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The reject breeder

Chapter 1:

It’s a rainy day, I just got fired from my job because some workers spread some rumors about me. Really bad rumors. Fucking judgmental people, it’s not because I am alone and don’t talk to anybody that I am a psychopath. I wonder where they can get these kinds of ideas. I was going to get fired someday anyways I have to admit that I don’t care about my work so much. Well now I am on my way home I finished buying groceries there was a sweet deal on some products it cheered me up a bit. Well now that I have no job I am gonna stay up all night and watch some series in my old laptop. Thank god Wi-Fi is so cheap where I live. On the way home I heard something strange, like a kid screaming but way squeakier. Its close, the more I approach the next alley the louder the sound, I take a peek and see something straight out of a horror movie. Blood and shit everywhere. There were some guys laughing by their faces, probably they were teens around 16-15 years old. I enter the alley and shout:


What a bunch of faggots, they ran full speed at the other side of the alley. Well I might have been fired from my job but today seems to be nicer than usual. It’s really been a long time since I had some fun well real-life fun most of the time I just play video games to have fun. First the stench is just obnoxious and the scene is just morbid. But I wonder what they were doing. But I think I figured it out and what is that thing. It looks like a miniature horse with flashy colors and with a lot of fur. There are a lot of them: a pink one an orange one and three other really smaller ones with different colors. Are those fluffies? I heard an ex-coworker talking about them. Apparently, they can make great pets and they can talk also people find them cute. Well the ones in front of you are too “damaged” to be called a living creature to be honest. Also, what are they doing outside. Never saw a fluffy or a stray one, weird. Well you came too late to help them. Honestly, I don’t care about them anyways
but I wonder why they killed them, they are harmless creatures. The pink one has his legs torn off the orange one doesnt even have a face anymore and the tiny ones have their guts spilled.Just by seeing the face of the pink one they died in the most horrible pain they ever experienced.

What is that sound?


It’s coming from a pile of shit just in front of me. I approach it slowly. I take one of my plastic bags wear it like a glove and started rummaging the poop. Uh, it stinks
Then I found something, it’s a little brown fluffy, I think.


Jesus it’s loud.

„Shh little guy, girl I am here”

I gently pet it. It calms down after a while and it started cooing. I can’t leave this little fella here. I can take him or her home with me. Or kill it but am too much of a coward to kill something. On the positive side, it’s a perfect opportunity my therapist always suggested me to take care of a pet to cheer me up. Also, I really need to see the gender of this thing when I come back home. When I arrived home, I put the groceries down. Before changing my clothes, I took a shoebox and put some toilet paper in it. It will be a nice little bed for it. But before putting the little fluffy there I need to wash it somehow. I took a towel, put some warm water and started gently cleaning the shit off. After a while I can see red fluff and with hints of black hair growing on top of the little fella, cool its my favorite colors. I also noticed that it has wings and a horn, huh that's kinda weird. After a tiny inspection it’s a female because I don’t see any balls, do they even have balls? I will wash the towel later and now I will browse the internet a bit to know how to take care of the little girl and also to find something new to watch.

I browsed the internet for a couple minute and i discovered quite a few things. Fluffies have the same nouns as horses well it's kinda obvious they look like deformed horses, so my fluffy is a foal and foals need to be feed often with a certain formula, right now I am too lazy to go out again but i found a post on a website saying that if you mix warm milk and a little bit of sugar you can get some kind of temporary nourishement source for the foal but you still need to get formula it can't survive on this. Also foals need something to hug or they die, that's kinda shocking but now that I think about it I find it funny, thank god i found a little teddy plushy when i first moved here i always thought it will be have some use and it's in a box in my closet. I went in my room grab the little teddy bear get the dust off and gave it to my foal and then came back to my laptop. After not even 5 mins of research my foal just started "peeping" his lungs out. WHY ARE THEY SO LOUD !? Well it's probably hungry. I go warm some milk and mix some with sugar I go take an eyedropper from my medicine box, I read that I can use an eyedropper it just needs to be clean and fortunately you found an unused one you wash it quickly put some of the mixture and start feeding the little foal and she quickly latched on the pipette. I had to refill it three times just for my foal to satisfy her hunger. After she finished drinking her milk she let out a little burp and she fell asleep again with her little plushy. That won't be too hard, i go back to my computer and i read something that blew my mind. I actually found something really rare in this pile of shit, it's an alicorn it's an extremely rare trait on fluffies normally we find three types of fluffies the earthy who have neither a horn or wings the unicorn who have a horn the pegasus who have wings. But i found the rarest of them all the alicorn. I wonder why i found her in shit, i searched about this and I found an article on a site called, how original also i wonder what's a hugboxer, apparently alicorns weren't even supposed to exist it's a genetic mutation and because fluffies don't know what alicorns are they consider them a "munsta-babbeh" and they either kill them or abandon them. That is quite interesting normally fluffies are all about love and babbies i didn't know they could do such things. I find this really unfair but it's not their fault their programing was not really completed. I still find it really weird that these creatures were programmed technically they don't really have a free will then or the programming just actually prevent them from doing some stuff and know basic things. I don't really need to bother myself with such things. I will watch some episodes of this new séries that I found and continue researching and also feed my little foal. I really need to find a name for her. Today maybe isn't really a bad day.

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obscurfox: the first chapter is quite short but don't worry the second will be longer also point out any mistakes because I suck at english
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Fluffnut: Interesting start, curious where it will go. One thought, maybe try to break the paragraphs up a bit, that last chunk before the end is really meaty, and it really helps to have occasional spaces rather than a solid block.
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Abuser_McCuckold: Neat.
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Nuuu: You lost me when you made the fluffy an alicorn. It's your first story about fluffies, and of course it has to be a munstah fluffy. At least make a token effort to not make the fluffy the most perfect pet ever (meaning: without any of the usual fluffy traits).
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Inky_little_fluff: @Jantherkilledhimself: I bet you're janther. Besides, it probably wouldn't be because of this site or wetfluff. And if he did kill himself, well shit im sorry, that's horrible. But im afraid you won't get any consolation here. This sites users are assholes (like me)

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HerdKing: Could use some work on punctuation. I also am not a huge fan of the alicorn choice. i think even abuser kids would see that and try to sell it rather than kill. otherwise good start, looking forward to more. keep it up!

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HerdKing: also in my headcannon alicorns are not a mistake, they are just intentionally rare to keep prices up. what is a mistake is other fluffies fear of them. its one of the glitches that never got sorted out. also, in my headcannon fluffies do have a degree of free will, similar how humans have a degree of both nature and nurture. i mention this because its also the case that most poeple BELIEVE fluffys have no free will because hasbio propogated the idea to help keep fluffies legally toys but not pets.

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differential_Sloth: A few points for improvement.

Your spelling and grammar need polish. It gives the impression you don't care about your story.

The paragraphs are way too big, and the sentences are too long. The last paragraph especially is a struggle to get through.

A lot of the sentences are awkwardly structured. I think it's a mistake to write character dialogue without contractions ("I am" instead of "I'm") because that isn't how people talk.
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Inky_little_fluff: @WetFluff: Not even the capacity for the "wan die" loop

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NudeRei: "foals need something to hug or they die"

Interesting headcanon
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