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A small fluffy dragged itself across the ground, his fur matted with blood and tears as he tried to move himself as far away from danger as possible. Which, in all honestly, isn't very easy to do when you can only move like a mile an hour thanks to your back-legs being bent in every wrong direction.

Foot-steps slowly approached, the rhythmic thumping of hard-soled shoes growing louder and louder, the stallion's breathing getting shallower and more desperate with it. Eventually, a powerful hand lunged down and grabbed the Fluffy around the back of his neck, pinning him to the ground as he let out a choke of pain, eyes bugging out of his sockets.

"Where do you think you're going?~" the voice sardonically cooed, his arm jacknifing upwards with nearly enough force to break the stallion's neck. Roughly flipping him onto his back, he pinned the orange Unicorn with a brown mane onto the ground, knocking the wind out of him with a teary wheeze.

"Pwease, nu huwt gouwd! A-Am gud Fwuffy! Nu ben meanie tu nu-won! Huu-huu-huuu!" the biotoy sobbed, pushing against the man's hands with his fore-legs as best he could. The man glared down at the Fluffy Pony, before bursting into a fit of laughter. Once he regained control of himself, he slowly raised up a wicked cleaver in his other hand, lifting it above his head and ensuring the Fluffy got to see every second of it.

"The only gud fluffy...is a DEAD fluffy."


With a brisk 'whoosh' and a sound that could only be described as bone being severed in one clean motion, the Fluffy's head was lobbed off, a fountain of blood spurting out from the gaping wound. The face pulled into a silent scream, tears still streaming down the stallion's fuzzy cheeks before the muscles went slack....


"Aaaand CUT! That's a wrap people!"

The man calmly got up, taking one look at the plastic knife and tossing it aside before looking down at his co-star.

"Hey, you okay?"

The Fluffy's body jolted and wriggled before the real head of the Fluffy Popped out. The top of his head was soaked in fake blood made of food coloring, some corn starch and some water, but he gave the closest thing to a 'thumb's up' as he could.

The two actors walked over to their seats, sitting down within their respective ones. The human pulled out a pack of cigarettes, offering one to the Fluffy who gratefully took it, igniting the end of it with a quick shower of sparks and taking a quick drag.

"You know that stuff is terrible for you, right?"

"Gouwd has 'bout two yeaws weft to wive tops-whu' he got to wuze? Besides, yu smoke tu."

The man shrugged and lit his own cig, taking a quick puff before blowing it out his nostrils with a sigh. "Christ, it took 30 fucking re-takes to get that one scene right. My knees are killing me from kneeling over like that."

The fluffy gave a quick laugh, before blowing a raspberry "Gouwd hab fake boo-boo juice in pwaces Gouwd didn't eben knu he had! And dat dummeh costume make Gouwd itch su bad-tink it gibin' me welts."

At that, the Fluffy parted some of his fluff on his cheek with a spare hoof, wincing a bit but showing off a nasty, red and weepy sore from wearing the fake body-suit for hours on end. His human co-star gave a disgusted grunt and shielded his eyes.

"Dude, put that away! That is revolting!"

Gourd obliged, muttering he'd need to get some cream for those blisters later. "Yu shuld see da ones on pee-pee pwace." the Fluffy muttered.

"So, how're the wife and kids?"

"Dey awwight-youngest babbeh wan' nyu baww, say dat aww hew fwends been gettin' new bawws...whu' bout yu Cwint?"

"My daughter's been buggin' me for a...." Clint began to say absentmindedly before catching himself, shooting a brief glance down at the Fluffy Pony who incredulously raised an eyebrow.

"...a Fluffy Pony."

"Don't eben 'tink abowt et."
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Veej: I'm trying to imagine Every Which Way But Loose with a fluffy instead of an orangutan.
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