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Kerry's Story; Part One

By differential_Sloth

Your name is Kerry, a blue earthy mare with a pretty black mane and tail.

Long ago, when you were just a little chirpie baby, you had a fluffy mummah and brothers but a monster took them away. It might have taken you too but something, probably a human, saved you and took you to a place called a shelter.

At the shelter, some nice humans and big fluffies taught you how to be a good fluffy so that you could find a new mummah, or daddeh. You also got to live in a big housie with lots of babies just like you. Still, living in the shelter was a sad time. You missed your mummah and brothers so much; you wished you could live with them again, but they were gone forever. One bright-time though, a nice human came to the shelter and decided that he wanted to be your new daddeh.

He was the best daddeh ever; he made a whole room just for you, gave you lots of huggies, and if you were good all week you got sketties on skettie night! But you didn’t love daddeh because of the safe room, the hugs or even the sketties. You loved him was because a monster took his mummah too, which meant he had the same heart hurties you did.


Most bright-times daddeh had to go somewhere called “work.” You hated him leaving, you were scared he wouldn't come back. Daddeh told you he had to go to work, otherwise you couldn’t live in the nice housie and you wouldn’t have the nice safe room. But you still hated him leaving and tried to stop him a few times, but that meant getting the sorry stick.

After a while it got easier to stay in the safe room while daddeh was away at work. It had a lot of fun toys to keep you occupied, and in the dark-time daddeh let you out into the living room. It was still hard sometimes, especially when daddeh had to stay at work for longer.


One bright-time, daddeh put a small TV in your safe room so you could watch Fluff-TV while he was away. You never liked Fluff-TV much because the only things they said were stuff only dummy fluffies didn't know. Sometimes it didn’t show anything but a big red cross and lots of human words you didn’t know. Still, it was nice to see and hear other fluffies.

The bestest thing about fluff TV was the really funny fluffy thing that came on between the different shows called “Cloudy.” You didn't know what a cloud was, but sometimes you wondered if it was another name for the really big sky fluffies you saw sometimes.

'Hewwo ewey-fwuffy! Did yu miss Cwoudie? Cwoudie miss yu a wot!'

'Yay Cwoudie!' You cheer and run over to the TV, 'Kewwy wub Cwoudie!'

'Cwoudie hope yu wiked dat wast show, Cwoudie wan aww yu fwuffies tu be gud fow mummah and daddeh. Cwoudie get weal saddies when fwuffies nu listen and get dah sowwy stick.'

Hearing the word sorry stick makes you shiver, even though daddeh almost never uses it on you anymore. 'Nu wowwy Cwoudie, Kewwy am bestest fwuffy fow daddeh.' You don't think Cwoudie heard you because he just keeps talking.

'Otay ewey-fwuffy, dis next show am fow big fwuffies onwy. Nu twy an watch if yu am a smaww fwuffy, dat bad ting tu du.'

'Siwwy Cwoudie, Kewwy nu am smaww...'

'ID DAH GUD MUMMAH SHOW!' The TV changes into a lot of pretty lights with a really nice song. “Gud mummahs make gud babbehs, gud babbehs make wowd gud pwace! Nee tu wearn how tu be gud mummah nee to watch dis show!”

A whole bunch of mummahs play with their babies while the pretty song plays; you've never seen so many babies before, and they're all so pretty and cute! 'Kewwy wub pwetty babbehs!' You cheer. Suddenly the babies and their mummahs go away; now there’s a funny looking fluffy who can talk without moving her mouth on the screen.

'Hewwo ewey-fwuffy, an wewcome tu dah gud mummah show! Fwuffy name “Gud Mummah Mawwy.” Tuday, we gun wearn wut tu du if yu havin babbehs fow dah fiwst time. Having babbehs is nu tuu hawd, bud it can be scawy. Don't wowwy, Gud Mummah Mawwy gun show aww yu how tu hav gud babbehs!'

The screenie picture changes; you see a dark red fluffy in a safe room kind of like yours. She's really big and can't move very well. You didn't know a fluffy could get that big. 'What am wong wif dat fwuffy?' You ask the TV, 'Wook wike she hav tuu much kibbwe.'

'Dis fwuffy am cawwed Wisa, an Wisa am a soon-mummah!'

‘*Gasp!*’ You've never seen a soon-mummah before! 'How big am babbehs?' You ask, but the TV doesn't say anything.

'Betause Wisa am a soon-mummah, she nu can move tuu gud, an nu can pway. Bud dat nu bad! Pway time can be weawy bad fow tummeh-babbehs, su Wisa am bein a gud soon-mummah by bein caweful!'

