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Intermission #1 - Snow's Babbehs

(This will be one of multiple in-between chapters to "Fluffy's Game Files".

(These will be open to be picked up by other users who want to continue
writing the story after the chapter has ended. I.E, I give permission to use snow's
babbehs in your own story. First to claim keeps them. I don't expect much out of this,
I just wanted to see what the community could come up with. I will be reading.

On to the story!

The foals of Snow were shaken off of Snow's fluff, to her extreme dismay. As she
thrashed whilst being taken, the foals knew something was wrong. To refresh, let's
look back.

"Wed babbeh!" And then starts listing colors. Silly mummah.
"Gween babbeh!"
*Gasp*"Pink babbeh!

And of course, we also had Airy, but she's on her own adventures

The litter of foals squirmed about, letting out alarmed chirps and terrified "huu"'s.
No one would come. They stayed distressed for a long forever (5 minutes), when
the sorry box they were in was given upsies! They chirped in fear, and went into
a fluffpile/huggie orgy, seeking eachother's comfort.

It didn't work.

After a small forever (about 1 minute or less), they had stopped. The top of the
sorry box opened, and they were lucky all they saw was darkness, if their eyes were
open they would "screee" to the moon.

Claire picked the foals up, and put them with a new mare she had that saw
the dreaded foal commercial, and wanted babbehs. Sadly (for her) she was spayed.
So she came up with the "adoptive mummah" system.

The mare saw her approach, and was a bit skeptical of the box, but when she saw
the foals in Claire's hand, she let out a happy squeal and immediately reached for
them. Claire made sure that all adoptive mummahs were given the medicines to
induce milk-producing hormones (i'm not a scientist, idk if that's right).

She placed the pink one (just like her! Bestest babbeh!) on her teat, and the the
pretty red one. They sniffed her, and recoiled. Something was wrong. They weren't
drinking! What was wrong with them? They kept pushing away with distressed
chirps and cheeps, and she smelled them. Something in her brain clicked,
and she knew they weren't hers.

They belonged to another fluffy!

She pushed them off, and looked up to Claire.

"Dose am not Fwuffy's babbehs!"

Claire was confused. Oh well. Her test for the new system was a fail. She scooped up
the foals and walked away.


A week had passed, and the foals had been hand fed. But the stress of having no
mummah was causing them to have bad anxiety, and they stopped eating as much.
They could eat normal food now, so she weaned them off of milk and let them
eat kibble, but they were sad that they had no one to call "mummah". Claire
wouldn't take the role either.

She put them in a display bin near the front of the store.

A few days later, someone had come in, looking around. He asked about the litter, and
she said they were siblings and had been taken from their mother. He smiled and asked
to buy all of them. That smile didn't reach his eyes.

If you adopt this, continue from here. Is the new owner an abuser? Hugboxer?

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Stardom: Sorry about the shortness, would have continued but my time is pressed.
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TheFoalFryer: I'm not claiming them, but perhaps experiment with them. See how consumption of fluffy flesh will affect them

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LeadLobster: Why not a split?

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Stardom: @TheFoalFryer: ok

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Stardom: @LeadLobster: what do yu mean
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Abuser_McCuckold: @Stardom: Lead lobster meant a Neutral person to adopt them, someone who does not HATE fluffies but someone who does not LOVE fluffies, sorta like... if they feel like abusing a fluffy they might, but if they feel like taking care of one they might.
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Abuser_McCuckold: @Abuser_McCuckold: Bad explanation by me. as a slightly Neutral box I am ashamed of my self
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PaperCuts: ABUSER

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Stardom: I can't log in on any other device besides my phone that i saved my account on, so now i'm Author_Akatsuki. Expect new thing s to be written, and i'll try to stay doing it and be consistent this time around. Thank you all.
P.S, This sotry will be revived in a better way, i promise.
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