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London Fluffy

Part – 1 Oneshot

By Gin

While on a walk during the afternoon hours you can hear commotion near the Constables Office , as you close in the it becomes clear why „fluffies” thousand of them have suddenly appeared in London , nobody knows how and nobody knows from where but one thing is certain , the society wants them gone.

“No time?!” A man screams “These things make more mess than the drunks in Veligarden!”
“Beg me pardon Sir but we have more… Urgent matters than some wild animals” The constable replies calmly “Find a ratcatcher or some other sort of person suited for this work” He says as he tips his hat , almost in an apologetic way.
The man backs down as the constable doesen’t respond to his vulgar insults.

Thinking of easy money and some fun you approach the crowd , after letting them know that you can help but not without a… Proper price only a few stay , not many in Fallen London can afford killing some pesky animals yet many don’t want to get their new shoes dirty.

After a short talk with the few that have stayed (concerning the place and price of course) you embark to the creatures den , after scouting the terrain a putrid smell hits you , as you clench yourself to enter the bush to find the source of this smell a small brown “fluffy” approaches you from the bush.

“Hoomin hab nummies?” The thing tries to speak ,such way of speech... An insult to the Queen “Pwease fwuffy hab tummie huwties”. You explain to the creature that you have brought a fine feast to all his friends , but first he must lead you to his den. The creature looks at you almost in a shocked manner , begging you for a hug… You politely reject the feces cowered animal.
After a short walk from where you were , you find yourself in an abandoned home at the outskirt of the town , even the greatest physicians wouldn’t be able to count the size of this herd , hundreds… No, maybe even a thousand of them in such small place.
“Choco bwing hoomin to the hewd!” the small brown things stands tall before his brothers “He hab nummies!”.
“Stuppie poopy babeh!” A yellow one emerges from the group “Hoomins onwy bwing huwties!” he looks like hes ready to charge at the brown one and empale him with his white horn.
As the brown “fluffy” trembles in fear you take out a rather big package from you coat , as you wave it and explain that you mean no harm the herd calms itself , even the yellow one drops it’s offensive stance.
You throw the bag towards the middle of the room , a huge pile rushes towards it trying to tear it open. Every “fluffy” in the room stands in a circle , even the brown one has left your side and began comically running towards it.
You smirk as the yellow one , their leader presumably,tries his hardest to tear it open. You stand in the doorway ready to leave , but before that you leave them another gift. Once again you open your coat and take out a glass bottle of absinthe from a pocket, a small gift from the Bohemians. You open it quietly as the herd looks frustrated at their leader which is still trying his hardest to tear the bag open. You take out a rag and pour some of the absinthe on it and place it in the head of the bottle , when you finish you notice that the bag started leaking , a sweet smell of alcohol fills the room but these animals ignore it,cheering their leader on to open the bag.
A silent click catches the attention of the brown one you met first.
“Wha aw mista dowin?” it looks dumbly at you as you set the rag on fire “Hoomin wook out fwife aw hot”.

You stand before the building , loud screams can be heard coming from inside it , sometimes a loud bang on the closed door. You turn around and start making your way back for the payment you have determinated , silently humming “The London Bridge is falling down”.

Afterword – Another story , this time a one shot. I’ve been playing so much Fallen London recently and it just caught me to make such a story , anyways I highly urge you to read my previous stories and let me know which one I should continue. Have a good day !

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