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´╗┐Killed In Action (aka Honouring the Fallen)

"Jesus Christ, Dave, what'd you let him do-pick a fight with a dog?!" the strange woman asked Dave; She had red hair, was a tad on the portly side and had thick rimmed glasses in a white coat and blue scrubs that made her look like a stark contrast to the black haired, lanky man in a t-shirt and sweat-pants that worriedly looked over his pet.

Scraps himself wasn't looking good; He had sustained a lot more injuries from the Fuzzy Unit than he had previously accounted for-and while he had a reputation for taking a hell of a beating, the continual abuse and injuries he took over his life-time just added up until, eventually...something had to give. Even half conscious and wrapped up in gauze with a cardiogram hooked up to him, he was still quivering at the sight of the many surgical instruments left on display that glistened in the lights overhead.

"No! I just brought him to some random guy's house to play with his fluffy pony...okay now that I'm saying it aloud it really doesn't sound like it was a smart thing to do." Dave admitted, shaking his head and running his hands through his hair as he exhaled to control himself before adding "Can you help him or not, Soph?!"

"I don't know anymore, Dave...he's pretty tough for a Fluffy, and maybe if this was a first time thing he could recover. But this isn't a sprained wing here, and this is, what, his twentieth grievous injury? Dave, I don't think this little guy is going to make it-hell this has to be his fifth concussion seeing how many times you've brought him in before; and that's not counting his repeatedly broken wings and legs...from the X-Rays I've took he has some internal bleeding and a burst lung. How he even managed to destroy a Fuzzy Pony unit after being beaten half to death is nothing short of super-human..." she continues, gingerly petting the pegasus' head as Scraps struggled to lift his head to the gentle touch, before slumping back to the ground as he struggled to breath.

Dave just stood there, looking over his pet with a look of disbelief as he slowly shook his head. That wasn't right-it couldn't be right. He'd survived WAY worse than what that cheap plastic toy could dish out! He'd be fine! He HAD to be fine, damn it! It wasn't...he didn't deserve this!

"Dabe...whewe...whewe es Scwaps?" moaned the pegasus, his head lifting again as he slipped in and out of consciousness. Dave gingerly scratched behind one of his ears, re-assuring his little buddy as best he could.

"You're in the doctor's office, Scraps. It's okay, I'm right here..."

"Am Scwaps gettin' needwe? Scwaps nu wike needwe..."

Dave almost had to hold back a laugh, tears already welling up in his eyes that he quickly wiped away-his pet had severe cranial swelling and a possible fracture in his skull and he was more scared of getting a fucking shot.

"No, just need to rest, okay? Just take it easy, the nice Doctor Lady's gonna patch you up, okay?"

Scraps tried to nod in affirmation, only managing the weakest tilt of his head he could manage as he replied with a tired "Otay..."

"Dave, can I talk to you for a minute?" Sophie asked, motioning for her office. Dave excused himself, telling Private Scrap's he'd be right back.

As soon as they closed the door behind him, Dave started off the conversation as his breath hitched slightly "Sophie, c'mon, there's...there's gotta be something we can do. I mean...c'mon, it's just a couple of bad sprains a-and a bump on the head..."


"Is there some really expensive procedure or something? L-Look, I can pay it off-I've got some money saved up in the bank and I mean, how expensive could surgery for a fluffy be, r-right?!" he continued, his breathing and voice getting shakier by the second.

"Dave, stop."

"Maybe he doesn't even need the surgery! Maybe he'll heal on his own, he's going to be fine, he's going to be-" the

"Dave, one of his lungs is popped and he has severe internal bleeding-the only thing I could do for him now is put him down-"

"NO! YOU ARE NOT PUTTING HIM DOWN!" Dave screamed, pounding her desk with enough force to shake it.

"Dave, for god's sake calm down!

"NO! I'M NOT LETTING THAT, THAT, FAT FUCK GET THE SATISFACTION!" Dave hollered, tears slowly rolling down his cheeks as he breathed in and out of his mouth, his face going red as he continued "It's not fair, damn it! He's been getting the crap kicked out of him every day since he was bought by that ass-hole! Why does he have to die?! What'd he do to deserve it?!"

Sophie roughly grabbed Dave and shook him, her own voice strained and annoyed but still maintaining a stern sense of control. "David, listen to me right now. He has severe cranial swelling, we're talking the kind that puts down foot-ball players here. Even if I could make it better, where would that leave him, huh?! Hooked up to a bunch of tubes so he can breathe and eat, with a hole the size of a quarter in his head that'll never fully heal?! He'll be stuck in one spot for the rest of his life, however long that'd even be! Do you think that's fair to him?"

Dave stood there, his eyes going red and puffy as he sobbed softly, still grabbing Sophie's sleeve as he tried to calm himself down. He managed to get a grip on himself, calming down enough to turn around and look at Scraps on the metal table.

Dave wiped his eyes once more with his sleeve, and with a shaky sigh he replied "Alright...we can put him down..."


Scraps, meanwhile, twitched and whimpered softly as images flashed across his brain-memories coming by in quick bursts of images and sounds as his damaged brain tried to make sense of them. Images of his former owner, screaming in his face-of Scraps having to pull along a 2 lb weight for as long as he could, and any time he stopped for too long he'd get swat by the Sorry-Stick and go to bed without supper.

