an user on the site, but I have been unable to because the captcha verification is outdated. Hop it is fixed soon.
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Neriman: why are you uploading as an anon? good story btw

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Shakespeare: Great story, please keep it up. Even if you are just a robot
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Gelukkig: The "mummy" is smartest, I like good female character. She has come out on top, with not much sacrifice.
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UACMarine: This is all great and I feel sorry for George for being screwed over by his cunt of a wife. But the one thing I find wrongs is that she only has piss to drink. There's enough salt in urine that drinking it would dehydrate you further by drawing water out of your body to hydrate it. It's the same way with sea water too.

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Simpfan: Safe for whom, and where is Part 3, since you don't tag these?
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