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By Deadweight

Michigan State Prison, A.K.A. Jackson State Prison was the first prison opened in the state and has operated since 1839. In later years it was divided into four facilities, an educational center, processing center, discharge center and the Parnall Correctional Facility for minimum security prisoners. Carlos Moreno has been serving a 15 year sentence for moving large amounts of heroin, most people call him Mo for short, a play on his nickname Molasses for how slow his reaction time was the first few months due to the heroin detox. He has stayed a mostly model prisoner for the majority of his stay but still has a taste for drugs, any kind he can get his hands on in here. He still has some connections on the outside and he manages to get some goods smuggled in, distributing them to clients inside is a bit trickier though. Carlos is working the cafeteria handing out dollops of shapeless food one day when Tio “Two Toes” Hernandez steps up.

“Sup, Mo? You hear they bringing in some new therapy pets for group?”

Carlos rolls his eyes at the man who earned his nickname due to having two of his toes shot off in a turf dispute, dropping a spoonful of the slop on his tray.

“Great, if it’s another cat I’m gonna sock Malone in the jaw if he starts blubbering again.”

Tio chuckles and the two share a nod of respect.

“I’ll see you at group, Mo.”

Carlos sighs and shakes his head, he hates group and Dr. Moorehead is a pain in the ass. He is jonesing pretty bad for a fix and just wants to get to the library to retrieve his latest stash.

“Goddamn soft ass group therapy.”


Later that afternoon, Carlos makes his way to the group room. The warden instituted the program a few years ago after somebody got beaten with a guitar in music therapy, everyone is starting to gather by the time he gets there. Stale doughnuts from the bakery in town and lukewarm coffee sit on a stained table in the corner, several indulge before sitting in the circle and then Dr. Moorehead walks in with a pet carrier.

“Good afternoon everyone, glad to see you all made it. Now I know some of you have been upset since Mr. Whiskers passed away, so I have some good news.”

Everyone glances at Malone waiting for him to start blubbering while Dr. Moorehead leans down and opens the pet carrier, he reaches in and pulls out a fluffy with an orange mane and mottled white and blue fluff.

“Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Sprinkles.”

There is a collective groan amongst the inmates as Dr. Moorehead sets Sprinkles down, she trots over to them and sits with a smile.

“Hewwo nyu fwiends! Fwuffeh name am Spwinkwes!”

Malone immediately snatches her up and proceeds to stroke her fluff, she giggles and coos as the simple minded man hugs her close.

“Now I know some of you might not be as excited about this as others, but Sprinkles is a very well behaved fluffy and I’m sure she can do wonders for your morale. Just give her some time and I know you’ll all get along.”

Malone doesn’t want to let go of her, he has a low IQ and is serving time for one punching a belligerent man to death. Eventually he lets go and passes Sprinkles to the next person, they all seem to take to her alright.

“Now I’ve made special arrangements with the warden to allow Sprinkles free roaming during the afternoon so she can interact with any and all of you that want to, isn’t that nice?”

Carlos a has brainstorm as the little fluffy is passed to him and hugs his chest.

“Spwinkwes wuv nyu fwiend!”

Carlos smiles and pets her mane, but his mind is already plotting.


The next day, Carlos heads for the prison library. Howie Goddard is working that day, he and Carlos have made arrangements for years and the balding man grins as Carlos walks in.

“Hey hey, Mo. Howsit goin?”

The two share a fistbump and a chuckle, Carlos looks around to make sure no one is in earshot and leans in close.

“Hey man, got any good books today?”

Howie smiles and nods to the fiction section.

“I hear War and Peace is pretty good this week, enjoy the read.”

Carlos grins and walks away, the shelves of well worn books loom over him as he walks to the end. He looks around and then pulls out the book, opening it to reveal some of the pages have been cut out and a large bag is inside. Carlos smiles as he pulls out the pouch of drugs, Mindbender is a relatively new drug that has been making the rounds in Michigan the last several months and comes in several forms. Carlos has acquired a stash of edible concentrates made from the potent blend of narcotics, all organic and yet stronger than most anything else that's available. He quickly tucks the bundle away and puts the book back, taking another random one from the shelf and waving at Howie before he leaves.


Carlos sits on the stash for a few days and continues to go to group, Sprinkles seems to be popular with most of the inmates. Carlos constantly butters her up with affection to gain her trust, Dr. Moorehead makes note of his progress and he is granted a few more privileges. Sprinkles is given free reign to move about the cell block and there are very few incidents, a couple inmates throw things at her or cuss her out but they know better than to kill her and bring down the wardens wrath. Carlos comes back from yard time one day and retrieves his stash from the toilet, having secured it with a string and a magnet. He has several inmates waiting for delivery and they have paid him upfront, making it quite clear that if he fails to deliver there will be painful repercussions.