'How am pwayin bad fow tummeh-babbehs?' That makes no sense; how can playtime be bad for any fluffy? Gud Mummah Mawwy still won't answer you.

'When dis scweenie pictuwe was made Wisa was a vewy-soon-mummah, an hew babbehs wewe weady to cum oud. Wets see how Wisa did dah wight tings.' The screenie picture starts again; you see Lisa in her safe room playing with a talkie box.

'EEEE!' Lisa yelps loudly and looks at her tummy all scardies. She waddles over to a red button just like the one in your safe room; when daddeh put it in he told you to push it if there was an “emergency.” You didn't know what that meant, but you thought it might be for when something really scary happened.

'Mummah! Babbehs am cumin!’ Lisa yells as she pushes on the button. ‘Wisa scawedies!'

'Wisa did dah wight ting by tewwin hew mummah when she fewt hew babbehs cummin. Havin babbehs feew wike takin biggest poopies, su if yu am a soon-mummah and feew wike makin biggest poopies, teww mummah and daddeh!'

Lisa tries to walk back to her bed but collapses on the floor. 'SCREEE! TUMMEH AN SPECIAW PWACE HAV HUWTIES! MUMMAH!' Just then a human lady opens the door to the safe room and rushes over to the Lisa with a bucket.

'It's ok Lisa, mommy's here.' Lisa’s mummah gets down on the floor next to her.


'Eee! Scawy!' You cry.

'It's okay Lisa, just keep breathing' Lisa’s mummah says. 'Your babies are almost here.'

'Having babbehs can giv yu wots of owwies’ Gud Mummah Mawwy says, ‘bud nu wowwy, day nu gun be fowewa huwties! Wisten tu mummah and daddeh, day am daewe to hewp yu and yuw babbehs!'

'SCREEEE!' Lisa screams again, making you jump. Then you hear a new sound coming from the TV.

‘Cheep cheep cheep!’

'That's your first baby Lisa! Keep going, you're doing great.'

'Gasp! Kewwy wan see babbeh! Kewwy nu see nyu-babbeh befowe!' You jump and dance in front of the TV but the big meanie won't let you see it.

'Yay! Wisa had hew fiwst babbeh! Bud daewe am mowe cumin. Dun wowwy, it nu sposed to take wong time fow babbehs tu cum out. Bud if day du, teww mummah an daddeh tu caww dah vet!'

You're about to complain about not liking the vet when the show goes back to Lisa and her mummah. 'SCREE! BIG HUWTIES!' More chirping and peeping comes from the TV.

'There's the next one Lisa. Keep going sweetie, you can do it.' Lisa's mummah says, petting Lisa's mane.

'Huhuhu mummah dis am tuu many huwties! Wisa nu wan mowe!'

'Come one Lisa you can do it. Do it for your babies.'

'Wisa's mummah am wight. Havin babbehs am hawd an can be big huwties, but gud mummahs du it fow daewe babbehs.'


‘Cheep cheep cheep!’

'Kewwy wan see babbehs! Wan see!' You dance and jump up and down in front of the TV trying to make it show you the new babies. 'Wet see wet see!' The mean TV still won't listen to you; all it does is show Lisa having her last babies.

'Ok Lisa, I think that's all of them. Do you still have hurties in your tummy or special place?' The Lisa's mummah asks her.

'Nu mummah, Wisa nu hav huwties nu mowe. Mummah wet Wisa see babbehs nao pwease?'

Lisa’s mummah hands her the first baby. You stare at the screen, watching the little baby wriggle and chirp. It looks so scared and frightened, and he's covered in strange wet icky stuff! You want to give him lots of huggies to make it better, once he's clean of course.

'Here you go Lisa.'

'Dis am impowtant ting fow nyu mummahs to du' Gud Mummah Mawwy says. 'Aftew babbehs am bown day hav tummeh-wawas aww ovah dem. It can make babbehs weawy weawy cowd, su make suwe yu cwean aww it off!'

'Mummah tummeh-wawas nu taste pwetty, an Wisa am sweepies!'

'I know sweetie, but you have to clean your babies and feed them before you can go to sleep.' Lisa’s mummah says.

'Dat hoomin mummah am weawy smawt! Havin babbehs is hawd wowk, bud Wisa nu can go sweepies yet! Gud mummahs cwean daewe babbehs am giv dem miwkies befowe day go sweepies.'

The screenie picture changes again. Now all of Lisa's babies are clean; two of them are at her milkie places and rest of them and cuddled together in her fluff. Lisa’s mummah pets her on the head; 'Good job Lisa. You and your babies get some sleep and I'll check on you in a bit.'

