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The reject breeder


My name is James Fader, I am a 28-year-old man and what makes me particular is how poor and depressed I am. From the beginning of my childhood I lived in poverty because my mom was a cheating bitch and my father was a hardworking man who was never home. My mom always was beating me and my sister and took everything we had. Until one day, dad smashed a bottle of alcohol on my "mother" head because she was threatening me and my sister that she will kill us; she immediately died, he then got arrested for 15 years, I was 10 years old and my sister was 4 years old that day. I still think it was the right decision to do, our father loved us and wanted us to live happy. A week after this accident we got sent to an orphanage and at 12 years old I was adopted and separated from my sister who was also adopted by another family. I lived a "normal" life but a very lonely one, I never made friends until college, I had a girlfriend but she cheated on me and replaced me with my best friend. After this I never tried to make a friend or even try to get a girlfriend even after college. Now I got a shitty job with a terrible pay. But I was lucky enough to get a house with a garden unfortunately it needed a lot of work to be in condition for me to stay in it. There was a rumor that a murder occurred in this house. No wonder the price was so low and the house so messy and broken. After what I lived trough I think life is depressing.

Author's note: Hi my name is obscurfox and i have been lurking for a while in the booru. I always wanted to write a story but school was pretty harsh during the last semester so i didnt have alot of time. Because it's summer i finally have time to write. I hope that the community will enjoy my story. It will be a mix of hugbox and abuse and i admit that the first few chapters will be very hugboxy. the first chapter will be here tomorrow morning because it's pretty late where i live right now and i will need to correct my mistakes. Also please point out as many mistakes as possible.Thank you.
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HerdKing: look forward to it, hugbox AND abuse! welcome!
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Arazur: Looks interesting! Also nitpicky side note, it is prologue not epilogue

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Hugboxing_Faggot: >It will be a mix of hugbox and abuse and i admit that the first few chapters will be very hugboxy.

Sounds familiar.

Don't get discouraged when people complain about there not being enough abuse. When you feel the need to spice things up a little but don't want to make your main character look like a psychopath, a short side story always helps. Like a fluffy POV or a side character that's an abuser.
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NottooFluf2: Welcome. Take your time and do what you like, don't worry about errors or even failures, just don't give up if it is what you like to do and I'll be looking up for your work :)
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Fluffus: Welcome.

Now some nerdy feedback:
- I think this is meant to be a prologue, not and epilogue.
- I think his dad was arrested and th n went to prison for 15 years. To just be arrested for 15 years would be... weird.

Look forward to seeing more!

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Toch666: @Hugboxing_Faggot I’m still waiting for your return
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