“Hewwo mistuh Cawwos! Spwinkwes am hewe tu gif huggies!”

Carlos turns and smiles at the chipper fluffy outside his open cell and sits on his bunk.

“Hello, Sprinkles. Come on in, it’s good to see you.”

Sprinkles waddles over and hugs his leg before Carlos picks her up and sets her on the bunk, petting her as she coos.

“Sprinkles, I have a big favor to ask, do you think you can help me?”

Sprinkles looks up at him and blinks before she smiles and nods.

“Yus! Spwinkwes wan hewp!”

Carlos grins and pets her again.

“Good, I need you to take something to Kowalski down in the next cell block. It’s very important that he gets it.”

They share a smile before Carlos grabs her muzzle, her eyes go wide as Carlos takes a small bindle of the Mindbender and pushes it into her rectum as she squeals through her clamped mouth. She cries and shakes as he shoves it in, then puts a melted and sharpened toothbrush to her throat.

“Don’t struggle dammit, I don’t give a fuck what the warden does to me, I will fucking kill you if you fight me!”

Sprinkles stills and screws her eyes shut as tears roll down her face, Carlos makes sure the drugs are secured and lets her go.

“There, that wasn’t so bad. Now all you have to do is go to Kowalski and poop it out. But I swear, if you go anywhere else, tell anybody about this, I will skin you alive!”

She sniffles and shivers, nodding her head.

“Good girl, now get going!”

She runs out the door with a huuhuu and makes a beeline for the next cellblock, Carlos’ heart is thudding in fear of this going sour. Sprinkles slinks along and forces a smile for any inmates who stop her and pet her, her ass hurts and her heart is racing as she moves into the next block and makes her way to Herman Kowalski’s cell.

“H-hewwo m-mistuh Kowawski, m-mistuh Cawwos sent Spwinkwes tu see yu.”

Kowalski is a burly and heavily tattooed man with a thick beard, a former white supremacist and mostly model inmate. He looks over at her from doing curls with two gallon jugs of water and then ushers her in.

“You got what I need, do ya Sprinkles? Well, let’s have it!”

Sprinkles looks around for a litter box and then sniffles with a hiccup.

“B-buh Doctuh Moowehead say sposeda make good poopies!”

Kowalski is jonesing pretty bad by now and scowls at her.

“I don’t give a fuck where you shit! Just fucking do it!”

She peeps in fear and goes to the corner to hunch and do her business, Kowalski keeps an eye on the door as Sprinkles sniffles and cries as she painfully pushes the bindle of drugs out with a bit of shit on it.

“Huuhuu, dewe. Spwinkwes aww done Mistuh Kowawski.”

He pushes her out of the way and picks up the bindle, cleaning it off in the toilet and inspecting it with a smile.

“Good girl, Sprinkles. Tell Mo we are all good.”

She nods with tearful eyes and heads back to tell Carlos, he smiles and pats her head.

“Good girl, you did good and really helped me. If you keep helping me I promise to give you a big reward.”

He pulls her onto his lap and strokes her back gently, she starts to relax a bit as her tears dry.

“Sniff, otay Mistuh Cawwos, Spwinkwes wiww hewp.”


The arrangement goes on for weeks, Sprinkles grins and bares it as Carlos makes her his drug mule. He comforts her after every delivery to try and build back up their trust, he no longer threatens her, but instead lavishes her with praise for doing so well. She puts on a brave face during group therapy, knowing her job is to comfort and help these people in need. Carlos and Sprinkles fulfill the obligations to his customers and he starts to think it's smooth sailing from here on out. Sprinkles does her duty for Carlos, but it weighs on her and she seeks out extra affections from as many inmates as she can. Malone is a godsend to her as he is always warm and caring to her, she is tempted to tell her secret to him but keeps her mouth shut. Carlos works his shifts in the cafeteria and acquires a few things along the way, he may be using Sprinkles but he knows fluffies are fragile creatures who need lots of attention to keep them from breaking and she is too valuable to let her break down now. After his latest shift he returns to his cell and begins prepping when Sprinkles walks in.

“H-hewwo Mistuh Cawwos, Spwinkwes am hewe fow hewpin.”

Her tone is somber and he quickly scoops her up for some cuddles and pettings.

“There's my girl, I have a surprise for you.”

He sets her on the bunk and lays out a bag of doritos, some ramen, a slim jim and some ketchup. Sprinkles cocks her head and blinks.

“Whus aww dis, Mistuh Cawwos?”

Carlos smiles and sits next to her.

“This is your reward for helping me, after you make this last delivery today I’m gonna mix this all together into a jailhouse burrito. It may not seem like much, but it’s tastier than you’d think.”

Sprinkles looks over the food laid out before her and then at Carlos with wide eyes.

“Mistuh Cawwos gun make speshuw nummies fow Spwinkwes?”