'Otay mummah. Wisa an babbehs gu sweepies nao.'

The screenie picture changes back to Gud Mummah Mawwy. 'Wisa did a gud job havin hew babbehs, an was a gud mummah aftah dat tuu. Aww hew babbehs gwew up wike gud babbehs shouwd.' The screenie picture changes again, showing Lisa's babies all grown up. They chase each other playing huggie tag while Lisa watches with a big smile on her face.

'Dat fwuffy wook su happy! Babbehs am so pweety and fun! Kewwy wan hav babbehs an be gud mummah tuu!' You say. The screenie picture goes back to Gud Mummah Mawwy one last time.

'Wow, we suwe weawned a wot! Nao yu kno wut to du dah fiwst time yu hav babbehs. But wemembew, daewe am impowtant wuwes ewey fwuffy nee tu fowwow!

‘Gud mummahs nu hav mowe babbehs untiw dah fiwst babbehs awe big and nummin big fwuffy nummies.

‘Gud mummahs nu wet babbehs be meanies tu hoomins ow oda fwuffies.

‘But dah biggest wuwe of aww is newa ewa hav babbehs unwess mummah an daddeh say it otay.'

'Kewwy ask daddeh fow babbehs! Kewwy am best fwuffy, gun be bestest mummah!!'

'Otay den, it time fow Gud Mummah Mawwy tu gu nao. Daewe be new gud mummah show next bwight-time and we gun tawk boud mowe impowtant tings gud mummahs nee to du. Gudbai ewey-fwuffy!'

You can't stop thinking about babies for the rest of the bright-time; you have not-sleepie pictures of babies, being a good mummah to them and making you and daddeh and them so happy. You want daddeh to come home right away so you can ask him if you can have babies, you just know he'll say yes. Not to mention, tonight's skettie night!

After a long forever daddeh finally comes back from his workie place.

'Daddeh! Daddeh!'

'Hey Kerry,' he picks you up and gives you big huggies. 'Did you have a nice day?'

'Yes daddeh, Kewwy hav gwate day!'

'That's good' He says putting you back down. 'Come on, time for dinner.'

You trot happily beside daddeh, following him into the kitchen. Your mouth waters as you watch him get a can of delicious sketties from the 'cupboard' and put it in your nummie bowl. 'Here you go Kerry' he says, putting the bowl on the floor.

'Tank yu daddeh! Am bestest daddeh ewa!' You say before digging into your delicious sketties. While you eat daddeh gets a plate of his nummies from the fridge and goes to watch his human TV. After you finish your sketties you trot into the living room and sit in front of the couch.

'What is it Kerry, you want to come up on the lounge?' Ever since you were a baby daddeh let you watch human TV with him after he got home.

'Nu daddeh, Kewwy wan ask sumting impowtan.'

'Ok,' he says slowly, 'what is it?'

'Daddeh, can Kewwy hav babbehs? Kewwy pwomise be bestest mummah ewa, make dem be gud babbehs and giv dem wots of huggies and wub!'

Daddeh waits a little while to talk; 'Why do you want to have babies all of a sudden?'

'Kewwy see babbehs on TV!' You tell daddeh. 'Day su pwetty an fun an pwetty. Kewwy wan hav babbehs an be gud mummah tu dem!'

Daddeh doesn’t say anything for a long while. 'Sorry Kerry. You’re a good fluffy, but I'm afraid the answer is no.'

Huh? 'Bud daddeh, Kewwy nu undewstan; why nu can hav babbehs if Kewwy am gud fwuffy?'

'Because daddy can't take care of more fluffies' He says.

'But dat am siwwy; daddeh nu take cawe of babbehs, Kewwy du dat!'

Daddeh makes a funny breathing noise before he talks again. 'Look Kerry, daddy can only have one fluffy in his house.'

'But daddeh...'

'Kerry!' daddeh sounds mad and you flinch a bit. '*Sigh* sorry Kerry, I didn't mean to yell. But, it's been a long day and I really want to relax. You can stay out here with me but you have to promise you'll be quite, otherwise you're going back in your safe room.'

'Nu wan gu back tu safe woom,' You say, 'Kewwy be quite.'

'Good girl. So, do you want to come up here with me?' Daddeh lifts you up on the lounge with him and hugs you close. You watch human TV with him until he says it's sleepies time and he puts you in your safe room. 'Goodnight Kerry.'

'Gudnite daddeh.' You curl up in your bed and go to sleepies.


