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A large whirrling sound can be heard in the distance in some alley. The dim light given off by a large vending machine filled with small cans was barely illumnating the alley. Two college students nearby were doing their best to unscrew the door of the vending machine.

"Almost got it. Don't worry little guys"

The one using a powertool was well known in our school. Kate was a bombshell. Red hair, freckles, and a southern accent that drove all the boys wild. She worked at a horse farm most of her life and was always very outspoken on fluffy rights and didn't like how they were treated. She agreed that in the past something had to be done, but it has become a much more dated idea now given how much has changed.

"I got the box ready. Just put them in and everything will be fine."

I sat there with a large box. I saw some of the fluffles open their eyes and get really excited. Others just laid there and went back to sleep. Many fluffles weren't moving. Many would think what we are doing is a crime and they would be right except that most foal-in-a-can machines have long since been abandoned. Hell most have been vandalized, and the foals inside were killed in horrendous ways.

Kate's smile made this entire thing worth it. The fact that she chose me to do this, and having her give me a huge hug after every successful mission was great. We started dating after our first run and ever since then things have been great between us. People were jealous yes, but we had another secret that we didn't tell anyone about.

"Oi oi oi whats this now?"

A large man appeared behind us. A chain wrapped around his waist. His enermous belly shaking with each smile.

"Dems uh.. dems fluffies iight? Yew gonna share wif meh?"

I manage to put the final foal in the box and pick it up. A dozen ideas race through my head as I look at him.

"Ah no, see these are infected foals. Bad case of fluffy HIV going around. Probably going to put them to the torch once we get back to the mill."

The man looked me up and down. Drool leaking from his mouth as eyed the package.

"Aye a lil fluffy HIV neba killed anyone. Gimme a fat one."

I didn't even notice Kate disappeared until I heard the honking of a car horn. I bolted for the car with the large crate. The fluffies inside could be heard freaking out as the man began to chase after me. I opened the back door and put the fluffy crate inside and went in with it. Kate took off in her car and managed to get away as the man began screaming at us.

Kate shook her heard nervously. We both knew what he was and he was no ordinary abuser. Fluffy meat was released to the general public a few months ago. Originally seen as a cheap meat alternative. What it did to people was give them various amounts of diseases associated with fluffies. The fluffy flu outbreak was the worst of it a mixture of feline, bird, whatever it was you named it suddenly became transmissional to humans. The worst was what we called the "Feeders" though. Normal people who developed a taste for fluffy flesh and went insane because of it. Normal abusers hated being associated with them to the point where they stopped pubicly abusing fluffies.

These feeders could be seen roaming the streets looking for strays, vending machines, or anything. If there is one thing I have to give fluffies credit for. They sure as hell knew how to hide. Fluffy colonies began to pop up left and right. Some of them even got government protection and local protection from farmers. Fluffy shit turned out to be damn good for farmland and even better for soil.

"Please..start sorting them out."

Kate's voice ended the silence. I lifted up the crate as Kate drove us to campus as carefully as she could. I opened up the first can. A dead foal. No injuries probably died from starvation. Opened up the second can, another dead foal. This one's stomach ruptured. Opened up the third can, and a voice came out.

"nyu daddeh?"

"Yeah little guy. I'm your new daddy."

The fluffy gave my hand a small hug and fell asleep. I placed him on my lap and prepared to open a second can when I heard a faint sound. I sighed and went back to work. Kate pulled into campus and drove us up the hill to her ranch. The fluffy farm.

"What's the count?"

"13 dead, 4 injured, 10 alive and well."

Kate's smile made everything worth it. She gave me a big hug and feeling her warmth on me as well as those massive breasts of hers drove me wild. Kate broke the hug and let out a smile. We walked up to her farm, but it would be better described as a fluffy sanctuary. Fluffies here are well taken care of, disciplined, and even trained. We have a problem with a few feeders trying to break in, but because of new laws coming out they are easily disposed of. The worst feeders are those whose addiction removes all logic. They'll begin to hurt anyone or anything to get a taste of fluffy meat.

Entering the farm we saw a mass of multi-colored fluff rush towards the fence.

