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Disintegral: Who? Are you that one that got banned after arguing with WetFluff a week or so back?
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101295486: tell a friend~
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Pinkyfluffy: Stile Garfield.
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A215fluff: @disintegral
Homeboy has a loooonnnngg memory
Like two years later banaway dr tried piping on last month.

Don’t know why people would argue in general on a board like this
Much less than with wet fluff who will ban yah and remember it for 6 years

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VaniIIa: uh oh
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Inky_little_fluff: Here we go
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Fluffwit: Oi vey. At least TRY to make your style look different before you get another IP and try to start a new life here...

...Then again, you seem to be intent on making yourself known. Incredibly fucking dumb, if you ask me, since you'll just get banned over and over again.

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DawkyGifOwwies: Lmao wot

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Disintegral: @Fluffwit: I'm guessing they only got a nuked account and 1-week ban. If not, WetFluff would've dealt with them by now.
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