Alfred downed his glass of rum in almost one go while he waited for his Fluff-TV customer account to load; he wanted answers. He had always known there was the chance, a very likely one, that Kerry would start asking if she could have babies one day. It was something mare owners just had to deal with, but Alfred wanted to put it off as long as possible. One way he did that was blocking all the stupid 'babies' shows on Fluff-TV.

Those shows, “Dancie baby club,” “The baby show” and of course "Babies!" gave mare owners more headaches than feral stallions, or any stallion for that matter. When a mare watched one of those shows they wanted, no, needed to have foals of their very own. The end result, bratty mares that ran away or invited any stallion they saw to mount them. Alfred was sure Kerry wouldn’t go that far given how well she was trained, but even so.

'Finally.' The account page loaded and Alfred clicked to the block list. 'Ok; Babies, blocked. Dancie-baby club, blocked. Pretty pretty babies, blocked. Baby adventure...' The biggest offenders were all blocked, so what the hell went wrong? Alfred went to the forum and wasn't surprised by what he found.

My mare's just started talking my ear off about having babies; I blocked that shit when I paid for this fucking subscription! What the fuck are you jokers doing?!

Do you faggots like fighting class actions?

Is Fluff-TV’s management always this autistic, or are you making a special fucking effort today?

After reading a few pages of spleen venting, Alfred happened on a post from a community manger.

'Dear customers, as part of our settlement with the “Fluffy welfare coalition,” we are required to run new PSAs and educational content such as the “good mummah” and “good daddeh shows.” These are not classified as entertainment and will not be automatically added to your list of blocked... *sigh* son of a bitch!'

Kerry must have seen one of those shows; going by the news stories on the class action, there'd be no prises for guessing they included stuff about being good parents to foals. Alfred rubbed his face; 'Alright.' He added all the new shows and PSA's to his block list; it was too late to stop the damage but maybe he could stop it getting worse.

Your changes have been confirmed. Due to the volume of network traffic, it may take up to 24 hours for your new settings to take effect.

Alfred poured another glass of rum. A big one.


'Babbehs wub mummah!' Your babies, so many you ca’t even count, crawl all over you giving the biggest huggies they can.

'Yay! Mummah wub babbehs!’ You cheer, ‘hav bestest babbehs ewa!'

'You're such a good mummah Kerry' daddeh says, 'I'm sorry I didn't let you have babies before.'

'It otay daddeh, Kewwy wub yu an babbehs su much! Wub babbehs!'


'Wub babb-huh? Babbehs? Whewe am babbehs?' You look around; you’re in your safe room. No babbehs, no daddeh, just you. It was only a sleepy picture. 'Huhuhuhu wai meanie sweepie pictuwe gif Kewwy heawt huwties?!’ The door opens and daddeh walks in.

'Kerry what's the matter?'

'Huhuhu Kewwy hav sad sweepie pictuwe. Had wots of pwetty babbehs, bud nu hav babbehs nu mowe huhuhu!' daddeh walks over and strokes your mane but doesn't say anything. '*Sob* Kewwy hav wowstest heawt hurties.'

Daddeh does the funny breathing thing again; 'I know Kerry, but I can't have more than one fluffy. I know you want babies but, *sigh* we can't have everything we want Kerry.'

'Bud Kewwy nu undewstan!'

'I'm sorry Kerry, you're just going to have to deal with it.' Daddeh's wordies don't make sense and give you more heart hurties; you just don't know why he doesn’t want more fluffies. You'd make the bestest babies ever, they'd all be just like you and make him so happy. 'Listen, I've got to out for a little bit today but I won’t be gone long so we can go to the park. Would you like that?'

That gives you a few happies; you love the park, that's where your best friend Franky lives. '*Sniff* Otay daddeh, Kewwy wike dat a wot.'

'Okay then, it's a deal' daddeh says before he gets up. You follow him out of the safe room and stay with him until it’s time for him to go. During the bright-time you play with your talkie balls and blockies until the Good mummah show comes on the TV; you sit glued to the screen.

'Hey daewe ewey-fwuffy, it dah Gud Mummah Show wif Gud Mummah Mawwy! Dis bwight-time we gun weawn wots mowe bout wut gud mummahs du!'

'Yay! Kewwy wan see gud mummahs and babbehs!' You cheer and dance in front of the TV. The screenie picture changes to a big play pen with a whole lot of babies running around and playing in it.

'Daewe am wots of diffawent cowahs babbehs. Some of dem awe weawy pwetty' the TV shows pictures of red, blue, purple, and pink babies, 'an odas not su pweety cowahs.' You see a bunch of babies with colours that aren’t pretty, even pee-pee and poopie colours. But that doesn’t worry you.