"You dumb shitrat! You can't even pull two measly pounds?!" screamed his owner, the small hook of the flexible, whip-like instrument slashing across Scraps' side as he gave a squeal of pain. His muscles where burning with exhaustion and his breathing intermingled with strained sobs.

"Scwaps nu can go anymowe, Daddeh, pwease, nu mo-OOOWWIE!" Scraps began to plead, before another strike lashed across his cheek in a piercing bolt of pain. More blood trickled down from the deep welts that covered his shaking body, staining his olive green fluff as his wings pitifully fluttered.

"It's CAPTAIN! CALL ME CAPTAIN, SHIT-RAT!" Captain Daddeh screamed, reaching down and twisting Scraps' wings with his meaty fingers, nearly twisting them off as Scraps feebly wriggled beneath the harness, praying for the pain to stop.

The memory stopped, the only thing Scraps able to hear now was a rhythmic pounding that thundered in his head, complete darkness being the only thing his mind could make now..

"Hewp...pwease...hewp Pwivate Scwaps. Nee' weinfowcements...huu-huu..."



''s alright....I'm here...'

A small beam of light slowly began to appear within the darkness, Scraps pulling himself up onto his legs and moving towards it. In place of the biting cold and pain that rocked his body with warm, gentle light-the voice spoke again, calm and gentle. He knew that voice.

"Come here, Scraps...come on..."

It was Dave's. He

Scraps' walking turned to running, his wings fluttering as he did so.

He ran faster, and faster, until his legs where a blur and the endless blackness blurred beneath him. He didn't notice his legs were no longer in touch with the ground until he was mere feet from the golden, glowing beam.

Private Scraps' surprise turning into elation. He was FLYING! Soaring above the ground, he flew into the light, feeling the warmth wash over his fluff and bathe him in euphoria...

And then he woke up.


"Huh...D-Dabe?" Scwaps rasped, the pegasus' gaze slowly rising up to the meet Dave's.

His owner nodded, smiling softly as he gently pet his friend's head, keeping his focus on him as Sophie slowly prepared the needle.

"Dabe...Scwaps had amazing dweam! Scwaps wuz fwying!" he loudly whispered, coughing from straining himself with how loud he was speaking, each hack rocking his body a bit until he managed to catch his breath. He heard foot-steps from behind him, the pegasus trying to turn his head to see who it was, Dave gently holding Scraps' head down to look at him.

"Don't mind that, okay bud? Just look at me....tell me more about the dream, okay?" Dave asked, smiling wide but with his eyes squinting somewhat with wetness pouring out them. Scraps was confused, why were his seeing-tingie's leaking?

A quick prick of pain pressed into his shoulder-blade, the crippled creature wincing briefly before feeling all his aches and pains flush away in a cool wave of numbness. He lost feeling in his legs first, and then his tail and the entirety of his lower half.

"Dabe, Scwaps nu feew tu scawed." Scraps choked out, his body shutting down rapidly as his heart-beat began to pick up in one last 'fight or flight'

"'s okay, I'm right here, don't be scared...I love you Scraps." Dave replied, squeezing Scraps' left foreleg.

"Wub 'oo Da-"

The Fluffy Pony went still, his body going slack as he gave a soft exhale. The cardio-gram went silent.

Scraps was gone.

Dave stood there, still as a statue as he looked at his friend-his fluffy friend, the one who he had grown to love and care as his closest companion. Dave would even admit he started to see Scraps as part of the family.

And from the way Scraps' pronunciation was more 'Dah' rather than 'Day', Dave was certain Scraps saw it the same way...he was going to call him 'Daddeh'.

The convenience store worker gently picked Scraps up, silently marveling how small and frail he felt in his arms now. His breathing got shaky until his composure broke. Dave buried his face in Scraps' chest, choked sobs shaking his body as his tears soaked into his olive green fluff.

Sophie began to reach out to comfort him, but held her hand back as Dave clutched Private Scraps' body to his chest, hugging him tightly. "I-I'm sorry Dave, but it was for the best..." she finally said, Dave replying "I know..."
(Later that day)

Dave looked over his handiwork approvingly, a shovel in hand as he stared down at the hole he had dug-it was only about a foot long and a foot deep, but it was even and packed in to cover his friend up.

"I think that's pretty darn good, don't you think little buddy?" Dave asked, looking down at the small bundle wrapped in a small american flag he bought from the dollar store. "I figured a soldier deserved a proper burial...heh, you always were kinda nuts about all that military mumb would've liked my dad, he's a total nut about that stuff..."

Dave sniffed, grabbing his shovel in both hands as he began to fill in the hole once more, dirt hitting the flag-wrapped Fluffy Pony until he was buried completely. Patting down the small grave, he placed down a small tombstone made of water-proof
cardboard and pushed it into the dirt. On the makeshift headstone, it read scrawled in pen "Private Scraps-Friend, Fighter, Fluffy". Dave gave a quick salute, before turning around and making his way back inside.

"I think you've finally earned a promotion, little buddy..."


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