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A Penny‘s worth

by Hugboxing_Faggot

Part 1

My name is John Smith, usually called Johnny, and life hasn‘t been kind to me. I grew up in a dysfunctional home with an abusive, drug addicted mother and no father. After years of physical and emotional abuse, my mother finally kicked me out of the house two days after finishing high school with nothing but the clothes on my back and the change in my pockets. Fortunately Irma, owner of the local diner and sort-of surrogate mother of mine since I was little let me stay in her tiny apartment on the top floor of the diner for a couple of days. But a young adult man together with a middle aged woman and Coleen, her kind and sweet, but also naive and airheaded fifteen year old daughter that is like a little sister to me, isn‘t the best combination as one can imagine. I‘ve mentally prepared for a life in a pup tent when Earl, the weird, old owner of the local scrapyard (which happens to be located right behind the diner) came to my rescue. Sort of. He sold me a small, wrecked mobile home for a dollar and Irma agreed to let me park it behind the diner and tap into her water and power supply in exchange for a helping hand (and a pair of fists when needed) in the diner. What little money I make is from odd jobs like helping Earl gutting scrapped cars, painting houses, fixing old cars and whatever else people are willing to pay for.

The mobile home was waaaaaaaaaay beyond its prime when I got it. Cracked and smashed windows, broken locks, trashed furniture, leaky roof and other nice stuff. Fortunately I have a knack for fixing things, something I picked up from John, Irma‘s late husband, former mechanic of the town and the closest thing to a father I ever had. It took me a while, but I was able to fix most of the damage with lumber, scrap metal and improvised isolation. Since the diner is located in one of the less attractive parts of town, I‘ve covered all windows that‘d be big enough to climb through with bolted metal plates and installed hooks that allow me to bar the reinforced door from the inside. The only thing I couldn‘t fix so far is the AC unit, that thing has huge scorch marks and will definitely never run again. It offers me a bed for two persons, a tiny bathroom with shower (Irma takes care of the laundry), a small „kitchen“ with sink, mini fridge, microwave and propane cooker, an assortment of cabinets, a table and enough space to walk halfway comfortably.

All in all it‘s a shitty little trailer that looks like a location in a post-apocalyptic movie and is about as comfortable. But at least it‘s yours.


It‘s the dead of winter and it‘s been a long, hard day. You‘ve spent most of the day playing server in the diner while Coleen was at school and the rest helping Earl preparing cars for the press. You‘d love to put up your feet in a warm house now, have a decent meal and enjoy the safety of your home while the blizzard that weather forecast announced for the night rages. But alas, you‘ll spend another night in your crappy, unheated mobile home and eat whatever you find in the fridge while praying that the entire thing doesn‘t fall apart during the storm. Oh well, at least you have running hot water and three blankets to keep you warm at night.

You‘re in the middle of unlocking the door when you hear noises coming from the trash cans next to the diner. You grab a rusty pipe to defend yourself, wouldn‘t be the first time that aggressive hobos or junkies jumped the fence. You quietly approach the cans and mentally prepare yourself to bash a head or two in when you see...nothing. Nothing but a turned over trashcan whose contents are spilling out in front of you.

„Hello…?“ you say loudly to nobody in particular.

You can hear noises coming from the trashcan, and a moment later you see a pink unicorn fluffy with white mane sticking its head out.

„Hewwo!“ the mare says happily while beaming at you. She‘s pretty dirty, but appears well fed and has no obvious injuries or parasites. Probably a runaway, or an abandoned pet.

„Uhm...hello. Do you have an owner?“

„Wha am owna?“ she asks confused.

You don‘t know much about fluffies, only that rich people keep them as pets and hobos catch and roast the wild ones over barrel fires, which they regret pretty often.

„Do you have someone who takes care of you?“

Her face turns into a frown as her ears flop down.

„Huuuuuuuu...Penny hab mummah, buh mummah no wub Penny nu mowe. Mummah hab nyu fwuffy an sai dat nu wan Penny nu mowe...“

Poor thing was replaced and tossed out like garbage by her owner. And when she doesn‘t find a safe place quickly, she won‘t make it through the night. It‘s already snowing again, the wind has gotten pretty strong and the clouds are black…

Ah, what the hell.