'Kewwy wub bad cowah fwufffies, Kewwy am gud fwuffy' You say.

'Gud Mummah Mawwy tink dat sum of yu sayin dem wast babies am nu gud cause day poopie cowahs! Dat am weawy meanie ting to tink!'

'Kewwy jus say dat Kewwy wub bad cowah fwufffies!' Why is Good mummah Marry so bad at listening? It's like she can’t hear you at all.

'It not babbehs fauwt day nu hav pweety cowahs, so it nu faiw tu nu giv dem wub! Gud mummahs giv aww daewe babbehs huggies and wub eben if day am nu pweety cowahs! Dis nex stowy am teach yu wai; it am vewy saddies and nu wan show, but it onwy way.'

'Otay Gud Mummah Mawwy, Kewwy watch saddie stowy.' You hate sad stories, but you want to learn what good mummahs do.

The screenie picture changes; you see a mummah fluffy in a nestie with 3 babies, all of them pretty colours. One of them is a pointy baby and there’s also a wingie baby. The screenie picture moves a little and you see another two babies, one pee-pee colour the other poopie colour, sleeping away from the nestie.

‘Wakie pwetty bbehs, am time fow miwkies!' The mummah coos and pulls the 3 pretty babies close to her milkie places.

'Dis mummah wook wike gud mummah, but she am bad,’ Gud Mummah Mawwy says, ‘she nu giv miwkies tu hew bad cowah babbehs!'.

'Babbeh nee miwkies tuu!’ The pee pee colour baby cries, crawling to his mummah, ‘Hav tummeh huwties!'

'Nu! Miwkies nu am fow dummeh nu pwetty cowah babbeh!' The mummah smacks the pee-pee colour baby away from her! How can she do that?!

'MEANIE MUMMAH! NU BE BAD TU WITTWE BABBEH!' You scream at the meanie mummah; you'd give her sorry hoofies and poopies, but daddeh would get mad at you for doing that to the TV.

'Hhuhuhuhu wai mummah nu wub babbeh?!? Onwy wan wub an miwkies wike bwudda and sissies! HUHUHUHU!'

'Nu cwy babbeh! Pwease nu cwy! Kewwy be gud mummah! Cum tu Kewwy!' You yell to the pee-pee baby but he can't hear you. It gives you big heart hurties, and sad water comes out of your see places.

'Dummeh babbeh gibin pweety babies saddies! Nu make noises, ow mummah giv yu wowstest owwies!' The baby stops making saddie noises but you can tell he’s still making lots of sad waters.

'Wow, dat mummah am a big meanie' Gud Mummah Mawwy says. 'She a weawy bad mummah fow bein su mean to babbeh just cause he dah wong cowah. But it nu jus mummah who am mean tu dat wittwe babbeh, hew oda babbehs du it tuu. Cause she nu wub him, day tink it otay tu be mean!'

The TV picture changes showing the 3 pretty babbehs crawling all over the little yellow baby and doing really mean things to him. 'SCREEE! PWEASE NU GIV BABBEH HUWTIES!!'

'Shud up dummeh nu pwetty bwudda! Mummah say yu am toy fow gud babbehs!'

'Huhuhu nu am toy! Am onwy whittEEEEE POOPIE PWACE!'

'*Enf Enf Enf* Dummeh bwudda giv gud speciaw huggie feews tu pwetty babbeh!'


'Huhuhu wai mummah wet babbehs be su mean?!' You cry as the horror unfolds. The screenie picture goes away and Marry comes back.

Wow, dem babbehs am big meanies tuu, just wike mummah. But dat nu dah wowstest ting she du. Dis next pawt am weawy scawy, su it otay if yu nu watch. Gud Mummah Mawwy undewstan!' You're about to ask how it could get any worse when the screenie picture changes to one of the worstest things you've ever seen.

'NUUU! BABBEH NU AM NUMMIES!' The poopie brown baby screams as she runs away from her mummah.

'Dummeh poopie babbeh cum to mummah nao! Nee nummies tu make miwkies fow bestest babbehs!' The mummah yells as she runs down the poopy baby.

'DUMMEH MUMMAH! DAT AM NU NUMMIES! ID AM WITTWE BABBEH!' You scream at the TV, 'BABBEH NU AM FOW NUMMIES!' You jump and scream at the dummeh mummah on the screen but it's no use; she catches the baby in her mouth and, oh no! NO NO NO!

'SCREEEEEEE! NU NUM BABBEH!' The poopy baby is half inside her mummah's mouth and you see boo-boo juice leaking out around her. Then she falls out of, WHERE’S THE REST OF HER?!? 'SCREEEEE! MUMMAH NUM WEGGIES! NU WAN NU WAN!' The poopy baby tries to drag herself away from her monster mummah, but she holds the baby down.

