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´╗┐Micro Massacre

A herd of Micro Fluffies milled about, babbling and playing with one another when the great sky daddehs opened the top of their world and dropped in something that looked like them, but white all over and much bigger.

The creature picked itself up, despite being LITERALLY placed on the friggin' ground, somehow tripping over its own legs despite standing completely still.

Some of the fluffies begin to crowd the wall-eyed creature, saying things such as "Nyu fwend? Wan pway?" "Whu wong wit' big fwuffy?" "Is it munstah??"

The smarty stepped forward, bopping the Cotton on the snout and actually giving it a nose-bleed as he puffed out his cheeks and brattily told him "Dis am Smawty Wand! Gu way o' git foweba sweepies!"

The CottonPuff didn't even register least at first. Still, he slowly turned to look at the Smarty, who began shrinking back a bit at the dead-pan expression of the fluffy.

"Wh-Why wawa weaking out of mouthie?"

Be CottonPuff

Am Hungry.

Want nummehs.

Find weird talking nummehs, feel warm liquid coming from nose.

Look down at the plump, quivering little creature.

He doesn't even have time to react after you bite off the top of his head.

A weird, high pitched noise comes from it.

You nu like.

Keep biting until it stops.

Keep biting until nummeh gone, in tummy.

Other nummehs make the same noise.

Yu still hungry.

Not too many nummehs, an' they small.



It was a red-letter day for the Micro Herd-fluffy bodies were strewn about on the ground, covering the entirety of the area with blood, fluff and shit. Chunks of flesh torn off by a tiny mouth had been tossed around, looking like something had sampled portions of the fluffy ponies before going off to eat another one before it had even finished the first one.

And this was all contained within a large tank of a biodegradable, edible gel.

At the far left corner huddled a surviving family of Micro-Fluffies, a bloodsoaked yellow mare with a pink mane crying her eyes out as she huddled her chirping, squealing foals to her chest. Her special friend, a purple stallion with a red mane puffed out his cheeks at the approaching attacker, putting himself between that thing and his special friend and babies!

"Gu 'way, munstah! Nu huwt babbehs!" he boasted, the 2 inch tall and brilliantly colored Earthy stallion standing his ground as the giant (by comparison) monster looked over him.

The CottonPuff was helping himself to the small, squirming nummies that were filled with delicious skettis of sorts that melted in his mouth. His normally white, wool-like fluff was splotched by huge splashes of blood from messily devouring the small population of Fluffs that had been kept in the repurposed ant farm.

In a surprising move of intelligence (and sadism) he seemed to snicker at the Micro-Fluffy's attempt to fend him off, swatting away the even frailer creature across the terrarium. The stallion's muzzle rang out with a sickening crack and a spray of blood, his mate squealing in horror as she pushed herself as far away from the impacable, fluffy fiend.

She felt one of her babies be torn from her grip, the CottonPuff holding the squirming, chirping infant in his mouth with a very derpy expression on his face, as if trying to remember what to do next as the Mare tried to get her child back.

"Why 'oo du dis tu famiwy?! Tu HEWD!? Wha' we du?!" she demanded, tears streaming down her cheeks as she was pushed back by one of the CottonPuff's hooves. He slowly looked down at her, her infant still in his mouth as he looked like he was about to speak.

"Gud num." was all the alabaster white fluffy had to say, sinking his teeth into the squealing, jelly-bean sized foal as they feebly beat at his snout. The oblivious omnivore paid it no mind, chewing up the foal into bite-sized pieces as blood spurted from his mouth and dribbled down his chin. The filly's body went slack, eyes bulging out of their head as the CottonPuff swallowed down the rest, giving a tiny burp when he finished.

The mare was in hysterics now, the Cotton-Puff simply helping himself to her remaining children in spite of her and her stallion's efforts to stop him; The latter got donkey-kicked in the head hard enough to break his neck, even pushing it up several notches from its original position with an audible 'crack!'. His body went limp, eyes slowly glassing over and going half-lidded while blood dribbled out of his nostrils.

His mate didn't even have time to scream, as the Cotton-Puff had lunged forward and begun to feast upon her headfirst before she could let loose a full wail in a bout of gustatory gluttony.


"Fascinating, absolutely fascinating..." a balding, bespectacled man muttered as he scribbled notes, intently watching the Mare's shuddering body go still from the vicious assault from the guinea-pig sized Fluffy Pony.

"Ugh, I don't see what's so fascinating-it's a retarded, tiny mutant eating a bunch of slightly less retarded but even tinier mutants." his assistant replied in disgust.

"Oh come now, you find no interest in seeing how strains of Fluffy Pony interact with one another depending on varying circumstances and behavioral patterns? I mean, look-the CottonPuff hasn't even figured out he's STANDING on a month's worth of food, and this is if he and the herd had co-existed and eaten in excess! He actively CHOSE to eat the smaller competitors!" the man explained.

"Or he's just dumb as a bunch of fucking rocks." replied the assistant, prompting some quick back and forth (that the writer is too lazy to expand upon/explain who explicitly is talking at a given time. So figure it out on your own)

"Well, there's that."

"We're killing this freaking abomination, right?"

"No need to."

"What, why?"

"He choked to death trying to swallow the mare's rib-cage."

" do these things even survive long enough to be a fucking problem in the first place?"

The middle aged man merely shrugged.
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Nocturn: Total fucking carnage with my morning coffee . Life is good

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That assistant has gotten to the bottom of Fluffy behavior alright
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