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Overlord: Sorry if it's of a shit quality, I uploaded this one from my phone, so I might release a less shitty version when I have the time
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Boneless: Legends speak of a legendary abuser filled with rage of biblical proportions. Located somewhere in a house on a hill, lies the real forever Huu-Huu land.

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FluffiesAreFood: Dark red text against a dark background is pretty hard to read.

Otherwise, man, the meat on that fluffy is gonna be SOUR.

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WolframEldercloak: @FluffiesAreFood: I could read the red text just fine, but perhaps that's just due to having to deal with it a lot.

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Overlord: @FluffiesAreFood Come on bro there's like no meat on this unlucky fucker
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Abuser_McCuckold: Ehhh we abuse fluffies cuz we have nothing to do.

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VaniIIa: Luckily im a degenerate
give me the 'depwession'

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Overlord: This was originally pitched as a FluffTV ad to donate to crap shelters
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