'Stap mowing dummeh babbeh! Yu am nummies fow mummah tu make miwkies fow bestest babbehs!' You watch in horror as she nums her screaming baby.

'SCREEE! NU NUM BABBEH! NU WAN MOWE NUMMIE HEWTIEEEEEEEEEEEEE! WAN DIE WAN DIE WAGErrkk.... The babbeh's screams stop suddenly; you can only watch as the monster mummah nums the rest of her baby and walks back to her nestie. It's then you see the yellow babbeh holding his leggies over his see places.

'Huhuhu munstah mummah num sissy! Huhuhu babbeh nu wan be nummies! Onwy wan huggies and wub!'


Gud Mummah Mawwy comes back on the screen; 'Wow, dat was weawy saddies and scawies. Dat mummah am wowstest mummah Mawwy ewa see! Bud it nu end bad fow yewwo babbeh, sum weawy nice hoomins sabed him fwom dat munstah mummah. Wets see him nao!' The screenie picture changes and shows the yellow baby getting petted by a nice human.

'*Sniff* nice Mistah nu make babbeh nummies fow miwkies ow giv bad enfies?' The little yellow baby asks.

'No little guy, you're not going to be nummies for anyone. We're going find a nice new house and mommy for you.'

'Weawy, babbeh am get gud mummah?' He asks with happy waters in his see places.


'Yay! Babbeh am happiest babbeh ewa!'

'Am Kewwy gun get yewwo babbeh?!' You just know you'd be the bestest mummah for him, and you'd never ever make him into nummies. You'd num your own leggies before you did that! The TV doesn't answer you though, instead going back to Gud Mummah Mawwy.

'Dat a happy end fow dah yewwo babbeh, bud dat munstah mummah’s oda babbehs nu get gud housies wike he did. Cause mummah raised dem aww to be meanies, day nu pway nice wif oda babbehs. Su day got made into nu happy fwuffies.'

The screenie picture changes, showing the bad mummah’s pointy babbeh sitting on a pillow in someone's house; you gasp when you realise that he doesn't have his legs anymore.

'Dummeh hoomin! Giv back smawtie babbeh's weggies nao ow get sowwie poopies!'

'Aww he's so adorable when he's angry' A human that you can't see says. 'But don't you worry about him shitting everywhere?'

'That's what the bag is for' Another human says.

The screenie picture changes from the pointy baby to the baby who was giving bad special huggies to his pee-pee coloured brother. He's missing his legs too, and he's in some kind of almost sorry box. That would be bad enough, but there's a fluffy giving him special huggies!

'*Enf enf enf* tank yu fow nyu enfie toy mummah, dis am bettah dan swipahs!'

'Scree! Nu am mawe! Nu wan be enfie toy! Wan no-no stick an speciaw wumps back! Huhuhu!'

Then the TV shows you the last baby; like the others she's missing her legs and sitting in a fluffy bed like yours. Even though nothing bad's happening to her she has the worst saddies of all.


‘Daddeh,’ a fluffy you can’t see says, ‘Wiwif nu wike dis huggie babbeh, she tuu woud!’

'Don’t worry sweetie' a human you can't see says, 'I’ll take care of that tommorrow.'

You sit still, shocked at what happened to the babies, even if they were bad. You know they'll never be happy again.

'See, it not jus babbehs mummah nu wike dat get huwties; aww babbehs hav huwties in sum way if daewe mummah nu wub aww dem dah same' Gud Mummah Mawwy says. 'Su wememba, gud mummahs wub aww babbehs nu mattah dah cowah! Gud Mummah Mawwy hope yu wearn, see yu next bwight-time!'

As the end song plays you hear the front door open; daddeh's home! Now you get to go to the park and forget about the horrible things you saw on the TV!


'So what did you do today?' daddeh asks on the way to the park.

'Kewwy pway wif toys an watch Fwuff-TV, but it was weal saddie show.'

'Why was it a sad show?'

'Day was showin a weal bad mummah who wet hew babbehs be meanies to oda babbehs cause day bad cowahs!' You don't talk about the part where she nummed her baby. 'She was bad mummah! Monster mummah!' You feel a bit of sad water in your see places as you tell him all about the story you saw on the TV.

'Yeah, she sounds like a really bad mummah to me.'

'Kewwy nu du dat, eben if aww babbehs wewe poopie cowah!' You say firmly.

'I know you would Kerry, but you still can't have babies.' daddeh says.