„Wanna stay with me tonight?“

„*gasp* Nice mistah be nyu daddeh?!“

„Nope. You can stay for the night, but that‘s it.“

Her excited smile turns into a frown again.

„Oh...otay. Fank ou fow wetting Penny stay fow dawk time, nice mistah.“

She waddles after you and you two enter the mobile home.

„Dis am nice mistah housie?“ she asks confused.

„Yup, that‘s my place.“

It seems like she wants to say something, but doesn‘t. Probably knows better than complaining about the free accomodation, especially in light of the alternative.

„Before you make yourself comfortable, you need a bath, though. No offense, but you stink.“

„*gasp* Nice mistah give baff?! Penny wub baff!“

Huh, odd. You always thought these things are afraid of water. You grab some shampoo from the bathroom and fill the sink with lukewarm water. As far as you know, fluffies are super fragile and you don‘t know how she‘d react to a sudden, extreme change in temperature.

You pick her up and let her dip one of her leathery hooves into the water.

„This okay?“ you ask her.

„Wawa am fine.“ she replies.

You put her into the sink and she begins to splash and giggle immediately. The sink is pretty deep, so you let her have her fun for a moment. Once it passed, you begin to shampoo her up and scrub her thouroughly, which is accompanied by happy cooing.

Once you‘re finished, you drain the water, browse her off and carefully rub her dry with a towel.

„Fank ou fow nice baff, nice mistah! Penny smeww pwetty gain!“

Well, at least she‘s not one of these ungrateful pests you‘ve heard about. That‘s definitely a plus.

„You‘re welcome.“ you say with a smile.

„Nice mistah...Penny stiww hab tummeh huwties...“

„Let‘s see if we can change that.“

You check your fridge and mostly find leftovers from the diner. But luckily there‘s an apple and some carrots in there as well. Knowing yourself, they‘d have remained in there until they get moldy anyway.

„This okay?“ you ask while putting a bowl with the food in front of her.

„Yesh! Wub gween nummies!“ she shouts and begins to dig in. Kinda cute.

While she‘s busy eating, you go take a hot shower and put on a shirt and fresh shorts. When you return to the „kitchen“, she‘s sitting next to the bowl as if she was waiting for you.

„Fank ou fow gud nummies, nice mistah.“

„Eh, don‘t mention it.“

She approaches you.

„Nice mistah wan pway wif Penny?“

„Sorry, I‘m beat. All I want is go to bed now.“

„Aww...otay.“ she says disappointed.

You grab an old, busted jacket you were too lazy to throw away and turn it into some sort of makeshift nest for her.

„You can sleep here.“

„Fank ou nice mistah!“ she says and snuggles into the jacket.

„I don‘t have a litter box for you, so tell me when you need to pee or poop, understand?“

„Yesh nice mistah.“

You kill the light and snuggle into your bed, buried under three blankets. Just in time for the blizzard to go into full force, judging by the sounds that come from outside now.

„Good night, Penny.“

„Gud dawk time, nice mistah.“

You‘re about to fall asleep when you hear the sound of chattering teeth and quiet „huu“s. You hit the switch of the lamp on your nightstand and look at Penny.

„You okay?“

„S-Su cowd...an scawy...“

Well, shit. You‘re used to the trailer being not much warmer than outside, but it looks like she can‘t handle the cold nearly as well, despite her fur. And what‘s scary? The howling wind and frozen snow hitting the few windows that haven‘t been turned into walls? Come on…

You sigh.

„Wanna sleep in my bed?“

She lifts her head quickly.

„WEAWWY?!“ she shouts excited.

„Yes, really.“

She jumps up, quickly waddles towards you and stands up on her hindlegs. You carefully pick her up and bury her unter a mountain of blankets that only leave the tip of her nose uncovered.


„Penny wub dis!“

You smile, kill the light again and make yourself comfortable. The fluffy mare shifts left and right under the blankets, apparently trying to snuggle as closely towards you as possible. You don‘t really care though, you‘re way too tired to give a shit.

After several hours of deep sleep, a high pitched voice wakes you.

