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The Wrath of God (Part 1)/?
Father Solomon sat, pensive, praying, staring at the symbolic image of Christ during his crucifixion. He thought to himself:

"What did we do to deserve this? Were we not good Christians? Did we not follow Christ?"

A banging, relentless knocking came from the thick oak doors behind the priest, denizens of a doomed world trying to get in, trying to reach a safe haven.

Father Solomon cried, praying for the knocking to go away, but it did not. Perhaps his heavenly father was not listening?

Father Solomon had often thought this, had his doubts. He saw the end times, the end of days, death upon a pale horse coming for mankind.

What he did not expect however, was that the end times were to come from such a small creature. A dumb pathetic thing, that hardly came to a man's calf.

Yes, the apocalypse had come about due to fluffy ponies. Man had played God, and in doing so had doomed itself, however unlike in scripture, the rapture never came.

And so Father Solomon prayed, as he had been doing for several weeks, only stopping to eat, sleep, and relieve himself. Little did he know, that God was about to answer his prayers.

The knocking suddenly stopped, a golden light shown above the altar, above the symbol of Christ, as the angel Gabriel appeared before Father Solomon.

"Fear not child of The Lord, for the Father has heard your prayer and has sent aid to you. The one he has sent lies behind the door to your chamber," The angel said, his voice ringing with a golden aura.

"Thank the heavens! I was starting to fear God had abandoned us!" said the Father.

Solomon rushed to his chamber doors, the light already receding back into the heavens, the Lord's message delivered.

Behind the chamber doors, was something Solomon would never expect. Behind his chamber doors, lie a fluffy pony.

This fluffy, an alicorn with fur so white it was almost blinding looked to his new compatriot and said, "Be nyu Daddeh?"

And Father Solomon Wept.
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WolframEldercloak: Haha, I hate myself. Anyway, this story came about due to me becoming a devout Christian while simultaneously trying to deal with the sins I have committed and other things I don't need to go into detail about. The point is, this series if I continue it will go about themes of sin and redemption on a personal level for me and my feelings toward it all. Basically, this is gonna be me writing shit out to deal with things going on in my life. The writing will be trash, the grammar terrible, everything you expect from this site. So read and enjoy, or not. It doesn't really matter.

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Basswhooper: @WolframEldercloak: I'm interested enough to keep an eye out for future installments.

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Veej: TFW you talk to a legendary celestial being & all you get out of it is a fluffy pony.
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Abuser_McCuckold: @Veej: Feels good man
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