'Kewwy jus sayin...' You mumble.

A little later you get to the park; daddeh carries you inside and puts you down on the grass. 'I'm going to get something from the food shop. Why don't you see if you can find any of your friends?'

'Otay daddeh' you say before running into the park. It's a bit early so there aren't many other fluffies around, but your best friend lives here so you find her in no time. 'Fwanky!' You call to a dark green fluffy with a black mane.

'Kewwy!' Franky yells running over to you. The two of you collide and roll around on the ground giving each other huggies. 'Fwanky miss yu Kewwy fwend! Nu see in wong time!'

'Kewwy miss Fwanky tuu! Wan gu pway in bushie maze?' You ask.

'Yay. Fwanky wub bushie maze! Wace Kewwy daewe!'

You and Franky spend a long time playing chasie and huggie tag in the maze. When both of you are too tired to do that you just explore. It's such a fun place; the paths twist all different ways and there are lots of secret tunnels and hidden castles to explore. The two of you are exploring one of the really big fluffy castles when you hear something,

'Mummah? Bwudda? Sissies? Whewe am yu?! Twinket nu wike scawy maze nu mowe! Huhu'

You run out of the castle all look for where the noise is coming from; crawling out of one of the tunnels is a green talkie baby. He's got nearly the same colour fluff as Franky but with a grey tail. You take a closer look and see that he's making sad waters. You rush over to him.

'Hewwo babbeh, why am saddies?'

'Huhuhu Twinket pwaying wif bwudda an sissies in caswe, but day weft Twinket daewe. Twinket nu can fin bwudda an sissies an mummah nu mowe!'

You give the crying babbeh huggies. 'It otay babbeh, Kewwy and Fwanky hewp babbeh fin famiwy. Nu cwy nao.'

The talkie babbeh looks up at you. '*Sniff* weawy? Nice fwuffies hewp Twinket?'

'Yes babbeh, Kewwy an Fwanky am gud fwuffies.'

'Yay, Twinket happies!' The talkie baby cheers. 'Can, can nice Kewwy cawwy Twinket? Weggies am tuu sweepies.'

'Nu wowwy Twinket, Kewwy cawwy yu.' You kneel down and let Trinket climb onto your back.

'Tank yu nice Kewwy.' He says. You and Franky walk off to find Trinket's family. Unfortunately, none of you have any idea where they are. 'Huhu, we newa gun fin dem!' Trinket cries.

'Dat nu twue Twinket, famiwy am hewe; we fin dem.' You know it's bad, but you're starting to like the feeling of Trinket riding around on your back. Maybe if you can't find his family, daddeh will let you take care of him. You certainly wouldn't let him get lost in the maze.

A little while later you hear a human lady talking to some fluffies, and she sounds really mad. 'What do you mean you just left him behind? He's your brother!'

'Dummeh Twinket bwudda am tuu swow! Scree!'

'Don't you dare talk about your brother like that Ruby! Empress I thought we talked about this!'

'Dat am mummah mummah!' Trinket calls and you run towards the sound. 'Mummah mummah! Twinket am hewe!' You round a corner and find a human lady standing in front of a pink mare a few bits smaller than you and three babies the same size as trinket, except they're purple, red and white.

'Trinket there you are!' The human lady walks over to you and knees down, gently picking trinket off your back. 'I was so worried about you' she says. Then she looks at you, 'And who's this?'

'Dis fwuffy name Kewwy! She hewp Twinket fin yu!'

'Really? Well aren't you a good fluffy!' he nice human lady reaches down and scratches you behind the year.

'Hehe, dat tickweEEE!' You yelp as something crashes into you.

'Wat dummeh mawe duin wif Twinket babbeh!' It's the pink mare! She's about to give you sorry hoofies but her mummah grabs hold of her ear. 'SCREEEE! NU GIV EMPWESS HUWTIES!'

'Empress how dare you?! This fluffy found Trinket and brought him, and this is how you thank her?' The lady turns back to you. 'I'm sorry about her Kerry, she's been very moody since she's had her babies, and hasn’t been doing what mommy says to do.' She makes mad eyes at empress. 'And because of that you'll be getting the sorry stick and sorry box when we get home.'

'Huhuhu, Empwess nu wan sowwy stick ow box!' The mare cries.

'Well you should have thought of that.' The human lady stands up. 'Come on, we're leaving.' She looks back at you. 'Thanks again Kerry, you're a good fluffy.'

'Tank yu nice wady' you say as she walks away. After they leave you start feeling really bad heart hurties and you make sad waters. Franky comes and gives you huggies trying to make it better.