„Nice mistah?“


„Nice mistah!“




„Hab to make pee pees an poopies.“

You raise from the bed begrudgingly, pick the fluffy mare up and shuffle zombielike towards the bathroom. You lift both toilet lid and seat, pin her tail up with your thumb and hold her closely over the bowl.

„Go ahead...“ you say sleep drunk and a torrent of runny shit and urine unleashes a second later. You keep holding her a moment longer to avoid nasty surprises.

„You done?“

„Yesh nice mistah.“

You put her down, wipe her off with some toilet paper, flush the entire mess down, wash your hands and returnto the bed with her.

Some more hours pass and your alarm goes off. It‘s 5 AM, the diner opens at six. You perform your daily routine, feed Penny some cookies you had lying around and metally prepare to send her on her way. You open the door and...there‘s nothing but snow where the stairs should be.

While dealing with the fact that the snow must be around sixty centimeters high at the very least, the radio on your nightstand goes off. Irma gave it to you to call you quickly in case somebody starts a fight or there are other problems in the diner.

„Johnny, you there?“ you hear from the radio. It‘s Irma‘s voice.

You pick it up.

„Was just on my way, looks like the blizzard was pretty bad last night.“

„Sure was. In fact it‘s been so bad that the roads and schools are closed, that means no point in opening today. Feel free to take the day off.“

„Understood. I‘ll keep the radio nearby in case you need me.“

„Attaboy. I‘ll send Colleen over with lunch around noon, be a dear and make a path for her, okay?“

„Sure, I‘ll do that.“

Does it still count as day off when you have to shovel snow? Oh well, it doesn‘t really matter.

You put on your waterproof pants and rubber boots, fight your way through the snow to the toolshed and begin shoveling the wet snow to the side. It takes you around an hour until there‘s a decent path from the entry of the trailer to the entry of the diner. Knowing Colleen, she‘d slip on the frozen cement, bust her knees open and spill the food all the over herself, so you go the extra mile and cover the path with sand.

With that done, you return to your trailer, take off your clothes, quickly shower the sweat off, put on a frsh shirt and shorts and go back to bed. Penny is sitting with a facial expression of pure hope in front of the bed.

The plan was to kick her out around now, but you might as well drown her in the sink. Would probably be less unpleasant than croaking in a mountain of wet snow.

You sigh, pick her up and put her on the bed, where she tries to get under the blanket while happily giggling immediately. You lift the blankets and make a little cave for her.

While she‘s happily snuggling into you, you decide to kill the time with some TV.

You have an old flatscreen TV mounted on the wall across your bed, so can watch comfortably. You turn it on and zap around. Penny noticed, crawled out of her blanket cave and watches.

„Dere!“ she suddenly shouts.

You zap back to the previous channel, it‘s FluffTV.

„Nice mistah, can watch Fwuff Tee Vee pwease?“

You think for a moment. FluffTV is mindless, saccarine bullshit that can entertain fluffies and toddlers at best. On the other hand, the alternatives at this time of the day are equally mindless morning shows and Law & Order reruns.

„Sure, why not.“

„Yay, fank ou nice mistah!“

You ruffle through her mane, grab your phone and waste time online. Thanks God Coleen shares her WLAN with you…

Time passes. You fall asleep from time to time, catch the occasional climpse of FluffTV and play around with your phone some more. Meanwhile Penny giggles and dawww‘s from time to time and occassionally snuggles into you.

At some point, you hear someone knocking on the door. You get up, put on a pair of pants and open it. As expected, it‘s Colleen.

„Hi Johnny!“

„Hi, enjoying your school free day?“

She pouts.

„Nope, mom says now is the perfect time to scrub the entire diner until it sparkles. Including the restrooms.“

You smile.

„Nothing like spring cleaning in November. What‘s on the menu today?“

„Cheeseburger, fries, onion rings and a coke.“

„The breakfast of champions.“ you joke, take the foam container from her and place it on your table.

While you‘re busy washing your hands, she notices something moving in the bed.

„You got a visitor or something?“

„You could say that.“

Colleen approaches the bed curiously when suddenly a fluffy head shoots out from under the blanket.


„Eeeeeeeeeeeh, how cute! I didn‘t know you have a fluffy!“ Colleen squeals and picks Penny up for a hug.

