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Princess - Part 3

By cuis

Princess strode across her safe room, enjoying the warm rays of the sun from the window. The room was clean and neatly decorated, the wallpaper depicting a tranquil rural scene, plenty of cushions and pink curtains tied with cute ribbons. The air smelled of roses.
-Here Princess, come with mommy.
Princess ran across the room towards Mary. She was received with a loving hug.
-Pwincess wubs mummah, mummah wubs Pwincess.
-Yes I do, yes I do.- She said in an endearing voice caressing her mane.
The woman took a brush and began grooming the fluff. It was bright pink with a white mane. The most beautiful colors a fluffy could have.
Princess enjoyed this practice and hummed during it -Mummah wubs Pwincess...- The running of the brush having a very calming effect.
-Want to have sketties?
-Yas mummah, Pwincess wan sketties.
-You're such a good girl Princess, be right back.
She went to play with a ball while she waited, a pink, soft ball, about half her height. She could kick it around, and it would bounce against the walls!
-Here are your sketties Princess- The woman deposited the bowl on the floor.
Princess felt the smell of the food, an enticing aroma. Her favorite food ever. The very best food.
She ran towards the bowl. And she kept running and running. The sketties were just barely a couple meters away.
So she kept running towards it. And running. Her room shrank around her, the walls turned into ugly wood. The Green carpet turned into dirty stones covered in garbage and poo. Mommy was gone. But the sketties were there. So she kept running. Except she wasn't advancing at all, her legs were broken after all.
She crawled towards the sketties, finally reaching the bowl. But couldn't eat the sketties. *thud*
A blinding light.
-Good morning shitrat, oh, still tryig to eat that?


George walked through the dirty alley, the one he could see down his window. The place was dark, full of trash and no people, the ideal place to find a fluffy.
Of course he might also run into a pavement ape, but he carried a .45 for those. He was not looking for Princess, she was "safe" in her box, instead he wanted a mate for her.
He heard the sound of thrash shuffling, bingo! As he approache the source of the rummaging he could also hear the fluffy speak.
-Dummeh twashy nummies nuh taste pwetty!
-Hey, fluffy- he called -I'll be your new daddy.
A brown unicorn, with a broken horn and a grey mane walked out from the pile of trash. He looked straight at the man with his single remaining eye.
"This fucker is perfect" George thought.
-Dis am Smawty wand! Gib nummies, dummeh hoomin!
-I'm taking you to live in my home, I'll give you good food and a warm place. Also a mare you can enjoy.
-Yas, dummeh hoomin gib housie and nummies and enfies.
-Follow me.


-You have company Princess.
George put on a pair of rubber gloves and threw Smarty into the crate. Then he placed a bowl with cheap kibble and replaced the water in the other bowl.
He had stopped giving her pee, mostly because fuck peeing in a bottle just to fuck with a shitrat. Also removed the spaghetti bowl.
-Dis am Smawty wand nao! Dummeh nu pwetty mawe am Smawty enfie mawe nao!
However he first ate all the kibble, leaving nothing for Princess, who had not been able to reach the bowl in time.
-Nummies am fo bestest Smawty. Nu pwetty mawe num poopies.
-Nuu, pwease nice Smawty, gib nummies to Pwincess.
-Nu pwetty mawe am fo enfies!
He jumped over her crippled body and rubbed his crotch against her back.
-Mawe nu smeww pwetty!- He hit her with a hoof.
-Sowwy fo nu pwetty smeww, nu mowe sowwy hoofsies.
-Nu tawkies, dummeh mawe!
Princess had never had any contact with a stallion. She saw them on TV, and Mary had warned her to stay away from them when they went to the park.
She could now understand why. She could feel pressure against her special place.
-Nu wan bad speshuw huggies, nuu, nuu wan!
Smarty didn't care, he kept thrusting into her.
Princess was left disgusted. Mary had told her several times that bad things would happen if she got close to a stallion. She was not allowed any contact with them.
And there she was now. Had special huggies with a particularly ugly stallion.
-Smawty wan mowe enfies.
-Nuu, nuu mowe, pwease.
-Smawty wan poopie enfies nao!
He rode her again, but this time thrusted against her poopie place.


Some days passed, George didn't open the crate other than to feed the fluffies. He didn't want to deal with that smarty. He wonder how long it would take to be sure. The thing seemed to be fucking her several times a day.
-Here is you food, shitrats.- He left them more, as he noticed Smarty was eating almost everything, he didn't want Princess to starve yet.
-Dummeh hoomin gib sketties nao!
-Eat shit nigger.
-Daddy, pwease gib mowe nummies, Pwincess am soon mummah- Finally, this was what George was waiting for. He had read that fluffies knew instinctively when they were pregnant and would inform it to their owners.
He opened the window and looked down, no people in the alley, just a couple dindus. He put rubber golves on, took Smarty and threw him out the window.
-Good riddance- he looked into the box -and congratulations to the mother in waiting.
For the next days George would keep feeding her kibble and wouldn't torture her with the thunder stick. But he wasn't cleaning that nasty box either.
However for Princess this was a great improvement. The kibble was much worse quality than what her mommy gave her, but infinitely better than eating poopies.
-Mummah wubs babbehs, babbehs wub mummah.- She sang for hours, rubbing her tummy.
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Aaronman334: I fucking love how he simply threw the smarty bitch out the window. I can't wait for the next part!
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LORD: Oh boy my favorite thing in the world is coming up next, foal abuse

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FluffyPuncher: @Aaronman334: I agree.

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MONEJO: Excelent!!!! Make the foals pay! let the torture begins!

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Ramennoodles: great stories man! digging for the next one! only thing i would recommend you is to use more emotions or expressions, because the way you write it seems that the fluffy just speaks like a robot

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