'Wut am mattah Kewwy? Why makin su many sad wawas?'

'Huhuhuhu! Kewwy wan be mummah bud daddeh nu wet Kewwy be mummah. Kewwy nu undewstan; am gud fwuffy! Why du meanie mawe hav babbehs?!'

It's no fair; that meanie dummy mare was a horrible mummah, you just knew it! If she was a good mummah she would have never let her other babies leave Trinket alone like that! Franky doesn't seem to know what to say so she just keeps giving you huggies.

It's quite a few whiles before you want to walk again and when you do you notice the sky ball is getting lower. That means the dark-time is nearly here. 'Kewwy nee find daddeh' you say.

'Otay, Fwanky cum wif Kewwy.' She follows you the whole way; you don't say anything to her but you're happy she's there. You find you way out of the maze and not long after that you find daddeh. 'Hewwo Kewwy daddeh!' Franky says to him.

'Hey Franky, how are you?'

'Fwanky am weawy gud. Wub pwaying wif Kewwy in dah bushie maze!'

'I know, Kerry doesn't stop talking about the fun you guys to get up to' Daddeh looks down at you. 'What's the matter Kerry?'

Franky answers before you have the chance. 'Kewwy am saddies cause meanie mawe giv her owwies, eben doh we giv hew babbeh back.' She frowns. 'She dummeh poopie fwuffy.'

'That doesn't sound very nice' daddeh crouches down and strokes your mane. 'Imagine that, being mean to you after doing such a nice thing. Well,' he stands up, 'I'm afraid we have to go home now.'

'Yu bwing Kewwy back soon?' Franky asks.

'We'll be back soon don't worry. Come on Kerry let's go.'

'Otay daddeh. Bye Fwanky.'

'Bye Kewwy' Franky hugs you good bye and trots off.

Later that dark-time you’re lying on your bed. You just can’t figure out why fluffies like that meanie empress and the monster mummah on the TV end up with babbehs but you, a good fluffy, can't have any. 'Huhu nu undewstan' You moan.

Daddeh walks in holding a box. 'Hey Kerry, I've got a surprise for you,' he puts the box down and pulls out some huggie toys, except they’re smaller.

'Wai daddeh hav mowe huggie toys?’

'I thought you could use a bit more company while I'm at work, that’s all.' He puts a couple of the toys next to you; they smell pretty and feel nice, but you're not so interested in them.

'Daddeh, Kewwy nu undewstan why bad fwuffies hav aww dah babies.'

'Kerry that's not true.'


'I know what you're going to say Kerry.' He says. 'I know you don't understand, but we have to follow rules even when we don't understand them. That's just life.' You don't say anything, mostly because you don't understand a lot of what daddeh means but also because you have too many heart hurties to talk. After a few more short whiles, daddeh hugs you good night and closes the door.

You hug the toys close and go to sleep.


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differential_Sloth: I'm planning this to be my flagship series. It's going to be long, on the order of Seneca mountain or Reasonable hugboxer.
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Fluffnut: Nice start. Interested to see where this goes. I like that Kerry isn't the perfect fluffy, but also is obedient, should make for interesting stories.
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Stealthderp: Well, just like in real life, the trash reproduces like there is no tomorrow.
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GewawtofWivia: I am very interested in this continuing

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MONEJO: Ok.ill' follow this (y)

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differential_Sloth: @GewawtofWivia: First arc is broadly finished, currently working on the next.

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differential_Sloth: @Fluffnut: I'm going for drama that comes from misunderstandings and not being able to comprehend human actions.

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ArthurCameron: I was expecting Kerry to get pregnant at the park (Alfred is an idiot for leaving her unsupervised while she wants babies) and subsequently, hardcore foal abuse.

Either way, this is interesting so far. I'll definitely keep tabs on it.

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ArthurCameron: @differential_Sloth: I do love the interpretation that humans are Lovecraftian monsters to fluffies, who can neither understand nor negotiate with them.

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ArthurCameron: Also, why didn't Alfred get Kerry spayed? He seems responsible and intelligent, so I don't quite see why he wouldn't.
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ElCuCuyfeo: This story took me four days to read. Because i kept stopping to do other things and coming back to it.

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differential_Sloth: @ArthurCameron: Well I don't think I can give an answer that doesn't sound like trying to excuse a plot contrivance or dumping a load of head cannon.

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Simpfan: Minimal typos; a real treasure to read!

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differential_Sloth: @Simpfan: Thank you. I do my best to catch all the errors, at least until my patience runs out.
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Anonymous1: i dont like the use of 'autistic' cus i'm autistic