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The Mimic 3

"Am gud fwuff! Nu huwt!" it babbled, pounding on the cage door as best it could as it stared at the hired exterminator. Said exterminator just kind of stared back, holding a pesticide sprayer in his hands as he looked at the survivor. The fluffy pony looked sickly, like its own skin was hanging off its bones-an eyelid drooped here or there, the eyeballs themselves looking loose or out of place. Even its voice seemed to be robotic and fake, like a tape-recorder rather than a thinking, breathing thing.

"I don't know what you are...but you're NOT a fucking Fluffy least not a normal one." he replied, shaking his head slowly. He remembered seeing this thing before-but it looked different back then. It had a pink pelt and a golden yellow mane-a unicorn mare that, even if kinda 'derped' looking, would fetch a decent price at a shelter or pet store. But when he went to catch it, he couldn't find it.

Not all of it at least.

Just the empty skin was left-collapsed in on itself in a heap like a deflated pool toy. Viscous, foul smelling liquid was dribbling out of the numerous orifices of the Fluffy Pony pelt, a large tear in the back of the remains as if something had ripped its way out. It wasn't a fluffsplosion, because the skin was still relatively intact and the mare wasn't pregnant to begin with.

He at first shrugged it off, figuring that these things bred by the thousands and could die from being hit with a tennis ball-it wasn't like defects or spontaneous combustion didn't happen (that was certainly something he never expected to say in his life about any living creature) so he ignored it, and continued his work in exterminating the other fluffies while keeping the ones who might be worth something.


When the exterminator came running to see what the hell made the captured fluffies scream bloody murder, he found four of the original five 'spared fluffs' huddled in a corner, whimpering and crying softly to themselves in a mess of their own piss and crap. They were staring at a blue unicorn with a purple mane who simply sat by himself, his eyes off-kilter and a different color than they used to be.

Which brought him to the present, where he was interrogating the body-snatching beasty in a separate cage. It continued babbling to him, stock phrases of 'Nu huwt' and unemotional 'Huu-huu's continuing to repeat themselves as it pressed against the cage door.

The exterminator sprayed the pesticide point-blank in its face to just be done with it. He didn't expect to trigger the most disturbing thing he had ever seen in his life.

The Fluffy Pony threw itself backwards with a blood-curdling shriek, its entire body convulsing and thrashing as the poison took immediate effect. The very skin of the creature seemed to twitch and writhe like a living organism, its already bugged out eyes subluxing ever further as the tongue jutted from its mouth and rolled around in the O shaped orifice.

A ball of fluid, thick and phlegmy shot from the gaping mouth, residue dribbling down the corners of the stallions mouth as something wormed its way up and out of the fluffy's jaws. The remaining fluffs were in a screaming fit now as the pink, sparsely haired abomination tore and squirmed its way out of its disguise.

For a few brief seconds, the spider-legged abomination stood still, before with a whistling shriek it lunged at the cage door, the spider-like limbs fiddling with the latch. Its long proboscis wormed through the cage spaces as it did so, the toothy, leech-like mouth gaping as it did so.

The exterminator snapped from his stunned, horrified state and sprayed the cunning monster again just as it got the cage door free. It squealed and tumbled to the ground, its legs flailing wildly as it tried to right itself and scuttle away. The man would not give it that opportunity, as he brought his foot down onto its middle and began crushing it beneath his weight.

Its black, insectoid eyes bulged out of its cranium as it stared up at the man, the wickedly sharp legs and proboscis pulling, biting, and stabbing his boots as it tried to free itself before, with a sickening 'SPLURCH' its body caved under his weight and into a heap of squashed gore. The smell was awful as clear, gelatinous blood sputtered from the twitching carcass, guts shooting out of it like macabre jack-in-the-box toys.

And then something moved in the pile of meat.

Not the slowly twitching legs, but something inside a bulging, sack-like organ beneath its stomach and intestinal tract-the sack popped, and dozens of smaller offspring scuttled away, with a few skittering up his shoe. The exterminator would let out a girlish scream and spray them, killing them all before any of them could try and chew through the fabric of his clothing to get to his burrowable skin.

As for the other couple dozen, they skittered off to a nearby vent or underneath doorways, disappearing from view and leaving the exterminator with four traumatized fluffies and a dead 'WhatTheFuckIsThisThing'.

"Babbeh? Wai 'oo aww da way ou' hewe?" a mare cooed to her offspring, the curled up bundle of fluff shaking slightly with soft chirps rocking its small body.

"Dewe dewe, Babbeh...mummah hewe. Gun' gib babbeh miwkies!" the mare continued, gently picking up the tired foal and bringing it back to the nest. She nudged the other foals back to the makeshift warren before they too could wander off, and gently pressed them against her teats to nurse.

A sharp bolt of pain lanced through her abdomen, prompting her to cry "OWWIES!" as one of the foals went still. The others promptly stopped nursing, waddling away from the unmoving heap as the mother clutched her hooves to her belly.

"WAI BABBEH HUWT MUMMAH?! WAI MUMMAH'S TUMMEH HUWTIE!?" she cried, feeling something squirm and wriggle underneath her skin, the itching turning to burning as the bulge got deeper and deeper before vanishing completely inside her.

That was when the real pain started.
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Veej: Imagine finding one of those creatures when cutting open a fluffy. EEP! Call in Mulder & Scully! The "unemotional Hu huus" made me laugh.
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Anonymous1: *shudder*

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IGotIdeas: QUICK!
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ChojinPatriarch: "Brothers of the Deathwatch! We have reports of a Xenos infestation! Prepare the Hellfire bolt rounds and blessed Promethium!"
"Purge the alien with FIRE! Burn, burn, BURN!"
"Brother-captain, that Salamander worries me..."