"Nyu fwiends?"
"Mummah daddeh! Hewwwo!"
"Fwuffy wub yew!"
"fwbrbiwe gbarhgl"

Some fluffies we rescued were injuried, deformed, or worse. We still took them in. A proper diet fixed most of their shitting problems and most of them needed a few lessons on how to treat others properly. We always had difficulties with smarties, toughies, and alicorns. Smarties would usually start a herd which was fine, but a herd war was a bit of a problem. We even had a fluffy racist once who hated anyone with blue fluff. Alicorns would always scare the fluffies but we had solved that problem by just seperating them. When they are older we introduce them back to the fluffies and they are usually accepted slowly overtime. Poopie babies have been a non issue, some issues of cannbalism were a problem when a fluffy mother didn't recieve enough food. This is an issue we have to tackle per case basis.

Kate blew a whistle and every fluffy went into their appropriate areas. They seperated themselves by family, age, and type. Families would always stick together. Certain aged fluffies that were at breeding age would go into a different area, and the fluffies would sort themselves out by pegasus, unicorn, or earth. Getting all of them to do this was difficult, but we managed to make it work (with a lot of speghetti).

Kate put the 10 foals down. Whispers can be heard among the fluffies "babbehs." were muttered by soon-mummahs, mares, and others. This is what we call the choosing. A mare walked up and sniffed a few of the babies before putting them into her fluff. This happened multiple times. The last one to walk up was a fluffy that Kate always had a personal attachment too. She limped along slowly. Her ribs visible under her fluff, an eyepatch over her right eye, her tail disappeared, scars covering her back where fluffy should be.


Kate looked but all the foals were taken.

"I'm sorry, Sal. Maybe next time."


The fluffy limped back into his corner and just plopped down. If we had a fluffy therapist I would love to hear him diagnosed. Kate told me to go back inside as she took care of fluffy business. This meant turning on the fluffy shit collector, shaving certain fluffies, and making sure any pregnant mare was healthy. Kate lived for this kind of stuff, and I handled the business side of it. We made a good team, two good friends that work, live, and do everything together.

As I was walking towards the house I saw something in the difference. Multiple lights began to light up the street. I tried to focus my gaze and thats when I saw someone throwing rocks at a nearby house and going in. I saw multiple men following him. I went inside and grabbed binoculars and used them to look at greater detail. The men were fighting over something. A white fluffy. They threw the fluffy to the ground and began to tear at each other. Two other people must've noticed and joined the fight. The fluffy was trying to crawl away as one man grabbed it and took a huge bite out of it. I looked past them and saw a huge amount of people coming into the dorm area. I tensed up immediately and ran back to Kate. She was in the middle of checking a pregnant mare's tummy as I grabbed her shoulder.

"Someone let feeders in."

The color drained from her face. She looked at the fluffies rolling around playing, and just enjoying life. She knew we wouldn't be able to save them all. I told her we can try saving all we could by putting them in the safest room.

The fluffy den grew completely silent upon hearing this. The fluffies hated the safest room. They hated being there because they don't know what could happen or what would happen. You could hear some of them shitting themselves where they stood. A few fluffies didn't even react to the friendly fire. They all just stood terrified.

"Monsters are coming! Really bad ones! We need to get you all in the safest room!"

The fluffies looked left and right at each other. They didn't know what to think. They just stood there in fear. Kate grabbed my shoulder.

"Just how many feeders are we talking about? We can just grab the guns and fend for ourselves."

I shook my head and held Kate's hand.

"We are dealing with a horde this time."

Kate's face grew white and she placed a hand on her forehead.

"Safest room. NOW."

Every fluffy stood to attention and immediately began walking to the safest room. I walked past them and pulled up what could best be described as a massive bomb shelter. Pulling up the gate the fluffies all winced.


"Those monsters are going to be more scary if you don't HURRY!"

Raising my voice made the fluffies move quicker. I heard Kate shouting something and I rushed back. She was shaking her head as she saw looked forward. The feeders were inside, but something was off about them. They weren't your regular feeders that we were used too. They just stared at us like they were challenging us. Kate didn't move she just stared them down. One of them finally approached us. He was a large man with a very large gut. His glasses seemed to be glued to his face and a large unkempt beard sort of framed his jaw. He walked up to Kate

"ulmph..smell pretty?"

