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PaperCuts: this is gonna be a comic for now, but if nobody likes my style ill go to writing. also im bad at writing
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ElCuCuyfeo: This is evident.
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deadweight: I have seen far, far, FAAAAAAAR worse, keep it up

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sugarnacid: Dem perfectly round circles.

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keratin: Well, since it's your first, I'll be honest... Idk what the fuck did the subtitles says, Like... first of all!
Green text on green background, dude just use text border. Secondly, use coherent sentences on the narration would ya? You writes like 14 year old.
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PaperCuts: @keratin: woodja rather me make the whole thing writin?

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Sacred: Keep drawing! It helps for practice a lot!
You only need to change the subtitle colors or add them an outline.
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