„That‘s because I don‘t. Just took her in for the night to save her from the blizzard. If the snow wasn‘t that high, she‘d be gone already.“

Colleen‘s face drops.

„What?! Why would you send her away?!“

„Beeeeeecause I‘m a grown man that lives in a beat up trailer without working heater and work all day long?“

„But...but you can‘t send her back out there!“

„Feel free to adopt her.“

Penny‘s face lights up.

„Nice wady be nyu mummah?!“

Colleen looks uneasy at Penny.

„I‘d love to, but...our apartment is super small, and mom is pretty strict with her no-pets rule...“


Colleen looks at you with teary eyes.

„Please Johnny, don‘t send her back out there! I‘ll help you take care of her, promise! I‘ll even come home from school during recess to feed her and clean the litterbox.“

You try to sigh while chewing, which sounds more like an agonized groan and swallow.

„You really want me to keep her, huh?“

„Pleeeeeeeeeease?“ Colleen begs you with puppy eyes.

„Fine, I‘ll give her a chance. She can stay as long as she behaves and follows the rules.“

Both Colleen and Penny shout happily. Colleen puts Penny down and glomps you, meanwhile Penny hugs your leg.

„Yeah yeah...“ you say while hugging Colleen back.

Looks like you‘ll have to scavenge the local Goodwill for fluffy supplies...
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Hugboxing_Faggot: Taking a temporary break from the Hugboxer story. Made up too many characters, locations and plot elements and need to figure out what gets in and what not first. Don't worry, I won't abandon it.

Unlike the other one, I know exactly how this one will go and it won't be nearly as long. Expect lots of hugbox, lots of sadbox and some abuse.

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Toch666: Nice one, i’ll be reading.
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Anonymous1: @Hugboxing_Faggot: Just out of interest, how much longer do you think your other story will continue for? Rough estimate possible?

- Reply
Hugboxing_Faggot: @Anonymous: That's the thing, I have no idea.

I have so many interlinked ideas that'd offer enough material to create a decently sized universe, but I'm afraid the story would become too complex for its own good if I did.

At this point I think about continuing it to a critical point that'd be reached after the next chapter, end it and split the entire thing up into two semi-independent stories starring Mike and Dave.

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guodzilla: Weird thing... I'm actually inclined to forgive hugbox if the story is well-written. There's been a spate of dashed-off, pointless violence and abuse lately.
- Reply
Anonymous2: Why the narration switch from 1st person to 2nd person?
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Anonymous3: Ah a side project I hope that you make this short yet already enjoyable side story into one of the many works of art on your account...
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Fluffnut: I kinda want this to stay hugbox. The mare seems nice, and assuming the Fluff TV or other influences don't turn her bratty/hellgremlin, she could make for a nice example of „What could have been“ if Fluffies had been perfected before the outbreak. This feels very believable, in a weird way.

Obviously there are a lot of elements that could come into play later, but nothing sticks out at me as „This is contrived purely for future exploitation.“

Looking forward to wherever you take it.

- Reply
Hugboxing_Faggot: @Fluffnut: There will be plenty of drama, but not the nice-fluffy-turns-into-hellgremlin-and-gets-abused kind. For now it will mostly be hugbox, though.

@Anonymous: That's how I write. Main character introduction at the beginning is always first person, the actual story is always second person.
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Anonymous4: This better get abuse-ish soon, else I'm getting diabetus
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Anonymous5: Off to a great start!

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Simpfan: Having a rl blizzard here outside my fiancé's efficiency apartment while my own old trailer is lacking heat. Talk about irony?

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Simpfan: Better get her a litterbox soon, and you know that teen won't keep her end of the bargain 100%.
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UACMarine: @Hugboxing_Faggot: I love this. I'm excited for more posts for both stories!

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MONEJO: thanks for your work

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Ceron: Really good to see some hugbox on here. It's been pretty abuse heavy for the past few months so something kinda sweet is refreshing.
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CobaltThoriumWhoopse: You are one of the few authors that makes pure hugboxing worthwhile on it's own rather than as a way to clear the palate between abuse.
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PlzAnon8: Thanks for takking my, "Seperate Mike" story idea into account! im excited to read it :)
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