The man wasn't making any sense. Just talking about smells and being pretty. I heard a noise from behind me.


We were distracted for too long the feeders got into the shelter. We could see them devouring, destorying, and doing various things to the fluffies while enjoying themselves. Kate quickly turned around and tried to run to the shelter, but she was quickly in a bear hug by the large man. His hands on her breasts she let out a loud screech but he didn't seemed fazed by it at all.

"pweety weetpy! Enf enf enf!"

The man was dry humping Kate by this point and I rushed over to her side and pused him off of her. He fell on his back and was having trouble getting back up. As I turned around a woman grabbed my hand and began to shout at me.

"gib babeh! mummah nee babbeh!"

I don't know what the fuck is going on at this point, but Kate can't even get into the shelter anymore. The feeders have practically destroyed everything in it. I see various multi-colored fluffies running away from the farm in various directions. Kate falls to her knees and just begins to sob. That was when a lone fluffy limps up to her.

"it otay."

Sal patted Kate as much as he could. I pushed the woman off of me and ran towards Kate. I pull her away to get her back to her senses. If we could get her to her truck everything would be fine. I decided it would be now or never. I lift up Kate and carry her to her truck. I toss her inside and I quickly look to notice Sal just sitting there. Multiple feeders fighting over him. I run back as quickly as I could and grab him. I run back to the truck and put him on Kate's lap.


"What Sal, what is it?"


I didn't even notice it at first, but I saw four very tiny things moving towards us. The four injuried foals from before were all crawling towards us as quickly as they could. I began to move towards them but was too late. A feeder arrived first and picked one up by its hind leg.

"fwuffy nummmeh?"

He lifted it over his mouth and dropped it in. Drool and blood leaking from his mouth as he chewed. He smiled and patted his belly "fwuffy NUMMEH!" he would shout. The foals began to cry even louder. He picked up another one inside of choosing just decided to swallow it whole. He licked his lips and rubbed his belly, "TEEHEE FUWFFY FEELIN." Everytime he shouted people would look at him before losing interest. He picked up another foal and attempted to swallow his whole again. This time I was already mid sprint and I jumped on his large belly pushing him to the ground. He let out a loud gasp and the foal that was in his mouth popped back out. I caught the foal in the air and grabbed the other one and ran back to the truck. I started it up and began to drive away from the farm. More masses of feeders walking to the farm like some kind of zombie movie. I turned on the radio and started to listen to everything. Multiple government broadcasts, official releases and interviews, various discussions on what was going on.

"whewe othas?"

"Sorry Sal, I wasn't fast enough.."

Sal just looked dejectedly at the two foals I managed to save. He began to lick their head and put them into his fluffy as he closed his eyes to sleep.

Kate's screaming woke them up.
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Fluffiest_Donut: First story in a long time. Sorry if its a bit of a mess but I need to get back into the groove of things. Need to find what style works and how big I should make paragraphs and all that. Any feedback is welcome :)

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differential_Sloth: That was quite the little horror show, well done.

As for my feed back, I strongly recommend you edit more carefully next time. Your sentences are short and choppy, your grammar needs work, and you shifted from past to present tense a few times.

On the subject of paragraph length, I like to cap mine at 6 lines; with the formatting options I use in my word processor, once I convert a to a text doc the paragraphs are about 4 to 5 lines maximum.

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differential_Sloth: @differential_Sloth: *once I convert a story to a text doc
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Cock_Anon: This is why you don't eat fluffy brain matter

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VenomFluff: Interesting premise. Hope you do a part two this story, or maybe make it into a series. Really liking this head canon and it does make sense, especially if fluffies destroyed a lot of farmland in this version of head canon.

Someone should warn FluffiesAreFood and other Booru members who like to eat these shitrats that they could become crazy monsters spewing Fluff-speak devouring raw fluffies in the streets. I guess it's a bit better than having people fucking them....

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Veej: This is cool - good idea. Makes sense that they would have a mutagenic effect on some humans (sorry FluffiesAreFood!).

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FluffiesAreFood: Great story FD, although I do agree with DS about the edits. Keep it up please. Obviously 10/10 because fluffies assume their natural place as prey animals.
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CwinicawDepwession: Solid idea, like my mans Sloth said though a little more careful editing would've helped. Still, good shit
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