He smiles and nods and she rushes over and hugs him tight with a nuzzle and a coo. He pets her gently and then gets serious.

“Ok, you ready to do this? One last time and then we are done for awhile, this one is a little bigger though.”

She sniffles and nods while biting her lip.

“Y-yus, Spwinkwes w-weady.”

He nods and takes out the large bindle and rolls it in some vaseline, he pins her down to keep her steady knowing she will flail even though she is cooperating. He pushes the drugs past her anus as she buries her face in the mattress and cries, she knows this is helping Carlos but it still hurts her. The bindle is fat and stretches her painfully and opens her up, it stretches the ring tight at its widest point and works into her as she shivers and peeps into the blankets as it sinks in with a push of his finger. She gasps in relief as it nestles into her lower intestine and the pain turns into a sense of fullness, Carlos pats her reassuringly as she sobs and sniffles.

“Good job, Sprinkles. This has to go to Hector in cell block C, he runs the MS-13 in here and this will help me out a whole lot if it goes well. Go straight there and then back to me for your special treat, ok?”

He wipes her tears and she nods with a sniffle.

“Yus Mistuh Cawwos, Spwinkwes wiww do.”

He pets her and sends her on her way, she waddles along with the extra large bundle of drugs shifting uncomfortably in her guts. Malone stops her on the way and gives her a big hug before she says she has to go, unfortunately she doesn’t realize the pressure has caused a rupture in the baggie. As she makes her way towards cell block C, the potent drug leaks and begins to be absorbed through her intestinal lining. She doesn’t notice at first as it starts subtle, a ringing in the ears, quickened heartbeat and increased sensitivity to light and touch. By the time she reaches Hector’s cell, the drugs are fully circulating through her system and reality is starting to warp. She wobbles as strange light phenomenon flicker in her vision and her pupils dilate fully as she enters the cell and Hector looks over at her.

“Sup shitrat, did Mo send you with my shit?”

Her mouth is dry as a bone and sound is warping, Hector’s scowling tattooed face begins to morph into a strange and frightening shape.

“Well? Answer me you dumb fuck!”

She peeps as his face becomes demonic and his voice booming and monstrous as full panic sets in.



She staggers back and stumbles before scrambling away unsteadily.

“Hey! Get back here shitrat!”

The scream draws attention as she runs past cell after cell, distorted faces poking out of each one to gaze upon her and the ground turning to a muddy technicolor swamp underfoot. They all have beady flaming eyes and frighteningly morphed bodies as more and more Mindbender seeps into her system, her heart is pounding as she leaves a trail of piss and drug laced shit behind her.

“Munstahs weave Spwinkwes awone! Huuhuu, dis am su scawy! Hewp Spwinkwes!”

Several inmates follow behind her and try to catch her and calm her down, she scrambles away from the looming monstrosities who lunge for her and pants as she runs as fast as she can from the cell block.


“Nu wike dis! Spwinkwes nu wike scawy pwace! Mistuh Cawwos hewp!”

Carlos sits in his cell mixing the ingredients in a bag of crushed doritos when he hears the cry, he leans out to see Sprinkles running at him and then she skids to a stop when his face appears as some kind of twisted monster. She turns to see more coming at her from the other way and backs towards the railing, close to the edge.


“Munstahs weave Spwinkwes awone! Jus wan gif wuv an huggies! Stay way!”



Carlos looks on in horror as she skitters towards the railing and fumbles over the edge, she screams in terror and flails as she drops to the concrete floor below and splatters hard. She lays broken, bleeding and twitching with broken bones and a fractured skull with eyes like pinpricks. He leans over the railing to see a crowd gathered around her, they look up at him questioningly and he moves back. Then he looks to his right and sees Hector coming at him with a glare, he drops the bag of doritos and feels his heart sink.




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deadweight: Another one-shot for you all. Hope you enjoy and stay tuned for my next story!
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Anonymous1: Nice
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Anonymous2: dope.
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Inky_little_fluff: Like the idea of using fluffs to smuggle drugs
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Anonymous3: I really liked it
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deadweight: @Anonymous: @Manchurro: @Inky_little_fluff: @Anonymous: Thanks, I try
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Anonymous4: RIP Carlos “Mo” Moreno, who was in a similar condition to Sprinkles not too long after uttering his final word.
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GewawtofWivia: Loved it! Creative setting!

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Anders_Breivik: Love it. Fluffies always fuck everything up, always.
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sadbag: >model prisoner
>uses and sells drugs while in prison

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Veej: Excellent! I thought for sure she was going to shit out the large package right in front of the Warden or something. Carlos had to learn the hard way not to depend on a fluffy for anything of importance.

WIP Spwinkews :,(

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VenomFluff: Fluffies as prison drug mules. Love it. They're now more useful to inmates besides "huwties n' wape."