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Marigolds guide to suffering PT. 1

(NOTE) Sooo, the last thingy I posted was kinda like the trailer for how he GOT Marigold n shit... this is more the ACTUAL story.

You sit there, watching the freezing cold fluffy almost drown...

Its pitiful crys of mercy being like a lullaby trying to hush you into abusive cruel ideas....

“DAADDEEEH!! HEE- blub bob blurb..”

Her falling in and the shrieks stopping made you snap back into reality

You stand up and pull her head out


She gives you this look, something about it made you realize why you wanted a fluffy in the first place

“Sssshhhh... its all gonna be ok” You say while pulling her out

“W-wut Mawigowd du? Am b-bad fwuffy? Huuuuuhuu”

You drain the tub, and refill it with warmish water

“No Marigold. IM the bad one, I should have saved you!”

You put her in

“See? I should have made the water nice like this!”

She clearly hates it, though not as much as the cold water

“Y-y-yes daddeh.. sniff sniif”

You get a horrific strong urge to plung her head down into the water

You dont... Yet...

You grab some various fluffy soaps and sponges you bought the other day

Wash her off

You can tell she wants you to stop, but is too afraid to complain

“what the-”

All the brown of her fluff comes off, shes white with a yellow mane!

Explains why her names Marigold

“Okay, you're all clean!”

You life her out. She gives you such a sad and hopeful look

“wat bout' smawty?”

“oh! I nearly forgot! How stupid of me!”

She giggles and hugs herself into your chest while in the warm soft grip of your arms

You get the urge again... far stronger this time

You drop her right on the hard tiled floor..


“oops! Im no bad daddeh! I just dropped you on accident!” you lie

“sniff sniff..... a-a-aks...akseeden?”

You smile at her, than pick her up again

You return to the hallway closet, hearing muffled demands from inside...


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